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1 — How we are put into and taken out of a dark night of the soul is scientifically explained by spiritual neurotransmitters.

As what is going on, the truth about reality or what God is doing, is made clearer as the mystic progresses through a dark night of the soul, scientific words are added to the mix of the primarily mystical language they've been speaking. As our mind changes, the strings of words are unwired in the storms of the outward life that are refining our truth, and as we find answers, words are removed, new words are added and the string of words are put in a new order and are less unclear than they were, but still not clear, all the way to the end of this spiritual school. As we have our strings of words that make up our belief system unwired and rewired, we move higher and the view is clearer. A scientific teaching that clears up the mystery about transformation or evolution is knowing about physical neurotransmitters and neuropeptides, and how they evolve and begin to work with spiritual neurotransmitters. These components of a human being explain the powerful phenomenas of holding a particular belief system to be the truth, and falling in love, which 'somehow' just happens with someone and, if you had to wait a long time for it to happen, you know it to be something very special, something you don't think lightly of or take for granted. Wisdom is the result of spiritual neurotransmitters working on us. And these amazing components of a human being also explain the paranormal ecstasies and visions of mystics, those who seek union with God. as well as how a person is put into a dark night, feeling 'abandoned by God,' the absence of any kind of warm fuzzy relationship, and 'detached from men,' the absence of warm feelings and connectedness of those relationships, and cut off from the feelings that come through nature's beauty, causing a leap in their transformation process, or put into a deeper, darker night where you experience the deepest lessons to know God, with its thousands of negative states of consciousness and negative thoughts and circumstances causing you reach the end of the process where your mind is renewed to see as God sees and the development of latent human abilities to live life as He would live it are complete.

2 — The transformation process is often described using pictures from nature. When a 'storm' hits your life, and it's not working the way it's supposed to, the words 'feeling lost' are in a spiritual sense neurotransmitter (SeN). During this time the strings of words that make up part of your belief system are being rearranged, and the pain of not having the stability of a 'right' belief system, is organically changing that channel, or branch housing that data, to handle a clearer string of words explaining that piece of the truth concerning what life is all about. Words in an SeN have a companion emotion or emotions in a spiritual emotion neurotransmitter (EmN). 'Feeling lost' pairs with the emotions words 'fear' and 'insecurity.' It's the same with the sense of being abandoned by God, the sense of 'isolation,' 'detachment,' in 'another place,' 'alone.' With these senses you have the emotions of feeling 'sad' or 'grief' or 'loneliness.' Along with the words in the SeN that make the next dark pot hole you fall into, revisiting the 'suicidal' thoughts, feel like it have been a never ending condition, and the whole thing feels like 'an eternity in hell,' there are the 'grief' and 'weariness' and often 'anger' in the EmN. You are paranormally living the words of Jesus' cross in the Bible, along with "weary and heavy laden," "working out your salvation with fear and trembling" and are in the biblical "hell" where there is "weeping and gnashing of teeth," using faculties of your being that started to function as you entered the leap phase of your evolution. You ache for deliverance and all these emotions that are the growing pains of your wings, that are a picture of an entirely new life when you step outside your cocoon, and the growing pains of that part of your mind that operates the wings.

3 — The language in the higher levels that explain reality and what is going on more accurately includes scientific words. 'Evolution' and 'development' from science, put together with 'transformation' from the Bible, makes the process involved in getting the rest of the human mind fully developed and functioning clearer. The rest of the human mind that mankind has not been using is the part that has the ability to see the answers to the deeper question of life that have remained a mystery, and it has the ability to change the lower mind's partially true belief system concerning truth that the human being starts with, into a belief system that is less inaccurate on its way to becoming correct. The point of having the truth, knowing all the answers to the mysteries and only needing to be tweaked is only at the top level. Before then, as you make a shift to a higher level, everything has to pass through a new set of glasses, getting rid of words and adding new ones, changing how you explain everything in a big way that is much clearer. Once partial truth is no longer being unwired and rewired into your mind because you have the truth, it gets fine tuned and other higher abilities are being completed as you find your way out of your cocoon and into the physical location where you begin to teach others the truth, giving them what they need to hear where they are in the process.

Using pictures from life as teaching tools, the words, 'evolution,' 'development,' and 'transformation,' are viewed as facets of a diamond. When you are shown all the facets and they are put them together in the arrangements of words in your mind for that lesson, whatever you are being shown reaches a level of clarity where you make a shift inside the larger picture of the dark night leap. Then you move on to another diamond. Then that diamond makes the first diamond clearer. Then several diamonds are put together and you move to the next level. Then all the diamonds become facets of the biggest picture of what is going on. The highest level the mind has 'developed' to the point of only needing to be tweaked, and the picture tool of the diamond ends, and you find yourself using less and less mystical words to explain your story, and the story of the earth and what is happening to mankind, and God's story. But you remember the teaching tools and use them with others you are helping.

4 — The mystical language of our transformation is all we have at first to explain what a dark night is. This language is the first step the lower mind is able to make as you begin to experience being on the path of transformation. We can grow horizontally with new experiences being more of what can be experienced on that level. Or you can grow vertically as a result of having deeper, more advanced experiences that are coming in faster and are more painful and complex. As you move up from level to level, the language you speak to describe the transformation process changes because your more developed and functioning higher mind now has the ability to see clearer what is going on.

5 — The clearer words explaining reality are seen as either crazy or brilliant, depending on the level of a mind's development. If someone is only operating with their lower mind and the rest is dormant, their belief system concerning reality is an illusion and not what is really going on. The most highly evolved language that explains what is really going on can't be seen for what it is until the mind is more evolved through suffering.

6 — Unlike the physical body's development, time does not determine where you are. You can stay on the first level and never grow up any more, and the higher mind remaining basically in the place where it was when it just awoke and started to be developed. The circumstances of life leave you there and are not used as tools to move you any further.

7 — Being in the image of God means we have to be right. Whatever belief system is wired into their minds is a life raft. They hold on to it tight and defend it strongly because the slightest crack and they are in fear. A stable belief system, with nothing happening that questions its validity, keeps our souls in homeostasis and we are okay. So it takes a stick of dynamite to change. The rules and concepts we believed are challenged by something we can't explain away and the tables holding everything in neat piles are overturned. When circumstances are rearranged and life doesn't work the way we thought, the homeostasis turns to rockiness and we have to find the answers, makes new piles that explain what is going on, so we are okay again. The 'rocky' feeling in the SeN means intense 'fear' and 'insecurity' words in the EmN.

8 — The experience of our mind's piles of papers that explain what is going on in every area of life being changed happens in many everyday ways long before we enter a dark night when the whole project is scattered. We love to debate because if we win, we strengthen the rock we are standing on. As we read the words of others that don't match ours, you can analyze our truth deeply. Their strings of words have words in them that we don't think belong, missing words, and words that are not in the right order. Our minds are either strengthened because we get practice saying the words we have in our minds and we become more articulate, or our words are tweaked by the other words because we can see that something they said was in part clearer and that pieces of ours needs some of their words to be clearer, which turns out to be clearer than their clearer words. Our minds develop better ways of doing whatever it is that we do, as well as a belief system that explains how life works, by the process of comparing. It's subconsciously happening all the time. It's the higher functioning of the mind that can observe us doing this exercise in our own minds. The perfect strings of words that explain everything clearly are a result of this exercise but since it involves the development of the much more complex higher part of our minds, it's much more painful. The exercise itself of comparing becomes itself a tool that evolves the channels in our minds. The thinking involved in reading words and then getting the words just right in our minds is uniquely tedious and strenuous work in the higher levels where you look deeper behind the scenes of the outward life to see and articulate what's going on from this higher place outside looking at the drama going on in your life as tools and seeing the words they are making clearer in your mind. It can be very mind twisting to get things straightened out. You sense the 'feeling lost' in a SeN as you do it. You thought you had something figured out and then it's all confusing again as you slip off the rock into the mirky ocean, fighting with the waves as the storm heats up once again with all the negative words coming in, waiting for something good to happen to rescue you, the calm of the clearer teaching coming in, the lighthouse near the next rock you will be on.

9 — Initially in a dark night, this experience is very dramatic. In addition to Murphy's Law, your outward reaction to all the new 'paranormal' things happening to you makes you look and sound like a nut. For awhile you will find yourself looking at you and feeling like 'like a nut' and that it's not God evolving you. That is your lower mind speaking. Then as more things happen and you can see how sophisticated the process is, you know there is no other explanation than something real is going on, something much bigger than this life, and eventually the process is not nutty. The renewing mind sees it as brilliant, beyond brilliant. All these sensations and feelings and the emotions that go with them are coming into you through spiritual neurotransmitters beginning to function more, ramping up to get you through a leap in your human development so that you reach the place where you operate as a human who has become all that they can be. The dark night is called "dark" because you have no idea what is happening at first. It's not being able to see what is happening and articulating it. The "dawn" of the night is when you can sort of see. The sun comes up when you clearly see and you are outside of the cocoon. A night is darker when more 'paranormal' things are happening that you have to get used that are enabling you to see more of the process which was only hidden because our higher mind eyes were closed and they open layer by layer making the view of reality clearer. Once your higher eyes are completely open, you will look back at all the phases of the process differently using the highest language to explain them. Whatever was 'baby talk' is removed and you only use the right combinations of the words that have been used along the way. This is the truth. You now have an authentic relationship with God because your language matches His and He no longer has to play games with you from behind the screen.

