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May 9, 2020

Right now, the insane buying during very bad economic news that started on Friday, April 17th, that the market went up 700 points on bad news, is still continuing and analysts are trying to figure out what is going on.

To explain what is going on, I'm going to talk about how the crash was designed to pull everyone into their dark nights. And for the first time I will no longer be using the language of this illusion life, where how we think life works is not how it works, and start using the language that explains everything according to how it really works.

There is a great Story written in the being of God that is the unfolding of God's evolution. As part of His being, His Story includes the part about us, His children, the baby gods.

I'm not going to go through the story from the beginning but I'm going to mention some key facts. The baby gods needed to be put through darker nights to evolve their minds to be able to see the truth concerning reality. In the meantime, in order for the baby gods to be able to be woken up and live a life, a life had to be designed that their minds were able to understand. The life we've been living is that life. It's an illusion kept up by the script, with fake rules that we thought were really how life worked, until we grew up in the dark/darker night process and had the ability to see what has really been going on. The reason the illusion could be created is because God's being is made out of words. Everything is made out of word and the script can send in or remove words in a split second, rearranging circumstances completely and perceptions of circumstances in our minds. It takes a lot of evolving of the mind to see this reality. With this basic knowing that I've articulated, I'm going to skip now to the part about the crash that just happened.

When we went off the gold standard, the script put the words into our minds 'unconditional trust in the government' so we'd be okay with breaking that basic economic law. Putting these words into our minds works exactly the same as putting the words into our minds that has us unconditionally love someone. The words are there and nothing that happens can change them. This is reality. This is what has been going on. No matter what the government does, people will blindly trust the Feds to be doing the right thing that will make the United States a wonderful country and keep it that way.

The economy was then built in a way it never could have been had we stayed on the gold standard because all the money made everyone greedy and wanting more stuff. A picture for this is the Death Star. A flaw was built into the system that would lead to its destruction.

It was living this complex economy and having it taken away very quickly in the specific way it's being done that was the only thing that would work to pull everyone into their dark nights. The sequence of the details and the timing is precise. First the virus, the economy is closed, and then 'unconditional trust in the government' is tested to its max an it remains intact. Everyone right now thinks everything it going to be okay because of what the Feds are doing and they are buying into the stock market being set up for all their money being taken away.

But then the government, that unconditionally trusts itself is put on the spot. It has an impossible job of dealing with the virus, closing and opening the economy, and how to manipulate the economy that it's been doing all along only now in these extreme conditions, all the while still insisting it will be able to save the day. So all is in place now for the government to utterly fail. The President has already been exposed as a lying, egotistical fool who's made huge mistakes ever since this started. There are videos about the doctors having monetary and power motives behind what they are telling the Feds to do. As long as the 'unconditional trust in the government' words are in everyone, there isn't anything the President, the doctors, the Congress, the governors can do that will cause the people believe they aren't trustworthy. And so right now the headines say it all The reality is that we are puppets and the words coming in from the script are our strings. Baby gods are sitting ducks to whatever needs to happen to them to evolve them.

Today, May 9th, these words in them are facing with the greatest arrangement of words possible that would render a government utterly untrustworthy. The main things are the foolish way everything about the virus is being handled and the mishandling of the companies and businesses and of unemployed people, and all the mistakes all along the way since this all started. These are the writing on the wall that would become totally clear if the words 'unconditional trust in the government' were removed and that is what is going to happen.

The imminent crash was already there because of the mistakes and the impossibility of the situation. But the baby gods couldn't see the obvious. This is the Rising of the Beast in Revelation. In the story world, it's the revelation that The Emperor Has No Clothes and in the scientific world it's the Elephants that are in the Room. It was all there and would have been seen if it weren't for the words 'unconditional trust in the government' being in everyone.

The 'unconditional trust in the government' words have people in this fake happy place about the future and looking for ways to take advantage of what is going on, greedily jumping onto the stock market like frogs into water that's being slowing warmed up. When the script giving those words the instructions to leave, it will then give the instruction to fully intensified 'panic' going into everyone, all the frogs trying to jump off at once, the stock market crashing down pulling everyone into their dark nights. The script that was written to evolve us, the baby gods, is brilliant and perfect.

The economy that was built because we went off the gold standard has a greedy goal. This goal is going to be replaced with the goal of making heaven.

Headlines in recent days...

"Beware of the oddity in this bear rally."

"The economy is in a free fall. So why isn't the stock market?" "Everything is bad, and somehow the market is good." With "...a deadly global pandemic with no end in sight, 30 millian Americans recently out of jobs, an economy that's fallen off of a cliff - a relatively rosy stock market is perplexing."

"Sure the stock market isn't the economy, but right now, it seems particularly divorced from what's happening on the ground. 'The gap between markets and economic data has never been larger...'"

Cassinos are closed, so gamblers are putting money in the stock market. Retailers are putting money in the stock market. These are new frogs jumping aboard the Titanic about to hit the iceberg and sink.

"To be sure, there's no guarantee theis market rally will last, nor that investors have it right. And many traders, analysts, and experts admit everyone is operatings in a black box." "Overall, it just seems that market may be feeling a bit more optimistic about the future than the science around coronavirus would suggest" " ...it makes '0' sense." "...nobody knows what's going on."

"...investors don’t really have a lot of places to go with their money — government bonds are offering super-low returns, if much at all. Among some on Wall Street, there’s a fear of missing out, and it appears retail investors have been playing the markets while in quarantine."

"Fed chair Jerome Powell said the central bank is committed to using its “full range of tools” to support the economy as long as needed. “We have a number of dimensions on which we can still provide support to the economy,” he said. “As you know, our credit policies are not subject to a specific dollar limit.” No gold standard.

Everything the Feds are doing is going to make the crash the ultimate crash of the stock market. The greedy investors are looking for every way they can to make money off this and it's setting them up for this crash. The market is moving sideways and up, then sideways and down keeping everyone emotionally on the edge of their seats and ready to go into a full panic mode once it begins to nosedive down.

“If we haven’t hit the bottom yet, things will get very, very bad, because then you’ll see a lot of cascading effects where a hedge fund will blow up, which means the pension fund that is invested in the hedge fund now has to take that loss, which means they have to de-risk, so they have to move out of equities,” the Goldman associate said. “There’s a very real possibility that people could get washed out, not just retail investors, but everybody.”

In all their greedy planning, the investors are excitedly putting their money in the exact opposite place it needs to be to protect it as part of everyone needing to lose their shirt in order to be pulled into their dark nights. The stock market is going to land in the place, an 80% drop from the February high, where the amount and value of money equals what is in Fort Knox. United States' official gold reserves. And the economy will stay on track from then on and never grow with a weakness, greed or anything negative again.

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Photo of United States Gold Bullion Depository Fort Knox Kentucky by Michael Vadon

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