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March 14, 2022

The End of Evil

An 'end of evil' story in the movies are depicted as 'good' and 'evil' having their final battle and evil gets destroyed forever. These stories are born out of the hearts of people wanting a 'happily ever after' at the end of the battle with the horrible things of this life. The deeper the suffering one has felt in their soul, the more the thoughts of helping other suffering people and doing things that create peace and happiness in the world dominates how they live their life. They create heaven out of hell and it's mirroring what evolution is doing as it unfolds towards its goal of truth, goodness and beauty.

Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter, written by two people who went through great suffering, are not just brilliant make-believe stories of the end of the evil in the world. They point to an evolutionary truth concerning mankind's destiny. The 'end of evil' which is also found in ancient writings is not just a desire, or a wish or a hope. It is a future reality. No more evil is where all that we have been through is taking us to. It's something our collective hearts have been creating since the beginning of hell on Earth. The prophesy of the ancient Aztecs' uses the words 'the Earth is overturned'. The ancient Mayan teachings tell us that this extraordinary change, where this life as we know it is gone, will take place in mankind's history around the year 2012 when the cosmos enters a particular configuration. In the book of Revelation, the last chapter of the Bible, the end of evil leaving only the good takes place at the "Battle of Armageddon."

Wikipedia lists 200 of the most famous predictions of this battle that would end evil. These failed predictions have been based on mathematical charts and also on dark current events that were taking place at the time, which were the worst the world had seen to date. But when these events were over, it became clear that they were only a foreshadow of the real battle. If you look back at these predictions with an evolutionary view, they couldn't have been accurate because they weren't happening at the right point in our evolution. The things that needed to happen to build up to the right place for it to take place, hadn't happened yet. What are these things?

Comparing those times to what is going on now, you will see what is unique about this time that would make a war between developed countries something entirely new. You see that all the details that are creating the life we live now in 2022 are exactly what they needed to be to set the stage for what might be the fully evolved final battle, a grand finale show where a war could become all that a war can be in ways we never could have imagined. A fully evolved war needed to be happening in front of us before we could recognize it for what it was. And now at this place in the evolutionary process our minds can clearly see a specific thing that makes the battle between Ukraine and Russia something completely new and very different from the battles of the past.

To say this another way, when St. John wrote Revelation he used symbolic images, not specific physical details. What he was able to see 2000 years ago is that there would be a culmination of a world with evil in it and at that time evil would rise up and become all it can be, and the destroyers of it rise up and become what they need to be, and the 'good' side wins. To date, the 'when' on the timeline of mankind, and the 'what', or the exact form would it take, has all been coming out of minds whose higher functions were not operating. But an awakening of the higher functions have now taken place and now we have the ability to see much more clearly the 'when' and the 'what' of a fully evolved battle.

This higher seeing ability is the result of passing through a series of evolving dark nights of the soul both individually and collectively. These are remarkable mystical 'leaps' in the evolutionary process. And what your higher mind first sees is an experience of evolution that is not in Darwin's book. In our pursuit of the truth concerning reality which answers all the deeper questions of life - who God is, who we are, where did we come from and where are we going - there's another form of evolution that results in a whole new understanding of what evolution is, and the higher language that goes with it.

This discovery of a hidden path in our being that awakens the function of a human being's higher mind evolving it until it is fully operating, is the reality of the great legends, the quest for the Holy Grail or pursuit of the fountain of youth, in all its forms all rolled into one. It was never a physical journey to what these things represent. It's been a hidden one, and the only way to see it is with the higher 'eyes' of human minds. Today's dark nights of the soul have the power to open them, and then finding yourself looking at the evolutionary experience as it is happening to you.