10 — We first get a glimpse of the string of words that are clearer that fit in our newly evolved channel that housed the previous string of words that explained something about what is going on for that phase of the process using less clear words. But it's only one facet so there's a view of a big picture coming that will get clearer with each new facet. As the new words line up in order in our mind, they fill the space, and we feel that filling and we feel relieved and good. We also feel like this new string of words are completely clear because they organically fit into the channel. This is why we always feel that we are right and others who have a different string of words in their channel have the wrong words. Their's don't fit into our channel so their's feels wrong. And yours feels wrong for them, as their mind tries them on as you speak them. They are felt as 'incorrect' in the SeN and we feel 'secure' in our EmN.

11 — At the lower level developmental phases of the mind where it's not as uncomfortable, we spend a lot of time discussing things and we unwire and rewire each others brains concerning everyday life. It's normal and it works. We compare and help each other this way. But the more the discussion is about deeper things, it's much more difficult and complicated because the mind experiences much more pain because of the intensity of the process in the more complex phases. There are fewer and fewer people at the higher levels who are discussing life with a view from 'outside a box,' which is another SeN experience. There's an initial experience of stepping outside of life and experiencing being an 'observer' of it with the opening of the higher functioning 'eyes' of you mind. One of the first things is learning to look at the thoughts passing through your mind. Simple exercises that prepare you to get outside the next box or up to the next level where another layer was removed from your eyes and you are aware of, become conscious of, more and your language changes again.

12 — Everyone, even on higher levels, is still caught in the drama of life because circumstances are the tools used to evolve us all the way to the end of the process. But you will become aware of being caught in the drama and then stepping outside of it and looking at what happened and seeing the lesson and clearer words being wired into your mind. The people who have spend a lot of time alone, outside looking at life, have a different language that separates them from the rest of the world in a big way. Discussions are futile between those who are on a higher level and those who don't know about the levels of the evolution of a mind. The languages are too far apart. There needs to be a bridge for one mind ahead of another to pull the other over. The mind has to be ready to make the changes to the words because of the tools of life organically preparing them to have clearer words in the channels. It's a matter of does their belief system explain life in a way that makes them very settled on a rock. Or is the religious language not enough and there is a word in the SeN troubling them, a word like 'insecure' which is a subtle 'rocky' feeling that they can't explain which means it's in the darkness, a mysterious feeling with it's matching emotion of fear causing them to needs the words that explain the feelings, rewiring their belief system so everything they experience has been explained and they feel okay again.

13 — Is there a book out there? Is anyone aware that going through the process of seeing a bigger and bigger picture has an end that isn't a place of so many questions that they conclude that it's impossible for a human to see as God does? You have to keep going. This is where everyone is going. They will see everything like God does, which means no more mysteries about anything.

14 — Still we try to unwire others' words and rewire them with the words we have lined up. If that person was ready for clearer words, it will happen. If not, they won't be until they go through whatever lessons are involved to upset the words that they have and then the surgery to make the channel ready for the more accurate words and they are feeling 'hunger' in an SeN to find then. Many times we are introduced to strings of words that are ahead of us, from a higher lesson and this prepares us. So it is good to be open minded. If you are aware of the levels, you know that you have had your concepts knocked down over and over and rebuilt. EnlightenNext called part of the vertical climb to higher levels 'transcending and including.' Something that you thought remains and words are removed and new vocabulary is added to make your spiritual language more accurate. The more you experience this process and see it and articulate it, the more open you should be. Our need to be right sos we feel secure should change from thinking we are already right to knowing it needs to be constantly removed and rebuilt until we really have it all right. There does come a point when the words wired into your mind that explain everything only requires tweaking and you need practice saying it to get it settled in place and easily accessed as you speak.

15 — In addition to physical neurotransmitters that regulate the body, there are spiritual neurotransmitters with spiritual pathways in the mind. Just as lovesickness, betrayal and the loss of love gives us a stomach ache, the spiritual neurotransmitters of the mind refer to places in the body, causing discomfort that you may have difficulty putting into words. The mystics used words like 'aridity' or 'dry spells' or 'being in the desert' to describe specific experiences of nothing happening to make them feel okay, and these had matching emotions. They used "intellectual visions" as the word for the unique way they were being taught to their mind. These had positive emotions that matched them that would be felt. Neuroscience teaches us that it's an illusion of the mind to think that we have a free will. It's been verified through sophisticated tests that the words come into us before we supposedly 'make the decision' to do something. Many types of words come into us through different channels to animate us, like puppets. Just as emotional words cause us to behave a particular way, spiritual neurotransmitters are used to move us. Unlike neurotransmitters that operate the physical body, spiritual neurotransmitters don't come into a human begin until it's time for their higher functions to operate. That means that these are not normal words, words we are used to experiencing, so we react to them with specific spiritual feelings in the EmN. Something of the old feelings of being frightened, or intrigued, or a combination of both that is now somehow different because they have evolved to meet the needs of this phase of the process. We think of the new experiences as 'paranormal' until they are happening on a regular basis and we are used to them. Then they are thought of as normal, and we find ourselves slowly moving to a place of ignoring them.

16 — There are 'paranormal' words used when someone is awakening, and the more difficult advanced 'paranormal' words used at the higher levels. These strings of words coming into us, in addition to our previous normal painful words, which are now more evolved, complex, and intensified during the process, create the experience of a short dark night of the soul that is a leap in the transformation process, or a darker night of the soul that takes a human being all the way to the end of the process.

17 — Some of these deeply painful words that enter the pathways are pictures from life or other people’s lives that we mirror. Madam Guyon's spiritual torrent can be experienced 'mystically,' meaning it happens but you can't see how it works yet. Words come into you causing you to experience feeling like a river going underground as you read the words in her book that she uses to describe a person moving through a faster and more painful dark night she refers to as a spiritual torrent. There have been many 'mystical' experiences that can now be explained scientifically using an advanced understanding of the more evolved pineal gland, where all different kinds of visions take place, and spiritual neurotransmitters which have sensations and emotions that are something humans have never experienced before because very few, comparatively speaking, have the ability to experience them. At first spiritual experiences feel like they are of another world and they can be terrifying. We are shown visions or given tastes of an advanced form of something good, like sweetness or love, or whatever fits us, so we can see that when the experiences of the advanced negative circumstances and feelings happen the same way, they must be viewed as something that go together and something good. Once we see this, it makes us able to handle more painful things. As the process progresses, the levels are incrementally more difficult, more powerful tools used to evolve us. The mystics' words "as we see, we become" can be understood at this level as the clearer we see, the more pain and the more difficult the lessons. Truth gives us what it takes to become all that a human being becomes.

18 — You realize that at a certain point there is no, lights on, and you're back to a relatively normal life a changed person. Once you've spent too much time out of the box and your language is too different, you aren't going to feel like you belong. The words that make you feel that way can't get into you. The channel for being okay in the illusion life speaking the illusion language has been evolved for the real life where everyone is talking according to the truth about what is going on. And your frequency is higher to match the real life. Even when there are a lot of people working on speaking the truth and getting themselves past the illusion, you have to remain in a cocoon with 'detached' in your SeN until you are complete. When you are physically alone, the feeling of loneliness in the EmN will be intensified. You will also feel it when you are with others. Words will play games on you using the SeNs and EmNs. They are tools in and of themselves. Many of the methods of the process can feel unfair and cruel.

19 — The most critical words to keep you on the path to the end of the transformation process are words in the Bible coming into you. Everyone has to do it this way. It's how it works. If you don't know the God of the Bible personally, you can't go through the leap phase of the evolutionary process. You will be stuck until you do.

Mankind can't fix this life that we've had, and have our circumstances become heaven on earth unless specific words of the Bible pass through the spiritual neurotransmitter pathways. We have to 'mystically' live the words of the Bible until all the 'mystery' is gone because the process changes the language you use to explain the truth to include scientific language. All mystical religions share a similar language and they become higher human beings. This has been a foreshadow of the real thing where biblical words play the key role. The outcomes have been good, but the process remains incomplete without the final and most difficult phase, and so the mystics human suffering and living in less than ideal circumstances continues.


There is only one way. You have to follow God the Son through a cross and experience biblical language coming into your mind as you live its words. This is the only way you connect to God. It's the only way you reach the place of certainty and clarity concerning the truth, having the words in the right order in your mind. There is no deeper seeing of this. There's no 'why?' This is how it works, how a human being connects to God. It's in the programming just like how a baby grows up.

20 — 'Christian' is a Christ follower. The organic connection to God begins with this. Following God the Son through a cross is how the rest of our mind functions and has the truth in it that is in God's mind, and how mankind becomes all they can be and enters heaven on earth.

