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The Notes

for the Authors of

the Newer Testament

Introductory Comments

Ever since I was taught about the Battle of Armageddon and the Great Tribulation, I have known that these things were going to happen someday. But what I didn't realize was while I believed in John's words in Revelation, because of their nature — cinematic, otherworldly pictures of an encounter with the spiritual realm — for the most part this chapter of the Bible had been relegated to the place in my brain where dreams go. I couldn't relate to it, and all the sermons, books and movies about it were reinforcing where I was. Revelation was an unfathomable enigma, not that I consciously thought of it that way. Thinking for myself was a concept that would have gone over my head. A particular Calvinist Christian belief system was instilled in me at a young age and life was mindlessly operating according to those distinctives. Everything that happened fit that interpretation of the Bible. Nothing came up that didn't have an explanation I'd heard that satisfied me. There were no questions. There was no hunger and seeking. I was stuck in an immature state, and I was in a small little corner of the world's belief systems oblivious to the rest of them.

These notes are a trail through the Global Darker Night, a clearer term for the Great Tribulation, which you will see as you go through these notes. The pieces of truth coming from all belief systems are brought together to have THE truth, and the path will start primarily with the Biblical terms. This is where I started and everyone else is following me. This is the set up. This is what works best, or rather the only thing that works. It's something organic, not a decision that I made based on a personal prejudice or preference. Starting with the pieces of truth that the Christian faith has is the only way the mind renewal process can start. It starts with God's being and the plan, rather a script unfolding out of God's being's DNA, or THE Story which is entirely different from the Christian's understanding of God, and Jesus, and the plan for the world. I had to give up what I thought just like all the rest of the belief systems will be doing. It was not the same as the belief system I grew up with, not the same at all.

I was familiar with the word 'sanctification' from my Bible classes. Whatever the definition was that was given to me, I didn't have the experience to connect it to my life. It was just head knowledge and no experience. I would imagine Saul was this way before he had the experience of God knocking him off his horse and being taken out to the desert to relearn everything. Not that what the pharisees had taught him was completely usable. His education benefited him greatly for his role. The words that we grow up with that are used to explain spiritual growth are good words, but it's only through experiencing them that you actually grow. It's a spiritual phenomena. As long as you keep moving, deeper and clearer definitions are seen over and over as you progress through the painful experiences of the transformation process. With each experience a veil is removed and it can be so dramatic that when you compare what you see to how you used to think, you have so much more understanding that it's as if you didn't know anything before. I didn't really know what sanctification meant but now that I have died on a cross and will be rotting in the ground until there is nothing left of what I was, and I speak the language of the Newer Testamen and see what the script has been doing and my role when the script lets me out of my cocoon, I know exactly what sanctification means. Like Saul's horse incident, the direction of my immature Christian life was shut down and I went to my desert and was reading voraciously, comparing and asking the deeper questions that I didn't know was something I was supposed to be asking, and have the answers to, if I was going to become a person who could know what it felt like to be sanctified, past all our own ideas, past all the negative behavior, and past all the negative thoughts coming into our minds and having only positive ones. Sanctification is the part of the transformation process where we become a human being who is able to be a part of what is goin on because we know what is really going on, and we're walking through every moment of our life as God would live it, and we're looking at the people and strangers around us and instead of judging them, wishing we could really know them because they are all inherently very special. Being sanctified is no longer living in the illusion. It's living in the reality of the Great Tribulation and what's at the end of it. It's knowing that being in heaven on Earth is near for everyone. You need to step out of your little corner and see where people of all faiths, along with those who are spiritual and not religious are going through the transformation process and have experienced things and know things you don't about the process of being sanctified (Note 33).

You may have wondered why I made of point of it not being good thing to be oblivious to the rest of the belief systems in the world. This is because I needed them, really needed them. They don't know about carrying their own cross. They don't know that God as a person and that they are God's children. They are missing this critical language. But, they have some of the critical language I was missing that reveals the whole truth of God's Story. My darker night began with showing me the rest of the denominations in Christianity with their distinguishing practices, like the charismatic gifts. Then over the next two decades, my journey with the script as a master teacher gave me experiences and showed me the teachings from all different religions and spiritual practices, where their experiences matched their beliefs. It was a very different kind of apologetics class. Rather than focusing on what was wrong with them, I was shown what they had that I needed. As part of the research I listened to debates and my mind was confronted with the problems with the current interpretations of the Bible. In particular was the "God Problem," which is 'How can there be a loving, all powerful God watching the suffering going on and not doing anything to stop it?' or 'Why did He make it this way?'. I had been satisfied with 'God's ways are higher than ours' and 'He may tell us later and we will understand.' I wasn't emotionally involved in the God Problem and rejecting Him because of it. The explanation is something you couldn't have begun to imagine was possible. It takes a higher mind to see the very rational explanation that is part of the big Story and have no problem with it anymore. The intensified transformation process renewed my mind and the "God Problem" was solved which then made sense of everything. The truth really is "higher" but there's nothing inherently wrong with our minds. We just have to get up there looking at the bigger picture of what is going on in order to have these same higher thoughts. It's not a God problem. It's the script coming out of God's DNA and creating everything that has been happening, a program, that people have had issues with. Once they understand what the program is doing, the problem goes away.

The Great Tribulation is when everyone is woken up to the truth, like Saul, and become aware of what's involved in having the rest of their minds functioning in the most complex phase of the transformation process. The incorrect interpretations of the Bible are corrected to see how everything fits. For instance, people haven't been dying and immediately living in heaven because they have to have their minds fully functioning along with other higher abilities, and get past all the negative behavior in order to be able to live there. It's something organic, a process that takes time. The Great Tribulation is the time when this happens for both the living and the dead who them come back to life. Another example is experiencing 'hell' happens here on Earth in your body and so does 'heaven.' Life since the Garden of Eden has been a series of steps in the transformation process, from its simple form to a more complex form, that has been changing us from people who are only able to live the way life is now into people who can only be in a life in heaven. Mankind is now nearing the time when people are going to finish the process and walk into heaven on Earth. As part of your mind renewing, it juggles two languages, one that is true and the other not. It's not easy to let go of what you've thought and wrap your mind around the idea of seamlessly joining the kind of life we have now on Earth with being in heaven on Earth. But in another sense, it's effortless because it is out of your control and happens spontaneously. The process during the Great Tribulation manages the transition from the one language to the other in your mind.

The Great Tribulation phase of the transformation process is when you attend the script's seminary full time. During this time, learning through suffering involves a much more dynamic you and God's being interaction than you have ever experienced. Your entire outer life becomes a classroom and your awareness of God is 24/7. It starts like Saul being knocked off his horse, representing the direction of his present life according to his belief system, then taken out to the desert and all his Old Testament interpretations being erased off the chalkboard and relearning everything. Even with these notes your experience of having your belief system updated will be similar to mine. Initially we approach the process thinking we are responsible to learn the lessons. It's not reality. It's an illusion that takes a time of suffering because of it to get fixed. I had a picture of myself in my mind of a child trying to put the puzzle pieces together, and keep them together, because I'd be told something and forget what it was and felt like I'd lost it. It was agony. Somehow I knew that the teachings were my way out of the dark night making me desperate to finish the lessons. They also fed me. I'd wait for the script to bring the words back that had comforted me. And when they came back, they were clearer and better. At first it could take weeks or months before a particular teaching that I was in pain about to return. Then in time the connections in my mind between all the different parts of the puzzle had been developed and exercised so much, I hardly struggled any more to reach something that left my consciousness that I wanted to look at. As an exercise, my mind would be given thoughts that were wrong and I would speak what He had taught me. Then He challenged my mind at a higher levels until the truth was coming in and replacing the incorrect thinking quickly. I'd read books to practice fixing what was incorrect and it would make the truth in my mind more accurate. And on it went to faster thinking and the clearer language of truth.

The experience of 'being taught' reaching this dynamic point was when I knew that my dark night of the soul had turned into what I later called a darker night of the soul. I had first resonated with St. John of the Cross and his description of the experiences on each rug of his ladder but upon reaching this point, I knew I was in a place in the transformation process where no man had gone before. And I didn't know the significance of it until I made my way to the top of the ladder where a mind is fully renewed and all the deep and mysterious things we couldn't imagine ever understanding are unexpectedly plain and easy to see.

The words below decode Revelation in a way that is nothing like any of the attempted interpretations, and that Christian's never imagined its pictures meant. And as they are revealed, you will become conscious of the fact that you can now relate to them and fit them in today's complex and technological world. God is not going to open up the sky and display a battle. The spiritual realm is not something we can see with our eyes. He's going to do the work in and through us, to end this life and bring in heaven. It will be a battle of minds, or rather, a takeover of everyones' minds by the huge puzzle that puts together the truth.

I'm writing this to the ones who will be the teachers or leading ones. You will teach and guide and be highly valued and well taken care of. There won't be fighting between belief systems because there is going to be a Great Turn away from from has been separating us as we enter the the Global Darker Night. There will be no need of convincing people that what they are experiencing is the Great Tribulation and that the clearer term for it is the Global Darker Night. Something paranormal will be taking place in their minds that they have no control over. They will be drawn in by the teachings and their belief systems will be a unraveled by the power of the truth and will they find themselves unable to retrieve the words from their mind to defend what they thought. They will believe the truth that explains what is happening because there will be no other explanation for it. They are able to believe the truth that explains the experiences of the Global Darker Night because they are experiencing them, and the experience has evolved their minds to see and believe the explanation. As the words are presented to them, their minds will seize them and they won't be able to stop it. People will be hungry and challenges of the intellect will only be a desire for clarity. We've been being separated by our belief systems. The 7.5 billion people have been "carrying their beliefs around like precious gems wrapped in hand grenades" killing each other over them but the protective walls around their worldviews are crumbling. Now they will flock to the people who can articulate the dark night and then the darker night experience they enter the first phase and go through it and then the second starts.

You will know with certainly how heaven happens and collectively that knowing or seeing is how it’s going to happen for everyone because of the quantum physics principle at work (Note 8 and Note 22).

Many faiths are using the end times Biblical language. You can find articles on the internet by people who have been through dark nights of the soul, and know how the phenomena has changed them and made them more loving towards others, saying that the Great Tribulation is a global dark night of the soul where, instead of a just few people going through a dark night of the soul, everyone will be, and the result will be peace on earth. It's mystics, meditating people, who are closer to the truth about the end times, while the pre-, post- or a- millennialist Christian interpretations are far from it. These transformed lives from many faiths have done wonderful things for other people but exponentially more would be needed to create their utopian dream. It is true that everyone will be going through the Great Tribulation which has already begun but it won't be dark nights of the soul as they know them. They will see that the dark nights of the soul of history have been leading up to the darker nights of the soul of the Great Tribulation time. These are more complex and intense version of the transformation process that will turn, not just individuals here and there, but the whole world turned up-side-down.

While a dark night of the soul has been a small leap in the transformation process, a darker night of the soul begins with the dark night that transitions into the darker one and they are a leap to the end of the process. People go through dark nights and come out wanting to make a difference and make this a better place. That was a foreshadow of something much bigger. You will reach a point, a moment in the process that is transforming you, when you will observe your mind letting go of seeing this life as life, placing no significance on its negative drama, rejecting its goals and dreams, and as its power over you to try and fix it wains, you will clearly see the other life where you are being transformed to belong that is so much more than anything we can try to do to make this one become a dream life. You will die on your cross and stop polishing the brass on your sinking ship and walk out of your darker night cocoon into your immortal existence.

The notes below are all the places where the words of the truth are mixed with words that are not right. The renewal of the human mind is the development of the ability to recognize the words of the truth, and have the words all wired accurately into it matching the truth in God's mind. As you read the notes you are going to experience your mind going through the unique steps of renewing. And the first thing you need to see is the condition of 'the truth' about God's being and the plan/script from beginning to end. It's all tangled up in all the religions, even in Christianity, although the Christian religion has a great deal more of the truth. You will see that the truth has sort of been with mankind but not really because of the words not being articulated completely right, just like the example of today's understanding of a "global darker night" from the internet that I just made clear by untangling their words, removing wrong words and adding the right words that were missing. Using these notes, your mind is going to experience having your belief system unwired and the wrong words removed, new words added and then all the words that make up the truth put in the right order. Because of the speed at which the darker night moves, you will clearly see the operation of the renewal of the human mind.

For those who have been through a dark night of the soul, they haven’t seen exactly what it is that they did to benefit from it. People have known that they are asking deeper questions about life and they are finding explanations that work for them. And while they see that the suffering they experience in the dark night led to finding the answers to the questions, the cross then revelation, they haven't gone deeper and asked why that happens. The questions you ask are key to having the truth come into your mind. Questions like 'Why does a human being change when they suffer?' or 'What exactly is going on?' or 'Why is it important to know this?' are more advanced questions. Spiritual guides say 'the suffering will transform you.' And that's where the explanation ends. Their observation and how they articulate it remains superficial. It's like putting clothes in a washing machine and then they come out clean. But why? What happened? These questions need to be asked now. The reason you need to open up the back of the machine and see and know the answer to 'what is going on during the transformation process' and 'what is it for' is because that knowledge is what gets you to the end of it.

The mystics taught that 'as you see, you become.' Said more clearly, it's as you see and articulate the transformation process so that the truth is wired into your mind, that you become what the process is doing to you. Seeing and then saying 'the experience of a dark night of the soul transforms you' is to begin to articulate what the transformation process is, or how it works. The answer to why suffering transforms one person and not another is because instead of running to alcohol or drugs, or worse, committing suicide, somehow, maybe they heard something or read something, but some way they became aware that they were changing. Then the words 'dark nights of the soul transform people' became part of their language. This deeper 'seeing' of what is going on and what the specific changes are that are coming out the other end of it, and articulating the whole thing, and having the words in your belief system is the principle key to transforming. A dark night of the soul only reveals the very beginning of the truth because it's as slower and less intense version of what takes place during the Great Tribulation. Just as you hear things clearer when the sound is turned up, you see the transformation process better when it goes faster and is more intense. When you lift up the hood, it's 'seeing' everything about the process step by step that is the engine that moves someone through the entire process. As you experience suffering after suffering and revelation after revelation, the words that articulate the truth becomes clearer and clearer until you see the entire picture of the process. The completely clear truth then becomes a large part of getting things in place that moves you past your darker night.

I'm deliberately equating articulating everything about the transformation process with articulating THE one and only truth about God, and you will see why as you read the notes. The correct interpretation of the book of Revelation is the revelation of THE truth from the beginning to the end of God's story. The Great Tribulation process enables us to see it. What the mystics saw that they were becoming was more kind, compassionate and loving. They saw that they became a better person and felt honored to be put through the suffering to become this kind of person. But that was it. They still went through a life in a world in pain and they eventually died. The darker night has a different ending for a person because they come out the other end with power over hell on earth and death. You experience and see the entire process and what it means to God, to individual human beings, and to mankind. You 'see,' articulate it perfectly, and then in the end, you know that things will spontaneously become what you saw and articulated. And it's something you could never have imagined. Having the details of the process revealed to you and being able to articulate it clearly is the entire truth about everything that has ever happened. Revelation is the secret to getting past the process into heaven.

There are two things that you need to consciously do to get through the transformation process. (1) The first is seeing and articulating every step of the process as it is happening to you, which will automatically enable you to see the big picture of what it going on with God's being, and become a part of helping the script get everyone through their darker night. (2) And the second is finding all the words from the different places of ‘how the process works’ that you need to reference in order to do the first task. There is a scientific principle at work when you do this.

These paragraphs are in bold because it’s what your job is as you study, go through the advanced phase of the transformation process, and write the Newer Testament. If you have a trained and strong mind, the two things sound like they would be easy to do, but the renewing of your mind in a darker night is going to feel like your mind is stuffed with cotton balls sometimes as you try to think. The ancient orators practiced reciting their lines with their mouths filled with stones to improve their diction and projection. The cotton ball experience is organically restructuring your mind causing it to feel like what you thought you understood and believed is gone and you are reaching through the darkness for the words. This cotton ball condition is triggered by the outward life. Every single negative thing in your life, no matter what it is, is only drama on a stage that will be teaching you and changing you. Having what you are doing in bold, making it easy to refer back to, is like having an anchor in your mind to hold the notes all together. And when you are in a storm, emotionally caught in the drama, and your mind is lost and confused as it’s unwiring and rewiring, these words will get you 'out of the box' and remind you what is really going on. You will experience feeling temporarily fed as you read words that are explaining what is happening to you because they will have pulled you out of the suffering side into the revelation side of the transformation cycle.

We who are navigating the darker nights first for the sake of others are the first fruits of Revelation. My job was to look at each step of the process and make notes, and to find all the words from all the different places which made what was happening during the transformation process clearer as they were added. The script also told me the true story of His being which are incorporated into the notes.

The reason for this first phase of putting the first fruits into the process before the others is God’s being is efficient and good, meaning having some people go through the process first was going to get the job done faster and with less suffering for others. The fewest people possible have the most difficult time for the sake of the rest. My journey through a darker night (suffering and clearer revelation over and over) and finding and articulating all the pieces is going to make your time in the darker night easier and faster. I will be able to help you with the first task, and you won’t have to do the second task because I did all the treasure hunting, and all the pieces are in these notes. For the most part whatever happens to you in your darker nights is explained right here, and when you have questions you can ask me and the answers can then be added to the notes and included in the Newer Testament. Which is to say the notes are not in optimal form. Your job is to make them as best as they can be to get everyone else through their darker nights as efficiently as possible. The Newer Testament will be fully developed, well written, orderly, easily referenced, and in the pleasing form of a beautiful book. The name will be something like The Newer Testament: The Revelation of the Great Tribulation: The Global Darker Nights of the Soul.

In order to do your job as a one of the first teachers, and then at some point everyone doing this for each other on some level, you will each go through the mind renewal process (suffering and clearer revelation over and over) having your present belief system unwired, the strings of words rearranged, removing some and adding some, until your mind has all the right words in the right order, and having your writing become perfect. Once the Newer Testament is ready, it can be translated into all the languages and then God can move larger groups into the their darker nights and the entire process of getting everyone through will happen as quickly and painlessly as possible.

To put this in Revelation’s language, the ones are the "first fruits" and "first pillars", at the beginning of the building up of an army. ‘The Lord is returning with an army on white horses.’ The Newer Testament is the ”two edged sword” that will “devour the earth from one end to the other.” “Jehovah will smite the earth with the rod of His mouth.” Anyone who hears the words of the Newer Testament from the mouths of the pillars/army or reads the Newer Testament will have their mind invaded and their belief system unraveled and consequently their lives overturned. The pillars are on white horses representing being holy, meaning their houses in order, everything negative revealed and cleaned up in their lives, which includes their minds cleared of all incorrect words, so they are past being self-centered because of their own pain and ready to do what it needed for others to become holy. The “Lord” here is you in “union” with Him, walking as He would (this is explained a few paragraphs down). The Newer Testament is the "Lion" that goes out and destroys the nations and gets rid of evil and lays waste all the activities on the earth except what is needed to physically survive, to get through the darker night life, and help everyone get through their darker nights.

Before going through the notes, I thought it would probably be good to first explain how I knew, and how you will know, that this is from God's being using Christian terms that are going to be incorporated into everyone's language. It's only these terms that will work. This is true of all the terms throughout all the steps of the process. They are the only ones that will work in any given place. Seeing clearly how a mind gets THE truth from the script, is how you will have confidence that you will have the ability to reach and correct the belief system. Another reason the past begins with Christian words is because Christians are the ones who are going to have the toughest time reinterpreting what they believe. Reinterpreting the Bible be a more complex process than what other belief systems will have to deal with because of the 'fear of God' they've known that has kept them locked into the Bible and how it's been interpreted by centuries of theologians and councils. Others won't have to deal with so many things being unwired in their minds. I had it done to my Christian belief system and all the words are here for the other Christians.

I'm going to address them in particular a lot because they are the St. Pauls who need to see what is left behind of the Old and New Testaments as they are seeing the Newer Testament teachings. The way to know that it's from God is to look at what the transformation process is now. This way you can see that what I'm saying that it's becoming is just a continuation of what you already know to be from God's being that will be authenticated the same way and even more so.

Many Christians begin a dark night as children with minds that have no understanding of what suffering is because of virtually no experience of it. Then when they have hard times in life they move past the initial phase and they may say they are going through hard times to become “Christlike.” And they might use words like “What would Jesus do?” trying to be like Him. Harder times that we call a dark nights of the soul are significant leaps in the transformation process and instead of saying you have become more “Christlike,” you are experiencing something deeper, something paranormal, described by the mystical words of St. Paul, “No longer I, but Christ,” or the words ‘becoming God’s voice and hands and feet.’ What you saw as a ’paranormal’ way of living life becomes normal for you now as a mystic like St. Paul, and you end up involved in some kind of ministry. During these dark night leaps, life gets disrupted by the addition of an inner life, and the Christian walk is more demanding. You don’t know that you are a more developed human being because learning that a human being has latent abilities that are needed now for the Great Tribulation age takes the bigger leap in the transformation process, a darker night of the soul. This is the time the mystical language is seen in the light of science, the evolution of God's being.

