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There are many levels of what is called 'mental illness' which is a condition of the neurotransmitters and what could be called a spiritual atrophying of the mind where parts of the brain are altered through misuse which changes how a mind functions, lessening your ability to relate normally to life and people.

Depression, loneliness, social anxiety and addiction are well known symptoms of the neurotransmitters being disrupted and a broken brain and mind. Hoarding things for comfort is a symptom that is not as well known. Stress, trauma, abuse are all well known causes of neurotransmitters being disturbed. Isolation is a cause that is well documented but not often talked about. Not wanting to be isolated explains why millions of people are running around filling every moment with doing things. Collecting too much and buying too much, hoarding, is explained by the mental condition of the out of balance neurotransmitters and the atrophying of parts of the mind that are not being used right because they're malfunctioning.

When a dark night of the soul hits, the cocoon phenomena, a metaphysical isolation, is the lack of warm fuzzy energy from life, people and God feel as though they are all cut off completely. You have been organically disconnected from the outward life and from God and there you sit in darkness alone, clearly knowing what it's like to be stripped of all those connections which results in not having a life. This is the stillness where you are taught the truth and it becomes home for a long time. The brain chemistry is spiraling down in a dark night, the condition feeding itself as the mystic physically stays home to avoid the negative thoughts that arise in social settings. And buying stuff doesn't make them okay. Nothing can fix the 'depression' because it's part of something much more complex.

This 'depression' and starvation of energy from others and all the other nuances of this hellish torment is due to damage to the brain and mind that only God can repair. But He's not going to for awhile because this mystical death on a cross is transforming you. The dark night of the soul is a spiritual leap in your evolution that shuts off the way you have related to people while developing a deeper, better way, which you begin to use and experience when you leave the solitary confinement of the mystical cocoon. The dark night of the soul is a death on a cross inside the cocoon. "The rain is withdrawn so the roots grow to a better source."

"As you know, you become." People have to be conscious of what is happening so that they create what needs to happen using quantum physics.


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Jennifer O'Connell

There is a condition that is twice as deadly as obesity and more dangerous than smoking 15 cigarettes a day. It is a sneaky, capricious beast that can overwhelm you at 4am, as the world around you sleeps.

It stalks you as you push the pram around an empty park. It is the sneering voice in your ear, the party that is always going on in the other room. It is the phone that never rings, the screens that glow with other people’s happiness.

It can be transient, a passing state precipitated by unfortunate events, or it can cradle you in its grip for many years. It is a greedy companion, agnostic about age, gender or status. It as much a part of being alive as hunger or love or death. Yet it remains one of our greatest taboos.

That condition is loneliness, the sadness that comes from lacking friends or company. You can be surrounded by people yet suffer an aching loneliness. “Fertile solitude” is often spoken of as an essential part of the creative process. But it is the searing, destructive pain of finding yourself involuntarily unable to connect with other people that wreaks havoc on everything from your mental health to your immune system.

A growing body of evidence links loneliness to dementia, depression and accidents, disrupted sleep patterns, altered immune systems, higher levels of stress hormones, and inflammation.

"Our body responds to infection or any insult by inflammation. That’s the normal way our bodies get rid of something toxic. But prolonged lack of social engagement can actually trigger a chronic background inflammation,” she says. “It starts to turn on the tissue and very gradually self-destruct. The consequences of that depend on the organ. For the heart it causes heart disease; for the brain it causes neurodegenerative diseases; for the gut it causes colonic carcinomas and other cancers. There are nearly one million different components involved in the inflammatory response, and the strength of the response can depend on the genetic vulnerability of individuals. That’s how loneliness can cause organ destruction.” Rose Anne Kenny, professor of medical gerontology, Trinity College

“What does it feel like to be lonely?” says Olivia Laing in The Lonely City: Adventures in the Art of Being Alone. “It feels like being hungry: like being hungry when everyone around you is readying for a feast. It feels shameful and alarming, and over time these feelings radiate outwards, making the lonely person increasingly isolated, increasingly estranged. It advances cold as ice and clear as glass, enclosing and engulfing.”

Jennifer O'Connell, The Irish Times





  "ISOLATION is a major factor in the mental health issues arising across the length and breadth of rural Scotland."

