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A 'dark night of the soul' was first coined in the 16th century by the Catholic mystic St. John of the Cross. He was imprisoned and beaten for working to reform the Carmelite Order of the Catholic Church in Spain. God used the circumstances of his life to send his soul to a supernatural hell where he wrote A Dark Night of the Soul, describing an experience of very intense suffering that took place in stages, and that he pictured as climbing the rungs of a ladder in a soul’s journey of purification and preparation for a spiritual marriage to God.

St. John's experience was unusual and his language is mystical but if you are in emotional pain that feels like a heavy cloud over you, making you feel separated from others and alone, and confused and lost about life that no longer works the way you thought it did, you will relate to his words. The will reveal the secret behind deep suffering.

On this website there are more modern writers describing the experiences of their dark nights of the soul. As you read them and relate to them you will know that you are not going crazy. What's going on is a paranormal dark night of the soul. And there is an inner gift that comes out of it which will carry you through its tougher times, and that you take with you when it's over.

Today the term is used by people of all faiths to describe periods of deep spiritual pain that someone might go through when they experience a great loss, betrayal or a tragedy or trauma in their life. These things can be used to cause you to 'wake up' and find yourself experiencing living two lives, the outer life that you've living and now a new inner life. And you find yourself being caught in the drama of the outer life and also able to step outside of it, "climb out of the box", and look at it, be an observer of life. This experience is the result of what some have termed your 'higher mind' starting to function. This is followed by a supernatural transformation or evolution involving deep, profound insights into this process as you experience the mystical path facing your shadow side, the things you don't want to think and be, and face your worst fears which makes you stronger, and being humbled and experiencing the death of ego — all growing pains of the organic process of human spiritual transformation leading to becoming the person you were meant to be, the best version of yourself, and having a desire to serve humanity in some meaningful way, and make a difference in the world.

During this privileged journey you learn that the outward blessings of a good life are not what make a person valuable or give meaning to their life. It's the unseen treasure being laid up in you as a result of the transformation process that is of far greater value. You can now move mountains, fix the impossible, but not by doing something outwardly. You'll be doing it from within.

A dark night of the soul is an extraordinary journey of lessons that involve asking the deeper questions about reality and life. The darkness of what's ahead causes fear and confusion, and the greatest comfort comes from a mystical inner seeing of the answers. You will learn how the process works. It has been learned by many spiritual traditions that these unveilings of clearer truths about life, and what is happening to you, and what you need to do next, are best able to come to you when you are still and silent, in the quiet of the middle of the night, and when you are journaling or quietly walking in nature. You will find that the answers are not found in any one book or belief system. Instead you will pass through a labyrinth of places, feeling like you are collecting pieces to a map that will show you the way out the other side. And what you soon discover in a dark night is that you need the wisdom of others who have been where you are.

This website has been created to help those who are in a dark night of the soul move through the Divinely orchestrated process by bringing some of the teachings about this spiritual experience into one place making it easier to find the help they are looking for.

There was a time when men tried to reach God by building the physical Tower of Babel. At that time everyone spoke one language and this was the only way they could think of to reach God. But they were doing it wrong. What they were seeking is reached for from within. As part of getting us to learn the right way, which would involve centuries of evolving and figuring out all the pieces we needed, God changed the one language into the many languages and this separated us into different regions of the earth where we developed different belief systems and the world of men became very diverse. The separation through differences caused strife within groups and great wars with others. The carrying of our crosses, and passing though very troubling times, has been pictured by the hero's journey of battling the negative experiences and finding a gift we bring back to the world. The inward battles caused us to be evolved into people who can truly love, understand, empathize, and deeply connect. Dark nights of the soul are a time of being woken up to something more about this life that our 'lower mind' couldn't see. And it eventually lead to the reality that the happily ever after we all long for is the goal of God's evolutionary story that we are all a part of that has now entered the final phase to reach. During the past ten years as a result of the dark side of social media we have been building up to becoming the most separated we can possibly be, a hidden World War III going on everywhere destroying the fabric of what holds life together, Revelation's great Battle of Armageddon. As part of the transition to this place, there was a change from isolated experiences of dark nights of the soul to a Global Dark Night. Soon everyone will be awake and see that something significant is happening to mankind.

The hero's journey are the themes of mankind's individual stories, and this corporate story, found in books, plays and in movies. It's through suffering that the inward journey of our souls makes us connect to these stories of tragedy breaking through to happiness and peace. A longing to escape suffering and be in heaven, the longing that built the Tower of Babel, is why we love these stories. As today's separation continues to become all that it can be, we are evolving closer to the huge event that will leave this life on Earth as we know it behind. The experience of a dark night of the soul causes you to abandon all the wrong thinking you've had in your belief system and see what is really going on. It opens up the big picture that you want to be part of. The Global Dark Night will unite everyone in the world in making heaven together the right way, the one and only way, and we will experience the opposite of what we are going through now.

Decades ago the mystical language of the ancient peoples describing the deep experiences of a dark night of the soul was beginning to be articulated in a more organized, clear and updated modern language, and being discovered to be a hidden one language using different words that mean the same thing. The waking of the higher mind was a paranormal phenomena that people of all backgrounds could share stories about. They have become part of a collective consciousness, being able to connect to, and understand all the teachers and all the writings about it, many of which are the beautiful words of brilliant wordsmiths made available to help others go through the transformation process and find clearer truth and peace. Soon the hero's journey through the dark night of the soul will evolve into all that it can be and it will be experienced and talked about by all.

The authors on this website have given their permission to have their articles reprinted here as part of this website project. If you have an article that you would like to add to this library, or if you would like to submit a short piece for the blog section, please refer to the contact page for the email address to sent it to.

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In that deep underground mining operation which is the dark night of the soul, the saint's spirituality is utterly lost from sight, feeling, and consciousness. He is left for a while bereft of all that he has gained, while what remains of his ego is relentlessly crushed. Yet this is followed by a true and lasting enlightenment!
~ Paul Brunton

The ancient Hawaiians have a saying that there are many paths to the top of the mountain but the view is the same once you get there.~ Susan Gregg

The drama of our everyday life isn't the real story about what is going on. It's a hidden life we live that shows us what is really going on and where mankind is going. But experiencing this inward life, while living what becomes a very challenging outward life during a dark night of the soul, does more than change how you think about life and reality. We live the great myths and stories and, as they did, we become a different person — more wise and intelligent, seeing and feeling things deeper, becoming humble, open, more loving, and stronger, more capable and creative, finding our powerful selves and gaining the brains, heart and courage of the heroin and heroes of the Wizard of Oz. The change can be significant, but subtle, and not uproot your entire life, or a dark night of the soul can become a dynamic school along a mystical path where your outward life is transformed dramatically. However it touches each individual, as part of how it is now overturning the whole world, the gifts of this extraordinary phenomena are beyond remarkable and a priceless treasure of Grace.

Photo "Stairway to Heaven" by Peter Thoeny, Creative Commons

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