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April 1, 2024

Truth and

Mental Health

We may be very close now to the end of our life of hell on Earth before it changes to heaven on Earth. Evolution is the development from simple to more and more complex. Hell started thousands of years ago and has been becoming increasingly more complex and now is at the point where this life that evolved into being very high tech, sophisticated and beautiful is breaking and becoming very dysfunctional because of the unhealthy state of the deeper things that are hidden behind the outward life in people's minds, hearts and psyches.

This end of hell began dramatically unfolding starting with the pandemic of 2020 that put us in lockdown having a huge psychological effect on people. January 6th 2021 the Battle of Armageddon started in the US and in March of 2022, the Battle of Armageddon started in Europe that is spreading. The evolution of both of these reached being extremely complex and detailed outwardly. What was going on outwardly has been the result of what is happening inwardly in men, their damaged mental health effecting their view of reality. Since 2020, mental health has been evolving into its most complex negative form resulting in an exponentially more insane world outwardly.

Who would ever have imagined five years ago the huge things that have happened and the state we are in today sitting on the edge of the worst things we'd ever imagined happening a being the cause of it ourselves?

An article on steenit.com makes these statements about truth, reality, sanity, and mental health. "'Sanity' is defined: 'having or showing reason, sound judgment, or good sense.' But how do you know when someone has or shows reason, sound judgment or good sense? The key is truth. The definition of both 'truth' and 'reality' can be said to be, 'that which is.' Once you understand what is true and real you can make accurate assessments of the world and base your decisions and perceptions accordingly..." "How do you determine the difference between reality and fantasy, that which truly is and that which truly isn't?..." "You won't be considered mentally healthy unless your perceptions and beliefs are based on supporting evidence."


Our unimaginable problem now with truth and mental illness is that we've evolved beyond being able to use supporting evidence in court systems to contain the agenda of those with mental illness who now threaten our survival. The judicial branch of the government that was making decisions, getting to the truth, based on supporting evidence, deteriorated and now operates according to other things, other agendas that have nothing to do with the truth. Law and order is now incrementally becoming chaos. While sane people are fighting for the law and order that's worked for us for 300 years, more and more lawyers and judges are walking away from the "reason, sound judgment and good sense" based on the Constitution that has been our anchor. Losing sight of these things is the definition of mental illness and they can't see what has happened to them and the affect they are having on the foundation of our quality of life. Meanwhile those who are relatively sane are watching themselves helplessly lose the battle to the insane who are ready to murder whoever they need to in order to get their way that they believe is right and best for the country.

'Insanity' hasn't just become very complex and detailed. It's evolved into being ridiculously complex and detailed. It's become impossible for Congress to see eye to eye on anything to the point of being a joke to the world. And close members of families, one on the sane side and one blindly on the insane side, have had to stop talking about it or risk losing their relationship. There was a time when it wasn't wise to talk about religion or politics. Now it's gotten so ridiculous that talking about it can now turn into an awful and devastating battle between two good people who both believe the other is listening to misinformation and lies from wolves in sheep's clothing and believe passionately that they are ones who know the truth.

This country has been split in two over the truth. And we've been at the place where there's no turning this around for several years now. This year, 2024, insanity is evolving even more and tearing the US more in two which will have an even stronger effect on the rest of the world.

Truth, not the belief systems we've had that have failed us, but the one truth, the real truth about reality, will come and it will prove itself with scientific supporting evidence that no one will reject. It will rescue Earth from hell's insanity and chaos and turn it into heaven's bliss and order. Yin becoming all it can be and breaking through to yang.

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