There are two things you are learning as you pass through the process. The first is how the process works, and the second is clearer and clearer seeing of reality. As far as how the process works, one of the things you will experience is finding yourself moving out of the traditional belief system, or modern thinking, or progressive thinking, into integral thinking. It's here you have the tools to see reality as it is, exactly as God sees it. Basic to integral thinking is the understanding that truth or answers are not found in any one place, but are the result of putting the pieces together from many places and having something new emerging from them. With this key you are able to see how we have made a shift and the battle between Ukraine and Russia as exponentially different from any other. This is seeing it in the context of the big picture of where we are in the progression of the collective evolutionary process towards good with no more evil.

This shift in our evolution has to do with complexity and a lot of details being involved. It's been the unprecedented complexity of this war that makes this war an exponentially more evolved form of war, a war 2.0. This complex war that is not just a physical war but also includes an information war and cyber war, is the result of the 2022 very advanced and sophisticated information and technological world that we created in the short time since World War II. Articles by experts have been comparing this war to the Cold War and World War II, and some experts are comparing Putin to past dictators or communist leaders like Aldolf Hitler. But not only is this war something entirely new, Putin is not a Karl Marx, Joseph Stalin, Vladimir Lenin or Adolf Hitler. He's the evolutionary result of pieces from them integrated together, both their brilliancy and their mistakes, and something new emerges. He's an autocratic leader 2.0 who torture and brutally murder all who threaten their vision of themselves on the world stage that they are creating. Could Xi Jinping the president of China have played the 2.0 dictator role in the most complex detailed war as he invaded Taiwan? If you compare the details, you will see that the answer is 'no'. Intuitively you would think the most evolved war would involve one of the strongest militaries. While there is the possibility that China could join Russia and the war may become a full-scale world war between democracy and autocracy, the strength of the two armies is not the primary characteristic of the most evolved form of war. The primary characteristic is complexity. The complexity of this war is being reported moment by moment showing the thousands of details that are the uniqueness of the war between Ukraine and Russia that would not have happened under any other circumstances. It was Putin himself as a person and how he was going to respond because of his being influenced by writings about a vision of Russia's holy role in the destiny of history to have an apocalyptic confrontation with the increasingly atheistic, materialist, and the individualism and the equal value of individuals of the West, and his unique psychological state, and the kind of people the Russians are, the weaknesses of the Russian army, and a big factor making the war more complex has been the kind of people the Ukrainians are. These, among many other unique differences, are what made Russia and Ukraine the perfect ones for the roles in this war 2.0 that emerged out of all the previous wars, creating a new model of a war. The war between democracy and autocracy that we are witnessing would not have been the most complex and detailed until this point in mankind's evolution.

This is a macro view of this complex detailed war in the context of the evolutionary process. Our concept of the biggest or worst war has been incorrect or partially right. It's not when the whole world looks like the scenes from Ukraine, where the structures of cites are shells. Our apocalypse movies show it this way. But the greatest war is not primarily about a war that is the most devastating physically. The greatest war mankind can experience is most complex and detailed war, and how many people die and how much physical destruction of the planet has taken place is not the determining factor. When you go back to looking at the news after you see this clearly, and you are looking at the micro details of the war in an effort to try and know the truth about what is going on and where it's going, you will be able to see how the complexity and detailed-ness has increased as analysts and historians and journalist probe deeper into this war which has made it a huge challenge to understand. But the clarity about this war is not figuring everything out. Having clarity about this war is standing outside of all the words describing it and seeing how exponentially complex it is compared to World War II or any other war. It is entirely different. Then realizing how this difference is showing what the very last war, the end of wars, the grand finale of wars, would look like.

Now look at the complex details. Today as the result of analysts chewing on this war some more they are talking about the damage to the two countries which is very different. There are many words being written and thought concerning the fate of both Ukraine and Russia. There's the tragedy on the Ukrainian side in the form of an unimaginable mass murdering of thousands of people, the loss of homes, and the total destruction of some cities and severe damage to others which includes all its beautiful historic structures and treasures. And on the other side, is the complete undoing of Russia's quality of life and having a place in the world, enjoying the best of everything along with everyone else to the extent Putin has allowed it, and never being able to be where it was economically before the invasion. Worst case scenario, Russia's infrastructure and buildings could be standing unharmed, but it will be a ghost town. Most of the young people earning their degrees, the future of Russia's economy, along the present successful people and companies, may move away leaving no one to support the government, and Russia folds. As one expert put it, the result of this war is "a tragedy for Ukraine", but "a catastrophe for Russia".