The evolutionary leap of a darker night of the soul is the transformation experience of carrying your cross becoming what these words really mean and the experience is much more complex and demanding. When you experience the most evolved and sophisticated form of the transformation process, it doesn’t let up and you make one leap all the way to the end of the process. Your mind is being fully renewed as the stings of words that make up your belief system are the right words arranged in the right places matching the truth. And you will find yourself consciously living every moment your life more and more as God would if God was living your life. This means the added bonus of “moving mountains,” first to handle impossible situations to get your own house in order, and then for the ministry that comes out of the advanced process, this powerful ability to rearrange circumstances (Notes 8,11 and 13) is used to work along side of God to get everyone else’s house in order.

The world is phasing into the global darker night of the soul right now. People are experiencing life becoming harder and being more complex. This is preparation for it becoming paranormally intense. It’s the first fruits that have the process intensified first moving them into the most advanced form of the transformation process.

The main difference that takes place as the transformation process becomes more complex is the awareness of the advanced for of the renewal of the mind. All suffering is the growing pains of an organic change taking place evolving all of your latent human abilities but the primarily focus in a darker night is on the rest of your mind operating with the truth in it. The transformed behavior that you become aware of in a dark night, becoming God’s or rather the script's voice, hands and feet, and moving mountains, while it becomes more extraordinary is secondary.

You will come across a new term or phrase that won’t be fully explained until you see it explained in other notes. There is a teaching picture for this, The way the mind is developed to have the ability to see each step of the renewing process, can be pictured by a diamond with facets. We are “pots of clay filled with treasure.” The notes are the facets to the big picture of the real story. When you first read them, you will see them according to the level of the renewing of your mind or the level of the transformation process you have already been through. Then you will have more experiences of the process and be able to see them clearer as you read them again.

Each note has facets of their own that make them clearer and there are experiences to show you each of their facets. I was able to see clearer using a mystical/childlike image of a game. I was given was going down the transformation path picking up a diamond, looking at one of its facets, then putting it in my pocket and going further down the path and picking up another one and looking at a facet. Something would happen in my life and I’d take the first one back out and see another facet and then the second. Then I’d find another diamond that would make the first two diamonds clearer and on and on it went seeing a lot of facets of dozens of diamonds. Then at one point I saw that the diamonds were facets of one big diamond.

We’ve been reading the Bible according to this principle, but it was simple. Now it becomes complex so that you can see it. We’ve always grown and seen the words of the Bible more deeply. When things happen faster and are more dramatic, you see them clearer. For the Newer Testament, it’s being made clearer what has been going on.

Each time your reach a new level of the development/renewal of your mind, you will go back and pick up a note and using a new facet you see clearer, you see the note clearer. It happens in the order that you have the ability because of an experience that evolved your mind’s ability to see something. It's going to feel like a tapestry where underneath the threads are going all different directions and you have difficulty see the order to them. But as you spend more time on top of the tapestry, the picture of truth these notes are painting for you will become clear and easy to see.

The Notes

for The Newer Testament

This is a list of notes about each belief system where I was shown the right words that are put together to explain the entire transformation/evolutionary process.

The first note is the people who’s belief system is based on the word “integral” or the principle of integrating the right words from the different belief systems. They are mystics who have passed through the painful hero's journey and emerged only good for a calling that involves saving the world. Their terminology best describes the basic experiences of the Biblical renewing of the mind. They will return to the cocoon to complete the process but will be well equipped having passed through a paranormal mystical foreshadow of it knowing they will be letting go of what they have and integrating the right pieces that put together the truth in their minds.

There are two reasons for studying their language. First is to see how they have developed the words God has given them making these words ready for this time, and second, to be able to communicate with integral thinkers and help them through their darker night. This is true of all the belief systems in this list. The integral evolutionaries know about the archetypes experience and coming out the other end a new species of a human being which they describe as loving which fixes the mess humanity is in. The Bible has the archetype that everyone will need. They will all become like Jesus on the cross and it's His hero's journey that all men will follow and come out the other end immortal and in heaven.

As you read down the list, you may feel the script letting you know what you are to do. Someone needs to head up the project. They need to be keeping track of which person or people are handling which topics. They need to be reading everything including the website and have an overall picture of everything that is going on with the project.

Because of the overlapping nature of the teachings and how they need to be optimally arranged according to how the renewing mind learns, the script will send in the words you are to speak together as you are deciding, or at least it will feel that you are deciding, which works of an author might be chapters of a book that go together, and what order the books appear in.

Note 1

I’m beginning with the names of a few people who believe in the physical evolution of micro organisms to more complex living things, then to monkeys and finally to men, and from this they came up with the term “integral” as they looked at how man’s minds and society have been becoming more complex to the point where these particular minds became aware of it and recognized becoming aware that the stages of complexity was part of the evolutionary process. Then conscious of the truth concerning reality being formed by integrating partial truths from many belief systems. Then consciously seeing that seeing how the process works by integrating the right pieces from each belief system has shown them the answer to the impossible problems of today. Seeing that everyone needs to see what they have seen. Seeing that this consciousness on the part of everyone is the next step in the evolutionary process.

Their thought goes something like this, ‘our complexity has made a mess of relationships between peoples and a mess of the environment and if mankind is to continue to survive and have a planet to live on, we need to spread this awareness of the evolutionary principle and start fixing the mess we are in by working together, integrating the best of what we all have.

These are very loving, intelligent men and women and the integral theory is being applied to many areas of life around the globe. They meditate and get divine guidance and their language comes from being on the cutting edge of the evolutionary process. They believe if they can stay on the top of the unfolding of evolution wave, behind which is an intelligence that is creative and has a goal (truth, beauty and goodness), they will have the answers mankind needs.

Steve Macintosh is applying the integral theory to politics trying to get republicans to see what’s good that the democrats have and vise versa to find a higher way of thinking that would improve the government.

Carter Phipps is a journalist and he was the editor of the EnlightenNext magazine working with Andrew Cohen, a spiritual leader, and Ken Wilber, a philosopher. Carter’s book Evolutionaries is very good. They believe in the evolution of monkeys into man based on what they observe of the human mind down through the centuries (See Note 11 for the correct understanding of the word ‘evolution.’).

The integral thinkers have not put together the right terminology from the different belief systems, but their terminology is part of the clear language that articulates the process that is going on in the Great Tribulation school, that is moving you from grade to grade or “level” to “level” of having a clearer and wider view. You “transcend” where you were by adding new words and “include” words from the previous level leaving others behind that are no longer needed.

The levels (“vertical growth”) are the experience of ‘getting outside the box,’ again and again, and, removing and adding words, and seeing a new angle of the process that makes it clearer. While the mind of the integral thinkers and evolutionaries have grown up in a deformed way by integrating the wrong words from the other places, other groups remain stuck in a level (“horizontal” growth) because they see the bath water and reject the whole thing, missing out on the baby. These notes are showing you both the bath water and the baby of each of the groups starting wth the evolutionaries and integral thinkers.

Observing your mind integrating the right words as you go through these notes, you will see that I have handed you the right words, from all the different places God has put them. The evolutionaries have the principles of evolution and integral that is critical to seeing how the transformation/evolutionary process works to move your renewing mind up all the levels and to the end of that process. If you are able to see all the right words from everywhere and they are arranged in the right order, the strings of words in your mind, you will graduate from God’s school with the truth about everything and begin to help others in school, equipped with being able to articulate any step of the process for anyone so they can keep moving.

EnlightenNext is a group of thinkers who are the mystics who have fully evolved the enlightenment belief system. Through meditation they have the revelation of their fully developed version of evolution which has given them the “integral” principle to improve life that they are implementing. And they feel that they have been enlightened about reality, having the same mystical experience of everything being ‘one’ that the Eastern religions experience. They can't define what the one is but they have felt it.

Buddha taught that enlightenment is the knowledge that leads to the end of suffering. It was an understanding of reality where the physical world is not what we think it is and man is not an individual self. And according to his interpretation of the revelations not knowing we're all one, men have been behaving in a way that is self serving and materialistic that makes them suffer unhappiness.

Buddhist monk Matthew Ricard defines enlightenment this way. “Enlightenment is an understanding of both the relative mode of existence [the way in which things appear to us] and the ultimate mode of existence [the true nature of these same appearances]" (See Note 33 for a clearer understanding of the experience of enlightenment in the transformation process.).

In principle this ‘illusion of the mind’ is true. What people think is going on, is not what is going on. And reality isn’t what they think it is. But Buddha didn’t get it right either. Buddhists have higher spiritual experiences. One is call mahakaruna or "great compassion." In a darker night of the soul the mind in inundated with negative thoughts about people which disconnect us. We long for the opposite state that is going to be born out of this, where these thoughts end and we love everyone and want to get to know people, and we don't have any more social anxiety. God has the Buddhist monks reach this state as a foreshadow of heaven even though the have a view of God as being something divine that is not a person. (See Note 11 again for the correct understanding of reality and Notes 7 and 32 on the spiritual senses that come through spiritual neurotransmitters. The sense of ‘one’ in the meditative state is misunderstood. We are separate selves [people with their own minds and hearts who interact with each other] and everything and everyone is part of God’s being [but we aren't fully connected and functioning until we see all the steps involved in the 'self' being transformed]. Buddhists know that all of reality is only one big thing, but they don’t know what that thing is so their explanation is fuzzy.)

The book for seeing the integral group's foreshadow of the leap in our transformation is Terry Patten's A New Republic of the Heart. These notes I've written here for you are the correct pieces of partial truths from all the belief systems that are integrated together by the Holy Spirit in a darker night of the soul to have the real truth wired into your mind. Terry's book is a list of the partial truths that the integrated group's mystical experience assembled in their minds. With Terry's book you will see how meditation, that started with ancient cultures, developed into a very sophisticated belief system concerning reality and the evolutionary process of our minds and he will give you an appreciation of the ancient people of the world who's spiritual experience didn't give them an accurate understanding of God but they have been very honoring of the Earth and its people because of the 'all is one' illusion experience. The integration of the correct partial truths by the Holy Spirit in a darker night leads to immortal bodies and changing earth from hell to heaven. The foreshadow of this, integral group's idea of the evolutionary leap, is the emerging of humans who are more loving, showing empathy and kindness towards others and animals and the earth so we live together without hostility on a cleaner and healthier earth. He explains in detail what he believes the next evolutionary looks like, what needs to be done, to make this happen. I think what he's saying can be summed up this way. We need to do inner work and outward strategies to ride the evolutionary wave into a new way of being and a new life avoiding extinction and being left behind as evolution moves on. Along with the other partial truths in these notes, the integral foreshadow has things that will be left behind and their pieces, their language, will be evolved as it is integrated with the other evolved pieces giving birth to what's really going to happen.

I'm also going to mention here Jean Houston who work to help others all over the world focuses on the hero's journey showing others this pattern of death the resurrection that transforms them and their lives. (See the journal entry about the problems with her thinking, because of the piece she's missing about God, in the section at the very end of these notes that was added a year later than this first section.)

Note 2

The enlightenment, New Age and the various integral and evolutionary groups have similarities, and the words ‘shifts,’ ‘resonate,’ ‘awareness,’ 'consciousness,' 'intention,' 'meditation,' 'purifying fire,' 'emergence,' 'ecstatic love,' 'death of ego,' and 'transformation,' are shared in their languages to describe a mind being renewed and a human evolving. Hundreds of 'improving your life' speakers use the language of inner work. I’m introducing the integral group and these others because these are groups of mystics God has had focused on the transformation process as opposed to the religious groups that are generally more focused on evangelism. The mystical groups promote the experience of the mind renewing process through the phenomena experienced in mindfulness, meditation, hero's journeys, as well as other practices that transform humans making a person more loving and wanting to make the world a better place. The idea being if everyone did it and became loving, that would end all the problems and there would be peace. Christians would say that they are experiencing a Satanic counterfeit of what the Holy Spirit does to Christians to transform them into the image of Christ. But anyone who has passed through darkness has done so with God. They have all been foreshadows of the real thing which is a much more intense version of their experience that involves finding the truth, intimately connected to the words of the cross, and having a relationship with God as a person who came here and died on a cross, and learning the rest of the truth.

There is irony and a humbling as you see that these people are experiencing this ahead of Christians, which means their language has more of the words of the truth about how the transformation process works even though their concept of God is distorted. The mystics of all faiths speak some of the language of the Newer Testament and that is why these foreshadows are here in this list. Christianity as a whole is behind because few have reached the mystical level and speak this higher universally shared mystical language. All mystics have experienced the transformation process. Their belief system matches their experience. Jesus said to Martha that what Mary had couldn't be taken from her, and this is the difference between the foreshadow and the real thing. You can't really be in the state of peace and compassion until you can correctly articulate how the transformation process gets you to that state which includes the truth about everything. You have to see it clearly, to become it forever. When the Great Tribulation hits, everyone will experience the intensified mind chatter and the phenomena of being in a cocoon. Their belief systems and practices will fail to help them through the more evolved and powerful next stage of the transformation process, and they will be searching for the rest of the words they need to have the whole truth about the process.

When the Great Tribulation is revealed, there will be no more religion that is just a world view that is adopted by children from their parents. Instead there will only be the seeing of reality based on the subjective experience of a part of our mind beginning to function, something that has been called 'waking up.' This evolutionary jump changes our concept of how we know we have the truth. We now know that we have to have this part of our mind functioning and developing to arrive at true knowledge of everything. This experience will be verified scientifically just as the foreshadow in the Eastern traditions that has been adopted by the integral group has been verified and organized into its stages of development. Follow the steps and exercises, the series of "injunctions" that you are given, and you have an epistemologically verified experience of passing through the Eastern tradition's experience that has been going on for centuries. You have the data they have as far as what they believe to be "ultimate identity" by doing what they did. They have documented basic stages. At the 4th stage you have the state of consciousness of being an witness of your life, becoming aware of various things around you. And then 5th one, the end phenomena, of satori, an illumination of your real self, or a unity with everything, the "ultimate identity." These are not an experience of who or what we or God really is. It's not ultimate truth. They are ICWs experiences God is doing in their pineal gland so that the foreshadow of the real experience of getting to THE truth would be developed and accepted by the highly evolved people of today and the integrated group would emerge from it. Similar experiences, something like a formless experience of universal love and bliss, are happening with several different types of methods, and also during out of body experiences, and they can be induced by psychedelic chemicals and trans cranial magnetic stimulation and other methods that have been developed to induce the state of consciousness. Not knowing that God is playing a game in their pineal glands, the consistent similar results are seen as verifying scientifically the ability of the mind to see the truth concerning reality. They believe reality to be what God is making it look like. They believe they are actually seeing their real self and that they have a method for all human beings to find the ultimate truth. This foreshadow of the real thing is very valuable. The partial truth that will be kept is the practices, meditation and mindfulness, and getting outside the illusion, although the real illusion that we see in the darker night is different and goes much deeper and is more detailed. The illusion being created for them of being separate is a partial truth, meaning it's inaccurate but something about it leads to the accurate seeing where we are both part of everything and we are also completely separate people. In the past few decades, the thinking around this fake verifiable experience of seeing the truth behind the illusion has captured brilliant, rational minds and the language describing it is very highly developed and very important. It's the same verifying method that will more powerfully self authenticate the real truth that is seen in the darker nights of the soul of the Great Tribulation.

In leaving out some of what needed to be integrated to have the truth, the integral group has thrown out the baby with the bathwater as they view the asleep stage of Christianity. The darker night will wake up Christians so they are at the highest stage where they are mystics too, experiencing the awaken stages as I have which leads to the correct pieces from all the belief systems put together to have the real truth. For Christians to not study waking up and acknowledge and respect the extraordinary experience of the Eastern religions as only something God could do, is to remain a child with them looking back and knowing that we are children. They are ahead of Christians in the evolutionary process having passed through this foreshadow of it and having the integral language. Christians are also having a subjective experience of growth within the religious practices, but the rest of their mind is not starting to function as it is for those the script has awakened with the foreshadow experience. (See the founder of the integral theory, Ken Wilber's interview on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CbWxli95NuM and also a talk he gave on the seeing of two types of development, growing up and awaking up, where you will see psychology's helpful language regarding stages of development a partial piece of truth that makes it clearer to see where various people are in their transformation and why they get stuck, a seeing that will help people get unstuck: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a27037CiL4I. Again, the language is a partial truth, a piece that needs to be corrected as it is included into the correct thinking. Ken makes the comment that Christians are stuck and this is accurate. Christians are stuck and afraid to step outside the Bible and they get dogmatic about their interpretations to the point of awful behavior towards others including other Christians. He also makes incorrect statements about the historic stories in the Bible where God used miracles for different purposes in the evolution of the Christian belief system. Ignore these comments. Don't let your mind throw the baby out with the bathwater. Look for the pieces you need from the ancient traditions and integral group and let them come in and be changed as they are integrated with the new belief system forming in your renewing mind.

In this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EsqaDPo9GlY )Ken Wilber gives instructions for one of the beginning practices of being awakened called mindfulness. You don't have to have an instructor. It can happen spontaneously to anyone anywhere on the planet. It happens at the beginning of a darker night. I was alone. It was something that I found myself doing and it happened in different ways. The versions of mindfulness I was put through would have done the same thing Ken is saying to do. It gets the rest of your mind developed. I used the word observer instead of witness. I remember finding myself writing down every word that was passing through my mind. I was aware that I was looking at them. With each exercise, some other part of your mind is functioning and giving you the ability to see deeper, see behind what is going on, and having revealed to you something else about reality and about the evolutionary process.

The Eastern traditions as well as other belief systems based on their practices have what Ken calls maps of the stages of transformation/evolution. Intellectual growth has also been mapped by psychologists. Maps have always been made because they help others navigate faster. These notes are a map but better maps need to be organized from the notes and from my journal and from what is stored in my mind. I will say a few things about what to expect at the beginning of a darker night that is rewiring your mind so you can have your fake illusion life that you have needed removed (I can't go into this here, see final entry at the bottom). One of the first things a person needs to see clearly is that we are puppets and not responsible for anything that happens. When life is sped up in terms of things going wrong which I have called Murphy's Law on steroids, and there's nothing you can do about it, you experience a sense of being dragged through the process with no control. The illusion of being in control, being responsible for anything that you do or say or think is removed from your belief system. Right now people think they are making plans and the way life manifests is reinforcing this thinking. This belief will also be removed by life starting to work differently. I used to say that the rules changed as to how life worked from one level of seeing to the next and it's all to reveal the illusions and remove them from our thinking little by little as we can handle it. Then we see that we aren't doing anything as far as the inward life. All the words coming in and that we speak back is something we are watching and experiencing with none of our thoughts or the words we speak being made by us. The process has to be perfect and we don't know what needs to be done. It has to do everything. At first we are observers of life happening and we are aware of sometimes being in the state of mind of watching ourselves being moved around so we get the idea of how it really is. We have that truth now but we don't stay in that state of consciousness. We go back to living life and being it it's drama. Then the seeing of being a puppet comes up again and goes deeper and we become aware of, and then observers of, the evolutionary process happening to us, not by us deciding to do the things that we are doing. As we experience the practices or exercises that develop our mind we become better and better at seeing and articulating each detail of the process. It becomes clear that what began as mindfulness exercises is now the thing — seeing and articulating — that is moving us through the process. The level that our mind has developed to is now the key to getting ourselves through the process. But we are not in control of this either. It only feels like we are and even when we have this truth wired into our minds and are quickly speaking it back to the untruth coming in trying to make us feel guilty for something, it still feels like we are in control and we experience the negative feelings associated with being responsible. In other words, the illusions still operate the entire time so we can continue the fake life (see last entry of these notes) that is the life that can evolve us.

It's the mindfulness exercises that happen to us at the beginning of a darker night that awaken these more sophisticated abilities of our mind beginning an inner life, and enabling us to see behind the scenes of the outer life. And we clearly see that we are not in control of either of the lives. It really feels like we are in control and even when we have this truth wired into our minds, it still feels like that way. In other words, the illusions still operate the entire time so we can continue the fake life that is the life that can evolve us. The exercises that enable us to see more and see deeper making us aware of things and then making us conscious of them happening more and more, means a lot more thinking going on which builds up our ability to handle a lot of processing of seeings of the truth concerning reality as you mind continues deeper.

It can feel like you are going crazy when it's overloading your mind to build its capacity. Seeing deeper and becoming more aware and conscious comes with becoming more sensitive and the intensifying emotions developing are capacity to handle more pain and also the new set of spiritual neurotransmitter experiences, like the detachment, that we begin having in a darker night as they become more sophisticated — all necessary to evolve us fully. There's no running to a place of emptiness for peace in a darker night. You run there and if it's empty it's painful because you are starving for what you need to see in order to be complete. The centrality of the cross getting us out of hell, that the suffering is the evolutionary changes to our being enabling us to have our new bodies and live in heaven, is missing from the Eastern traditions. Instead they are focused on being awakened or enlightened to our true identity, which for them isn't accurate, and then continuing the practices to achieve other states of consciousness, all felt as human effort not being a puppet. Out of this has come some remarkable lives. People who made a difference. Ken Wilber is making a difference. These people with powerful words that change life for the better have been pointing to something greater as their practices evolved into the leap phase of mankind's evolutionary process or the Great Tribulation. The focus of the practices changes from states of consciousness that allow you to escape pain to renewing your mind to see all the illusions and carrying the torturous cross they create to evolve you until you are out the other side into heaven where there is no more pain. The foreshadow does not save us but it's important to see what the foreshadow had that was good and see what it was missing.