"Rural Isolation Fuels Mental Health Problems," Dr. Sarah Skerrat


“Isolation devastates the brain. There is no question about that without air, we will live minutes. Without water, we will live days. Without nutrition, we live weeks. Without physical activity, our lives are decreased by years. Social interaction is part of these basic elements of life.” Dr. Michael J. Zigmond, professor of neurology, University of Pittsburgh

"Isolation Devastates the Brain" by Carol Schaeffer


"Exposure to adverse experiences in early-life is implicated in the later vulnerability to development of psychiatric disorders, including anxiety and affective disorders in humans. Adverse early-life experiences likely impart their long-term consequences on mental health by disrupting the normal development of neural systems involved in stress responses, emotional behavior and emotional states. Neural systems utilizing the neurotransmitters serotonin, dopamine and the neuropeptide corticotropin-releasing factor (CRF) are implicated in mediating emotive behaviors, and dysfunction of these neurochemical systems is associated with mood/anxiety disorders. These neural systems continue maturing until early or mid-adolescence in humans, thus alterations to their development are likely to contribute to the long-term consequences of adverse early-life experiences. A large body of literature suggests that post-weaning isolation rearing of rodents models the behavioral consequences of adverse early-life experiences in humans."

"Isolation models the behavioral consequences of adverse early-life experiences in humans.





Voltage sensors detects electrical changes in the plasma membrane of cells and are in charge of voltage-gated calcium channels. They are extraordinarily sensitive to EMFs and they open the channel and too much calcium gets in causing a molecular trauma. Too much calcium causes reactive radicals. This is excessive oxidative stress is involved in all the breaking down of the body’s functions and all diseases. More calcium can be beneficial to parts of the body and detrimental to others. When you get an increase in calcium in the cells two calcium dependent enzymes produce nitric oxide. The VGCC opening up of the channel by electrical means and having more calcium flow in happen via the main mechanism for converting electrical effects into chemical changes in the body. The EMFs are working through this function of the body. There are a lot of VGCCs throughout the nervous system and the nervous system is the most sensitive system in the body. The elevated calcium, excessive calcium signaling, downstream effects leads to the disruption of circadian rhythm and melatonin synthesis, diverse neuropsychiatric symptoms including depression, possible role of excess adrenaline and norepinepherine (involved in heart rate, mood disorders, sleep, dreaming and learning), inflamed tissues/cancer, peroxynitrate activation leading to blood brain barrier junctions breakdown, cataracts, your heart’s own pacemaker is effected by EMFs.

Dr. Martin Pall, Ph.D.: Electromagnetic Field Exposure - The Cellular Effect on Humans




Mankind needs answers to the complex and sophisticated life we have created that is unsustainable. Along with our wonderful and amazing achievements, there are internal problems that are manifesting themselves in increasingly more complex ways. The differences in how we think these problems are solved along with emotional problems are making it difficult, if not impossible, to work together towards fixing what is going to destroy us. The stress of this situation is causing us to fight one another. Relationships between people not working, ending in deep emotional suffering and health problems. There are two components to the emotional problems. This stress is compounded by stresses of the past, forming chains of unaddressed negative memories of a lifetime locked in the mind and body. These are triggering unconscious, unhealthy behavior that is passed down from one generation to the next and messing up individual lives who then damage the lives of others. This is a mental condition that people need to be made conscious of and address through regression or reverie therapies. This heals the mind of any past trauma and negative circumstances that are being triggered and interfering with the present.

The other component of emotional problems is brain chemistry being depleted by stress, requiring another kind of therapy to heal the brain. The pineal gland plays two roles at the same time. One is spiritual and the other physical. When the spiritual function of the pineal gland is activated, it gives a person insights into the deeper questions of life in the search for the answers to having a better life and leading them to clearer truth. Then, among a number of physical tasks the pineal gland performs along with the other organs in the body that make neurotransmitters, it is responsible for regulating things like sleep, appetite, balance, memory, body temperature, but, most importantly, our happiness. The stress of the today’s complex problems that is causing people to search for answers and have deeper spiritual experiences, facing their shadows and going through transformations, also causes the brain to be depleted, due to the stress of this process, of chemistry — neurotransmitters such as glutamate, epinephrine, GABA, glycine, dopamine, serotonin and norepinephrine — causing the brain and body to malfunction, leading to emotional, psychological, physical problems and disease.