The Christian's lower mind is able to understand keeping the laws of the Bible, being kind to and helping others and telling them about how God came to earth and died on their behalf because of their sins that began with Adam eating the apple in the garden. This end of this story has people being tortured for eternity in a literal hell. And it has no clear explanation as to why an all powerful, good and loving God would design a story where thousands of children every hour are being tortured along with other atrocities of history, while He watches and does nothing. All the polished rhetoric spoken by loving intellectuals of the faith, acting very authoritative as they display their explanation of God's actions, doesn't explain God. People with weaker minds get caught by the intellectual facade using words in the Bible with lower minds. If you keep your head on straight as you listen to them, and don't get caught in how intelligent they sound, it's like the emperor has no clothes. They haven't got a belief system wired into their minds that make sense. And it doesn't take having the higher mind to see that it doesn't make sense and that the explanations are fuzzy words. These intellectuals have PhDs from the physical world but their sufferings have been at a normal level, not intense enough to see that the experiences of the drama of life are painful tools, a series of 'deaths and resurrections' that organically open their inner eyes and reveals to them what is going on. The real truth, what God would say that He is doing, is what comes completely clear at the end of the school of the darker night. The biblical story is evolved in school for the higher mind when it has the ability to see it. One of the keys to knowing and having certainty that your higher mind is functioning, and you have found the truth, is that it makes sense.

Another key is that it is self authenticating, meaning that the remarkable darker night process itself authenticates the clearer teachings coming in that are becoming the truth that is in the mind of God. There is no other explanation for its intricacy and utter brilliance than God is doing it. The truth of what has happened to you is a certainty that is innate to the process itself. Just as there is no denying the experience of physical development, the development of the higher mind cannot be denied when you are experiencing it. Belief systems are the result of experience. Your belief system has to fit what you experience or it has to change accordingly. The experience of life in a darker night of the soul maxes out every spiritual experience mankind has ever known. It is the most highly evolved form of the evolutionary process. The suffering is acute because of the avalanche of negative things. And the revelation as a result of the painful transformation is on a straight path to the top where God views reality. Murphy's Law maxed out enables you to know with certainty that you have no control of your life and it's beyond your mind's ability to navigate. And then you learn that you are a puppet and not in control of yourself either. The thoughts that control you are coming from outside of you. When the component of the process to evolve you are maxed out, you get outside of life and look at what is going on and can see it clearly. This is how the human mind work. All the components of the process are maxed out and more is added as a dark night of the soul evolves into a darker night to finish mankind's growth.

The evolutionary development of the human mind is organic. The experience won't hide in a closet in your mind so that you can go back to your normal life. There is no more going back and forth between the outer and inner lives. There's no time set aside for prayer. You pray without ceasing and prayer has evolved into a higher form of communication with God. The process is so dynamic that it completely takes living a normal life away. You are going to grow up and be a different kind of human being living life differently. In a dark night, you may have had the feeling of being detached from people but this sense/feeling word in your SeN will be maxed out in a darker night to fully develop this evolutionary tool to complete you. The development of SeN and EmN neurotransmitters, communication going on in our minds, has to be very intense in order for the mind to see it and articulate this tool of the process. The maxing out of every part of process to see all the tools used to evolve you is what makes the development of the higher mind unique from all other human development. We didn't need to know how a human being grows in order to grow. You don't need to see that you need to see the inner workings of the evolutionary process in order for a dark night of the soul to make changes. But in order to transfer our life into heaven and be in our glorified bodies, we need to have our higher functioning eyes that can look inside our minds and see under the hood of the evolutionary process clearly. As we see, we become. It's how a human being works. When it's happening fast and furious, there is certainty about what is happening to you because you have inner eyes that make it as certain as the physical eyes let you know that the table sitting in front of you is real.

Like a baby develops and their neurotransmitters grow with step by step practice as they try to grab for toys and hold on to them, the mind is clumsy and can't hang on to the lessons and the pieces of truth that were just seen are lost and have to be reached for again until they are so part of our thinking we forget that we ever struggled to wrap our brains around it in the first place or that it was a piece of the puzzle that took a lot of work to connect to the other pieces to see something clearly. The experience of the higher mind getting the right words in the right order wired into it, is as real as the development of the human communication system then enables a baby to finally be able to move wherever it wants to, pick up any toy it wants to, and do whatever it wants to with it. Put a baby in front of a table of puzzle pieces before they are able to assemble them, and all the pieces will be on the floor very shorty as the immature neurotransmitters cause their arms to only flail around as they try to reach for the pieces. The full grown human being is not able to put the pieces to the truth together to see the complete story of who we are, who God is and what is going on, until their higher mind is developed in the leap phase of mankind's evolutionary process that the Bible calls the Great Tribulation.

We see and articulate the process itself, in order to keep moving along it until the higher mind has the truth in it. The questions stop here concerning school. It's as simple as going to the gym and making muscles bigger. It's just how the human body works. And as we pass through school, other things are happening to us. We make other connections to God feeling as though we are God's feet and hands. And we "move mountains," as Jesus said we would, meaning we have the ability to navigate and fix very complex challenges of life that feels like magic.

21 — Human beings are all destined to finish evolving and experience an ability to have as extraordinary relationship with God and others far beyond our present comprehension. Only mirroring the words ‘following Jesus through the cross’ works perfectly to transform a human. You will also mirror other people's lives in the Bible. Whatever you go through, you have to see it using the biblical language that connects you to God. He literally died on a cross and His entire being is going through a cross until all human beings are only good and everything becomes heaven. These words in your mind are the only thing that works. Truth concerning God has to be completely accurate in your mind or you won't keep moving to the end of the process. It's how a human being works. Other mystical paths lead to something good. People who pass through any version of a transformation process become better human beings. All of these paths have been foreshadows of a more powerful path, a darker night, that would change mankind's hell on earth into heaven and people would become all they could be. This deeper, more intense process leads to having the ability to walk the earth like God would if He was living our life so that they can help get everyone through the process.

It’s organically living the words of His humiliation, His sorrow, His agony, His stay in hell, that keeps the evolutionary process on track to its completion. Then mankind's new life begins. We cannot conceive of what this life will be like. It takes a mind that is in a place to know what it is like.

22 — You die on the cross and are buried at midnight. Then you rot and wait until dawn as the worst of the negative combinations of words come in you as surgery tools, continuing to do their transforming work enabling you to see what is happening and all the lessons on the truth concerning the deepest questions of life moving your mind from level to level to become fully operational. For it is "as you see," that "you become," just as all mystics have said. It's all about the seeing, then the becoming is automatic. As you see the fully grown human being and how he gets there and what he's supposed to do when he is complete, you find it happening to you. Seeing and becoming is how a human being spiritually develops and then is operating at full growth and potential.

23 — The words that come into the spiritual pathways keep us on the edge of feeling like we are going crazy, transforming the neurotransmitter pathway into one that can only receive the opposite of crazy, orderliness and rightness. This is the same with all the spiritual neurotransmitter pathways. There are many new feelings in a dark night and more in a darker night. Feeling 'detached' from life and others transforms that channel to have a life and relationships that are more than are more than they could have even been had you not gone through the process.

24 — The negative words that bind us to the cross making us want to scream to be free of the nightmare going on in our minds, and the Murphy’s Law life we are living — exhausted from lack of peace while sleeping, and the hundreds of normal everyday things being harder and struggling emotionally to get through the hell life, desperate for heaven — are part of the millions of strings of words that cause people to commit suicide. The negative words in the spiritual pathways make the already malfunctioning mind worse and screw up the brain more and the spiral down deteriorates the body, messing up relationships and the grasp for peace and happiness goes beyond misery, hopelessness and desperation. We can say that all we need is to be happy. But it’s not this way for a human who makes the leap in their evolution. Heaven is not just peace and happiness in a neurotransmitter. Real happiness is mirrored by the environment. The butterfly has a very different new life.

25 — You’re alone in the life you don’t belong in anymore. And it organically hurts to be in the lower frequency life when your mind is at the higher frequency because it has wired into it the higher frequency words of truth. The need for home, the place we belong, where people speak positive words, and their language is based on the truth, and they are together creating heaven as their environment, grows stronger as we pass through the darker night intensifying the pain that you desperately want to end. The lower mind sees only an everlasting hell and it feels the spiritual neurotransmitter feelings that go with the words 'I can't do this another day' and wants to kill itself. The higher mind is cut off temporarily leaving the lower mind of the illusion seeing a hopeless situation. There’s no end in sight, no home in view. It's another spiritual death. Then the higher mind looks at this feeling in a spiritual neurotransmitter and analyzes it and sees this place in the process more clearly. There’s no going back to a normal life. We must have our new life in heaven because we can’t survive in any other kind of life. This organic need makes living in our present environment difficult. The higher mind sees this lesson and knows this feeling is a specific tool at this stage of the process. This finely tuned need of a higher functioning human to be in an environment made solely of positive words growing clearer and stronger is how the evolutionary pain remains to the end even as Murphy’s Law is calming down. Relationships have to be completely positive. The slightest remnants of a trigger will cause stress to the body mirrored by suicidal thoughts. More short-lived and not as strong but still agonizing. A lessening onslaught of negative words in the spiritual neurotransmitter pathways still make anything less than ideal circumstances very uncomfortable by causing us to be driven crazy by anything around us that is the opposite of heaven, any disorder or lack of beauty. Anything happening causing a hint of shame, real or unreal, is torture. We become hypersensitive to all negative things and this maintains the necessary intensity of evolutionary/transformation process all the way to the moment we are let out of the cocoon.