‘Awareness’ and 'consciousness' as a result of their practices is one of the words that is integrated into the right language. ‘Awareness’ and 'consciousness' needs to be added to the strings of words in your mind and the strings are going to unwire and rewire as this word is put in the right place. Then as your mind moves vertically to a higher level, you will experience seeing the principle of integration clearer, articulating the process better. The transformation/evolutionary process is both showing you the process so you can articulate it and cleaning you up so that you can connect to God. The waking up and getting out of the box and having your eyes opened and looking at life and asking the deeper questions and being 'aware' that you are on a path is becoming more aware and conscious of every detail of the whole process and the whole truth about everything. Becoming aware of all the things in these notes will radically change you. You will become more conscious of them in your life and consciousness will grow until you see all the negative things and are very sensitive to them. This note is about articulating your sanctification, the cleaning up part of the process.

Being made aware of something negative you are doing or saying or thinking, and then being conscious of it happening at a particular moment, is something the Holy Spirit does. The Holy Spirit plays the “judge” in Revelation. As the Holy Spirit makes us aware of something negative we are thinking or doing, we feel the horrible pain of it, and this evolves us. This is true of all evolutionary growth. We feel the growing pains of being evolved as we see and deal with all the negative things that happen to us.

The phrase “house in order” in St. John of the Cross’ “Dark Night of the Soul” poem (Note 16 and Note 22) is referring to all the things that make you ready to fully connect to God. In a darker night, we are becoming holy by the Holy Spirit which means everything negative that is being shown to us becomes a tool that causes the very painful organic change in us and we spontaneously act the opposite, positive way. This is true of everything in your life. Whatever is negative about our relationships and environment spontaneously becomes the positive opposite. You see the amazing human being the process is turning us into by being painfully subjected to the opposite and you transform into what you saw. There’s not more to see. This is how it works. As we see, we become. The seeing is painful work, the becoming is effortless.

As the Holy Spirit (script) makes you aware of things that need to be right to put your house in order, you are first made aware of being aware, and then you are aware that awareness grows to see more of the finer details of the negative (i.e., inconsiderate, prejudiced) words and negative combinations of words (Thinking unkindly of someone. Being upset or tired and being in a hurry or clumsy and getting injured.) and incorrect combinations of words (i.e., Thinking you’re right and being wrong. Thinking you know the right way to get somewhere and getting lost. Doing something wrong and justifying it.) that we have to deal with.

The Holy Spirit will make you aware of your thoughts which will include recordings of things you said and did that you are not proud of playing again and again, along with unpleasant misperceptions of what is going on, and fears of things that are not going to happen, etc. The awareness exercise begins with ‘getting outside the box’ and being an ‘observer’ of the words in your mind. My first lesson was to speak out loud the strings of words coming through my mind. And the other exercise I mentioned was to write each word down as they came into my mind. However the exercise starts, the awareness that you can look at your thoughts leads to being conscious in real time of all the negative thoughts flowing through as they are happening.

This ability is fully developed in the evolutionary process so that it is normal for you. And as it becomes normal, you are increasingly upset by the negative things you were made aware of, and upset that there are more of these words and they are getting worse and they are coming in faster. This pain, the particular feelings you are experiencing as a result of what you are seeing again and again that you don’t want to deal with anymore, is a particular evolutionary growing pain that will result in the opposite condition, peace and quiet and only good thoughts in you mind.

Following Jesus through a cross is having the negative things burn like a fiery furnace changing our minds from coal, full of negative and wrong words, to a diamond, strong, clear and with only positive words coming in. We undergo an organic change as a result of the cleaning of the cross that results in being a person who doesn’t do anything negative and who lives in an organized, clean environment, eating clean foods and living a healthy life. Your health and finances are messed up by Murphy's law in a darker night but then are restored. Everything that was lost, went wrong or got messed up starts to get fixed in the dawn of the night so your house is in order when it’s time to leave your cocoon and help others.

The following words are understood very differently according to a reader's renewing mind's level of the definition of the words:

"We hear much about spiritual awakening and the deep joy, clarity, and peace that are its promised fruits. Often ignored, however, are the disappointments of awakening and the ways it can shatter our hearts, breaking us open to the reality of the crucifixion, resurrection, and transfiguration we are likely to encounter along the way. In the rush to convert the negative to the positive, manifest everything we believe we want, and manage our lives into some permanent state of "happiness," we lose contact with the reality that there is no transfiguration without embodiment to the dark cross within. The journey of becoming a true human person is messy by nature, as it emerges directly out of the unknown and requires compassionate confrontation with the entirety of what we are."

The Path is Everywhere, by Matt Licata

Note 3

The use of pictures is necessary to articulate the process. This is from the mystical language. The coat of many colors story is 'the stripping of the jewels from your fingers and around your neck.' These are the gifts that you have had that ego thought it was that it could be puffed up with whenever it used them. You are going to be good at them anymore. You won't be a good speaker and prayer, or a good cook, or a good driver or good at anything ego thinks it's good at. You will only appear to be good at what God's being needs you to be good at when it's needed, and in between you won't do it well and you will be broken by the humiliation of not being able to be the things people value other people by. Even what looks like the behavior of someone who has been transformed is only a gift that will be removed. What is really yours is what you die for in a darker night. You become the real jewels but they will remain hidden until you are complete. Another mystic said that 'you will leave men in order to find them.' You are going to become and therefore see your naked self apart from what you thought was an ability to have relationships. So many things automatically happened that gave you the good life you had. Now that they are gone you feel detached. You are on the dung heap with Job, separated from everyone. There is where you 'find' men. You understand people. There you complete your entire development and become the rest of what you are that you didn't know about. The jewels are returned and they are not a gift this time. The jewels are what you have finished the race through the transformation process to become. This is laying up your treasure in heaven.

The Christian life during a darker night is what I’ve called a hospital and a school. The hospital is circumstances used as surgical tools that cause the pain of the organic changes involved in the development of the rest of the human abilities, and the school are the various classrooms that are set up in your life that enable you to see and articulate what is going on. ‘Hospital and school’ started with the mystical words ‘death and resurrection,’ which is suffering and revelation, happening over and over during the mystical phase of my process, and then these basic experiences of the process were made clearer by the pictures of a hospital and school. Having more words added is being given another angle to see clearer. Calling the transformation process ‘human development’ or ‘evolution’ (simple to complex) also made what was happening clearer. The facets and diamond picture explained in the beginning comments is helpful to see how the mind sees clearer. The different words for the same thing are like facets showing you a new angle on something that makes it clearer. We are entering 'cocoons' (Note 32) and changing 'from a caterpillar to a butterfly' are words out of the fuzzier mystical level that you keep until the end because they are some of the words that articulate the process the clearest. You can live the struggle of the fully transformed, beautiful insect to be free from its cocoon equating it with the picture of being nailed to a cross unable to get off.

The darker night, transformation process, the evolutionary process which is from simple to complex, renewing our minds (developing the rest of the human mind) and developing our latent very sophisticated abilities — these are all referring to the same thing and having them all put together you see the process clearer.

‘Evolution’ is the all inclusive word for what is going on. Everything including us is made of words and words are becoming more complex and they evolve into all that they can be, first the negative words, then the positive. Transformation is being morphed or changed. The word evolution makes it clear that you are becoming a more complex and sophisticated human being as a result of the rest of your mind functioning and latent abilities functioning.

It’s the evolutionary process moving faster and being more intense that brings in more words or facets, rearranging and making more complex the strings of words in your mind, making the language more complex that explains everything, giving you a new more complex view, both a micro and macro view, of many more parts to everything becoming more complex, as you go. Going from the normal speed of dark nights of the soul into the fast lane of the darker nights is like the flip books where someone draws pictures on each page and when you flip them, you see the action.

Watch the evolution of human ’seeing’ as a human being grows. A baby wakes up, asks for food, comfort, playtime, naps, etc. That is all of life they see. Then they go to school and are made aware of reading and math and other languages and places in the world, fashion, sports, competition, peer pressure. It’s more complex. Then high school, college, and a job add an increasingly more complex understanding of life and the world. Most of this is done with a small part of the human mind. More of the mind has been being used as mankind has progressed. A religion/spiritual and/or philosophical and/or scientific view of life is introduced at some point and a developing human begins forming a belief system that can become a more complex part of their life. Your parents disown you become you switch religions. You become aware that there are different belief systems and they mess up relationships.

Next you can enter a dark night. Now you are aware that tough times change you as a human being, or if the dark night is more complex you are aware that more complex humans beings are able to live life the mystical way. in this place, you are aware that Christians speak a different language depending on their experience of the Christian life.

In a darker night all the advanced ‘being made aware of’ steps start and you keep climbing to higher levels until you reach the top and clearly see what is happening to everyone and to God — how you are becoming a more complex human being, how relationships between people has become more complex, how mankind is interacting in a more complex way, how the world is becoming more complex, and how God is becoming a more complex being as the word ‘evolution’ becomes more complex and sophisticated.

One teaching picture for evolution I was given that I liked in particular was seeing God's being as a big living computer downloading words into us. And we are becoming computers with a different operating system, a number of browsers, and we are being upgraded more and more to run more sophisticated software. The idea was the more complex human mind has more abilities and is able to handle more and handle it faster. And we operate differently as a result of the process. What Watchman Nee called the godman and what St. Paul explained as “No longer I, but Christ” is not something that we can’t put into words well. You have to become this kind of person to understand it. This is a human being with more complex programming that can do more. The more difficult your darker night, the more alterations were made in the hospital and the more you can do and the more you can handle. You become very efficient.

Note 4

The next group is a Christian mystical denomination called the Lord’s Recovery. It started in China with the teachings of Watchman Nee and then when he was being imprisoned, he had it taken to the United States by Brother Lee.

Christians, and I’m including myself decades ago, generally think that they believe what they believe because it’s what the Bible says. And if it’s not in the Bible, you don’t go near it. This changes as you experience the cross. God takes you to unexpected places to find where He has put some of the words you need. I was in a darker night of the soul but didn’t know it yet. A ‘dark night of the soul’ is not in the Bible. A dark night of the soul was in Catholic books. I was a protestant. We didn’t read Catholic books. So the first book God had to give me was a book by a protestant on 'spirituality' and 'stillness,' which I'd never heard of, that had one paragraph about St. John of the Cross and Theresa of Avila. Then I started reading Catholic books. My pastor, who was a genius and had written dozens of books, was telling me that what was happening to me could not be from God and basically said that I was delusional as a result of being so ill. 'A dark night of the soul' was added to my language because it explained what was happening to me, which I knew was from God. Then I was introduced to the Lord’s Recovery, and Watchman Nee who said that suffering was for revelation. His writings were full of mystical pictures from life that you live as you are transformed. The Lord’s Recovery are baby mystics.

The experience of a deeper, more advanced Christian life, adds mystical words to your belief system because you are starting to live the Bible, picking up your cross and following Jesus, becoming broken and holy. The mystical language causes you to see the Bible differently and you see the central theme of the cross being experienced throughout its stories. You feel the same emotions as people like Job, Jacob, the Israelites wandering in the desert, or David, as you go through a similar cross to theirs. And you understand Paul’s mystical words in the Bible that you couldn’t see before because mystical biblical language is the fuzzy language that is only seen as a result of something supernatural.You need to reach the level where you have the cross experiences that cause the mystical language to be added to your language.

At this level of your mind’s development, you can look back and compare the mystical level of the transformation/evolutionary process to where you were before. You have witnessed yourself experience the cross and seen how the experience determined the arrangement of the strings of words in your mind that is your belief system and from which your language comes. The experience of suffering on the cross and then seeing clearer also determines how we interpret the Bible. The level of understanding of the transformation/evolutionary process that you see in a darker night of the soul is as self authenticating as what you had already been through that resulted in your being epistemologically self conscious concerning the words in your mind that explain transformation as a result of the less intense dark nights of the soul.

Instead of being many, the darker night is just one, more sophisticated and complex, stronger and faster, version of how you reached the level you have reached as a result of your experience of dark nights of the soul that mature you and enable you to have a clearer understanding of the words of the Bible in your mind.

In order to talk to the Lord’s Recovery’s very highly developed minds, you need to familiarize yourself with Watchman Nee and Brother Lee’s mystical language. Words like the “godman” and “mingled.” God gave these men a very extensive mystical language with a lot of pictures.

Note 5

Next are some words from the Bible that you need to articulate the process.

Revelation is probably the most fuzzy of all the books of the Bible and may have the most different interpretations of all of Scripture. It was a vision, not something the writer physically witnessed. It’s written in the mystical language of pictures representing Christian experiences. Everyone is going to become a Christian picking up their cross and following Jesus. Revelation pictures what we experience as earth is being recreated by all of us and becomes heaven, "the New Creation." The Newer Testament is being written to make this book clear so that it can be used by everyone to get through the fastest and strongest version of the transformation/evolutionary process which the Bible calls the Great Tribulation. This is the time when everyone is going through a darker night of the soul, passing through the greatest leap of the transformation/evolutionary process of a human being. When you experience your darker night during the Great Tribulation, you know what it is, and you can write words down that clearly explain what it is. And when you go through it, you also see clearly that what we’ve been calling a dark night of the soul was some people from many different belief systems experiencing a foreshadow of what everyone was going to go through in Revelation’s Great Tribulation.

God connects the words to your experiences just like He’s been doing with the words the Old and New Testaments. You experience the beast, the false prophet and anti-christ, the weeping and gnashing of teeth, an eternity in hell, wanting to be dead, the earthquakes, etc. You play the roles of Job and Jonah deeper. You play the role of Jesus like you never imagined you would. This is the experience of typology. Job was a picture of the darker night. Some teach that Christians are raptured before this torment begins. But the story of Job teaches differently. He was the most righteous man on earth but he needed to go through the process that would completely cleans him and ready him for a new life.

Typology is most widely used in Catholic teachings because they are beginning mystics taught with mystical language which is fully developed in the Global Darker Night that together with the diamond language of the Newer Testament, where things move so fast it feels magical, ending in the fullness of a magical Kingdom life. To see the importance of what the Catholic church has, you need to see the difference between finding truth using proof passages and seeing truth using typology which the New Testament writers did and then the early church fathers discovered and wrote theology based on. The Catholic church has this bridge to the very significant role that Mary, the mother, the wife of the Father, plays during the Global Darker Night of the soul, leading all their children through it and into heaven. Mary was the new Eve and the ark of the new testament as she carried Jesus in her womb who would be the fulfillment of the old ushering the new testament teachings of clearer truth. In Revelation it's foretold in the image of the woman with child that she is the ark of the newer testament giving birth to the newer testament truth. That is a picture of her body riding up to be the glorious body which marks the beginning of the Great Turn of all faiths into the one truth. God had the Catholic faith honor her while the Protestant hardly gave her notice. God wanted her honored the way she has been. But she and the saints are only human beings have never hear prayers which only a god has the ability to do. This 'mystery' as to her being able to hear them was an ICW. Her appearances here angels not her. Her actual service would be in the end times and for all eternity. She is the teacher and main comfort in the Global Darker Night. People will be following her through her cross which was the first darker night of the soul that leads to the glorious body. The Eucharist is a door into the mystical path however relatively few Catholics entered the level of a dark night of the soul. The actual body and blood of Jesus in the Eucharist is another 'mystery' that is an ICW. The elements are just bread and wine but coming to Mass in coming into the presence of God which is the beginning of the dark night of the soul process. It's a door. The Catholic Church has doors everywhere and they keep their churches unlocked so people can come in and be in God's presence anytime. This is all very important. Peter was given the keys to the kingdom. The Catholic Church has a door into the dark night of the soul that completely transforms you so you can enter heaven. But few get past the door and start down the path be becoming 'no longer I'. The teachings on the dark night cross doing the transforming into becoming holy are not there because they haven't experienced it. Madam Guyon ran into the pride of the leadership in the Catholic Church because they were running God's Church and since God wasn't putting them through dark nights of the soul, then they aren't what she said, and they were going to interpret the teachings of being made ready for heaven according to their experience of running God's Church and getting everyone saved and ready for heaven through the Eucharist, not going through dark nights of the soul and living their lives as God would and ready for earth to transfer into heaven, which in the end times will be seen as what makes you the most valued because you can then help everyone else get through the process. The Marthas in the Church will have to go through a darker night to see where they are, which is where they have needed to be to use up ICWs, and see what the keys are that they have that they've mistakenly think are the key to making them holy not just a door, just the very beginning. You can begin the process, experience going into the presence of God, by going outside in nature and doing this over and over and get through the door and down the path. Protestants didn't have this mystical door and almost none of the language of a mystic. Once the Marthas carrying the big ships turn into Marys, they will be remarkable leaders in the global darker night.

Note 6

The Catholics teach the concept of purging and becoming pure as something you have to be in order to enter heaven. The Great Tribulation is the darker night of the Earth and is the Catholic's Purgatory. Know what they have that is good and is kept and what is left behind. The Catholics have dark night of the soul classes and they take groups on meditation retreats in nature to move people into the process. They also teach more about typology which brings you to a much deeper level of reading the Bible and living it in deeper and deeper levels as they are all revealed to you. Self consciously trying to enter the painful mystical path using retreats into nature should be the number one thing that Christians do. Catholics got carried away with the self flagellating but the principle was right and God did reveal deeper truth to them because the principle was right however misguided. We are not saved and enter heaven by faith alone. We have to become Marys (from the Martha and Mary teaching picture) in a cave or cocoon waiting, and be fully transformed into a wife. The organic process of transforming us which includes the renewing our minds and making an organic connection to God is how heaven happens for us. The Great Tribulation is purgatory for the entire planet and then its frequency is raised and then heaven is our new home.

The most infamous of the mystics is Theresa of Avila wrote Interior Castle and St. John of the Cross who coined the phrase “dark night of the soul” and wrote the books A Dark Night of the Soul and Ascent of Mt. Carmel. Theresa of Avila’s picture of the ‘levels’ of the process was moving from outside the castle to an inner room. St. John’s was climbing a ladder. The make heaven website will have some information. Madam Guyon was a Catholic whom the church put in prison for teaching about how to be a Mary. The Catholic teachings about works and purgatory are distorted and they couldn't see that she exhibited the clearer teaching on the matter of faith plus works. The works are the annihilation of self so that you are indifferent to what happens instead of opinionated, and as a result of your will function of your soul being broken and and out of the way you experience the phenomena of "no longer I, but Christ" which is living your life as God would if He were living it, which is the state of perfection. Her book Spiritual Torrents explains the difference between being a Martha and a Mary but her words aren't as clear as the ones I just wrote. Her rivers are a very good picture of the persecution she was up against. She was a torrent, moving quickly. The second class rivers, moving slowly and carrying big ships, were the leadership of the Church who couldn't see that what they had was gifts and graces that could be taken from them in a dark night of the soul. They didn't want to hear it. I mentioned something about this to a very prominent Christian who was very busy polishing brass on our sinking ship. He's a piece of work with a very strong ego. He rebuked me as though I were the devil speaking to him. I know exactly what Madam Guyon was up against with the Church and why they called here a heretic. Their egos wouldn't tolerate being told that they were less than exactly what God wanted. And the belief system of their unrenewed minds dictated that she was saying words to them that God wouldn't like and the only thing that would convince them otherwise was God knocking them off their horses and turning them into Marys running to His feet because their world had been turned up side down and the Christian life they had as a Martha wasn't working anymore. Jesus said to Martha, who was busy preparing for people to come over and for Jesus to speak to them, which is a good thing, that what Mary was doing was more advanced in terms of preparation for heaven and fulfilling God's and the baby god's ultimate desires. Madam Guyon was a favorite of Watchman Nee’s.

Note 7

These are words that you need to articulate the process that are from the Bible and the study the human brain.

The words “great tribulation” are a chronic condition of and fear and anxiety that you will feel throughout the process. It is created by the stress of life moving faster and being more full of problems. This throws your GABA neurotransmitters out of balance resulting in the anxiety. There is an article on the website, “Stress and the Disturbance of Brain Chemistry.” This physical condition is part of the hospital experience that is always there underneath whatever is going on. Murphy’s Law threw the balance off and then it can calm down in the dawn of a darker night because once the neurotransmitters are thrown out of balance the ensuing behavior causes more stress creating a spiral down that can’t be fixed by anything except being out the other end of the process. People are killing themselves when they hit the bottom. Drugs help some people because they are the right ratio of chemistry to balance the out of their particular imbalance, But more often drugs can get you to the bottom faster and they feels as though there is no hope for them because this is the only answer the world has now, and they pray and nothing happens. Some find a therapist who knows that suffering can transform you and with this knowledge they can make it.