What Putin has taken away from Russia is the most valued thing in life - relationships. Combining an autocracy with free market modernism, both China and Russia has been a part of the world economy where the countries have all been sharing what they have which has created a better and better quality of life because that's what evolving does. Putin has now set Russia back in evolutionary time by having Russia sanctioned, he has isolated it. Russia's friendship with the world that has allowed it to share in the economic benefits of democratic freedom is now gone. For Russia and China to destroy democracy and in particular the US, the leader of the free world, is shooting themselves in the foot. But that is what they have been doing, and right now this long time feud is reaching a climax.

Meanwhile, the US is in a very complex civil war. Democracy had a vulnerability due to people's innate tendency to divide into groups that are passionate about something to the point where the mutual animosity will stand in the way of what has to be done for the common good. Social media has played a huge role in exploiting this weakness. Polarization has been getting worse impeding our democratic system that required compromising. Social media started off as people sharing what was going on in their lives with their friends but then took a bad turn and an online war started taking place and it's having an effect on how American's perceive reality that is bigger than news media. The narrative now is being controlled by angry Americans throwing rocks at each other. Extremists are now holding politicians feet to the fire, not allowing them to show any sympathy for opposing views, no compromise, no progress, only more polarization, bringing out the worst in our politicians, creating confusion and causing the good and sane people to become impotent. China and Russia have taken part in this internet civil war, flooding it with falsehoods, spreading fears and lies, fueling the disorientation and anger. Unless reforms are implemented to remove the angry extremists from their throne, it's possible that it wouldn't take much more for the US democratic system to collapse.

There are thousands of articles on the internet that are looking at the war from all different angles seeing our history that led up to it and everything in the world that is a part of it. And whether the speaking, analyzing and opinions and reporting taking place is correct or incorrect, or somewhere in between, all of it is part of more details than has ever been experienced, spoken and written having to do with a war. And visually, technology in the sky and in people's hands is capturing more details than has ever been done before. The unprecedented amount of information available on this war is revealing the unprecedented complexity of it. And the war has only been going on for a short time and we don't know yet how much more it may involve the rest of the world's military.

"More Russian troops were killed in Ukraine in 2 weeks than U.S. troops in entire Iraq War, U.S. estimates". "Putin planned his 'disastrous' Ukraine war 'in high secrecy in order to avoid leaks,' and his risk-reward analysis was skewed by a lack contingency planning from his tiny circle of generals, misplaced optimism in Russia's sanctions-proofing, and the surprisingly 'deplorable state of Russian expertise on Ukraine."

In dealing with insurrection among the Russian people, Putin has had to build a new Iron Curtain.

One of Zelensky’s most visible lieutenants deployed technology and finance as modern weapons of war.

"...never before have we seen a developed nation take such an immediate and devastating economic hit".

"Putin and his mouthpieces are weaving the most audacious and fatuous alternative reality" trying to make this fake reality the truth about what is going on which includes the 'truth' about all his responses to the Ukrainian and the world's actions against him, downloading this propaganda more and more into the minds of the Russia people. But the West is winning the information war this time.

The symbolic images in the book of Revelation, like the beast that rises up, could only be seen for what they are in the context of evolution, or more specifically, what a fully evolved version of a battle or war would look like that could only be seen when a next generation war, a 2.0 war, took place in the highly advanced world of 2022.

