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April 21, 2020

Last Friday, April 17, 2020 the stock market started to reveal a very significant moment in mankind's evolution where we made a leap and hit a high in the insanity going on in the stock market game of greed and fear, making what's been going on for a long time, that's been broken about investing in the stock market, very clear.

As we built our economy up to where we had all this great stuff that we are selling to one another all over the world, our minds stopped working right and the ability to have healthy relationships between each other in our homes, between leaders of our country and between the leaders of countries. What was the most important thing in life got broken.

While this was happening the stock market has been reflecting our broken minds as investors greed is having them buying and ignoring the unknown about the state of our economy. On Friday investors who knew better were breaking three major rules. You don't buy on a rally that started by the government stepping in with trillions of dollars to save the economy. And you don't buy on bad news. You don't buy during greed or sell on fear if it's been going on too long and could turn at any moment. On Friday the quarterly reports were starting to come in. The stock market jumped 700 points up and even the investors who knew better got caught in the greed, and at least one of the top writers of a financial company who monitor the markets and produce commentary for investors admitted it in his article they he had bought in too. So what was happening on Friday was as insane as it gets. This craziness of the markets was showing how it's on it' way to hitting the wall where it is stopped and will go through what it takes to become sane.

Over the weekend, the insanity was seen as everyone stopped and looked at what had happened and did the numbers and completed models for what will be happening to the economy based on what we know now from the reports coming in, which is only a fraction of what remains hidden until the next 2 quarterly reports revealing a much bigger picture of the extent of the damage to the economy from the lockdown of the economy that is not over and the timing of when it will be is still an unknown, and the aftermath of the pandemic which will include businesses spending less and families spending less after the economy is opened back up.

The articles on Monday pulled back the curtain on Trump and others who manipulated the markets until they reached the extreme insanity on Friday. They clearly laid out that the rally is a "phony" reflection of the economy. "The World is more screwed up {by the shutdown} than the stock market is currently reflecting." Howard Marks "sees a complete disconnect between what the coronavirus pandemic is doing to the global economy and that we're seeing in the stock market." The stock market is now a reflection of our insanity rising and becoming all it can be.

Investors are adjusting to the way the game is played during the lockdown by buying the growth stocks, the companies that are doing better because the rest of the economy is shut down. They are still hopping onboard the stock market, ignoring the risk they are taking, setting themselves up to be caught in the big crash down when it hits the wall.

The market is going to fall down far more than anyone believed it could. Investors will try to follow their own rules they've developed as to when to pull out and when to go back in to profit from what is going on. But the rules won't work and they will get caught in fear just as they got caught in greed last Friday. They will go back in during a correction and not get back out before it falls below where they went in. The game will go on until they have made so many mistakes, they've lost a great deal more money and they are psychologically destabilized by everything going wrong for them as they tried to benefit from the game of buying and selling that was so profitable for them in the past.

The manipulation of the markets to get them to rise up will have backfired as well as. It will be seen clearly as having set everyone up for a huge fall that is going to play a major role in sending everyone into their individual dark nights of the soul.

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