You will experience being anxious about things that it doesn’t make any sense to be anxious about like you are almost out of toothpaste. And things like this can feel like a big deal emotionally. I used to call one of the anxious feelings ‘the doom ghost’ following me all around my day. I’d just be unloading the dishes and worry about something going wrong when nothing could go wrong. It was unique words that are put in a spiritual sense neurotransmitter (Note 32). The Newer Testament will explain the neurotransmitters roles in creating the mystical cocoon you will be in that makes you feel 'detached' from life and others. This is working out your salvation with fear and trembling. The anxiety is a thorn that will keep you humble and out of the script's way. Ego is the self and the “I” of St. Paul’s statement. “I” or ego will be suppressed and open-minded all the time because of the thorn of fear and anxiety. The script may put the fearful words of Jonah and the whale in you to get you to do things. The thorn keeps ego on a leash. Ego is the "I" in "no longer I." You need to know your-self. You need self-knowledge in order to see and want what it is about you that makes you a citizen of hell that is incrementally organically changing you into a person who belongs in the heaven. You need to experience seeing the unevolved ego causing you pain, and seeing and articulating more clearly causing deeper pain until you see it as clearly as possible and then experiencing it fading as it is overtaken by its opposite. (See "Deeper Dark Night" article on the website for the list of what the transformation does to ego as it dies on the cross.)

The drama of life, creating stress and great tribulation, acts as the surgery tools to organically renew your mind and change how you live life. The name the last book of the Bible as we have known it is Revelation. This is the school where you see the clearer truth as a result of being in the hospital. When the process is sped up and the stress is intensified by anxiety, living life becomes a painful tool that develops your mind and rearranges the words in your belief system. Something negative happens, negative words come flooding into your mind, you are in a storm, then the sun comes up and the ability of the mind to see clearer reveals a string of words that are better than the ones you had and replaces them. When I say that the finding of the real truth about reality and the meaning of life is self authenticating, I’m saying that you live the true understanding of the Great Tribulation, and as you do all truth gets into your mind. You can’t help believing it. The language you now have is the only one that makes sense of everything. To be ‘enlightened’ is the mind going through the renewing process of integrating words and a process of rational thinking revealing a view of God and life where there are no more paradoxes. You can’t go back to where is was fuzzy. You can’t believe any other way. Your mind’s ability to see wrong words and words out of order in your own mind was so finely tuned to get the precise explanations in it, that all the belief systems are now seen as illogical. As you listen to very intelligent people using perfected rhetoric to explain things, you see fuzzy language. You become the child who sees that the emperor has no clothes. They don’t have what they think they have. As much as they may have been through, they need to go through the most advanced phase of transformation/evolutionary experiences to have it.

The mystics said that 'as you see, you become.' What you were told the transformation process does to a person, happens to you. It’s going through the extraordinary process that gives you the certainty that the Newer Testament language is the real truth all seekers, theologians, scientists, philosophers and all good minds that are examining life and asking the deeper questions have been looking for centuries. The words of the books of the Newer Testament are the bridge from the New Testament age to the Newer Testament age. Because they make sense and are well written, they will be the most powerful words ever written. If a person reads them, and it’s their time, they will live the words, cross over the bridge, and begin experiencing the transformation process becoming stronger and they will pass through their darker night of the Great Tribulation and out the other side.

One of the mystics reported ringing in her ears. This is from body chemistry being out of balance. There can be a feeling of pressure like bing inside of a submarine. It’s also responsible for restless sleep and a lot of dreaming.

It also messes up brain chemistry to be detached and in the cocoon. Even though you know that a darker night of the soul is something good, psychologically it would have similar effects of being isolated and tortured compounded by neurotransmitters being messed up. The stress does not directly cause these things. It's layers of illusions making us think that the stress is eroding the health of our brain and body. And we have to play the illusion game and eat right and take vitamins and herbs.

There are layers of illusions where one set of words are setting up the stress and another are messing up the brain neurotransmitters. There is another set of words setting up the illusion that the stress and the foods we eat are causing the destruction of the lining of our gut called "leaky gut" where things that we are digesting start leaking into our blood stream. As the illusion game goes, all of these reach the blood brain barrier and destroy that barrier as well and the brain begins to malfunction. The game is that increasing chronic stress of life has been building up to the place where Murphy's Law would start and this makes holes in the lining of the gut and your physical brain starts to have problems which is all a part of creating the cocoon.

Maybe an author with an interest in medicine can write about the leaky gut and brain barriers, and the neurotransmitters and neuropeptides from the notes on the website. Everyone needs to know everything about the transformation process including what this illusion game is, what is happening to their body and brain and mind as the final and worst NCWs and ICWs are burned up by us.

Note 8

This note is about the merging of the spiritual and scientific pursuits to truth.

There are words from scientist and brilliant thinker Gregg Braden that are part of the strings of words that make up the truth in a person's mind. His mystical path took him to Tibet. His books The Isaiah Effect and Divine Matrix his other works on the power of thoughts and the heart to change things which goes back to Buddhism. This scientific discovery of quantum physics, the quantum 'stuff' the universe is made out of reflects what we believe, was made popular by the book The Secret and the movie "What the Bleep Do We Know." (Note 11, Note 12 and Note 13)

Dr. Joe Dispenza (drjoedispenza.com), who wrote Evolve Your Brain: The Science of Changing Your Mind was one of the brilliant scientists in the movie "What the Bleep do We Know."

Science is still at a loss for what everything is made out of. The 'stuff' is words, 'Words' are what Gregg Braden's "divine matrix" and Joe Dispenza's "quantum field" is made of. Words are the stuff that scientists have figure out is effected by thoughts. But this science doesn't work all the time. Words have been creating the illusion that 'the secret' works, meaning if you do this, that will happen, just enough to keep some people making a lifetime study of it but not consistent enough to need to ask the deeper question 'why doesn't it work all the time for everyone?.' The answer to that question is a human being has to pass through the darker night where all their thoughts and the passions of their heart are on the same page as the unfolding plan of God's being. As a higher being who's made it to this evolutionary place, everything they believe actually happens. In the darker night, the veils are being removed and we are being shown and articulating every step of the process in order to create each step. The articulating is quantum physics at work. You also articulate what is coming way down the path that is coming closer. And when you have your fully developed mind what you see and articulate isn't just about your being and your environment, you start moving mountains in others lives and you save the planet. This has been what all the spiritual groups have been trying to do with their version of the secret. They haven't had the right words in their minds and hearts and they aren't fully connected to God's being, so that they have both the specific directions, that are in the plan/design of God's being, and the power needed to do each of the steps of the transformation/ evolutionary process of God's being.

Quantum physics is envisioning something into being. When your envisioning is matching the envisioning of God's being’s plan as it unfolds, you are working with Him. This is being on the cutting edge of science and the evolutionary process.

Scientists haven't been able to figure out what the 'stuff'' is but words played a game and has let it work so that they would do the research and have the words needed, a bridge to letting go of the path they are on, those illusions fading along with the words wired into their minds that no longer serve them , and getting on the right path. They have used up incorrect combinations of words doing this research without knowing what the 'stuff' is made of, in addition to the rest of the pieces of THE truth that they needed. They can't articulate the real secret, so their experience of creating heaven for themselves is limited.

Watch the movie and look at his highly developed belief system on his website, then practice untangling his mind, removing the words that are incorrect, evolving the words that are right by adding what he is missing.

The director of "What the Bleep do We Know" is now (June, 2017) involved in a new movie project to wake up the world called "The Shift."

"The Shift" movie trailer

"The Shift" moving filmmaker video

There's no mention of the cross in these videos. In fact one of the young successful speakers who doesn't know any better because what he's been given has been a gift states that the changing of this word into another one will not involve suffering. No doubt many of the people who are interview will have been through dark nights and none of them are making a point of it and the writer, director and producer haven't made the connection. They see an unsustainable life we are now living. They state that "we're the only species that kills its own kind and most frequently in the name of God." They mention global warming leaving Gregg Braden's work out because he says is a normal cycle for the Earth and has nothing to do with anything we are doing. How we turn the corner into a new life here on earth, rebuilding it, isn't going to happen the way they are portraying. This is a wrong road to use up incorrect combinations of words. What they are a part of is God getting things ready with partially correct fuzzy foreshadows that contain pieces of the language of the truth. They speak of a leap in the evolutionary process which they think started with apes. There's only been a spiritual evolution and there is a leap in our spiritual evolution that has begun. It's the darker night, the most intense stage of our transformation, and it ends with a physical transformation.

In the full interview with philosopher and best selling self-help author Dr. Wayne Dyer (died Aug., 2015), he describes, using the shift language, the connection we make as we become part of God's intentions and let our "ego" goals for this life go when we mature into our "afternoon life" and enter the "life of meaning." People like him are living a shift phenomena, a foreshadow of the connection we are all going to make. Their's is not a Satanic imitation of it. God is giving them a spiritual gift. In the interview, Dyer quotes the spiritual teacher Leo Tolstoy, the most famous man alive in 1904, saying that "the Kingdom of God is within you." These shift people are not Christians but they identify with the language of the Bible. He speaks of "very vivid," "surprising," "kindly," "benevolent" "quantum moments" when you know to make a shift, one in which he walked away from a good job as a tenured professor with good benefits to do what is in "collaboration with something bigger than myself." He articulately describes living the fake life vs. this "life of meaning," which is living your destiny in the big picture. Around the 15 minute point he's giving you a list of values that change for men and women when they have a quantum moment and make the shift. It's like salvation stories. He's makes the comment that the whole business of making a shift is "to think like God" which he got from St. Francis of Assisi and Einstein. For him God is a "creating force" and he is saying that he wants to know "how does the creative force operate and think." He describes something magical happening on a trip, similar to what a Christian would say when they go to certain places in the world. Even though it's not the real leap in their organic connection to God when they have the right definition of Him, what they have in terms of a supernatural experience of a shift is a bridge to being able to see it when their time comes. God does magic in the mystical level of all belief systems.

Dr. Dyer eloquently articulates the Eastern mystical experience. He was brilliant and you will get very good practice listening to him and updating the shift language, beginning with their Eastern nonduality definition of God. This is key. He said we can't put a name to the creative force without making two and disrupting the non-duality truth that we're not physical beings but spiritual beings that are all part of one which is basic to that belief system. He saying God can't be a person with a mind and heart that you can talk to. God hasn't talked to these people because it would have destroyed what their belief system was founded on that has been using up incorrect combinations of words. It's time now to dismantle all the belief systems so He will be talking to them and they will have a personal relationship with Him. They need to reconcile the "everything is one" phenomena they experience in meditation, understanding it to mean that everything is God's being and all is made out of words (an ocean of words), with 'the many' meaning God and us are all a separate individual with our own heart and mind. You can familiarize yourself with the shift thinking using Dr. Dyer's work so that when what they have no longer works because they have entered a darker night, you will be very prepared to talk them meeting them where their minds are in terms of the strings of words that make up their belief system.

There are variations. Eckhart Tolle describes non-duality's "one" as the 'one consciousness with billions of expressions.' All the teachings of everyone being one, and that we are expressions of this consciousness having a temporary physical life, are fuzzy, and a belief system built from this foundation is all fuzzy. But the supernatural experiences that God gives them has kept them in this place developing this large network of incorrect combination of words and burning them all up. These people all resonate with each other because they are in the same level, the strings of words in their belief system are similar and at the same frequency. As you untangle the words and replace some of the language and add positive higher energy language, this renewal of their minds and seeing truth concerning their evolutionary teachings made clearer will make a rise in its frequency (See Note 34 for Dr. Dyer's thoughts on frequency.).

Yoga is called an ancient science that dates back at least 5,000 years in the East and is now all over the world. It has several definitions of God using an attribute and not a personal name. When people practice yoga and they experience {words creating the illusion that the practice directly causes} better health and life improves from a being guided by a natural intelligence."

"Yoga brings you into deep union with the Divine — the very essence of life which is eternal love."

"Modern life can be busy, even for Sadhvi Bhagawati Saraswatiji of Parmarth Niketan Ashram, who oversees numerous service projects helping the most marginalized in her community. Sadhviji learned from the Holy Ganges River (Ma Ganga) how to anchor her attention into essence instead of form, in order to experience stillness and peace amidst motion." " Yoga is union of Self with Spirit. When embodying the awareness of Oneness, Sadhvi Bhagawati Saraswatiji highlights how it becomes natural to serve all aspects of creation as part of your higher Self."

For more see the article on The Shift Network

The getting of your mental and physical health in order or purified so you can walk on the holy ground of the connection to God that you are reaching involves another science that is a baby that gets thrown out with New Age's bathwater. Ignore all the different versions of where they went off because of the rest of the pieces of the truth that they didn't have and see the piece of the truth that they have that you need to be able to clear up for them. The healing modalities that came from these belief systems cleanses and heals our bodies.


An aura or human energy field is, according to New Age beliefs, a colored emanation said to enclose a human body or any animal or object. In some esoteric positions, the aura is described as a subtle body. Psychics and holistic medicine practitioners often claim to have the ability to see of the size, color and type of vibration of an aura.

In New Age alternative medicine, the human aura is seen as a hidden anatomy that affect the health of a client, and is often understood to comprise centers of vital force called chakra.


A subtle body is one of a series of psycho-spiritual constituents of living beings, according to various esoteric, occult, and mystical teachings. According to such beliefs each subtle body corresponds to a subtle plane of existence, in a hierarchy or great chain of being that culminates in the physical form.

According to Bhagavad Gita, one of the most sacred texts of Hinduism, the subtle body is composed of mind, intelligence and ego, which controls the gross physical body. It is also known in other different spiritual traditions: "the most sacred body" (wujud al-aqdas) and "true and genuine body" (jism asli haqiqi) in Sufism, "the diamond body" in Taoism and Vajrayana, "the light body" or "rainbow body" in Tibetan Buddhism, "the body of bliss" in Kriya Yoga, and "the immortal body" (soma athanaton) in Hermeticism. The various attributes of the subtle body are frequently described in terms of often obscure symbolism: Tantra features references to the sun and moon as well as various Indian rivers and deities, while Taoist alchemy speaks of cauldrons and cinnabar fields.

The Yogic, Tantric and other systems of Hinduism, the Buddhist psychology of Tibet, as well as Chinese (Taoist alchemy) and Japanese (Shingon) esoterism are examples of doctrines that describe a subtle physiology having a number of focal points (chakras, acupuncture points) connected by a series of channels (nadis, Acupuncture meridians) that convey breath (prana, vayu, ch'i, ki, lung).

These invisible channels and points are understood to determine the characteristics of the visible physical form. By understanding and mastering the subtlest levels of reality one gains mastery over the physical realm. Through practice of various breathing and visualisation exercises one is able to manipulate and direct the flow of vital force, to achieve superhuman (e.g. in martial arts) or miraculous powers ("siddhis") and attain higher states of consciousness, immortality, or liberation.

The subtle body (sūkṣma śarīra) in Vedantic philosophy is composed of three Koshas or "sheaths" (Pranamaya, Manomaya and Vignanamaya kosas are related to Subtle body, Annamaya is related to Gross body, Anandamaya is related to Causal body). The subtle body is the vehicle of consciousness with which one passes from life to life. The Liṅga Śarīra is the vehicle of consciousness in later Samkhya, Vedanta, and Yoga, and is propelled by past-life tendencies, or bhavas. Linga can be translated as "characteristic mark" or "impermanence" and the term Sarira (Vedanta) as "form" or "mold". Karana or "instrument" is a synonymous term. In the Classical Samkhya system of Isvarakrsna (ca. 4th century CE), the Lińga is the characteristic mark of the transmigrating entity. It consists of twenty-five tattvas from eternal consciousness down to the five organs of sense, five of activity (buddindriya or jñānendriya, and "The subtle body (linga), previously arisen, unconfined, constant, inclusive of the great one (mahat) etc , through the subtle elements, not having enjoyment, transmigrates, (because of) being endowed with bhavas ("conditions" or "dispositions")

As a picture (does) not (exist) without a support, or as a shadow (does) not (exist) without a post and so forth; so too the instrument (linga or karana) does not exist without that which is specific (i.e. a subtle body)."

The idea was adopted by Vedanta and Yoga philosophy, and from there, in the 19th century, the terminology was adopted by the Theosophy of Madame Blavatsky. Subtility - The State Of Being Subtile To Will

The spiritual teacher Meher Baba stated that the subtle body "is the vehicle of desires and vital forces." He held that the subtle body is one of three bodies with which the soul must cease to identify in order to realize God: "At the end of the Path, however, the soul frees itself from all sanskaras and desires connected with the gross, subtle and mental worlds; and it becomes possible for it to free itself from the illusion of being finite, which came into existence owing to its identification with the gross, subtle and mental bodies. At this stage the soul completely transcends the phenomenal world and becomes Self-conscious and Self-realised."

I know a very successful holistic medicine doctor with patients coming to from all over the world who uses the subtle body to diagnose illnesses Western medicine isn’t able to because they are only now beginning to recognize the value of healthy eating and plant medicine and energy work.

Science knows now that there is more to us than our physical bodies. Whatever can’t be seen by cutting a physical body open is in our aura or subtle body — our mind and its levels of consciousness, emotions, and all the experiences created by the spiritual neurotransmitters. If photographed, the colors of it can change constantly. They look like masses of colors and have distinctive meanings. This all needs to be rewritten by a renewed mind in this field of study.

I had an aura report done at a chiropractor's office in 2015 on a day when I was in a balanced state in between storms and outside of a hole, which is when you know what you really are. This is an excerpt from the report. This is where all the spiritual guides need to be.


The color on the right side is traditionally the energy being expressed. It is the vibrational frequency most likely seen or felt by others around you. Many times your friends will think this is the energy that you are made of, however, it is what you are putting out to the world.



You put out the highest vibrational frequency into the world. White represents spirituality and intense healing while violet symbolizes magic, mysticism and visionary capacity. A combination of these two colors indicates a person who is profoundly magical, and keenly aware of their spiritual path. You have the ability to be a charismatic spiritual leader.


The color in the area of the root chakra is traditionally the energy of the physical plane and material reality. People with strong energy in this center usually have a red color and possess good survival skills. This is also the center of manifestation. If you are trying to succeed in the world either by making more money, establishing a business, or accumulating possessions, you will be focusing your energy here. This is also the place from which passion flows. It is the source of power and ego development.



The world sees you as a spiritual healer whether you consciously know it or not. You glow with a mysterious inner light. Others know you are tapped into something profound and divine. You have a generally quiet and contemplative nature which has a pacifying effect on others. Unification and a sense of belonging are important to you. A blue-white root can sometimes mean that you probably are not the most ambitious person in the world and are more concerned with having a pleasant day than amassing great amounts of capital or possessions. You have the ability to communicate on a deep and meaningful level. Your sensitive nature sometimes feels overwhelmed by the harshness of the world but once you are able to spend quiet time alone, you are able to rebalance yourself easily. These qualities will be experienced in their basic form in this center.

Note 9

There are words from an atheist that are integrated into the truth. You will find that the mind becomes more clear by the process of comparing, and also the exercise of correcting writing or speaking that is incorrect, that the "we-space" experience that happens when they say something of value and it makes yours something new and clearer. Being exposed to the atheist’s belief system also sharpens your sword. Richard Dawkins is recognized as the top most influential living atheist and Sam Harris a close second.

Richard Dawkins' words are wonderfully written and logical. You could find yourself reading them over and over not caring that he doesn't believe in God, and thinking what it would be like to read his words when he changes from Saul to St. Paul after he has his first paranormal encounter with God and he knows He exists. This quote summarizes his present view of suffering.

“The total amount of suffering per year in the natural world is beyond all decent contemplation. During the minute that it takes me to compose this sentence, thousands of animals are being eaten alive, many others are running for their lives, whimpering with fear, others are slowly being devoured from within by rasping parasites, thousands of all kinds are dying of starvation, thirst, and disease. It must be so. If there ever is a time of plenty, this very fact will automatically lead to an increase in the population until the natural state of starvation and misery is restored. In a universe of electrons and selfish genes, blind physical forces and genetic replication, some people are going to get hurt, other people are going to get lucky, and you won't find any rhyme or reason in it, nor any justice. The universe that we observe has precisely the properties we should expect if there is, at bottom, no design, no purpose, no evil, no good, nothing but pitiless indifference.”

It's important to be familiar with the atheist views of God. You will be confronted with the “God Problem” or as another puts it the "Trilemma of God." It's said many different ways but basically goes something like this (I'm using the illusion language instead of the real language which has 'the DNA of God's being' and 'the script' in it to show you how the Christian language needs to change.) 1.) God is all powerful. 2.) He's all loving. 3.) But mankind's life here has been the opposite of what you would expect from a good god who's controlling everything. We struggle to survive and life is full of things going wrong and relationships going wrong and we get mentally and physically sick and we age and die sometimes miserable deaths, not to mention it's been full of horrible suffering because of religious beliefs, greed, crime and insane behavior. How a good, omnipotent God does nothing about the suffering has not been rationally explained by Christians. To say that Satan does the bad stuff and God comes along after the fact and uses what we are subjected to to refine us is partially true but doesn't handle everything. To say it's part of God's design and His will but He's not authoring it is to have a problem. These problems that are a mystery are okay for people who are having the paranormal relationship with God and the Bible, knowing with certainty that He exists and is part of their life. They haven't needed any more than this because the paranormal experience of God in their lives brings with it a blind trust that His ways are above ours and whatever He's doing is good. Some have speculated correctly that it will all make sense in the end.