26 — The spiraling effect of the negative thoughts on our bodies cells causes an increase in receptors that are asking for those peptides that dock on them. The peptides that are released as a result of negative words and the mirroring emotions, along with negative receptors that have replaced positive ones asking for alcohol, drugs, sugar or some other unhealthy negative addiction or passion that is out of balance, leads to a premature death. Specific emotions release specific peptides that go to the cells in specific areas of the body. Specific cells in the body literally screaming for death are causing some people to get terminal cancer and others to commit suicide. The body becomes a plane that has lost its engines and is in a nosedive and there’s nothing you can do but wait for positive things to start happening enabling cells to divide and regain the receptors that enable them to function correctly and stay healthy.

27 — When you are in the dawn of the darker night, the amount of negative vs. positive receptors begins to reverse very slowly. Murphy’s Law will let up, but you are still needing to be in the cocoon so you become aware of how you remain tormented even when things are better outwardly. There’s been a build up of sensitivity to negative and incorrect words. In a moment it can revive the fading suicidal thoughts and negative thoughts will come flooding in and bad memories involving relationships and health issues you weren’t thinking about will go around and around in the mind tormenting the soul once again. What you figure out is that you can be made to misperceive things or the program can use the smallest imperfect details of your circumstances, intensify them and upset you so that it can continue to evolve you even as the sun is about to come up in your night. As the cocoon is about to fade away, the pain caused by a non-heaven life inwardly and outwardly continue to reinforce the negative receptors on cells keeping us in the hell oven. There is no power of positive thinking to overthrow this. Our mind can know the truth, but our bodies work against us. Even as the outward life improves and Murphy’s Law that was used to take us down fades away, we’re so aware and so sensitive to negative things that we are still stuck in the emotional and physical spiral down all the way to the end of the leap. We are rescued by finding the door out of the cocoon and reconnected to life because our training is done and we are ready to help God get others through their leap processing.

28 — Many things reinforce the isolation of the cocoon phenomena. The darker night begins with life not working the way you thought it would and feeling detached from people but as you complete the lessons and you speak a different language. So now you know the truth about what is going on but outwardly you have to speak the an illusion language and pretend to still believe the incorrect words that describe who God is, who we are and what is going on. Everyone else is still in the illusion thinking they know what is going on as their lives still are reinforcing the incorrect concepts that match the level they are in because it’s not time for them to make the evolutionary leap.

29 — This means there are words now coming in the the spiritual neurotransmitter pathways that are what you feel as you deal with not having the freedom to be who you are and speaking the language that is accurate regarding life. Pretending means having to hide and it feels wrong and the word wrong is a negative word that is just one more word that is driving you crazy. ‘It shouldn’t be this way. I should be able to speak truthfully.’ You now feel more alone because you no longer have the home you had where you felt like you belonged.

30 — Not having the money to do what we would like to do or have what we would like to have to create heaven is also being stuck in the cocoon. Freedom is being, doing and having what matches the level of your fully evolved mind. The cocoon or being nailed to the cross or buried in the ground is the opposite. The butterfly must be complete and able to spread its wings and have all its ability fully developed to live its new live before it is released. In the meantime, you wait.

31 — The darker night starts off simple and gets more complex making things both better and worse. The paranormal activity as a result of the pineal gland being activated, and the higher mind starting to develop and function is exciting. Knowing what is happening to you gives you a sense of awe, but the spiritual surgery, done with the emotions in the spiritual neurotransmitters, with barely enough anesthetics, becomes deeper and more difficult. The brain chemistry is systematically messed up by the stress of Murphy’s Law, and the out of balance neurotransmitters and neuropeptides start the spiral into the depths of hell, the whole process feeding itself until it maxes out.

32 — Having powerful negative words in our consciousness or close to our consciousness, is the basis of the negative energy heaviness that are the component of the walls of the cocoon, the isolating bubble of the darker night. This bubble is like a microwave oven processing you with the negative energy of thousands of negative words all passing through in order. The evolutionary process takes place in that ‘oven’ transforming you just like a caterpillar in a cocoon. This is another facet to this diamond where each picture causes you to see clearer. There's a ‘hospital,’ where you are operated on as you undergo an organic change, and ‘twilight zone’ because you are in a very strange place, or ‘disconnected’ because you feel outside of life. The mystical ’dark cloud’ ‘heaviness’ was a ‘blanket’ was mingled with the picture of a ‘bubble’ I was given which houses the negative energy, once I knew that the heaviness was the negative energy. The bubble was new not too long ago, becoming a new facet to see what the cocoon was clearer. Now comes an electromagnetic wave device. The picture of a microwave oven represents the negative energy of all the Murphy’s Law negative words doing something to you — operating on you, evolving you — inside the cocoon. The negative energy is what is doing the transformation. This picture added to the facets of the diamond makes the hospital experience facet and all the other diamonds and facets of the evolutionary leap clearer. It was when I saw the negative energy of all the negative words, that I was able to see these new pictures that are teaching tools, more facets making clearer what is going on. I think I may be seeing the cocoon diamond now with all its facets. It’s good to be using more scientific words to describe the cocoon. These are the most clear. The cocoon oven is a negative energy processing room. And explaining the feeling of disconnection being a result of not just the word ‘disconnection’ in a spiritual neurotransmitter but the intense negative energy we are experiencing in this ‘oven’ is very interesting. It was a mystery when I could only see the picture of the cocoon. Putting it in scientific language and components of the body and mind takes the mystery away. The word ‘disconnection’ is in the SeN is reinforcing the isolation. Which is reinforced by the negative circumstances that I’m in, and the humiliation of not having a good life causing me to be unhappy and not want to be around others. Which is really the desperation to finish learning and the needed to be alone to do so. So many things are creating the cocoon including body chemistry which explains why there is an end and people die or take their life.

33 — The biggest fear is fear itself. This is the GABA transmitters GAD (generalized anxiety disorder that makes you anxious about everything including things it doesn’t make sense to be worried about — the doom ghost of ‘something is going to go wrong’ that follows you around as you do your daily routine). The anxiety is fear of something causing anxiety and then having to deal with the words going around and around like broken record in your head. They happen as a result of interaction with people. They have to do with shame or humiliation, mistakes, and being looked down on and also negative things about others that you don’t want to be subjected to. If someone smells, you don’t want to be around them. Any kind of discomfort involving others can become a mental loop we get caught in thinking about whatever it is over and over. So this makes us want to be alone.

34 — The dramatic level of stress that evolves us in the cocoon oven is able to continue in many different ways no matter how hard we try to run away or hide. The process is brilliant. There is no running away from it. Once the vortex in you is spiraling your cells down, you can be on a desert island and your thoughts will eventually destroy you.

35 — Seeing this mystical picture of the cocoon mingled with the negative words oven and knowing how this energy effects the cells is making the hospital/surgery side of the process much clearer. Once the organic change is complete, the mind is able to twist itself around the words that describe the evolutionary process and all it’s steps more clearly.

36 — The longer I’m out of the crazy-making environment the more sanely I do things. I was not only having to do crazy things to stay separate as much as possible from the crazy person, I was doing things in a peculiar way. The craziness made everything crazy. I am finding myself becoming normal and behaving in a way that is normal and not peculiar. ‘That’s attractive’ is a sarcastic comment describing a behavior that is not dignified. This crazy world is breeding insane, self-destructive, abnormal, aberrated, peculiar, undignified and humiliating behavior. It makes people want to be alone so they won’t be embarrassed and condemned by the behavior they have no control over, and this makes them feel condemned. We need to be who we are as we use up the abberated NCWs and not be condemned or condemn others. I need to be with others who can see the language I speak for what it is so I don’t have to pretend I’m something I’m not and I can be myself. This doesn’t mean that people who really are doing something bad should be allowed out and free to harm others. A darker night ends all bad behavior and crazy behavior. Everyone becomes a higher human being and this is a person of integrity and class.

37 — You can get outside the box and track the emotional words in the EmN as you go up and down using Scientology’s tone scale. The EmN has ‘anger’ in it now. And I have all the angry thoughts in my head to match it. It is a very loud and busy emotion with lots to say. You can wake up happy (3.5) with your mind pretty quiet. Then a fearful thought can come in and you go down the scale to worry (1.0). From there it can move to anger (1.5). There are feeling words in between like frustration. They are little nuances in between. Between FEAR and ANGER is anxiety, covert hostility, resentment, no sympathy hate, Between ANGER and CHEERFULNESS is Pain, Hostility, Antagonism, Monotony, Boredom, Disinterested, Contented, Mild interest, Conservatism, Strong interest. Between Cheerfulness and Serenity of Being is Enthusiasm, Exhilaration, Aesthetics, Action, Games, Postulates. This tone level, above 20.0, is were quantum physics comes in 'the magic' that moves mountains in your life.

