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"Love's Ordeal: The Dark Night of the Soul"   — Jessica Davidson

"The Global Spiritual Crisis"   — Jessica Davidson

"The Dark Night of the Soul"   — Christine McDougall

"Spiritual Emergence" and "The Dark Night of the Soul"   — Paul Levy

"Dark Night of the Soul — A Time of Spiritual Awakening"   — Selina Khan

"The Experience of Darkness and Hope"   — Andrew Solomon

"When Things Fall Apart —Navigating a Dark Night of the Soul"   — Russel Brownlee

"When the Earth Moves Under Your Feet"   — Melissa Rosenberger

"Making the Unconscious Conscious: Embracing the Dark Night of the Soul"   — Marla Estes

"Navigating a Dark Night of the Soul"   — Lisa Erickson

"Navigating the Dark Night of the Soul"   — Joseph Langen

"Dark Night of the Soul"   — Caroline Myss

"Mysticism: XI A Dark Night of the Soul"   — Evelyn Underhill

C.S. Lewis, Martin Luther and Mother Teresa   — Chris Armstrong

"The Gift of Sadness"   — Matthew Licata

"Depression" and "Stress"   — David Bedrick

"Mysticism and Psychedelics: The Case of the Dark Night"   — Christopher M. Bache

"A Practical Guide to Joseph Campbell's The Hero With a Thousand Faces"   — Christopher Vogler

"Genius and Diversity"   — Michael Meade

Spiritual Emergency   — Stanislav Grof, Catherine G. Lucas and Others

The Pineal Gland, Sacred Knowledge and Spiritual Evolution

The Dark Night and the Disturbance of Brain Chemistry

"Dark Night of the Soul"   — Paul Brunton

"The Deeper Meaning of a Dark Night of the Soul"   A Philosophical View — Peter Holleran

"St. Teresa of Avila — to Hell and Back"   A Philosophical View — Peter Holleran

"On Suicide and the Spiritual Quest"   A Philosophical View — Peter Holleran

"Alone", "Shyness", "Waiting to Go On"   A Poet's View — David Whyte

"Dark Night of the Soul"   A Buddhist View — Michael Hawkins

"Kundalini: The Hindu Perspective"   A Hindu View — Philip St. Romain

"10 Things You Can Do to Help Your Kundalini Process"   A Hindu View — Bonnie Greenwell

"Why Does Suffering Exist?"   A Sufi View (Mystical Branch of Islam)— Tajali Taylor

"Movements in the Soul Towards Union"   A Christian View — Julienne McLean

"Towards the Sacred Union"   A Jewish View — Julienne McLean

"Psychology and Carmelite Spirituality for Today"   A Psychological View — Julienne McLean

"Depression and Spiritual Transformation"   A Psychological View — Judith Orloff

"Spiritual Warrior" and A Prophecy   — Native American Indian View

"Scientology and Dark Nights of the Soul"   — A Scientology View

"Revelation's Great Tribulation, the Dark Night of the Earth and Pachakuti"   — A Christian View

"Reaching the Mind of God Through a Dark Night of the Soul"   — An Integral View

"Notes on the Deeper Dark Night of the Spirit: The Evolution of Ego and the Spiritual Marriage to God"

"Mysticism: Then and Now"

"Notes on Spiritual Neurotransmitters and the Mystical Cocoon Phenomena"   — A Scientific View



Art and the Evolution of the Mind of Man

Art and the Journey Through Darkness Into Light

Island of Java and Borobudur

Tibetan Mandala Sand Painting

Art at the Top of the World

The Art of Nature

Japan: The Art of Goodness and Sincerity

The Art of Words: Reiner Maria Rilke

The Art of Teaching: Oprah Winfrey


St. John of the Cross

St. Teresa of Avila

Madame Guyon



In Praise of Melancholy and How It Enriches Our Capacity for Creativity: How the American obsession with happiness at the expense of sadness robs us of the capacity for a full life. And A Brief History of Melancholy (charming video)

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