That end is starting now. Suffering is going to evolve and become an experience deep in the soul beyond what man could ever have imagined, and while Christianity gave the meaning to suffering of being transformed by it, the New Testament teachings on suffering will not be complete enough to handle the more sophisticated experience of transformation in a darker night. The language will be very different and specific. I'm going to jump ahead to give an example of this but you won't understand until you get to Note 11 and begin to see what is going on. Words are what are transforming us. All different kinds of negative words are coming in and making changes to our being and it hurts. Whatever form it takes, suffering is spiritual growing pains. When you are in any kind of pain, you know that you are undergoing an organic spiritual change which also changes your brain.

The Trilemma God Problem is going to be reconciled for the world and from the explanation will come the unfolding of the true story ending all the conundrums we haven't been able to fully explain.

Dawkins and Harris are both very rational thinkers. If you listen to them talk about the Christian faith, much of what they say is accurate about the foolishness of religion. Harris is baffled by how "otherwise intelligent people" can think they way we do concerning reality. They are both baffled because they not experiencing the supernatural relationship with God and getting caught up in the eloquent but not yet clear verbiage of religious leaders explaining the deeper issues. Our language has not rivaled the logic of these two men but now it can.

Harris' believes his faith is rational and someone who approaches him needs to acknowledge or meet him where he is and respect it by getting into his shoes and clearly seeing that there really has been a God Problem that logically rules out His existence. His view of the mysteries that haven't been solved is that science has solved mysteries that had been attributed to God before, and he puts his faith in there being a scientific explanation for all of the mysteries whether or not the answers are ever found. For him the unanswered questions concerning reality are taken care of by a faith in science. If you didn't have a supernatural relationship with God and the Bible, this makes more sense despite its problems.

As a deeper thinker and very much in the know about things, he also makes many interesting comments. In a speech about his latest book (Sam Harris - The Case Against Free Will) he says "Thoughts just emerge in consciousness. We are not authoring them" and as he unfolds this scientific finding he makes a case for having compassion for and loving an enemy like Jesus. He is using some of the language of the truth that comes from science. When he enters the darker night, the Newer Testament will satisfy the criteria he holds the truth up to and will fully explain how thoughts and actions happen.

Regarding the meaninglessness of suffering (having never passed through an evolutionary leap of a dark night of the soul), Richard Dawkins summarized the very logical view of the atheist in this quote, “The total amount of suffering per year in the natural world is beyond all decent contemplation. During the minute that it takes me to compose this sentence, thousands of animals are being eaten alive, many others are running for their lives, whimpering with fear, others are slowly being devoured from within by rasping parasites, thousands of all kinds are dying of starvation, thirst, and disease. It must be so. If there ever is a time of plenty, this very fact will automatically lead to an increase in the population until the natural state of starvation and misery is restored. In a universe of electrons and selfish genes, blind physical forces and genetic replication, some people are going to get hurt, other people are going to get lucky, and you won't find any rhyme or reason in it, nor any justice. The universe that we observe has precisely the properties we should expect if there is, at bottom, no design, no purpose, no evil, no good, nothing but pitiless indifference.”

Note 10

Philosophers are another group of very intelligent people you will need to be able to help. Reading their writings you will find their words that are part of the language that explains THE truth.

“A life unexamined is a life not worth living.” These are the passionate words of Socrates. He got out of the box and studied the self or the ego. To meditate on the self/ego and reality is to experience becoming your higher Self, and this involves your heart in the most passionate intellectual quest there is to experience. To do it is to feel alive. To not do so was to go through life asleep.

There are articles on the make heaven website written by philosophers or students of philosophers who are being observers of life and asking the deeper questions we need to be asking ourselves and answering clearly.

Note 11

I mentioned that there was a scientific principle at work when you articulate each step of the transformation process as it is happening to you. Then I explained that the principle at work is quantum physics (Note 8). The second principle at work in the transformation process is science's word ‘evolution.’ They are asking the deeper questions about reality and again, hearing their words is like a test for us. Confronted by them we train to be able to answer them clearly.

Science needs to write new textbooks. They have the piece ‘evolution’ which is the basic principle of the movement of all the words in God’s being from being simple to complex. But just as the integral people have the very important basic principle of finding the truth but are putting the wrong pieces together (Note 1), scientists applied the basic principle behind everything that is going on, evolution, to the wrong thing and it through their research off track.

This has meant that their findings that they express in theories are fuzzy. They peered through a telescope to find the atom and kept going and found ground ‘0’ or the planck field. They figured out that everything is made out of the same 'stuff.' Another way to put it is everything is a big ocean of the 'stuff.' The butterfly effect came out of this scientific observation. They know that thoughts effect the 'stuff.' They theorized it was energy at one point but dismissed that. Because the 'stuff' is creative it’s also been theorized that it’s intelligence or consciousness. It’s being called the “God’s particle” and say they have found God.

Gregg Braden said that at the science conventions there is an elephant in the room. They don’t know they have a new theory that changes the paradigm, but they don’t know if they have it right this time or if science will prove it wrong down the road as they continue their research. The truth will put science on the right track — no more theories — for the first time, and everything will be rewritten.

“In the beginning was the Word.” The right answer is everything is God’s being and His being is made out of words.


It’s words that are evolving. Evolution needs to be redefined. It’s words that are changing from simple into complex. And no word changes into a different word, i.e., monkey into human.

According to the definition of ‘negative,’ negative words (i.e., selfishness) and negative combinations of words (i.e., The dog was run over.) which includes incorrect combinations of words (i.e., “God is dead.”) will become as complex as they can be, the fullest expression of what they are, and then they die out and there’s no more negative words. A small example of this is bad or ugly chairs and the bad things that clouds do will become all they an be and then only good chairs and the good things clouds do are left. And since by definition ‘positive’ goes on forever, chairs and clouds will continue to become more complex, manifesting themselves as wonderfully as they can be, forever. A more significant example of this of course is the negative behavior and experiences of ‘people’ becoming more complex, as bad as they can be in every way possible, making ‘life’ will be as difficult and miserable as it can be. The most important word that is becoming more complex is God.

We were not created. We are baby gods, all part of God’s being from the beginning but asleep. The script gave the directions and one by one we’ve been attached to a physical body. The first man to do this was Adam who manifested as older along with fully grown Eve. He was one of the word ‘people’ who by definition are all unique and He manifested physically according to his DNA and as if he had grown through the process of growing up. He was the first of billions of people with souls (hearts and minds) who were each needed, to make God as complex as He could be in a positive way. Billions of hearts of people interacting were needed (Note 13) in order for happiness, love, beauty and goodness to become all that they could possibly be. But first we have to clean out the negative words in their most complex form. We play the biggest role in getting rid of these during the Great Tribulation.The negative words complete their evolution first, becoming all that they can be which involves messing up everything good we try to do.

'Satan is loosed' are the biblical words for this time that they become as complex as possible negatively and are all burnt up and gone, leaving only positive words. The death on the cross was the crushing of the serpent’s head. It was meant for evil but it was good. The manifestation of the most complex, most ugly and painful form of words, is burning us, changing us from coals to diamonds. Our bodies transition into glorified bodies and only positive words now come into us becoming all that they can possibly be.

The Big Bang was when the word ‘universe’ took on a physical form. It manifested itself and already old which is why carbon dating dates things in the billions of years old. The universe has only been in its physical form for between around 12,000 years. Earth was not only old, it was designed to use up negative combinations of words and incorrect combinations of words and evolve us. This includes things buried in it that send researchers down wrong roads and odd, unexplainable findings. It’s fake. There are bones and other ‘remains’ in the earth of things that were never actually alive and walking on the earth. UFOs are just angels messing around. Monkeys being similar to humans, and other things in nature, sent scientists down a rabbit trail and an incorrect definition of ‘evolution’ was born and they created a very elaborate incorrect combinations of words version of the word. The word ‘monkey’ took on it’s physical form in a moment. Nothing changed over time from one thing to another.

The program to break our egos and evolve us includes things that aren’t going to follow our rules of ‘fairness’ because God can’t follow them and get the negative combinations of words and incorrect combinations of words our of His being. He’s got bees flying without the right wings. He could turn the ocean orange and the sky green if He wanted to in order to break us of our concepts, and humble us so that we evolve. He has maintained all kinds of ’rules’ because we needed the security of life following the many different partially right belief systems mankind has been developing, This has kept us entertained and moving through what has been the childhood of our evolutionary development. But that’s over. Just like Saul being hauled off the desert to have his training refocussed, science needs to use the training they have had to re-look at and re-research everything with the new grid.

Note 12

The words ‘getting outside the box’ and ‘being an observer’ was introduced to me by the movies “What the Bleep Do We Know” and “Down the Rabbit Hole.” There are other groups of very intelligent people outside the box explaining realty using incorrect combinations of words. They have the piece of being able to get outside the box but they aren't seeing reality correctly.

Another game that angels are playing to get rid of incorrect combinations of words is channeling through people by fake entities that they play. One of them is called Ramtha. Abraham Hicks channels another one called Seth. She appears on stages as she travels around teaching about realty and how things cam to be and how they work. The Seth books are the words of an angel spoken to a woman about reality. These entities all teach ‘the secret,’ the use of quantum physics (Note 13) to create your life, and they answer the deeper questions. Their teachings are using up incorrect combinations of words.

We have to go all the wrong ways, believing all the deformed version of the truth. The movies will make getting outside the box clearer. They will also explain how thoughts create out lives and they explain the body’s neuropeptides which effect people’s physical and mental heath, and relationships.

Note 13

There are words from science’s quantum physics.

The make heaven website and my book need an editor. The website may need to be completely redone. The book needs a script writer because it’s going to be a movie. It’s called The Power of Make Believe because God’s vision is put into us and we all make heaven happen with the power of our thoughts and minds. This is quantum physics. You’ve heard it called “the secret” after the book The Secret (See Dr. Wayne Dyer's works.). It’s creating your life with intention, which is what heartfelt prayer is. But having it work is not a matter of doing it right like they teach. It only works when what you are thinking matches the central plan in God’s being for the unfolding of the evolutionary process of His being. God had “the secret” work for them so that they would research it and write about it.

Articulating each step of the process moves the process because of the scientific principle of quantum physics. This is the powerful ability you have to ‘move mountains’ to get your house in order that starts in the dawn of the darker night process. After you pass through the darker night, what is in your mind that you want, matches what God wants and your hearts work together to create it. God needs all our hearts on the same page as His to create heaven on earth. The secret becomes very clear to you when what you are thinking and desiring is what's in the plan of God's being and in His heart which means everything that you think and want to happen, happens.

“The secret” is mentioned in the preface or introduction of The Power of Make Believe. It corrects the teaching. Whatever you wish to come true, the wanting in your heart, has to be written in God’s DNA or it won’t happen. It has to be a precise step in the evolutionary process of God’s being that is using up all the negative and negative combinations of words and incorrect combinations of words as these words evolve to their fullest manifestation.

All practices of wishing for something — prayer, dreams, intentions, a vision board or other quantum physics practice like the secret — have been a taste of the fully evolved form of the higher human ability to ‘move mountains' that all mankind will be using together to make heaven on earth happen.

Along with science, philosophy and history texts also need to be rewritten. None of these pursuits could be done accurately without knowing that it was the story of words, God's being, starting off simple and becoming more complex, first the negative ones, then the positive. The goal of the writing of history is to make sense and order of what happened in our past. Now this can be done correctly because now we know that history has been a puppet show, completely orchestrated by God's being, and this truth makes sense of everything that happened.

The pieces pulled together to have the Newer Testament language includes the scientific term evolution and when you look at the being of God, its spiritual layer with the High Sanctuary in it where God's throne is, and physical layer, and you see the connection between the two, you will see that it's not unlike the sci-fi movie Matrix.

Note 14

This note is about the right definition/interpretation of the word ‘Satan.’ I'm going to begin by saying that we start off thinking that God is not the author of suffering. But God's being is. And you won't have to be convinced of this by someone. Just like all truth, you will live the truth yourself. By the time you see the brilliance and intricacies of the the death and resurrection process, you will know that everything that is going on has to be all God's being's doing. The main experience of the darker night that is going to change your understanding of 'Satan'. If 'Satan' was an angel, he and God would have to have sat down at a table, going over the lessons for each one of us and choreographing each of man's transformation program together, and Satan would have needed to be given god-like abilities to play his role which wouldn't be just outwardly in the physical circumstances but deep in the souls, the minds and hearts, of the billions of lives that have been lived, and this cooperative project would have started from the beginning of eternity past because that's how long it took to develop God's program to get rid of all the bad words, evolve us and become all that He could be. But this would mean that he's not the rebellious creature with his own agenda we've believed him to be. No powerful being is co-reigning with God, in charge of the negative things that are going on. As your learn the Newer Testament, the Satan you thought you knew will make no sense anymore. You can think of 'Satan' as just the bad words doing their thing.

People need to see hell, everything that is the opposite of heaven. There needs to be a list of all the different kinds of negative and negative combinations of words that we are burning up. 'Satan,' like the false prophet, the beast words and the anti-christ, is not a being. He's/it's an experience of words with a particular purpose that only feel like a cruel being because God's being is able to make them feel that way to you. While it hurts beyond any words you can use to describe it, it's going to impress you, beyond anything you can wrap your brain around, how you can be made to feel. The negative and negative combinations of words are the word ’Satan’ at work in the world that becomes his kingdom when there are more negative words out there than there have ever been and they are fully evolved which is also when they are all being burned up for good (the lake of fire). Negative words feel like they are orchestrated by a being with a bad agenda. The Bible uses ‘Satan’ to differentiate the desires of Their heart from what the negative words do, and because this was what our immature minds could grasp, and because it's misinterpretation would use up incorrect combinations of words. The Bible was part of the design to rid God's being of the 'Satan' words and it took a very long time to self design and it's brilliantly and perfectly written for that task.

The 'Satan' words are a part of God's being but they don’t represent who God is as a person. God would not enjoy what's going on now. God wants to be rid of these words in their being and never see them again. ‘Satan’ is all the negative words evolving and they reach their fully evolved condition, their most complex expression, during the darker nights of the Great Tribulation. The definition of 'hell' also is changed during the renewal of your mind. This time when we are getting sick, aging and dying is hell. We are in the darker places in hell when we are in the cocoon. There are actual 'Satan' actors spreading the worst of hell during the Revelation time where the Battle of Armageddon takes place.

During the midnight of my soul being in a darker night, which started with a health condition that turned my body into a torture chamber, I was sitting in a garden behind my parents house and I had a vision of hands reaching up from hell and I said to God something like ‘there is no way the You would put people in the place that I am in for eternity.’ It had been easy to have a literal hell where unbelievers spent forever as part of my belief system, but when I went there, I knew a good God would not do that. It was so bad that I knew that it was impossible to stay in hell indefinitely. And because of my heath condition I also knew that you had to have a physical body to max out suffering. His response was, “You’re right.” Then I said, “the only hell is here.” That was the beginning of seeing that there were words in the Bible that were being redefined in my mind. I was in hell and I would be getting out when I had used up the portion of hell words in God’s being that were assigned to me. The global darker night or Great Tribulation is the fullest expression of hell on earth. Hell is gone after everyone burns up their portion of hell words that are in God’s being and all there is left are heaven words.

God's being had to set up everything in advance and a language to go with it to meet the ability of our baby minds that needed to be able to explain everything as they developed. The Bible is an extraordinary child's book giving us everything we needed. Gnosticism looks at the material world as evil. Christians separate the spiritual activities on Sunday and other days from the rest of the time seeing things as sacred and secular. They do this because of the level of development of their minds. A Christian mystic who is in a darker night of the soul experiences God transforming them and using life - all things physical and everything happening every moment of the day - as the classroom to renew their minds revealing a deeper understanding of Him and His plan. We have grown up past the separate mindset and see everything as parts of God's being. And when we reach a place in our development we do not need to take the sacraments anymore because we have entered the once mysterious death on the cross and resurrection process that He uses the sacraments to point His children to. It's all holy and becoming only perfect.

In the darker night of the soul Murphy’s Law, the negative combinations of words coming into you, and into your life, is now on steroids. The condition of having the amount of negative words needed to complete your transformation effects everything. You hit many more lights wrong and find yourself choosing the wrong lanes more. You get lost and go the wrong way often. Things you took for granted that you did well, don’t go well anymore. ‘There is no sleep for the weary.’ Sleep will be disturbed a lot to use up negative combinations of words and incorrect combinations of words. You might not be allowed to nap during the day. If you try, a noise will immediately wake you up. These are some of the annoying games. Generally life becomes much harder to live because things are breaking and going the opposite of running smoothly. It takes exponentially longer to do things and to fix what goes wrong. Your eyes play tricks on you as if someone was photoshopping your environment and then putting it back right. You may move around a lot and not feel like you have a home. You are weary. You become sensitive to the pain and ugliness of the world. In the intensified state you feel everything negative much stronger than normal. I call this being sore toe. If it gets touched, the pain radiates everywhere. Anything that goes wrong in your life and you are a mess. You over think things, You misinterpret things so that you feel bad about something. You are over sensitive to things. There are negative combinations of words that are like static in your mind. Tons of random negative thoughts, some just ugly nonsense, running around all the time. The dreams we have at night take place in the pineal gland theater room in your brain and they are really crazy incorrect combinations of words and negative combinations of words. Some very painful or frightening. They cause you us to lose a lot of sleep and wake up traumatized. There are haunting negative combinations of words from our past that just float up into your mind. Health issues plague us. All negative things are compounded by horrible words in our spiritual neurotransmitters. The night is beyond horrible because of the plethora of all the dreadful words, all fully evolved and manifesting themselves in your soul, and then intensified by chronic anxiety. Falling Jesus through a cross is the epitome of agony. Its puts you over the edge again and again, and you don’t know how you are going to make it through the next moment, never mind the whole day, and you want to be dead. Then the clearer teachings come into your mind and revive you or something else positive happens to pull you up out of the hell hole.

Also in my parents garden, as I was walking away and back into the house to study, I asked God if I could go back into the garden and yell at Satan for a minute. He didn’t tell me that I’d be yelling at what amounts to a computer program. His response was something like ‘if you want to.’ Something about His tone made me realize that Satan who I thought at the time was a real being who was tormenting me, was not someone I was supposed to pay attention to at all. So I didn’t. Like Job, I just focused on what God was doing. It was later when I learned the correct definition of Satan, that I knew why what I thought at the time was God responded to me that way. When someone close to me told me that I needed to be delivered from Satan, at first it made me cry and then in time I just tried to avoid him because of his condescending pride and because our Christian language was so far apart. His focus was on delivering people from Satan and mine was on following Jesus through a cross and being transformed. Two entirely different Christian views of the suffering I was going through. When he tells me he’s praying for me, I get annoyed. I'm contemplating whether there is 'a good annoyance' (as opposed to egoic anger wanting its way) that is helping the cause. I get annoyed when things are a mess and dysfunctional blocking good energy. I want the truth out so Christians aren’t hurting one another. He’s been a tool that causes these words in my mind and the annoyed feeling in my heart that is moving things the way God wants them moved.

As negative and negative combinations of words and incorrect combinations of words have become more complex, they are more clever and it takes a renewed mind to be made aware of where they all are. The Holy Spirit reveals everything about hell and the view is heartbreaking. Jesus looked out over the city and wept.

Note 15

This note will be words to help you maneuver the process.

The experience of the biblical words of ‘walking by faith and not sight’ is going to be updated in a darker night. The experience is now a part of every step you take because you have the awareness now that God's being is moving you like a puppet all the time rather than your previous view where you were aware of being guided some of the time. You also walk into a darker night with a concept in your mind that goes something like this ‘if He’s doing it, it would go well’ of ‘if He’s told me to do something, it will go well.’ There's no longer this separateness of you doing something and Him having you do something. It's all Him, all the process of your evolution unfolding according to the great Plan. Now you see that you are playing the role of Moses obeying God but things getting worse for the brick makers. In the darker night you know that every step you make is His doing and often you will think things are going to get better but they get worse and it's unexpected and a disappointment and very difficult and it evolves you.

Whatever you do may go badly or it may not. You can get bit by a snake and maybe it will make you sick and maybe not. You can walk on coals and maybe your feet will hurt and maybe not. You have a health issue and maybe there's something that normally would be foolish to do but it's your path. You’re learning to close your eyes, let go of the fake laws set up for us as children that have been directing you, and just go with the Holy Spirit's guidance. You will still feel like you are being told to do something and you have the choice not to because you have a foot in that life, but you also know your a puppet and have no control over doing thing. And you will observe this and it will be as though a game is being played on you. Look at it. You will be in awe how God's being will maintain the illusion in your mind that we make choices and are responsible for them, even when you know the truth. The whole program of the renewing mind is fascinating. God's being has been developing the program for all eternity, since the beginning and continuing it to the ending. You only see clearly how incredible God is when you experience God's being's finest work and the complexity involved in the transformation of 8 billion people. God's being will be at rest after the Great Tribulation when everyone is done learning the truth.