38 — The mystical words 'as you see, you become can be mingled with quantum physics words 'you create your life with your thoughts,' meaning as you see the future of mankind and the role you need to play and your heart is desperately reaching for your release from your cocoon so that you can play your part along side of God, you are causing that to happen when it's time and you have completed the leap.

39 — These are the new glasses that are becoming clear. I need to confront the drama saying, it doesn’t matter. No matter what happens, it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter means negative things are just evolving me. That’s all the meaning they have. It’s not about my illusion life. My illusion life isn’t my real life. What matters is getting out of it and that happens through the painful games. They are what needs to happen not having everyone go well. If everything goes well, I’m not evolving and getting out of the illusion life to the real life which is heaven on Earth. My mind needs to make this change from looking at the circumstances with the lower mind to the higher. The lower mind sees the circumstance in the very small context of the illusion life and sees my life as a bad one with a bad ending. The higher mind sees the negative circumstances in the context of the evolutionary process where not having an illusion dream life means I’ve been working towards having the ability to create and be in the real dream life. This teaching about where you don’t want a dream life in the illusion but need it to be the tools to evolve you to have the real dream life enables the mind to separate the two lives very clearly so you can get out of the lower mind illusion life.

40 — To take things seriously like the circumstances mattered because the illusion life is where dreams come true or you are unlucky and they don’t, is being caught in the illusion belief system and its drama. To be a higher human being that the negative emotion words can’t get in to, meaning the person doesn’t have a mind that can play along with the environment anymore, is part of the ability to escape the illusion game. You make steps towards walking out of the game by speaking the words ‘nothing matters because this isn’t the real life’ and when you have the ability to observe a negative emotion in your EmN. The higher mind has the ability to watch your mind get in a dither over something and go around and around about it, whether it’s a misperception or really what is going on. The higher mind can watch itself being evolved by the NCWs flowing through it. It can articulate what is happening clearly.

41 — Fight the untruth with the truth. I watched the emotion words in the EmN yesterday. Then there came a time when I couldn’t find a word for the negative emotion I was feeling. I can’t find one for the feeling I’m experiencing now. I think some of the complex higher feelings aren’t part of our vocabulary, and may never be because they can’t be. I felt disgusted with the game. I loathed the narcissistic games because of how they made me feel. It’s a powerful place when you are angry at the game that torments you rather than feeling sorry for yourself. Now I need to watch as this emotional reaction fades and I don’t have any response to negative circumstances anymore. Not even anger because feeling any negative response is being caught in the drama. My response to all of it will be, ‘it doesn’t matter because this is just a program’ or better ‘it’s supposed to be this way.' 'I’m passing through the leap process where the Murphy’s Law on steroids in a darker night makes heaven.’ Keep walking through the horror unmoved by it and then out the other side. 'This makes sense.' 'This is how it works.' Have the mindset that once you don’t emotionally react in any way, you are close to the place when the negative emotion words can’t get in your EmN anymore. Fight the untruth with the truth.

42 — I am getting outside of what feels like a game. Something paranormal drags us through life feeling very strange and teasing us with another door that looks like it may be a way out of the cocoon to get us to keep going. I have said similar words before but I wasn’t able to become a person who saw the whole thing as just a program that is like a game being played on us, or rather with us to get the job done. We shouldn’t take it personally but our lower mind will take it personally and be angry until we get past that part and think more scientifically.

43 — Practice stopping reinforcing the illusion by emotionally responding to it and thinking about it over and over. Win the game by speaking the clear truth about what is going on, saying the drama of life, the words coming into our minds about it, and what is going on in the movie theater of our pineal glands, is a set of tools, and practice ignoring the scary and negative thoughts. Don’t look for answers. Don’t try to organize it in your mind and make sense out of it. It’s coming in randomly so that you don’t try to fit it into anything particular anymore. Be in that place and wait for the storm to pass and the sun to come up with the clearer words coming in or a mountain moved. That’s hard to do when you are covered with band aids and you are expecting a call about lab results. Those things are pulling you into the drama and you can see the emotion in your EmN. It’s impossible to not get caught until you have evolved to that place. But it doesn’t matter if you are still getting caught. Nothing is going wrong with being able to get out of hell. Getting caught is how you evolve so that your body won’t let them in anymore no matter what and you’re in heaven. The problem is, it hurts. Pain matters. The pain of wanting to be dead is horrid. In this way Murphy’s Law matters. It may just be a program and the illusion life may be just a game and not our real life. It may be that no matter what, it’s all going perfectly. But the pain is real. The opposite of heaven is happening and we are emotionally attached to it even though our renewed minds know it’s not real. We are feeling real pain in the illusion lives so what happens matters in that way. Wanting to be dead is a real and a miserable feeling.

44 — The purest state of a word can be experienced not attached to anything in life. They can be put one by one in an EmN neurotransmitter and intensified to the maximum that you are able to handle. It's a lesson on how it works. They can be negative or positive words. You can feel like you are floating because that word is in a SeN neurotransmitter and there may or may not be a matching emotion word in an EmN. The word 'sweetness' can come in to a SeN while you are 'floating.' The experiences are higher than the normal experience of these words. Examples of the sensations and emotions are lightness, pressure, heaviness, freedom, caged, stuck, wanting to climb out of your body, out of your life, can’t move, eternity in hell, stillness, abandoned, floating, drowning, reaching, needing, hungering, detached, lost and aching have another neurotransmitter. The experience of pure words creates a joyful or a miserable experience of beingness.

45 — 'I haven’t made a mistake' (illusion thinking) or rather 'God's being hasn't had me make one' (truth).

46 — It’s just the tides of energy. The negative flows in and you get more messed up, then backs away. Your mind looks for order but it won't be allowed to find it and this breaks it.

47 — The words in the SeN are similar to the words that are in the GABA neurotransmitter instructing the brain to have a negative thought go around and around. The SeN sends the instructions that cause us to experience the odd altered states particularly feeling alone and detached and desperately wanting to crawl out of our sick or painful body or out of our miserable no life. It’s mirrored by the scenario taking place in the pineal gland theater room and the words in the EmN. They all are working together to put on the entire darker night production. These words have a facet to them that are physiological responses. I remember a feeling of being stabbed in the stomach that wasn’t a normal feeling. It seems paranormal at first because these words cause you to experience what feels ‘other worldly’ and you can’t put words to it as easily as you can physical experiences, but the explanation as to how a feeling of being in a twilight zone or some other ‘place’ being created by words coming in, is just as simple as all the other strings of words coming in. Whatever you are sensing that is ‘paranormal,’ just put the best description to it that you can and those are the words in the SeN that are causing you to experience whatever it is. ‘Other worldly’ and ‘paranormal’ are words that when placed in your SeN cause you to experience and feel their definition. ‘Beyond thinking’ is also put in the SeN and you experience its meaning which is difficult to put into words. It’s a type of thinking about something that is overkill and doesn’t make sense and however you describe it, anyone who has experienced it will know what you are talking about. Seeing these words and how they do what they do is something very simple but the ability to see them requires a lot of evolving. Words are put in you and you experience their definition…simple. Then words come into your mind that match them. And words come into you EmN that match them. Simple. Don’t make anymore out of the ‘mystical’ experiences than this. They are no longer a mystery once you have the mind of God.

48 — A picture of the plan in God's being that evolves us is the Wizard at the switchboard behind the curtain creating the scary image and sending Dorothy off to kill the witch and save everyone from evil. Become Dorothy who pulled back the curtain and explaining to the world in your own words the game Gods being is playing. He had to reinforce the illusion until it was time for us to have our higher mind start functioning. This 'game' was the only thing our minds had the ability to see. Things happened to reinforced the incorrect belief systems, causing us to strongly hold to concepts concerning God and reality that are different from each other, causing us to hurt one another, and none of the 'truths' are accurate. Become Dorothy who kills the incorrect concepts. There is no Satan and no evil ghosts the way they are conceived of now. These are all angels playing games. They also play UFOs. Every being and every person are wording together to make things worse to create heaven and it required that we not know about it for a time. That time is over. Now we need to know what is going on to get rid of all the bad. The program to evolve us is like a game and we need to be a part of it.

49 — Neuropeptides are molecules used by neurons to communicate with each other directing and regulating the body. They are involved with cravings for food or drugs as receptors for these things build up on cells in the body taking over the much needed receptors that maintain and healthy body. They also play a role in how our emotions effect our body. When we have feelings of anger, sadness, guilt, excitement, happiness or nervousness, each separate emotion releases a specific neuropeptide that then moves towards specific receptors on specific cells of the body. If the cells are bombarded with negativity, when the cells divide there are more receptors for negative emotions and less for positive sending you down deeper into hell in the darker night. Then the opposite happens. As you rise out of the ground after the cross and death, the positive words the higher part of the brain processes causes your cells to duplicate and have receptors for positive words ad health. It’s not something we do. The power of positive thinking is not something we make happen. More positive words than negative happens incrementally as we continue to pass through the darker night process and it takes place spontaneously as part of unfolding of the process when it reached the time to emerge as the butterfly. The cocoon is created by negative words. As they are replaced with positive ones, the experience of the cocoon disappears. We aren’t detached and marginalized anymore. No more social anxiety. We’re thinking good thoughts about others and is happy to be around others.