Some of the worst stress is from interpersonal relationships. There’s a Briggs Myers personality type that has a special intuitive gift that enables them to connect to people because the gift can see three steps ahead of a person’s needs and it makes the person feel understood. But the gift can be used to lure a person in and manipulate them. If a pathological narcissist is this personality type, it is very dangerous. They are crazy makers. Living with any form of a malfunctioning mind is living with a crazy maker. They lower other people’s neurotransmitters and destroy their sanity.

Out of balance neurotransmitters move up and down in a volatile way because they are unstable. Episodes of stress, both strong and weak, can cause intense mental suffering. The anguish and overwhelming amount of painful things going on inside making you feel tortured, causing you to to have thoughts of wanting to end your life. Out of balance dopamine can make you unmotivated and apathetic and going through life becomes a drudgery. Out of balance GABA in conjunction with serotonin causes panic, restlessness, chronic irrational worry, fear or anxiety (GAD), and uncontrollable negative thoughts going around and around in your mind. Out of balance transmitters can move you back and forth from motivated and extreme activity to unmotivated and having a hard time being able to do anything and thoughts of not wanting to live.

As you are passing through the Dark Night transformation process, you must do the regression homework and get the negative charges off past memories or these will continue to be triggered and stress your present life. You must also take care of yourself and eat well. The transformation that takes place in your soul (heart and mind) that changes you as a person, and the healing of your brain and the nourishing of your body, all work together. You must find all the places you need to go that are right for you.

The other very bad stress is from a breakdown in health. A dark night of the soul is a battle that if it's long and particularly intense and difficult can greatly effect the proper functioning of your body. Part of your spiritual path will be looking for the answers to your body being restored from the paranormal amount of stress it has been through. You can go online and read about how stress has wiped out the B vitamins that are needed for the methylation cycle to work, which plays an important role in your energy of how serotonin is made and how it functions. The latest in medicine is called functional medicine. It's about looking at lab tests and figuring out what your body needs in order to function right again. Unless you already knew how to eat right, you will have a leaky gut from all the stress, and there will be inflammation causing poor nutrient delivery from the gut to your body, and through the leaky gut their will have been invasions of proteins and toxins getting into the body and that don't belong there, and your immmune system will be malfunctioning and confused and attacking parts of your body, and going to brain and causing inflammation and malfunction there. All functional medicine doctors, whether they are a chiropractor, naturopathic or MD will put you on a paleo or ketogenic type of diet to starve the bad bacteria in your gut that cause you to crave sugar from grains or sweeteners that feed them and are bad for your body, and you take prebiotics and probiotics to replenish the good microbacteria to repair the leaky gut and get your immmune system working right again so it can handle stress and the toxins, antigens and other invaders that are coming in. All disease starts with the gut malfunctioning and as part of fixing it you remove the foods that are causing an inflammatory response and allowing the body to repair the breach in the gut wall that has allowed things into the blood stream. At the same time your blood brain barrier can start to repair by the removal of these foods. These foods are replaced with nutrient dense foods and a higher amounts of fats, the right fats. This new revolutionary medicine that is transforming the medical world is very sophisticated. There are studies that show that those with a high total cholesterol number do better on cognitive testing. But not just any high amount. There is a big LDL and a small LDL and a high functioning HDL and low functioning HDL. The normal test for cholesterol is not very helpful. The testing needs to be more specific to find out the amount of good LDLs and HDLs. It matters to your brain function which is why the types of cholesterol that results from eating grass-fed meat and butter, pasture raised eggs, nuts and seeds and from oils matter a lot.

Just as what each person needs to learn about and go through in order to repair their minds from the suffering they have been through that has now made them very strong mentally and highly conscious or evolved, there may be a great deal more to the physical side of repairing depending on your age and health and what you have been through, but it starts with you doing the right thing to end what gave way because you didn't know any better — the battle between the good and bad bacteria in your gut that have control over what you eat and the proper functioning or destruction of your body.

Helpful reading, websites and and videos on the subject of Functional Medicine: Stephen Gundry's The Plant Paradox, Dr. Mercola's Fat for Fuel, Dr. Perlmutter's The Grain Brain, Dr. Axe's top 50 list of functional medicine doctors, Dr. Oz's shows on his "disease detectives", his "Fantastic Four of Medicine". Dr. Hyman's 1st episode of his Broken Brain series (at 34:16 Dr. Bredensen clearly explains our out of date medicine and the real medicine of functional medicine), Dr. Hyman's 2nd episode of his Broken Brain series.

Photo of peaceful steps to a shrine in Nara, Japan, by Chi King, Creative Commons

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