The point of a darker night is to use up the worst and remaining portion of negative and negative combinations of words and incorrect combinations of words that you are getting rid of in God’s being. As you do this, you are more aware of how all the 'bad' little and big things that you've gone through has been a part of the transformation process. There is no being blessed and being cursed. It's all the same process. The percentage of positive words creating your circumstances improves as you use up your allotment of the negative words. But it's still the Cinderella time of the illusion phase of mankind's evolution and there is no happily ever after dream life while you are in your cocoon. In a darker night you let that go. Having everything go well is afterwards. As long as you are a puppet, you are going to be caught in the drama, forgetting what's really going on, and they you will pull out of the illusion drama and become an observer once again knowing the truth about that life is about. As long as you can still get caught up in it, you are a puppet. When you leave your cocoon you no longer get caught in it thinking the wrong thing.

You are being real and no longer a puppet when you think and respond to life according to the truth, and you are no longer experiencing words coming in, blocking the truth in you from your consciousness, and making you play along with and feel like the illusion life is real. The opposite experience of being a puppet is only experiencing the truth. There are no more strings of negative words, no more being dragged through negative drama by emotion words coming into your heart and wrong thoughts coming into your mind causing you to 'see' life the wrong way. This illusion, not how it really is, 'seeing' or 'sight' that you have as a puppet, is incrementally replaced with the truth by moving back and forth between seeing life's drama 'the blinded way' as a result of only using your baby mind, and seeing the drama as the transformation process as the higher eyes of your renewing mind open. The word 'faith' is now fully evolving and being experienced in its most highly developed and complex form. There is nothing that can go wrong. Everything that is happening is all about the process and it's a perfect program unfolding.

As the illusion words come in making you react to life the old way, open your other eyes and see the transformation process and change the dialog. The words you need to tell yourself is ‘you aren't trusting or having faith that being moved by the puppet strings to not have pain. You have to have pain. You only trust it to get you to the end of the process.’ And when you are suffering and your mind says it's wrong, you can respond with the truth by saying ‘this is how it’s supposed to be.’

At the beginning of the darker night Murphy’s Law is how your life works and everything went wrong, and you get to the point where that is what you expect and it’s very frightening. But you make a U turn at some point after the darker night’s midnight, and now dawn is before you and things start going better and eventually you are moving your environment getting it in order including getting relationships in order, and seemingly impossible, complex situations are fixed because of the new power of your thoughts and mind. This then becomes the new rules of how your life works at this level or phase of the evolutionary process. It starts while you are still in your cocoon and still detached from life. You get glimpses of your new abilities working.

How the all the negative things are orchestrated in the Great Tribulation is so remarkable and so closely working with teaching you the truth, the concept of ‘Satan’ as a being with his own agenda running around doing this becomes ludicrous to the renewed mind. The release of the worst manifestation of negative and negative combinations of words and incorrect combinations of words is to evolve mankind is so complex that you see clearly that only God’s being could play the role. The words in Ephesians 6 concerning the suit of armor we wear against 'Satan' becomes very clear as you pass through the darker night. The process is diabolical, cruel, full of tricks making you think you are done and you think you are getting out of your cocoon, only to find it was another set up for a fall. You think you knew something and it gets unwired and you feel disoriented and lost as you undergo another existential crisis and then you have clearer truth wired into your belief system and then it's tested, the negative words and incorrect words come in and you have to speak the truth back to them. There's no evil agenda going on. The angels are playing a role in it. Having your mind renewed and being fully transformed is a horrible ordeal.

Note 16

This note is on the mystical picture of getting your house in order.

St John of the Cross’ ’getting your house in order’ is not just about the right words in the right order in your mind, your thoughts and your behavior. Your body, mind and environment need to be made as close to heaven as you possibly can make them.

There are a number a facets to the diamond, getting your house in order that probably need to be listed in one place. Articulating getting your house in order involves researching nutrition and learning how to clean up the body. Everyone needs to start using herbal medicine from nature first before using man made drugs. The two types of doctors need to pair up in medical facilities. Everyone needs to eat only clean, whole foods, and no coffee and no alcohol. This is part of getting your house in order — your entire environment, house, car, office, body and being disciplined to do all things decently and in order. There are two reasons we have to do this. The teachings need an orderly environment to come into you. And second, you need to make yourself and your environment as close to heaven as possible before it can transfer into heaven. The whole plant needs to be cleaned up.

The script has always told prophets what was to come. Their minds and hearts played an important a role in the story of mankind's transformation. Seeing, having awareness of a part of the process makes that part work better at transforming what it is transforming. The words that are not in our minds hold the process up. We have to be able to see where we are going in order to be moved to get there and have the ability to be what we need to be for the next step that shows us more of the process. Our seeing frees the process to do its job. By the time you seeing the entire process very clearly, it’s become very efficient and effective at putting everything into place, your house put in the final complete order. This is how you know the time of leaving hell is near. Then when all of the people on earth are seeing clearly and the entire planet is in order, it transfers into heaven.

Note 17

More words that are a facet of getting your house in order form some people comes from Scientology.

Scientology has the most effective reverie therapy for removing the negative charges on past negative memories so they don’t get triggered and mess up a person’s present life by reacting to it with the addition of data from the previous similar saturation and with at the addition of the emotions from that old memory. And because of a neurotransmitter imbalance, these words can repeat over and over and the negative energy can become so strong, people to kill themselves to stop the pain. Scientology has two parts to it. Classrooms where they teach you how life works and the reverie therapy. Their belief system concerning reality came from LSD trips (Note 18). But God gave L. Ron Hubbard brilliant insights into relationships and his auditing is unsurpassed reverie therapy that enables the mind to get rid of very strongly charged negative and negative combinations of words and incorrect combinations of words. You experience a phenomena called become “Clear” once all the negative energy has been removed from past similar negative memories in your “reactive mind” and the memories are refiled in an orderly way in your rational mind instead of being all attached together and coming out and causing you to misperceive a similar situation and to behave in an irrational way. It’s another form of getting outside the box and observing life, becoming aware of what makes life hell vs. heaven, that involves going into your past.

A pre-Clear is stuck in their past. It's like a snag in the process. Being Clear enables you process things that come up in the future on your own. A pre-Clear has past memories with a charge on it that gets triggered by similar present time situations and brings thoughts and emotions into the present. It's like working with a broken adding machine that keeps adding an extra number and getting the wrong answer. You live your life but the past keeps messing up your behavior so that you can’t respond correctly to the present. It makes you act insane. You can’t walk perfectly along side of God with this going on. Clearing the reactive mind by some kind of reverie therapy, the soul retrieval of the shamans (Note 31, Alberto Villoldo), involving going back into your past is part of being made aware of what you need to do to be cleaned up, made holy by the Holy Spirit, to connect to God and something that is part of getting your house in order.

Note 18

Part of getting your house in order is your portion of the negative and negative combinations of words and incorrect combinations of words in God’s being that you are getting rid of. These are negative things that happen in you outer life and inside your mind that have been increasingly getting worse for everyone as these words reach their fully evolved manifestation. There are mind chatter articles on the internet with lists of the different kinds that you need to notice in your mind as they happen (http://www.successconsciousness.com/mental-noise.htm). The craziest words happen in our sleep. Many are disturbing. Acknowledge them when you wake up by articulating what they are (negative combination os words that you are using up) rather than emotionally reacting to them. Dreams take place in a very small gland in our brain. A book in the Newer Testament will be writing about the pineal gland’s role in the evolutionary process so as the experiences happen, a person will know what is going on and be able to articulate it.

If you research the structure of the pineal gland, it is similar to an eye and acts like a theater room. In addition to dreams and visions at night, negative and negative combinations of words and incorrect combinations of words are being used up during the day. It’s how psychics see things and get prophecy wrong, using up false prophet incorrect combinations of words. The pineal gland can project a very vivid experience on the mind that is not unlike a holodeck. All the LSD and ayahuasca type of trips or journeys take place here. And the near death experiences happen on the holodeck. The neurosurgeon who was sick and recovered and wrote the book about heaven being real, only visited a heaven kind of place on a holodeck created by his pineal gland. This is the same with the medicine men who drank their tea and came back from their visits on the pineal gland holodeck with answers to the tribe’s problems. These visits have been interpreted incorrectly as their souls actually going to another place outside the physical world. The experience completely changes belief systems, and it has used up many incorrect combinations of words explaining what the experience is.

How people will enter the Great Tribulation as far as their physical circumstances will be different. But for all of them there are basic mechanisms in common (Note 32). Entering a darker night involves the electromagnetic and geomagnetic fields hitting the pineal gland in our brain. There’s a section on the website about this that shows a statue of a pine cone in front of Vatican City, which with further research you will find is an ancient representation of the pineal gland. This gland in our brain has a few amazing functions that are central to processing of negative and negative combinations of words and incorrect combinations of words and it’s how our mind’s eye sees. The words that come into meditators that give them answers or that reveal ‘truth’ pass through the crystals of the pineal gland to be translated into a language we can understand. The mystics had intellectual visions. If you’ve wondered how we hear God in English in our minds, this is the hearing organ. You can experience the script downloading an entire paragraph into your mind in a moment and then you may have to sit there and speak it out one word at a time so you see it. the charismatic words of knowledge come through the pineal gland. It’s a theater room in our brains responsible for people thinking they are having out of body experiences and astral visits. Medicine men take these ‘visits’ talk to someone and come back with answers to heal someone. It’s all games played on us to use up incorrect combinations of words. And if you have a bad psychedelic drug, or tea, or mushroom trip, it uses up negative and negative combinations of words.

You get out of hell when you are done using up your portion of the negative and incorrect words.

Note 19

"The meek shall inherit the earth."

The Holy Spirit/script reveals the negative behaviors. People who study human traits and behavior and figure out what encourages emotional and physical strength and survival verses emotional and physical ill heath and death have come up with very sophisticated programs for educating people on what they do that is messing up their lives (See the ancient Enneagram in Note 33.). It's been very helpful to be aware of the different kinds of personalities and the specific things people say and do that are keeping them from having relationships and a life that works. The principle that they are experiencing in these programs is the mystical "see" then "become" what you want to be so you can have what makes you happy. There are different ways that the Holy Spirit will do this that are customized for you. I'm going to mention the ones that were what I needed to see.

I recently watched the children's movie Zootopia and the words 'predator' and 'prey' were integrated with other facets I'd been shown. There are two basic personality types, the Bible's 'lion' or 'wolves' and 'lamb' or 'sheep,' or the predator type person who want to be the chief and the prey type of person who prefer to be the followers, which have destructive shadow sides. Everyone falls on a spectrum of these two types. At one end of the spectrum are the predators who are the present, strong, bold, harsh, assertive, dogmatic, condescending, demeaning, manipulating and domineering masters. For them making relationships is about an ego's agenda or goal. To them the prey are pieces on a chess board to be moved around. The players are in this group. At the other end the prey are the weak, timid, quiet, gentle, trusting, easily imposed on, needy, humble, and the overly self sacrificing, submissive people pleasing servants. For them a relationship is a loving connection and friendship which they easily get too messed up to be able to have. They are the wholesome 'only have eyes for' one woman or one man group. Everyone has traits from both sides but fall primarily on one side or the other of the spectrum. We are at a time when the worst of both personality types have built up to an emotionally unhealthy place and the worst of the negative patterns or programs are running as they interact with each other creating the friction, like sand being kicked into oysters, that evolves everyone into pearls. When someone passes through their darker night they become aware of what these self-destructive programs are that they are running that is sabotaging relationships for both types of people. The transformation process shuts these programs down. Both types of people recognize each other and see the game that has been going on between them to use up negative combinations of words and their hearts cry out to the matrix for the positive behaviors. The best of the opposites creating the best that relationships can possibly be is born out of this and all serve one another. There are no more negative traits or behaviors or reactionary negative programs.

You become aware of the deeper more complex and tangled up relationships between people when become aware of the psychologically unhealthy behaviors that the Holy Spirit is cleaning up during the Great Tribulation. Dysfunctional behavior (like being messy, wasteful and disorganized or OCD) and aberrated behavior (not reacting appropriately to people and situations due to negative charged similar memories to the moment) make life the opposite of stress free, peaceful, and running smoothly and happily. Our issues are reaching the place of being as complex as they can be and we will have no previous awareness of the words we've been burning up until they are shown to us. A person can be very good at organizing but in-between things being put in order, their daily habit is creating a house of chaos that reveals the underlying negative combinations of words program they are running. This is also the person who’s cup is clean on the outside, but if you open their closets you see that a shadow program is running that they can't do in heaven. You won't think it matters. You can't image how it could matter. In the night you will be supernaturally bothered to do all things orderly. It will be like being in an army camp with a drill sergeant inspection every morning before you are allowed to leave the house. Driving around the block three times is OCD. This discipline is not OCD. The Holy Spirit is riding you. It's about the higher frequency teachings being able to come in. Your environment has to be positively arranged. The experience and other similar to it where you know you have to do something (like go back and check it you locked the house or car) also breaks you.

The narcissist and codependent pattern have been passed down from generation to generation and have evolved into very impossible situations continuing the spiral into the deepest part of hell. Narcissists are manipulators who run other people's lives and they cross personal boundaries and have no empathy for the people they violate. Even just nosey behavior is a person running a narcissist program and crossing over personal boundaries that hurt someone else’s mental health and life.

All anti-social behavior down to the smallest details — things like invalidating someone else’s ideas, gossip, malice, negativity, blame shifting, being inconsiderate — needs to be recognized for what it is. When the Holy Spirit makes you aware of the bad programs you are running and you become conscious of them when they are happening and you feel an intensified pain of being that way and how it hurts others. This is a growing pain of the transformation and the result of seeing the behavior and having it cause you pain you spontaneously become the opposite.

Some of the behavior will stay to the end like a thorn keeping you broken. For example, I go the wrong way a lot when driving. I waste paper products. I can’t get into the flow of a conversation and take my turn talking at the right time. I impolitely talk over people and interrupt. I’m not responsible for it but I feel bad and it humbles me. In a cocoon you suffer social anxiety because you don't fit. You feel detached and humans that are isolated from others don’t thrive emotionally. The opposite of being carefree and happy and feeling love towards others.

This overlaps the study on the neurotransmitters because this is caused by words in a sense neurotransmitter. It also overlaps with the study of the Tower of Babel (Note 34) where being separated began with the different physical languages and “separate’ was put in the SeN where it would fully evolve.

Note 20

We transform from Jacob ‘the manipulator’ who thinks what he does originates from him and that he’s in charge of making something of his life, to Israel, who’s been broken and made holy and operates differently, walking as God would.

The things that happen to each of us in our darker nights are unique. This is the biblical ‘white [sanctified, clean] stone with a name only we know.’ There is so much that happens to us in a darker night, all the school rooms set up for us with different things going on, that there is no way we can tell people everything that happens to us. This is part of how we feel alone. We can’t even write it all down. The Newer Testament will be explaining the experiences to expect, with examples of the unique details of some people’s school rooms.

The “overturning of the hills” “the death laid to waste” involves not just the belief systems being destroyed, David was physically on the ground in ashes the Holy Spirit was convicting him. Even when you know you are not responsible, you may be on the ground in pain. The Holy Spirit plays the ghost of Christmas past. Negative things you’ve done come to your conscious and it haunts you. Guilt is not real. You were not responsible but you will still feel guilt. This happens with a lot of things. Your mind knows the truth but words will still come into you reacting to the drama of life according to the illusion belief system. It’s very difficult to be in the middle of moving from one age to the other. But it enables you to see how you are a puppet and how the words come in and animate you. You want to respond and live according to the truth, but you don’t get to yet. Both anxiety and guilt are very strong tools to evolve you that are needed all the way until you are done. You also know that nothing anyone else does is their doing but you still have condemning thoughts coming in. The pain of having them come in is another specific tool to evolve you into a human being who only processes positive words about people.

Note 21

’Carrying your cross and following Jesus’ are central words that we need as part of our language to articulate the transformation/evolutionary process in order to get out of hell. This note will look at this through several facets.

It was in God's being's DNA to have the script write the Old and New Testaments according to the level of mankind’s ability to see THE truth which mankind had very little of (See last View/facet in this section.). What the simple/immature human mind was able to think, or rather, what it instinctively did was to look to God for its physical and emotional needs. In ancient times some people went to the ’God’ of the Bible but also other definitions of the word ‘God’ in the form of gods, priests and kings. The Tower of Babel was for this purpose. It was one of the many structures built to connect to ‘God,’ worshipping Him/them, appeasing His/their anger, and asking for help and being a stairway for ‘God’ to come down to Earth.

When Jesus came he made a radical change to this childlike level of thinking. He spoke the words ‘pick up your cross and follow Me,’ and with this he planted a seed of the right way to connect to God's being that people would have the ability to understand when their minds matured. The cross words are the only ones that direct the channels that are growing to the right location in God's being. These specific words in the spiritual neurotransmitters enable a man to know Jesus' thoughts and His heart, His soul, what He felt on the cross. It's an organic connection all 8 billion people need to make in order for God's being to finish becoming all that it's becoming.

Reaching the end of the death and resurrection process of the cross and completing the connection would mean much more than just surviving or being content. The more powerful work of picking up our crosses and going through the hell of a darker night frees us of all negative things forever. There would be no more suffering. People would only know happiness and they would live in a heavenly environment on earth. The seed the the words 'carrying your cross and follow Me' would begin to sprout in some people after Jesus left and they would live a mysterious foreshadow of its meaning, but the seeds would not bloom and be fully understood for their critical role in transitioning us into heaven until the Great Tribulation completed the evolution of mankind’s minds.

As the way to heaven was muffled, the ancient way of connecting to God has remained manifesting itself in all different forms of structures and beliefs concerning God. The Newer Testament is the real Tower of Babel.

The sprouting of Jesus’ cross' seed has been the mystics and their dark nights, beginning with St. Paul. As part of the incremental unfolding of the transformation/evolutionary process, the seed of carrying our own crosses and being transformed was experienced by a few people who reached the mystic level within the various religious and spiritual groups that have been formed down through history. Today these groups of mystics can resonate with one another’s words that are used use to articulate the phenomena of evolving. But the groups remain separate because of the different basic teachings of their religions concerning realty that their mystical language evolved from. For all of them what was happening to them was being explained using more matured but still childlike human minds. Without the growth that occurs in the darker night, they couldn’t keep moving. It’s as if the groups entered the transformation/evolutionary process and instead of one way through, a labyrinth was formed with all the different mystical/spiritual languages and each group staying in a dead end.

Over time though, the growth of the different languages produced some of the words that would be brought together to become the Newer Testament showing them that they were in dead ends and showing them the right way out. At this time, all these groups are still with us. There are simple spiritual peoples concerned with healing and survival. The more complex mystic saw an escape from suffering like the Buddhists. ‘The secret’ groups used quantum physics to reach the divine for prosperity and happiness and God played their game without them having to suffer. Scientologists climb up their bridge, higher Operating Thetan levels of ability, to become a more powerful Operating Thetan that ‘moves mountains’ and becomes successful and happy, again without any understanding of all suffering being the development of the latent human abilities on a straight evolutionary time line. They experience paranormal things from the script that reinforces their belief system, layers of illusions in each of the belief systems making them think that what they have is the truth concerning reality. Scientology does extensive work to help people so that they will believe in God. But it’s not the biblical story of God with a plan and Jesus’ cross, and a happily ever after story for everyone forever. The view they have of reality came from a pineal gland holodeck experience. But they have pieces of the Newer Testament language God is using to get us to the end of the story. We go the wrong way to find the right way. The many groups have all had pieces to seeing the way to heaven mixed with the incorrect combinations of words in God’s being that they have been using up.

The modern manifestation of the unrenewed mind’s ancient Tower of Babel way of connecting to God is carrying your cross and following Jesus, which is getting through the script's school, articulating what is happening to you so you keep moving through the transformation/evolutionary process into a heavenly life. That practice becomes central to your belief system. And the reason for going to church, helping others, and the words of prayer would change accordingly.

Another View (facet)

Miracles are not what are going to capture the minds and hearts of today’s world. For the less evolved minds, miracles work temporarily to show them God's presence. For the rich countries something more complex and spectacular is needed. With the Newer Testament the latent abilities of human being develop and the person finds that its words are the way through the labyrinth and out into a life they could never have dreamed would be real.

Another View

The word ’sin’ needs to be seen for the role it played. Feeling pride for things that go well, and the feelings and thoughts that go with failures are part of the illusion of the unrenewed mind. The truth is nothing that we’ve ever done or said originated from us. It’s not that we are helpless because we don’t know what to do, or we don’t have the strength or ability. It’s more than helplessness. We don’t do anything. Strings of words are coming into us from God’s being through many different channels animating us like puppets.