50 — Neuropeptides work along side the physical and spiritual neurotransmitters. The lower and higher minds each have a unique operating system that is being mirrored by these communicators. Both neuropeptides and neurotransmitter communicators mirroring the evolutionary level of the operating systems work in a very intricate, complex, sophisticated way to evolve us. Ego, or the little god part self that we are, interacting with all the other important god part selves, plays a large role in evolving the operating systems of the mind. The level of the renewing of a mind to fully function, using both its lower and higher parts, effects how ego or the self interacts with others. Ego/self feels separated from others as a result of the communicators creating the negative energy cocoon (with negative thoughts concerning how it fits in with others and how it perceives what others are doing or saying putting an incorrect interpretation on the words and actions) and then operates according to its level of evolution which is how much of the lower mind is processing an incorrect belief system and reacting to the illusion about life and the drama untruth creates vs. the higher mind having the truth and able to see what is going on and staying above the drama by just letting it flow by. The lower mind puts others down and feels guilty and thinks it’s in control. Emotional responses to others is intense in the darker night. What has been transformed are far as our behavior is the result of the higher mind operating according to the truth that nothing is anyone’s fault. We’re puppets on strings of words that animate us: no one can do anything or is responsible for anything they do. There is no guilt that makes sense. There is only guilt as far as having to play the role of being responsible because everyone around you has only a lower mind that thinks you did something bad. This is a difficult place to be. Guilt is only a thing of the past when everyone says it doesn’t make sense because we’re puppets. No one will be condemning anyone anymore. The truth will set our minds free of a lot of negative words flowing through it because we are constantly judging and it’s on steroid in the darker night because we have the ability to be aware of so much more and see every detail that is going on. Ego’s/self’s judging and looking down on others gets ridiculous in the darker night and the negativity of it is crazy making. Negative words go over and over in the mind intensifying the spiral that evolves up and there’s no peace because of the torrent of words and no rest because of the weariness of them.

51 — All the egos or selves need to look at each other and see that together are using up the NCWs and operate accordingly, a new way towards each other. This happens as a result of a mind having the higher ability to get out of the illusion where it thought it knew what what going on and see the truth concerning God and us and what is going on. Using up NCWs and ICWs is all that mankind has been doing. No one has been hurting someone else as part of their own agenda. It has only felt that way. It’s been a game played on our behalf because illusion truth was all that a lower mind could wrap itself around. The lower mind also thinks negative things are bad instead of seeing them as how we are evolved. Life needs to be exhausting. Problems need to happen. It’s supposed to be that way in order to use up the NCWs. It’s a stage of evolution. To look down on someone who makes a mistake or get upset over something gone wrong is to be caught in the illusion. Truth is, it’s supposed to be this way or you won’t finish evolving and get into heaven. Having only the lower mind that looks at negative as something bad that should’t be happening is to be in a lower level of God’s being’s evolution where you have a small view of your own life instead of the big view of everyone’s negative lives all working together to evolve God.

52 — The god part of us subconsciously knows it’s an important component of God’s body. It has been operating perfectly — negatively doesn’t mean imperfectly, perfect means exactly according to the plan to get rid of all negative words — as part of God’s being because of what it is. But it’s only operating with its lower mind so it’s acting in a deformed, infantile, self destructive way. We each have a role in God’s being that only we can do but it’s messed up now. Operating with only its lower mind, which is when the words coming in are ICWs and NCWs, the feeling we have, subconsciously knowing were part of God’s body, is that of being self righteous, self important, special and entitled, putting others down to feel superior, and putting ourselves first, so the world is a dog eat dog fight for survival. We are what we are in terms of being a perfect god part, both when getting rid of ICWs and NCWs or animated by CCWs and PCWs, but that subconscious knowing that we are a god part playing it’s role in the bigger process manifests itself differently according to the evolutionary level of our mind which we operate by.

53 — It’s seeing ourselves very clearly from the time ego/self was using up NCWs and ICWs to the time it’s operating with CCWs and PCWs as a result of the school and hospital that changes us to knowing that we have the truth, the ability to navigate impossible situations, and have the ‘magical’ power to move things and cause heaven to appear in our life. Becoming the cause of rearranging words, negative words moving out, and positive words coming in and creating heaven on Earth, is the opposite of Murphy’s Law. Becoming ‘Cause’ is Scientology’s language. As you see it clearly because you have gone through the lessons, each facet, you spontaneously become Cause. You change from being the effect of the games to being the one who is doing the affecting. No longer on strings being dragged through hell stuck inside a cocoon that is torturing you. Outside now waving your magic wand.

54 — The neurotransmitters and neuropeptide activity are mirroring the level of our development. Our transformation from one operating system to both systems functioning is reaching the point where we operate in an environment that is closer and closer to heaven. The great tribulation is where an avalanche of negative things happened all together so we make the jump to our higher minds functioning and can see what Murphy’s Law is doing. And we stop pointing figures at one another because no one is doing anything of their own will. Nothing’s anyone’s idea.

55 — And in the process of dealing with negative combinations of words and incorrect combinations of words, we are empowered, moving level by level not just to have the higher function of our mind operating according to the truth in God’s mind concerning reality but it can navigate life moving things ‘magically’ to fix everything perfect. For a time you operate with both systems like a computer that can be switched back and forth between a PC and Mac. You get caught in the drama and feel guilty and have to take responsibility and play that game vs. knowing it's the 'fault' of the evolutionary plan unfolding. As a test, you are hit with words coming in about something negative that makes you feel guilty and you have to speak back at these words coming in. Guilt and condemnation is evolving you but you are also bringing them to an end as you speak the truth that you are just a puppet. And others around you who are doing things that are causing pain are not at fault either. They are just dealing with negative combinations of words and at some point they will stop their negative behavior, stop operating that way, when they have passed through their darker night. Living with people who’s minds are malfunctioning because they aren’t renewed is difficult. If you can’t make your environment heaven, you worry. You are desperate to get out of hell but feel stuck because others have to do their part too. But you need to be caught between the manifestation of illusion thinking and creating heaven thinking and learn more and be clearer and more powerful. You will remain stuck in a less than perfect situation until you have completed having to live with negative combinations of words evolving you and have the full power to be out.

56 — All the way to the end, you have to be confronted by those who are operating with the PC system, using incorrect combinations of words to explain reality, illusion truth, and in an environment of positive combinations of words vs. Murphy’s Law. As a higher mind fully functions and has reached the highest level and can speak the truth clearly knowing every detail of what is going on using the clearest language, it operates more using the Mac side which is outside of the illusion, knowing what is really going on, and efficient, more positive combinations of words and correct combinations of words are coming in and it has the most sophisticated apps to navigate this complex life as God would if He were living it, ultimately having a mind with the ability to operate in heaven. This begins while still living with people operating with only a PC system but you don't talk about it. While what you are and how it's powerfully effecting things is hidden from others because you are still in the cocoon, you will still make mistakes all the way to the end. The opposite of what you are becoming evolves you to become it. Horrible emotional words will still come into your spiritual sense neurotransmitters and spiritual emotions neurotransmitters all the way to the end. Nightmares will take place all the way to the end of your processing. Go with the flow. Endure and despise the pain, then ignore it. Whatever awful thing is going on is supposed to be that way, one after the other, all the way to the end of your processing.

57 — For what is coming, the world needs to see the basic principles of having a higher mind at work. A problem, spontaneously knowing the solution and becoming what we need to be. This requires the leap in the evolutionary process of a human being. The Leap — having the rug pulled out from under your lower mind illusion life and landing in Murphy’s Law hell with your lower mind malfunctioning worse, and all your chemistry sending you spiraling down to the bottom where you become desperate for answers. The pineal gland is activated and the higher mind is awakened and you begin your ascent into becoming a higher frequency human being.* School starts and the cycles of storms begin. a storm usually starts with something bad happening, then confusion hits and you’re in the spiritual hospital in agony being organically changed with the physical circumstances and words coming into your mind as the operating tools. Then it calms down, the sun comes up and new clearer words come in, rearranging the strings of words in your mind, removing words that no longer work and adding new vocabulary to the language. It’s a constant breaking, letting go of older teachings with each new facet of a diamond. The expression of the imperfect words describing the truth is how the perfect articulation is going to happen. The imperfect are a problem that causes evolution to orchestrate a problem in life to evolve the mind to be able to rearrange the words more clear. It’s a mind twister, like a tongue twister exercise, to be able to live this way, in the illusion and outside of it, in the thick of a storm and getting unstuck from it, untangling all the messed up words and putting the new string os words in order, and knowing what the process is doing at the very moment it happens. Looking at the particular lesson making the bigger picture clearer. Seeing the process happening using the illusion life as the stage and as a tool to get the higher mind fully developed and functioning. You have to see clearly that the illusion life is the tools. It’s mistakes and problems get so intense you have the ability to see they are the tools that evolve you to see that they are the tools. And you see something clearer about a step of the evolutionary process as a result of the pain of going through that very painful step of the process at that moment. You experience a direct correlation. This puts the illusion life in its place. It’s not where our dream life is supposed to happen. Don’t want that. ‘Bad’ things happening cause the leap in your evolution. “All things work together for good.” Having a lot go wrong, Murphy’s Law, is good. They are the tools to evolve our minds so that we can make heaven. That’s what you want. Just see it. That is all you have to do. Focus on school and not on the drama. Let the tools do their thing and wait for the day when God flips a switch and you are no longer emotionally caught in anything negative going on. The clearer you see it, the closer you are to not needing to be caught in it anymore. The clearer you see the big picture of the process and all the details, the closer you are to running out of the portion of negative words in God’s being you had to use up. Then the oven shuts off, your cocoon fades away.

