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April 29, 2020

Good news about the Gilead treatment came out today and the market shot up 600 points and is now positioned to make a higher high by the end of the day continuing the bull market up that was interrupted by a thousand point drop last week. The insanity continues, and as it's progressed, the more sane investors and traders who've been hanging out on the sides, watching it shoot up higher without them, are angry.

As I saw this headline about the Gilead treatment I thought 'what about the fact that we aren't going to be able to mass produce the drug and get it into all the hospitals that is being reported won't happen until September?' And ... 'it may have been found now but it doesn't mean we can open up the economy now. We still have to open up in stages and by September that will all be over if it works. At that point it could only be something for a future outbreak. The effect of the drug making a difference to the state of the economy and it's recovery is dwindling every day that we don't have it in place. By September, the worse will be long over and we living in the midst of the devastation of all that we built up to make the incredible life we had, wondering where to start to fix it while dealing with the depression of how long it's going to take slowing us down.

As I watched the price of Gilead shares going up and people buying more into the stock market, a picture came to my mind. There's an elephant in the room that they all should be talking about. It's so big that it's going to set them up for a fall they could never have imagined happening to them.

They are positioning themselves to profit off of what is going on and buy into the growth stocks, the companies that are doing better right now. So the game is going on like it normally does but these aren't normal times. No other time that there's been a pandemic when the economy, our way of life, was as built up and complex, sophisticated and expensive as it is now. There wasn't a huge government being paid by huge taxes. Life was simpler and so putting it back together wasn't the impossible task it's going to be now. And the more recent crashes the economy were also very simple in structure and they were relatively easy to fix. What's happened to the world economy, recouping all the growth to reach back up to what we've been enjoying will not be fixable. There was a time when you could get your TV repaired. Now it's thrown away and you buy a new one.

There's never been anything in history remotely like what is happening as this extremely high level of development and complex business structure, and sophisticated quality of life has been shut down and is now evolving into a different life with a very risky future keeping everyone on the edge of their seats that involves the government stepping in and taking unprecedented, risky measures to keep things looking okay. But this elephant is being ignored.

"Dow Jones Surges 600 Points On Coronavirus Drug News, Despite Gloomy U.S. Data"

What normally would have happened once the crash is over, where the broken high end TV can't be fixed, isn't going to happen. This is the Global Darker Night with heaven on the other side of it. We won't have the goals we had that made that life. We'll leave it behind for something we see that's better. We will be shown the new goals that make heaven on earth.

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