This means that we are not responsible for anything we do or say. ‘Sin’ is an illusion word. This changes the meaning of why God died on the cross. God’s being had every negative word, every negative combinations of words, every incorrect combination of words and mankind has been using them up since the Garden of Eden. We all have our jobs getting rid of these negative words in God’s being, and as we do this they organically us into humans who are only able to process the positive words, combinations of positive words and the correct combinations of words that are left after the negative ones are gone. We each carry our cross to become holy. And the Great Tribulation is going to put everything in order, clean us all up and clean the planet up, making everything ready to make the transfer into being heaven.

Another View

The words in a Christian language ‘Jesus’ painful life and his death on a cross and picking up our own cross and following him, was a pivotal change in language introducing critical new words that are needed to articulate what is going on in order to get through the transformation process and escape hell. St. Paul went through his cross and spoke the mystical language that was unheard of in the Old Testament age that would be needed now, 2000 years later, for the Great Tribulation.

Every Christian should have been a mystic but the words that would have made a much more peaceful Christendom was stuck in a religious level with an unrenewed mind’s understanding of the Bible causing division and cruelty amongst Christians. The way to heaven through carrying your cross that Jesus showed us was gone. Instead the main teaching concerning ‘suffering’ is something evil we are supposed to escape from. We are always praying to escape from something bad that is going on in life that is painful, with very little, if any, thought of pain having something to do with transformation. The teachings of the cross are fuzzy.

The Catholics had people giving money to the church with the promise of getting their loved ones out of purgatory. Today as Christianity grew sideways the definition of ‘suffering’ as ‘carrying your cross to be transformed,’ instead of being the main focus is some kind of afterthought following the primary definition of suffering as the result of a actual being called Satan who’s agenda is messing us up. One of the largest televised churches and Christian outreach in the world, headquartered in Orange County, CA, has their teaching on suffering centered around an evil being and you need to go through classes to examine what you are doing wrong and pray for deliverance from his many bad spirits. People flock to church in pain looking for the answer and the answer they find is to pray for deliverance from whatever it is that is causing them distress.

It’s not wrong to try to make your life as close to heaven as possible. We are not masochistic in a dark night. We need to fight back and fix everything that goes wrong as much as we can. In the dawn of the night we make our surroundings as beautiful and orderly as we can because this is getting your house in order. The problem is teaching that suffering is from the devil and God meant for us to have an abundant life before we carry our crosses and follow Jesus. Jesus showed us the mystical way to heaven.

Another View

The process is limited if you have a concept of the cross only doing the transforming work as the result of persecution or few other select types of suffering having to do with your faith. This view slows one’s transformation down. If you see clearly that all negative words coming into you and into your circumstances causing pain is the cross transforming you, you get un-bogged down in the process. The more dynamic the process is happening, the more clear this becomes to you. In the meantime the wrong definition of the cross has been using up incorrect combinations of words and no tear happens without a purpose. Transformation took place that will enable you to go faster through school when the time comes. But you have to have a clear understanding that all pain is organic growing pain in order to survive a darker night. People are dying because this truth is not out there and they think something is wrong with them. There is no solution for intense growing pains of darker nights except the truth that will get you out of it. Drugs only make it worse.

Another View

Like having to play a game with a child game, the script unfolding out of God's DNA has always, and has needed to, meet mankind at the level they had developed to, whatever our minds had the ability to believe, so that we would feel secure, an emotional homeostasis, and continue to use up negative and incorrect words. But mankind is now at the place now where the worst of them are coming in and we are going to need the truth in our minds and work together in order to keep going through the evolutionary process of His being. The Newer Testament is going to get Christendom back on track by everyone entering a darker night of the soul and becoming a mystic and living the Bible’s words ’picking up your cross and following Jesus.’ Jesus’ life and death, both of which were the cross, were a picture of what we live that transforms/evolves us into the fully functioning humans we need to be now. As Christendom is getting back on track, the rest of the world will be coming into the fold as their darker nights ravage their belief systems and their lives, evolving their minds to need the truth.

Another View

The mystic condition of being St. Paul’s “no longer I” as a result of transformation needs to be explained. This phenomena has been known as ‘becoming God’s voice and hand and feet.’ A paranormal experience that can only be understood when you are experiencing having become that way. You are aware that you are a glove that God fills and then moves you to care for others. This is a remarkable place to have matured to in the New Testament age.

The darker night transformation is becoming more like God because more is needed at this time in order to help God. When you see that you are a puppet, you can be put through a deeper work to make you holy and as you finish using up your portion of negative words in God’s being, more positive strings of words are animating you and you start navigating life more like God would if He was living your life. And with all your latent abilities now functioning you are powerfully moving situations to get the job of everyone else getting through the process, being one of their teachers in God’s school, and using up their portion of negative words, becoming holy and connecting to God’s being.

Another View

Adam and Eve were not able to see the truth. It was not just because their minds were not renewed/evolved. It was because they didn’t have the vocabulary. And in order to have the vocabulary, mankind had to develop to the time were there was technology. In face most of the words God needed us to know so that we could understand Him when He explained everything to us only became part of our world in recent history. Everything that has taken place needed to happen first so that the vocabulary would be there. It’s there now. Once in place, then the mind would need to be fully developed to see it. It’s too complex for the unrenewed mind. Connecting these notes together requires a complex and sophisticated structure and thinking ability.

The unrenewed mind that only uses part of the mind has been developing down through the centuries and has been being prepared to have the rest of it operating. Adam and Eve did not have ‘words’ in their vocabulary. God had no way to have a relationship with them in an authentic way because of all the words that hadn’t been part of their experience, and therefore their vocabulary, that are needed to understand the truth. He could not have said that He was made out of all words negative and positive and that the words were evolving to become all that they could be, first negative then positive, and part of them lowered their frequency and manifested themselves physically etc. If a person today doesn’t have these words in their vocabulary, they can look them up in the dictionary. You see the condition at the beginning, and then you can see the brilliance of how His being handled it. Not having the truth about reality and not having any know how about anything meant no end of learning by mistakes and having relationship problems that would develop his mind in thousands of different ways. This is true today. Anyone who hasn’t had the deeper mystical experiences, doesn’t have the vocabulary. but the difference is, someone else has and it’s on the internet.

The Greeks were cultured and artistic and they had brilliant philosophers with the gift of being wordsmiths and of speaking. At this time, people really knew the word ‘word.’ God could have told someone that His being is made of words but it would have been useless without the rest of the terms like evolution, simple to complex. In order for the words simple to complex to become a part of this world’s vocabulary, the world needed time to have things develop from simple to complex, make the observation and add those words. For all the words that were needed by God to expelling the truth to us He had to wait until we had the rest of the experiences that came about by all the different ways we went.

Then the Newer Testament explanation using these words required the mind’s more developed ability to see in order to see what they meant. 'Seeing’ the truth is done by the mind in connection with the pineal gland 'eye.' The pineal gland is an eye-like structure in the brain that is the connection between the physical brain and the unseen mind. It is where the mystical seminary takes place with the Holy Spirit teaching you and the levels of consciousness. Our mind's eye is opened incrementally by the darker night revealing the truth about everything.

To the extent that people have had the necessary experiences and are familiar with the other belief systems in these notes their minds would move more quickly to get the truth in place. Others who lived simple lives, never developed their minds in school to be able to do research and make comparisons will have to work harder to get there.

Note 22

From psychology, we need to see the word ‘ego.’ It’s your ‘self.’ We are spontaneously transforming from self-centered, self-important, judgmental, and self-righteous people, and people who value themselves and others according to education, job, fashion and culture, and are defined by their wealth, into people with the fine humanity, being as God would be towards others, who understand that the real treasure is inside, and the nice things of life are just things to be enjoyed and to make your life like heaven.

From the “Deeper Dark Night” article:

Unevolved ego thinks what it accomplishes originates from itself. Because of this belief system, it is self righteously looking down on others.

Unevolved ego doesn’t understand spiritual growth and being a better person and they are close-minded to the idea that their belief system might be completely wrong.

Unevolved egos gets set in their way especially if they live alone for a long time making it painful for them to accommodate others.

Unevolved ego puts the worst interpretation on life, talks negatively, thrives on drama and gossip and all misperceiving, judging and misjudging of others, and rubbernecks on the road to get a view of others’ misfortune. It hungers for bad news in the paper and on TV. It’s looking for dirt and bad things like the cells of the physical body crave sugar.

Ego runs a chronic program, a continuing effort to build up its self-esteem due to feeling responsible for the things it’s ‘done wrong’ or things others would look down that would cause it humiliation that it hides in a closet, .

If you feel your bristles come up on your back and snap back at something that has been said, defending yourself, ego is still unevolved and in the way of God being able to use us to help people.

The unevolved ego can read the latest how to books and keep yourself in the know about everything and keep up on the trends on house decor and clothing all to feed itself and to feel secure. It's not good to think you are doing well because you are successful at this. Becoming this strongly lead by these things will make it harder for ego to let go and be steered by God. And while this is happening ego can read too much and depend too much on the information out there to make decisions about life, causing a mind to have a stronger grip on the illusion of being in control and feeling responsible. And all the information will be like laws to live by wired into a mind involving too much thinking that will get in the way of God being able to move a person. He will have to send in a lot more of Murphy's law making life impossible to control so that ego lets go of the wisdom, the trends and answers, of the world that ego runs to manage its life. For the evolving ego answers are still found out there but it doesn't experience the overwhelming amount of information out there. It is lead to the right book and the right paragraph or the right article on the right website. It experiences being efficient and at peace when it comes to what answer you need to use or direction you need to take. There is security in having this connection and watching God show you what He wants you to do. But making mistakes is still necessary and so you may get angry and there is also anxiety. Eventually ego will surrender and let go of having a negative opinion and being angry along with all illusion responses that don't make sense. Not having things go well is part of getting you to where you want to be. It's all good. It just feels bad.

An evolved ego is past the illusion belief system which condemns us and where there is grief and worry and now experiences peace of mind as it looks around and plays its role. An evolved ego doesn't need to win. It doesn't need to be in charge. It's not worried about what it's going to say or do because God's being has written a script that is controlling everything you are doing and saying. In your darker night you will see the illusion and know a great deal of the truth but as you are transitioning between what you were and what you are becoming, you will still live in fear and the negative words coming into your mind and heart won't be mirroring the truth. But an ego that has let go of thinking it's on its own, one that is no longer separated (from God) because its speaking the illusion language, now experiences the views and wants of a 'self' that is only according to God's way of thinking which is much better than anything unevolved ego could have thought to want. When ego can see like God see, it lives and thinks according to what's really going on at this moment in time. Everything that is going on in the present that is negative is going to be fixed during the Great Tribulation, so as you look around the brokenness and negative behavior doesn't cause you any concern. The evolved ego thinks and feels according to the Plan that all past negative memories are part of the negative combinations of words that are being burned up and they are going to all disappear once they have done their job. And the evolved ego knows that all that was beautiful that was lost and destroyed by our foolish dog eat dog behavior towards one another is going to be restored, so they aren't a problem we will regret either. You look at the world and you don't see problems the way you used to. You see them and feel them with peace in your heart that matches the words, 'We are close to heaven. It's all going to be okay.' The negative thoughts always criticizing and tearing others down stop and are replaced with loving thoughts and wanting to care for everyone. All the fighting. All the hurting. All the problems whatever form they take are all disappearing forever.

Part of ego dying is not feeling the (false) sense of being in control as it finds solutions and ends problems. Unevolved ego is caught in the rules that are set up in the illusion. 'If this, then that.' When something goes wrong, we look for the reason and we change so we don't suffer again. In the darker night, it's all random. Sometimes it follows the fake rules and sometimes not. There is peace in this when it comes to bad outcomes. You let go of the rules and don't believe in particular if this, then that bad outcomes. There is also insecurity because the rules that life appeared to work according to, that you had an emotional dependence on, are not working the same and you are living in the reality of the how words work (Note 32). They are doing what they need to do to evolve you and the only security is in the certainty of the plan of God's being to create heaven for everyone.

I still have to follow dietary rules or I suffer but I know it's fake and it was set up to use up negative and incorrect words, train me and transform me and it's going away and I will be able to eat whatever I want with no consequences. I have two health issues that normally would eventually require surgery. I don't know but my thoughts are that I don't think I need anything more this dramatic to complete my transformation. It makes sense that the discomfort and thoughts of them are enough for what is left and then the words that are manifesting themselves this will go away. Thinking this way is to not be intellectually and emotionally caught in 'if this, then that.' But I still have one foot in the illusion so words still come in and torment me. I haven't become someone who doesn't have to go along with the game still. As I make the transition I'm finding myself letting go of looking for solutions and more going along for the ride. There is peace in letting go of this game of survival and just watching what happens. It begins with the truth about how words work. It's knowing that anything can happen or not happen. Words have followed 'if this, then that' rules to make us as unevolved children secure. We needed to feel we were in control but in the darker night, your life stops following the rules that make up your belief system and you feel out of control and you see the illusion vs reality. Words can come in and out any way they want to.

You will come to see how the physical world using the pictures of a holodeck or a display where the words coming in and out are the pixels that change on the screen, and instead of one part of the physical world being responsible for another part of the physical world, they are separate strings of words that have been creating illusions by making it look like one thing effects the other which we then come to expect and we actually become a part of creating. Even though we are becoming more conscious in the leap process, we still may not see the truth about the illusions for a long time and will continue to be caught in them creating more layers of illusions to be evolved by. Eating a lot of food does not directly make you overweight. A healthy diet does not directly heal a disease. Aging is layers of illusions built up over the years as the words that manifest as our bodies, come in and out incrementally making us appear to age. As long as we think this is how it works, this is how it will happen and we are evolved by the suffering of these illusions. The secret to immortality is to see this clearly and have the truth wired into your mind but the illusion that one thing directly effects the other is kept up and haunts you until the end of the process because this thinking is the key to the problems and NCWs that are your portion to burn up and be evolved by. Seeing the truth clearly is how you can be bit by a snake and nothing happens and you drive through another car instead of hitting it. Ego thinks it's in control and it blames things and people including yourself for what happens. The renewed mind is in neutral instead of full of opinions and concepts. It's still and quiet instead of being angry about what is going on or reacting some other negative way. It's your mind and heart being in the stillness below, instead of tossed about by the waves at the surface as you live the drama of life created by illusions making life tougher, because you have the truth about this life close to your conscious and are living it knowing the reality of it. The rules are changing, meaning they aren't being stable anymore so that people are losing the security of the fake rules as words start to show that they don't have to follow the 'if this, then that's and when an 'if this' happens, words can not change anything or make a good or bad change. And what they do has to do with where your are in your transformation process. This view replaces the physical minded one that says 'if this physical thing happens, then that physical thing happens.' The reality is anything can happen and when you are done being transformed only good can happen, breaking all the fake rules of this life that have a bad 'then that.' It makes the past, present and the future look very different as you look at life with these glasses.

At midnight of the darker night, there is panic as it all goes badly. Your mind sees this as life and there is no end in sight. You live the Bible's eternity in hell. This mindset, according to the law of quantum physics, attracts and so continues the spiral of difficult problems and the isolation and torture they cause. Then as the dawn is coming because of all the revelations, school is showing you all the nuances of wrong thinking that created the worry and stress that are now going to stop in incremental steps because you can see them and begin to taste what life is without them. Now that seeing, the other side of hell, works with quantum physics to call the opposite of stress, peace in life and in your mind, into being. The result of your ego letting go of the illusion thinking is the quiet mind, a peaceful mind. The painful negative mind chatter all shuts off when you see all the nuances/facets to this diamond. "I will restore what the locusts have eaten away."

We get a taste of the peace when we see the reality that a life in this place where the illusions are building up is really very short, and everyone — all the disabled and mentally challenged, the poor and marginalized and all the people who went off the rails and left life, and your child that you have grieved over because for whatever reason they didn't fall in love and get married and have children — all human beings, the somebodies to the nobodies, will all make their full connection to God and have enchanted bodies and be living an enchanted life in the enchanted Kingdom of God's being forever. It's one thing to know this truth but it's entirely different when you no longer experience feeling the emotions attached to the losses and disappointments of the illusion life. The ability to think and feel this way and be at peace about everyone can only happen when your mind can relate to heaven. And heaven can't be an enigma that you can't mentally wrap your brain around, or emotionally connect to, or quantum physics can't create it in your life. You have to be able to envision it. 'As you see it, it becomes. You do this by comparing hell to heaven and learning the language until it's hard wired in your brain. Your heart needs to be desperately pulling on 'the matrix' that everything is made out of, articulating the steps of the processing in the cocoon until you step out into heaven or it can't happen. Every step you take from the moment the Great Tribulation starts, you have to see perfectly and long for in agony, or you will be stuck until you do. It can't be fuzzy. When you are sitting in your cocoon, waiting, there's a taste of peace in knowing that you know and you are almost done.

There is a battle when we go through the exercises of thoughts coming in that are illusion life thoughts — wrong, nonsense, not what we want to be thinking, not what we really believe, and a lot of words making us feel responsible and guilty. The evolving mind is battling to pull out of the illusion drama and those thoughts passing through our minds all the time to only having the truth, thoughts that are pleasant or meaningful to getting ourselves and everyone else coming into our minds. As you battle them you will remind yourself that you are not responsible for any of these negative thoughts. These kinds of words are a big part of our portion of the negative words we are burning up that end when the training of the school is complete. When that battle is ending, our soul (mind and heart) are tasting peace. A list needs to be made of all the kinds of negative words we are battling so we see them clearly. Peace is the opposite of all things that are stressful and all the chaos and problems and the resulting pain. To the extent that you see what the peace is, you become a person who is experiencing all these different kinds of words being gone. Peace and joy is the opposite of the pain of these words.

This is a unique and special time. Knowing the truth we can have peace no other generation could. I have a small collection of dolls that I have had for years and they have been through the storms of my life as I moved from place to place along with old family furniture. All of these things have suffered damage for one reason or another. It's a loss that has been painful along with other losses like my marriage and other relationships. As I read history I was sad about the loss of lovely buildings because of wars. But I no longer live that way. Now different words, thoughts that are aligned with the future God shows us when we our eyes are opened, come into me as I look at these things. There is peace as a result of seeing/knowing all the different things that were lost or destroyed are going to be restored, and not only restored but "all things new" means being made heavenly or glorious for which I like to use the word 'enchanted.' And as you weep or get angry over what you or someone else has done to your child and the pain it's causing them as they struggle to have a good life, there is peace when you know all these opposites of heaven are transforming them making their hearts reach for heaven.

Everyone from all different belief systems are experiencing ego dying and being transformed. All people are being made ready to enter the Great Tribulation and be completed in the most evolved form of the transformation process using the Biblical language that they are missing. There is peace in knowing no one is going to hell.

And there is peace in knowing all of this is almost over.

Note 23

The ‘beast’ is the part of the negative and negative combinations of words that we are burning up. The explanation of the beast overlaps the books on cleaning up the body and “no longer I” that discussed the behavior of the unevolved ego that is self-centered. The beast also includes all the things like mistreatment of anything, the sickening cruelty and viciousness of men towards other human beings, insane or crazy behavior, evil, perversity, barbarism, scamming, hacking, stealing, misrepresenting, lying, tricking, jealousy, envy, unpleasantness, uncouth, bullying, disrespectful, bad-mannered, rubbernecking, ugliness, dirtiness, sloppiness, laziness, untidiness, disorder, disfunction, immature, weird, peculiar and abberated behavior, physical and mental illnesses and aging.

Note 24

The ‘false prophet’ are the incorrect combinations of words that we are burning up. And all the 'what ifs’ that we fear are false prophet. All the scenarios we run inner minds about what people might be thinking or what might be happening or what is going to happen are all false prophets incorrect combinations of words The mirages in the desert are circumstances that we think are the door our of our cocoon, our rescue that turn out not to be nothing.

Note 25

The ‘anti-christ’ is the unclear words of untruth and deformed truth. It’s the incorrect combinations of words we are burning up. All the wrong belief systems and all the strings of words that were incorrect as they are being wired and rewired until the strings in the mind concerning truth are all the right words in the right order. Lies are untruth about reality. If the word crazy, with regard to the transition to the Newer Testament being real, keeps coming into your mind, it’s anti-christ. Every time the old way of thinking comes in and makes you feel guilty about something you did, you have to speak the truth back to it as if it were a being. This exercise may happen with a lot of the teachings. Anti-christ will test you and will also see how fast you notice that there is a negative string of words in your mind. It will also test you by sending in a string of words that are not exactly right and you have to fix them. You can do this by either speaking or writing it correctly. This overlaps with the research on the spiritual neurotransmitters because when the ‘crazy’ word comes into your mind there is a sense/feeling that comes with it that is scary. Your belief system is being challenged which shakes its foundation and you are sensing the confusion and have to stop it by speaking the truth. It is so powerful and extraordinary and brilliant there is no other explanation for the darker night experience than being moved into the Newer Testament age just as it says it’s doing.