58 — Part of seeing the evolutionary process is seeing the renewing of the mind in detail. The development of the higher part of the human mind happens with all different kinds of strings of words coming into the mind. Life muscles build up when tension is applied, the mind operates using both the lower and higher minds as a lot of words come into it. It challenges the mind to figure out what is happening, develop in order to see what is happening to it and organize the process. As its ability to handle all the different words coming in and put them in the right place reaches a higher level, the challenge gets more difficult until it reaches the last of the toughest challenges and becomes fully seeing, knowing the truth, and fully functioning, all that human being can be. One way this is done that starts at the beginning level and gets more complex is being in the illusion drama, knowing you’re caught in illusion drama and having the ability to pull out, going back and forth quickly, enabling you to see it, and then clearly articulating this exercise. The mind twisting is felt in a unique ways. Going back and forth between the inner and outer lives is one particular way you feels the mind twisting. Look at the discomfort to the mind as it happens. Separate the experience of your mind trying to wrap itself around what is going on, from the discomfort of being in the storm and your reaction to it, feeling the words changing letting go of the strings of words it had and painfully reaching for and grasping to see the new clearer strings of words. The inner storm is full of stings of illusion drama words that you will eventually have the ability to get out of and observe and articulate, just as you had the ability to get out of your outside drama life and look at it and see that it is not our real life. It is a set of tools to get up to grow up and create our real life which is heaven. Stop getting mad at how this life is going or what someone is doing. Get your brain wrapped around the truth that it’s not supposed to go well and people are supposed to mess you up. Only get upset about the pain of the process, not something in the drama toolbox. Keep practicing seeing these words until your mind isn’t able to wrap itself around the wrong thing to blame anymore. Another major type of twisting that is happening simultaneously is the storms where you thought you had things figured out and all was calm in your mind, then something happens and you get lost. It’s the house on the sand. The house on the rock is the one in union with God that no longer needs the training. It has articulated each step of the entire process, all strings of words in its mind are correct and in the right order. At the end of each storm of strings of words all tangled up together causing the mind distress as it twists to untangle them, the next clearer stings of words come into the newly transformed channel and you see the truth clearer. This is what the Biblical “renewal” of the mind feels like. This is a key pain to see. As you see clearly and articulate what the renewal of the mind is, your mind can complete being fully renewed and you can begin to help others. The clearest seeing, knowing and articulating is the key to spontaneously becoming a teacher and spiritual physician. Another exercise causing the twisting is listening or reading incorrect arrangements of words describing the truth. You will also look at your own words that you wont down and rewrite them more accurately. You need the ability to untangle someone else’s mind as you are training them and this involves practicing with written words. Listening or reading the incorrect combinations of words and fixing them is a critical exercise. You will notice that as you rearrange the words, removing wrong words and adding new words, whatever it is you are writing about becomes clearer than you saw it before. This is because doing this exercise involves the twisting that enables a mind to have the more accurate words come into it. They automatically come in as a mind transforms to house them.

59 — The level of accuracy, all the right words in the right order, of the strings of words explaining the evolutionary process determines the next stage of tools and the next storm. You see the next clearer teaching about the process which gives you a bigger picture about God and what is going on, figuring out how the cocoon fades, articulating each step clearly, becoming a human being who uses their whole mind in a life of processing only correct combinations of words and positive combinations of words and experiencing the ‘magic’ of navigating life as God would, as Cause, seeming ’magical’ because it’s so amazingly, so beyond, when it comes to how the mind can communicate with others and the environment, which more than living a life that is the opposite of Murphy’s Law. You are causing life to be a dream life.

60 — Living life among people who are in the illusion drama is being in circumstances where you are a part of competition and needing to be right. Life transforming into heaven is where people go through the process and they are outside the box and looking at what having to be right and having to win ruins relationships and now see the right way to be. Don’t need to be right. Need to be kind. And no more judging. Let everyone wherever they are on the evolutionary path be where they are without judgment and stay out of the drama. This is training. This is how relationships are starting to work for the more awake people in the global darker night of the soul. But the clear truth is the only way it gets everyone completely past the dog eat dog behavior. How relationships will really start working begins with knowing that whatever people do and whatever anyone has ever done has been a computer program sending stings of words into everything. No one is responsible for anything. All the egos/selves need to be broken to see this and get off their high horses.

61 — The global darker night of the soul has begun but people aren’t aware because they are ignorant of the symptoms. So when they get to the place where their higher mind starts to function enough and they have the ability to look back and realize that they have been in the more intense process for a long time. The symptoms are the nutty behavior of the brain neurotransmitters being our of balance. Looked at with only the lower mind, you just feel like you have peculiar ways and they are embarrassing and you hope someone can still love you because they have their odd things going on too. Most common is needing things to be a certain way. It’s crazy making to you because it involves a specific brain neurotransmitter that is out of balance. OCD is a specific brain neurotransmitter that is out of balance. Needing things to be a certain way happens the same way as needed to wash your hands a certain way or needed to count to 70 before you can leave the house. They can become crippling and keep you from being able to be in a marriage or work. But mostly they just make you feel like your a bit of a nut and as they work to evolve your mind, they inconvenience but don’t completely interrupt living your outward life. The higher mind can see them for what they are and learns to live with them as a normal part of being in the leap phase of the evolutionary process in a much more peaceful way than when they only had the lower mind to figure out how they fit in their illusion belief system and could only conclude that there was something wrong with them that was a bad thing.

62 — In addition to this symptom of being in the darker night leap phase causing you to have to do more just to get through the day, life has more problems and they are more complex and challenging. Raising a baby today having to worry about flat head and whooping cough and suffocating makes it so much more complicated and stressful, and it can become crazy. The parents become psychotic with worry over everything causing the babies’ brain neurotransmitters to be effected. If it wasn’t that, it could be living with two malfunctioning parents, or their use of drugs or severe childhood drama that caused a child to need medications in kindergarten which is ridiculous. Until higher minds see the child as being evolved at an early age and handles the child correctly, we will continue this insane behavior along with all our other insane behavior. The insane affects of relationships are maxing out with unimaginable negative and incorrect combinations of words in the global darker night of the soul.

63 — Also, the restlessness has started and it’s hard to be still long before you have the ability to know what that’s about. God is letting mankind feel their immature organic state in relation to His being. We haven’t integrated with it. Feeling that condition hurts. As baby is developing it can get frustrated and doesn’t know why. The mind needs more input. It wants more to do and be able to do it. You have to hold and entertain a baby until they can do it for themselves. For many life has stopped working and they may move around a lot and feel like they resonate with the biblical words of being in the desert trying to get to the promise land. Just as a baby’s mind develops as they experience life and develop the muscles and neurotransmitters start talking so they follow things with their eyes, reach for things with their hands that are started in a fist and are relaxing and grasping things, role over, or begin eating from a spoon, the development of the higher mind happens slowly and incrementally as the result of a very sophisticated program of growth. The way we respond to not having our higher function mind and the life where we belong is filling the illusion life up with stuff. You have to be out with people or buying things or doing the things that feed you emotionally and intellectually.

64 — Just as is becomes necessary to see little things like out of balance neurotransmitters causing you to act a little nutty is normal, there are big things that become cleared as you go through the process and reach higher levels of seeing what is going on. Two big things the only lower mind operating sees is people being responsible for what they do, and, second, this life is the life where if it’s going right, you are blessed with money and all the things that make a good life and make us happy. As we progress through the process the lower mind thinks that we should see improvement in our life and behavior. There should be less mistakes made. It is afraid when things are bad because we’re at the end of our rope and need it to be over. We emotionally need a reward, the comfort of no more humiliating mistake and problems. We should look better to the world after what we’ve been through. But it doesn’t work that way. The higher mind sees that there is no way to know how much is left. It knows that you have to keep making mistakes in order to stop making mistakes. It’s humiliating and it continues to break us so we are open to the next lesson or tweaking of a session. Things have to go wrong in order to stop going wrong. There’s no being raised up and respected, only pitied and thought odd. The agony of isolation remains strong even though you have your wings nearly completed. It all stops the moment you are done being evolved by the cocoon oven, and not a minute sooner.