Zelensky said in a video that 'this is the apocalypse' and he wasn't just referring to the end of Ukraine. He has warned many times that Putin will not stop with Ukraine and the world needs to stop him right here and right now with the same strength the Ukrainians have. Zelensky is playing the role of the leader of the good, or the Harry Potter or Frodo, against Putin playing the leader of evil, or the Voldemort or Saruman, in a real life battle that is exponentially more complex and being deeply felt by the whole world, than all the other apocalyptic-looking moments in history put together. There are no words to describe the level of the insidiousness of Putin's actions nor are there words to describe the heroism of the Ukraine people. This has all been seen and felt beyond what any words can express. As you look at it in the context of the big picture, it's hard to imagine another exponentially more complex war scenario. Could there be a war 3.0? Yes. But also the outcome of this war 2.0 could be the Inca's 'overturning of the Earth', and Mayan's 'end of this life has we know it', and the Bible's final Battle of Armageddon, and evolution's grand finale and we emerge out of hell into heaven.

The reality of the future end of evil has been in our DNA since the beginning of time on Earth where murder and suffering started. What is happening now started to be envisioned in the hearts of mankind, dreaming of heaven, a place of peace because evil was gone, in every form that could be imagined, all building up in the power of hearts to co-create it. What evolving to this place was going to mean was the most horrible battle possible with an evil leader who would be the worst possible. This is the principle of Yin and Yang. Anarchy, insanity, evil, confusion, division, crimes against humanity, and the list goes on, evolves into all they can be, then we break through to a whole world of peace, the happily ever after for everyone. We get to our dream only by reaching the limits of its opposite.

The real motives behind the invasion of Ukraine is something much bigger and more complex than what the news is telling us. It's like a diamond with many facets and their are articles explaining them. One is that behind Putin's invasion is the perceived threat to his regime which he shares with Xi and his regime. It's an existential crisis for both of them, the death of their ideologies, if democracy continued to take hold in their own countries as it has been. Putin has seen a line get crossed in his country. The Return to Great-Power Rivalry Was Inevitable.

"In the 1990s and 2000s, American leaders believed that Russia and China were converging with the West on basic questions of world order. Countries would work together on common challenges while old geopolitical rivalries would matter much less. The 'era of convergence' came to an end because Russian and Chinese leaders concluded that if the liberal order succeeded globally, it would pose an existential threat to their regimes. "Moscow and Beijing saw the spread of color revolutions, helped along by the press and nongovernmental organizations. They came to understand that Western governments will always face pressure to back democracy activists overseas at precisely the moment that authoritarians are most vulnerable, regardless of what assurances or cooperative relations existed beforehand. They saw how media organizations published material that destabilized their regimes, such as the 2012 New York Times investigation into corruption in China. They worried about Google and social-media companies aiding dissenters in their own societies. Crucially, they realized that these companies made their choices independent of Washington. They were an intrinsic part of the liberal order. "China and Russia assessed that Western liberalism and freedom undermine authoritarian rule. Indeed, many Western policy makers saw this as a desirable side effect: It may be good news for the Chinese and Russian people, but it is bad news for their regimes. And so, China and Russia began to push back."

Every day there is another flood of words having to do with every aspect of this war. But the point of this journal entry is to see these as a whole. Rather than focusing on the micro view of this war, see the macro picture of it in the context of the evolutionary process. Details after details of the unique complexity of this war are coming in moment by moment. Look at all the countries involved. Look at the thousands of analyses on the internet and being spoken trying to figure out what is going on and get it all organized. Look at the amount of media coverage both accurate and fake or overdramatized, and the immediate responds back and forth on twitter. Evolution has unfolded to this place where there would be more complexity and correct and massive amount of incorrect details, disinformation, and a great deal of expressing of the unknown, about a war than could ever could have been imagined.


"The battle of Armageddon refers to the final war between human governments and God. These governments and their supporters oppose God even now by refusing to submit to his rulership. (Psalm 2:2) The battle of Armageddon will bring human rulership to an end (Daniel 2:​44)."

"The word 'Armageddon' occurs only once in the Bible, at Revelation 16:16. Prophetically, Revelation shows that at 'the place that is called in Hebrew Armageddon,' 'the kings of the entire inhabited earth' will be gathered 'together to the war of the great day of God the Almighty.'