65 — Your lower mind’s way of reacting to problems is as ‘problems,’ not the evolutionary process orchestrating Murphy’s Law in your life to grow you up. The lower mind reacts first, there’s fear and pain as you are caught in it intellectually and emotionally, then the higher mind takes over and speaks the truth. These happen in cycles and in Christian mystical teachings they are referred to as deaths on the cross or death and resurrection. There are thousands of small and big ones throughout a darker night of the soul and the night itself is the one big, all encompassing death and resurrection. These Biblical words are necessary to see the evolutionary process the clearest. At present most Christians are on the bottom level and the view of at the cross is deformed. The lower mind understands that bad things are from Satan and life shouldn’t be that way. They pray for deliverance from him and it happens. Answered prayers for healing and miracles for children. The higher mind is our of the lower mind illusion thinking, able to see that all negative things are the cross, tools challenging and growing up the mind. The higher mind knows that they have to happen so we have the ability to make heaven. Out of agony we beg to escape the cocoon, but there are no warm fuzzies from God or quickly answered prayers or miracles if you are making the great leap in the evolutionary process. In fact, there is a bowl full of your unanswered prayers and there is nothing else to say so you stop praying. Inside, where your whole being is aching to be who you are, open your wings and begin the job you’ve been trained to do, there is only suffering in silence and waiting for the sun to come up after the long winter.

66 — The lower mind looks at life and with the ability it has it says that having a less than ideal life is because we aren't intelligent or don't have the right religion or Satan is attacking us or we have done something wrong. This is the only way we were able to look at life so the illusion life was reinforced until we were ready to pass through the leap to have our higher mind's ability to see what is really going on. God is letting us feel our undeveloped condition not attached to Him yet. He is forcing us to reach, connect and fully function in our place in Him.

67 — "As you know," which is to say, as your mind has the ability to articulate the evolutionary process clearer, "you become" or rather your being makes a transformation into its next phase of the transformation process. You are becoming a human being that is operating with both the lower and higher minds, and living our real life where cells do not malfunction causing bodies to get sick, age and die. Seeing every step of the process clearly, your mind graduating from each level, leaving the less clear, incorrect combination of words that were unwired from it behind, and seeing yourself and mankind and God and the universe, the entire picture of the evolution of God's being, with eyes like God's, moves you past the process and you step out into heaven on earth.

68 — The initial mystic exercise of looking at the thoughts in our minds is the beginning of going deeper. Then as another exercise we look at the drama of life and find ourselves asking the deeper questions. Then as our higher eyes develop the ability to see and articulate the evolutionary process clearer, we figure out what getting outside the ‘box’ of this life is for. If we keep growing we experience getting outside a second box and having a bigger picture of life, then our language to explain the mystical process changes and this ‘place’ outside the box where we were observing life is now called a second ‘level.’ Then we see why we were put outside the box, and we got there, and where it’s going. When we get to the ‘place’ where we find out that the outward life that mankind has now is a school that keeps changing and causing different kinds of pain, we figure out that earth is in hell now, and as part of the exercises we are made aware of everything negative that is going on. We then can move on to the level where you see why all the suffering is happening, not just to evolve your mind, but all of mankind’s. Then as you go deeper into what is going on, your belief system is being fixed concerning God. We can see why mankind couldn’t understand the truth about Him and life. It looks like we have been kept in the dark and the Bible should have been written in such a way as it wouldn’t cause one group of people who think the Bible says one thing, to kill another who thinks it says something else. You learn that not only was it necessary to the work we’ve been doing together to use up all NCWs and ICWs, the suffering caused by these words evolved our minds to have the ability to read and understand the true story of God and what is going on. This is only something you can see clearly when you have gone through the steps to have this mind. At this point, knowing that we are now at a higher frequency and don’t belong in a negative environment, we become hypersensitive to negative things. The over sensitivity and the feeling of being driven us 'crazy' in a SeN are specific tools that evolves us at this very high frequency level that our mind has developed to. The negative environment includes the illusion language that is being spoken by people. We want to fix it and raise their frequency, which would make their environment orderly and be a part of getting the planet cleaned up so it can transfer into heaven.

69 — This note is being repeated from the Deeper Dark Night post.

The evolved ego is moves past the intensified struggle to physically and emotionally survive. They are becoming kind and attentive to others needs, able to balance theirs as well. Evolved ego knows that living life right is not something they can orchestrate and put their mind's effort into. The effort is in the emotional struggle to get through life, and survive the process, and reaching for the teachings and being able to see them, not in how life is going and how they live it. That is happening on its own. The evolved ego knows it is not in control of itself or its environment. It knows that human beings are not living life the way they think they are. It is an illusion to feel responsible to learn and do it right as a result of something not being done right or something going wrong. The pain of having been moved like a puppet to cause a mistake to be made, or being in a negative situation with its matching emotions in you is the key to change. All the negative things are causing the pain of growing or transforming into a person who lives life right. In the night they see clearly what is not a good thing, and see the connection to God that they are making that will cause them to live a life that is only good. They know that as they see — not as they organize and plan — they spontaneously operate that way, balancing all things.

70 — The mystics said the words "I am nothing. He is All." There was a Catholic saint who lived the cross in a unique way. Words would come into him spiritual neurotransmitters and he would experience bleeding in the places where Jesus bled when He was on the cross. We aren't just utterly helpless. There isn't anything we do on our own except hurt or feel good which are our response to what is being done with us and to us. The reality that we are just a shell is made very clear to our ego/self in a darker night. St. Paul said that we are a 'pot of clay filled with treasure.' He suffered and was given the New Testament level of revelation and he experienced being a glove that was filled and animated by God. He was aware that he was nothing apart from God doing it. You aren't going to get out of bed in the morning if God doesn't send in the words that you need to get your body out of bed. He does is all. You do nothing but either feel good or suffer. When our minds are hardwired with the truth and we have completed our training, ego/self is out of the way. 'I' has no thought, opinion or answer nor does it do anything that originates from itself. There is "no longer I, but Christ" means St. Paul saw and experienced that he was a puppet animated by words coming into him that were causing him to move. But he know the full extent of his nothingness. He had revelation coming into a mind that didn't have the rest of it fully functioning. He had experiences of saying words that he knew weren't coming from 'I,' and being God's hands and feet, but he did not know utter nothingness. He needed to pass through a darker night that goes deeper to know that none of the words that animated him originated from him. Then he would have known he was not responsible for anything he said or did and therefor not a sinner. Then God would have had a higher mind to work with to write the New Testament. The deeper experience of being nothing evolves the gospel teachings, what really happened on the cross, to the Newer Testament where everything makes sense. You do nothing. God does all. The truth can only come into your mind when you know that none of your thoughts or doings originate from you. That's how it works.

The lessons on none of your words or actions originating from you can start with the gift of tongues where you experience the Holy Spirit talking using your mouth. More often it starts with finding yourself saying in your own language something that you know God spoke through you. Then when you get to the highest level and see the biggest picture, you see that every word you have ever said has part of a program that is running the entire physical universe's every move. Then you need to know that God is made out of all words and His being is getting rid of all the incorrect and negative strings of words by sending them into and having them manifest themselves in the physical layer of His being which showed up when a portion of the words lowered their frequency. Once all the negative words are used up, only positive words will be left and the universe will rise in frequency and the physical world will be very different. Once you use up your portion and you are only processing positive words, you change from a puppet to a real boy, fully hooked into your place in God’s being where you have been, but detached from , and the words that animate you are now coming into you the way they come into God. You have shifted from the developmental stage of a puppet. Organically your angel mate who was the channel for the negative strings of words to come into you has been removed, like an umbilical cord is removed from a baby. Now you operate in your position in God’s being, like your heart operates in your body. When everyone is attached, the rest of God's being that wasn't functioning yet will be functioning and everything will be in its heavenly state.


*Hell, made up of negative words, is the lowest frequency form of words that make up the physical world. Heaven, made of the best the words can possibly manifest themselves, is the highest frequency form of the physical world. Ed Leedskalnin mastered magnetic fields to levitate boulders to build his coral castle. He made a devise where a positive magnetic field rotated one direction while directly underneath it a negative field rotate the opposite direction. I was lead to study this as I was being told about the pineal gland having crystals in it that make communication possible between the mind and the physical brain as well as all psi experiences. The fields raise our frequency and as a result we pull in clearer words describing who we are, what is going on and where it’s all going. The fields are a mixture of electromagnetic fields (EMFs) and geomagnetic fields (GMFs) and they are mixed with stress. Theses components that raise our frequency, which is our becoming higher beings, happen in thousands of different ways as needed at each stage of our very complex and sophisticated evolutionary development. Every time we relocate, different fields come in. Every moment of our day, different stressors are playing on us. So much of which takes place in our mind — the mind chatter that runs programs over and over about something we don’t like that someone is doing or that we imagine people are thinking and at the same time words with positive energy coming in. This is a vortex in our minds that raises the frequency of our bodies which means we no longer organically belong in the lower frequency illusion life made of negative and incorrect words. We keep our bodies and environments in order as best we can because we feel the organic pain of being in the wrong environment. This pain is another specific tool being used to evolve us in the dawn of the night when Murphy's Law has calmed down. We want to crawl our of our body and our life because the frequency of the strings of words wired into our mind isn't mirrored by the frequency of the words that make up our circumstances. Not yet. Not until we are completely connected in our place in God's being. The rain was withheld so that we would reach another source. We have to reach and connect in order for the flow of only positive words to come into our completely upgraded operating system.

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