(Revelation 16:14)."

"Who will fight at Armageddon? Jesus Christ will lead a heavenly army {the good guys} to victory over God’s enemies {the vicious war criminals}.

(Revelation 19:11-​16, 19-​21)."

The Battle of Armageddon is a final war. The last war. And life on Earth changes dramatically, flipping from hell to heaven.


"Zelensky: 'The end of the world has arrived'". Zelensky says that Putin is having his troops carry crematories for handing their dead. Their bodies are not going to be shown to their families. 'The boys are carrying crematoriums for themselves...it's simply a nightmare... It's genocide...I don't understand what sort of person could plan such an act' ... ' 'It's the 21st century' ... 'I feel embarrassed that today there is such an act.' 'Our medics are treating the injured Russians because medics put humanity first and disagreements after' ... And then he spoke words that meant 'People talk about the apocalypse... Forget talking about it coming and what it is ... The end of the world has arrived.'"


"Some Russian officials think invading Ukraine was 'a mistake,' and are 'discouraged, frightened' and 'making apocalyptic forecasts'"

"In reality, the attitude toward the war within the corridors of power is ambiguous," Rustamova wrote, according to Lozovsky, whose translation she shared on Twitter and reposted on her Substack newsletter. "I came to this conclusion after speaking with several members of parliament and officials at various levels. Many of them are discouraged, frightened, and are making apocalyptic forecasts."

This is a very interesting article showing how the details of this war are clearly revealing how it is a David and Goliath picture. It tells us what David's slingshot and stones are against Goliath's armory and why they have been so effective because "{Russian} Vulnerabilities seem to be everywhere." In this article you will see how Putin has been both a genius and a fool. And on the good guys side, seeing the armed drones being used to take out a lot of Russian vehicles is seeing their brilliant resourcefulness as they fight against Putin's "demonic jihad".



"First lady Jill Biden to US military families: 'History is being written in front of us'" “'There are moments when we suddenly realize that history is being written in front of us — when we can almost feel ourselves cross the line that will divide our world into "before" and "after,"' Biden said."


"The Russian assault on Ukraine is not just an unprovoked attack on a sovereign nation that is producing horrific destruction and civilian torment. It's also the biggest war of the modern misinformation era. "Russian President Vladimir Putin and his mouthpieces are weaving the most audacious and fatuous alternative reality surrounding any 21st-century conflict — one that renders current diplomatic efforts aimed at ending the war meaningless and futile."


"A Ukrainian victory will be depicted as another Great Patriotic War. Ukrainians will commemorate their country's victory with parades and monuments. And Putin will no longer be hailed as a shrewd and bold leader who restored Russia's greatness by manipulating chess pieces on a global stage. "He will be seen as a fool whose hubris and brutality drove him into making the same mistakes as the dictator he professed to despise."

"Ukraine - Times For Courage And Unity Against Tyranny," from the Whispers of Hope art collection by Daniel Arrhakis

No one knows where this war is going. Right now parts of Ukraine are the scenes of an apocalypse. Will there be more? Maybe. Will Putin be pressed to the wall by his pathological need to reach whatever his goal is and use nuclear weapons? Maybe. Is the US trying to keep this from happening by making a show of sending in arms but knowingly not sending in enough of what Ukraine needs to win. Will this eventually give Putin a ramp off where he can claim that he reached his goal and he will stop extending the apocalypse relatively soon? Maybe. There are many opinions, many secrets and many paths this war could take that are being written about. But no one knows. So close your eyes to all this and open up your higher eyes.

The individual complex details of this war are the micro view. Seeing all of them together as the greatest number of words describing the most evolved war ever experienced, not just by the two sides but involving the entire world, and that could end up being the most evolved that war can become which would result in the end of war forever, a paranormal evolutionary step no one imagined coming out of this, is the macro view.


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