Note 26

Revelation’s “weeping and gnashing of teeth” are feelings being nailed to the cross or stuck in the cocoon. The two emotions are a different response to the games being played on you and the awful pain and not being able to take it anymore. The condition of being in hell makes you both grieve bitterly and get very angry. You want to scream ‘enough is enough!’ and it erupts into tears that are like being outside yourself and feeling sorry for you and there’s some begging to be let out involved. You also vacillate back and for between weariness and feeling energetic, another version of the suffering and revelation cycle that is evolving you.

Note 27

Revelation’s “death will elude them” is the pot holes in hell were you wish you were dead. Actual suicides slow down and stop in the Newer Testament age as people know what is going on. The hunger to be in heaven is a hospital tool that is the negative energy in the cocoon that is evolving us all the time. When something else happens to increase the pain, the word 'suicide' comes in. The longing for happiness and heaven can also reach the level of 'suicide' thoughts coming in especially if you through you were getting out of your cocoon and it was another false prophet mirage. These are the deeper places in hell that are evolving your being to have the ability to handle the opposite feelings of being in 'hell.'

Note 28

The Bible’s ‘stretching of the wines sacks’ is what you are experiencing right now. It’s a feeling that happens as the rest of your mind is being expanded to handle the teachings. You hear the higher words that you can’t see yet, that are roar then you can handle so it hurts as your mind starts to make the necessary organic changes to have the ability to see them. Eventually connecting to the truth.

Note 29

There are common experiences of the mind renewing that people need to be a aware of and then experience being conscious of them happening and articulate what is happening as it happens. As you do this, it becomes clearer what is happening and you get practice so that when the script gives you an exam by having a bunch of things happen that have been evolving you, and you need to be looking at them and saying what they are using the clear language.

Your mind reaching for something you barely saw that you know you need to write more about and you are trying to see it again so you can do it. It eludes you like a game to get you to organically grow and fully connect to God’s being. Life interrupting you and being annoyed by it even though you need the break to rest your mind, or go through something else so you can come back and see what you were writing about better. There’s also the experience of mind twisting to see something.

Note 30

The apocalypse is the destruction of the last and worst of the negative and negative combinations of words and most highly developed incorrect combinations of words belief systems. As you go through a darker night, you will see the correct interpretation of the words in Revelation.

One of the authors should go through Revelation and explain all the pictures using clear words. Many of the words in Revelation are about negative words, negative and incorrect combinations of words reaching their fully evolved definition, becoming all that they can be in the physical world, and then all being all burnt up and gone. And then you see the good pictures of the positive words that are left and flowing into us and becoming all that they can be for eternity.

Note 31

The Great Tribulation where everyone is passing through the evolutionary leap and being taught the one truth is the fulfillment of the script's purpose at the Tower of Babel. The opposite of separation is going to happen as a result of ‘separation’ becoming all it can be negatively. We were separated physically and then developed our own separate language about God, including belief systems with no god, that has caused no end of trouble, wars and vicious cruelty. The next negative manifestation of ‘separate’ in the SeN was to take place in the cocoon of the Great Tribulation. It isolates us individually — no warm fuzzies with God or with anyone — maxing out experience of the Tower of Babel separation, enabling us to make the connection to God the right way.

In The Story of Architecture, Jonathan Glancey explains the reason behind the design of the first structures. (See also “Art and the Journey Through Darkness Into Light” on the make heaven website.)

From the website:

"The story of architecture is one of remarkable human endeavor, one of the means through which we try to create order and make sense of our endlessly intriguing, yet messy world...

"It is the greatest visible means by which we celebrate our wealth and health...and a form of staircase to heaven. From ancient times — about eight or nine thousand years ago — humankind began reaching for the sky with extraordinary structures that resemble either holy mountains [pyramids] or early lightening conductors [towers,steeples] up which their priests could ascend to meet the sky-gods or down which , presumably, the gods could step to Earth.

"The first real works of architecture we know of are temple. This makes sense. Ever since the Bronze Age when the male (or sky) gods triumphed over the prehistoric earth goddess[es] in most parts of the world, mankind has attempted to connect with the eternal and to build in harmony with the cosmos. The fact that ancient temples are designed to line up with equinoxes and eclipses and other movements and patterns seen in the start would come as no surprise. Mankind wanted to tune in with the mind that created the universe."

Mankind has always sought God or gods first to survive, and then to be happy and live in a beautiful environment. The ancients believed that a connection to the gods "would make land or sea fruitful."

The towering ziggurat (stepped pyramid) in Sumaria "would have been visible for miles across the pain, a sign to farmers in outlying irrigated pastures that their priests were intervening with the gods on their behalf...

"Stonehenge...an observatory or temple of sorts, was probably the mainspring of a giant theodolite or clock that, connected to a network of megalithic stone circles set around Britain, enabled our ancient forbears to read the stars and thus navigate their ancient trade routes successfully.

"Architecture has always been something of a religion and architects a kind of priesthood…

"The Forbidden City conforms to all the rules of feng shui['wind and water'], the 'science' [quantum physics] by which buildings must be laid out if the gods are to be appeased and good fortune follow."

The indigenous religion of Japan is Shinto. There are thousands of all different kinds of shrines all over Japan, many that take you through a walk with nature to make a spiritual connection that will help you with different aspects of life. Zen Buddhism is the second major religion in Japan. It influenced architecture. Many houses in Japan have miniature gardens representing nature that were not for walking through but for contemplation from inside the house. Practicing quantum physics has been a way of life that people have not been aware that they are doing, that they will see for what it is in a darker night.

Kings took on the roles of being gods protecting and providing for the people and grand palaces and tombs where built for them.

The story of the Tower of Babel, possibly architecture inspired by the ziggurat, was a lesson on connecting to God the wrong way and God's separation of us began a path that would lead to our consciousness being awakened to figure out the right way to connect and be in heaven. It's not outward steps up a mountain, or bricks and stones built high into the sky that brings heaven here. It's an inward path to higher levels of consciousness and clearer truth that enables us to know God and create heaven on Earth. But God has played along with the game, granting rain and good fortune to some, to keep the fuzzy understanding of the science of quantum physics alive and evolving.

Mankind has been passing through an evolutionary path of worldviews — religious, modern, postmodern, integral — out of seeing darkly to finding the pieces in each place that are put together to have clearer understanding about the deeper things of life. Art reflects this process. Artists combine styles from everywhere. The Castillo Monumento Colomares, a castle in Spain honoring Christopher Columbus, features a mixture of Moorish, Byzantine, Romanesque and Gothic architecture styles. We now live in a modern world where all the styles are mixed together just as major cities are filled with all the peoples of the world. This speaks of the evolutionary path to the truth and the ultimate heaven on earth we belong in, that is built from the beliefs and beauty that is found everywhere in the world and that have been passed down through history.

In all these wrong ways to reach God there was something right. They are the outward expression of the heart's longing for heaven which makes them a quantum physics vision board. People are drawn to these places in the world because of the energy of the words that these places are made out of. Heavenly earth will be covered with beautiful places like the Chinese 7,165 acre Summer Palace with its pavilions and intricate gardens, only its beauty will be transformed into something more beautiful, something beyond what we can imagine now. This is what mankind has been longing for, what the science of quantum physics is doing, what words are becoming.

The Buddhist 'stupa' in India was designed to be a place for meditation and it was a representation of the path that leads to Nirvana or divine understanding. The buddhist Stupa of Borobudur in Java was built with terraces for the nine stages of the journey to Nirvana, and inside are 1,200 sculptured panels of Buddha's life. The design of this mountain of stupas is a foreshadow of the levels of seeing clearer, and the learning of the true story of God's life, that takes place during the Great Tribulation. The reason why these ancient people spent their lives building these places is because they experienced a version of the real mystical journey complete with paranormal phenomena. All religions did this in one form or another using up incorrect combinations of words explaining the transformation process and God.

To bring everyone back together, something of truth from every faith needs to be included in the Newer Testament. The Muslims (Islam) have cleansing rituals, and they fast, and they don’t drink. Shahab-ud-Din Muḥammad Khurram (Shah Jhan) built the Taj Mahal, one of the most spectacular higher frequency places of heaven on earth. What else in the Islamic world is the right words? Alberto Villoldo, PhD, (albertovilloldophd.com), is eliminating emotional suffering and "teaching people how to grow new bodies" that age and heal differently the shaman way. What individual words does he have right and which need to be removed and what is he missing in order to string all the right words in the right in order?

Many healers are uncovering past lives when they do reverie or retrieval therapy. But it can go further in to believing you have lived on another planet. There is also the idea of being involved in your different lives. I had a doctor tell me that he had an experience where he went to a place that was in between lives where you chose the type of life you live next. These revelations take place on the holodeck in our pineal gland when we ingest certain plants. The script has had many people experience something similar to this so that it has become a common illusion belief system.

This group teach teaches a version of these and the rise in awakening and going back into your past and evolving from it is creating a New Humanity. There is a new humanity coming and this is another foreshadow of the real thing that the script has had work so they would experience some basic concepts of the transformation process and develop the language which is correctly defined in a darker night.


Note 32

This is a note on more of how ‘words’ work to evolve us while they're evolving.

You can be made to think and feel a certain way about your circumstances and you will think it’s real. But the reality is that one minute you can feel one way and the next you can feel completely different and the next minute the words can switch out again and you can feel another completely different way. Words have been reinforcing the illusion 'truth' concerning how things work. We think that what we think and feel originates with us rather than the strings of words coming in from God's being into us. In the darker night the words will come and go quickly to reveal what's really going on. You've seen how the words animate you to say and do things. But even your deepest thoughts and the ache of your heart is not your own doing. You will get caught in the drama of the pain of being in a cocoon and then in a moment you will get out of the box and look at it. Experiencing the deep thoughts and feelings is real, but how it's happening to you has not been the way you've thought it happened. At first you will spend hours or days caught inside the drama box. But as the time approaches being able to leave your cocoon, you will get out quicker and look at specifically what is happening in the cocoon at that moment. Set your focus on getting to this place where you can see that deep emotion words came in and quickly left as your stepped out the moment it happens.

See that it's the stepping out when the words coming in switched places with the ones that went out. It needs to happen dramatically and fast in order to see how words work, using you like a puppet, putting you back into the outer life drama, and then pulling you out of it to look at, to get you through the lessons concerning the truth about how our lives have been happening all along to get rid of negative and negative and incorrect combinations of words. Getting fast at this and seeing it clearly ends with one last time and you step outside of the negative drama and stay out. Getting faster at it is a sign to watch for and articulate that it means that you are close to the end. The suffering words switching out with the revelation words has been a foreshadow of getting outside of your cocoon life and reattached to the outer life which has switched into a new kind of life.

Life acts like a springboard into an emotion which reinforces the illusion that the words manifesting circumstances cause emotions to arise from you, originate from you , rather than coming into the spiritual neurotransmitters separately from God's being. The truth is something happens and the matching emotional word is put in you. Speak back to this illusion, keeping the two strings of words coming into you separate. Emotionally un-attach yourself to the negative in life (like the Eastern mystics) by intellectually separating the emotion words from the words making up your circumstances using the truth about what is happening (Note 34). Murphy's law happens to supposedly to take you down into a death and then good things happen supposedly causing you to resurrect, to pull you out of the hell hole. Or you experience revelations coming in feeling like they are lifting you out. The emotional and sense words in a neurotransmitter can be felt mildly or very intensely and it's happening in tandem with the circumstances giving the illusion that one is causing the other. The rules have generally been that the feeling are appropriate to the circumstances, and psychologist have also made us conscious of emotionally charged similar memories of the past coming into the present that can account for stronger feelings than what fit the present circumstances. That illusion gave us security (see Note 22 on our ego dying/losing control because of the loss of 'if this, then that' fake rules reinforcing an illusion about how life/words works). As babies we needed to feel like we had some control. In the darker night, the rules change, meaning the emotions are random and they are randomly intensified to break the fake rules replacing them with the truth about the different strings of words come in to animate us and create out circumstances. You are trained that you are experiencing them separately and they not originating from you, meaning you do no have reactions authored by your being. You are forced to grow up by experiencing how it really is. And this and all the other lessons are being done in a negative context because we won't be still and observe and articulate the lessons if life is working positively and we are happy. The brief moments of feeling some sense of joy are precious healing oil in a darker night.

The first lesson to begin showing me that emotions came in separately was to experience the purest state of specific words. I was lying on a couch very sick when the first experience happened. The word 'sweetness' came in an emotional neurotransmitter (EmN) and floating' in the sense transmitter (SeN) and my pineal gland (Note 18) was involved in this as I felt I was above the couch. Later I felt two forms of the word 'love.' There was also a series of negative words like 'guilt' and 'madness' which I experienced as strongly as they could possibly become. The way they each started was something happened in my life acting like a springboard into the pure state of the words and it lasted for about 30 seconds. Once time it had to do with a memory of a mistake I had made as a parent. I was lying on the floor next to my bed. The word ‘guilt’ got stronger and stronger and then I felt as if I was sinking into the floor and being covered up. It came and went in about 30 seconds. And then I laid still for hours recovering. They were all terrifying.

Another time, the script had me lie down on the floor and He stopped all words from coming into me so that there were no words coming into my mind and everything shut off and I fairly certain I was dead. Then He spoke and words came back in and I was fine again. “In Him we live and move and have our being” came to my mind. I experienced those words and seeing what I was apart from Him, they utterly broke me. The mystics spoke of the 'utter helplessness' of being in a dark night dealing with all the negative things. The illusion of self-sufficiency, that we have ever had any control over our life, is gone. The darker night takes the experience is a step further as you discover the origin of everything that happens. Your foundation, the illusion thinking of this life, is seriously shaken in a darker night. There is none of the old security of any kind, including your belief system. It all crumbles down as it is being replaced. You walk by faith in the process alone.

From this experience, I was able to see that the words do not need anything going on in our lives to be there. They don’t have to match what is going on. I had not been injured. The words just stopped doing what they do to keep me alive. I guess what you can say is as far as us being puppets anything goes. It’s a game being played on us that strips us of everything. You can be made to do anything and anything can happen to you. And it will put ego/self in its place and, once fearfully evolved by this, you find yourself walking through life as God would.

We have emotional responses that have been following the fake rules that those reactions arise in us innately to mirror the circumstances, meaning they are authored by our being, to maintain that illusion belief system. These words, like all the others, don't have to follow these 'rules.' Most of the time they match but so that you see the truth that they are separate strings of words coming in, they won’t match. When Christians were burned at the stake some of them were screaming and others were singing, same circumstances, different response. In the darker night games are played with all of your emotions, moving you like a puppet, getting you to do things and often literally moving you to another location. Emotions are intensified to evolve you and to get you to the next place. You are going to be aware that in the darker night emotions and other words don't follow rules forcing you to let go of the illusion thinking. Words are going to do what they need to do to get you to let go of this life. They create a storm all by themselves in the quiet of your room. It's an non-reality that feels real. And you pull out of the nonsense drama that was set up in your mind and see clearer. An example is you may find yourself pitching a very eloquent fit directed at God having to do with being let out of your cocoon. The words will be nonsense. You will really feel 'anger' because the word in an emotional neurotransmitter. But then the feeling will fade and you will be back to normal and you will look back and see the teaching about the process described here in these sentences clearer. It was another storm of words with you caught in the drama of hell but your 'angry' argument made no sense and it was somehow real because a darker night really is horrible, but somehow not real because it was one of the transformation games that are played on us. And that game of negative words evolving us as they are burned up and are out of God's being, just got clearer. And the puppet part of the transformation process just got clearer.

In the darker night, emotions and paranormal experiences aren’t going to make sense. You need to see the illusion of sets of rules that life has been orchestrated to follow that match the level of the development of our minds. But once you are in school, then the fake rules stop and how things really are start. This means all the negative words becoming all that they can be in hell where it’s all chaos and craziness. Your emotions don’t have to and often they won’t make sense. This will be true of all kinds of scary negative things that you will experience in the sense and emotional neurotransmitters and your pineal gland. There’s isn’t necessary anything to figure out. Much of it is something to look at as static or noise and when it happens you need to just say that to yourself. They are random miserable words evolving you and using up negative and negative combinations of words and incorrect combinations of words that will be occurring all the way until the end but they will not be as dramatic as the night dawns as they were at midnight because there’s only tweaking left to do.

The sky being grey or blue gives us security. It can be any color. The weather follows rules. They were broken when the flood happened. Words will stop following the fake rules set up to keep us secure when it's time to be fully attached to God's being. Your security through the darker night is in His being knowing what it's doing. This is done primarily with life not working anymore according to our belief systems. Everyone is knocked off their horse as what they believe about God is dismantled and rebuilt on the foundation of an understanding of the stuff His being, which is everything, is made out of and how it works. The physical world changes as words lower their frequency or raise it, coming and going, in and out of the world as needed. The unrenewed mind can’t handle things appearing and disappearing quickly. It also doesn’t have the ability to have a belief system that can explain this. Our belief system is the spiritual layer of the interdependent processes of the body. If something happens our belief system doesn't have a place for, the homeostasis of the mind becomes unstable. The illusion maintains fake rules to keep us stable and words have needed to come in and go from the physical world slowly. The leaves change colors and fall off the trees and turn to dust and are gone and the new leaves grow. But we have been able to handle the fake rules getting broken occasionally and words being free. We file these occurrences of words coming in as paranormal or miracles and we’ve been okay with mysteries as an explanation. To have the 'mysterious' and 'paranormal' activity of words become an everyday normal experience is different. Waking up to grass being lavender and clouds being green would freak mankind out beyond what they can handle. So little things here and there have happened as seeds of the truth about words. We’ve been okay without a scientific explanation for them. Now we have one. Tumors disappear from a body as the words that manifests themselves physically as that tumor are removed. It’s not complicated how they work. I broke a needle on my sewing machine and before I had to go through my sewing things to get a replacement, a needle just appeared on the table. I didn’t think anything of it. These are how the rules can work for the renewed mind because it had the ability to articulate it. You can move mountains because you can articulate how you are using quantum physics to get words to switch out with other words.

Another View

When something happens in your outer life and the words keep running over and over in your mind, and the intensified negative energy of the words feel like they are frying you in your cocoon oven, you will desperately call out to be let out of hell. These are the 'seeing'/thoughts and the prayers/desires of the heart that are saved in the "bowls" in Revelation. The picture was to show that there isn't a gradual becoming as you progress. The quantum physics (Note 13) principle is at work in it's most evolved and complex form. Everything that is going to happen is on hold until you have made the connection and are aligned with the plan and God's heart. That has to be in place before you can be released. All your becomings have to be kept inside, your wings wrapped tight in your cocoon, in order for there to be enough negative energy to continue to transform you. To let you out before you are done would be a disaster. You wouldn't be functioning right and you wouldn't be able to handle it. You would die. It's just as organic as a butterfly cocoon torn open before the transformation was complete. In a moment the energy of the words of your becoming that's been building up in the bowls until you had the words right and all of your heart's needs, are poured out and the words switch out and you become what your were shown that you were becoming, and the words manifesting as your environment switch out and become what you need.

And there is more to come. When it’s time, the words that are manifesting as our bodies will change. All the old will leave and new come in and we will be in our glorious bodes. In heaven our desires grow and whatever wants are on our minds and in our hearts happen and it goes on forever. Positive words and strings of words out do themselves making us happy. The quantum physics principle/rule continues forever. It’s the definition of the string of words 'a perfect life' becoming all that it can be.

Another View

"The foremost physicists of the world are now adding mystic and metaphysicians to their think tanks because particle physics has revealed that, no matter how much you dissect and reduce something, you cannot get to an understanding of the whole by learning only about it tangible physical parts. This, in part, is why the nervous system is such an exciting aspect of humankind. We cannot understand consciousness by dissecting the brain, or how logical, rational thought occurs, or, even more baffling, how creative ideas spontaneously from in our minds.
"Though it can be demonstrated which autonomic nerves control which involuntary body functions, how neurochemical transmitters function and which sites they target, and what part of the brain controls these processes, can anyone explain where the original awareness occurs that understands the need to send the message in the first place? And how does this awareness transmit its desires or needs to the physical brain so the impulses can be sent?
"We don't even really know what pain is, or why similar impulses can be interpreted as either pain or ecstasy. Nor can we define and explain emotions and feelings, where they originate, and the effects they have on our systems." (Herbs for Stress and Anxiety by Rosemary Gladstar)

Science's layers of illusions, words making them think, if this happens, then that happens, led them into the mystical realm as research into the nervous system deepened. The spiritual neurotransmitters and the pineal gland's unseen functions are the answer to their questions. If they think it's hard to explain the things they know about now, these will pale in comparison to the experiences of the last stage of our evolution that wakes up the higher part of our mind and senses pulling us into another life, which unfortunately is miserable until this 'rest of what we are' is fully developed as we get everything about us and reality all figured out.

Scientists have thought of the brain as the central computer of our physical bodies but as part of God's being we are all connected to a bigger central computer that sends words into our brain. "In Him we live and move and have our being." In addition to communicating with the physical glands and neurotransmitters that regulate the body, there are spiritual neurotransmitters with spiritual pathways in the mind, referring out to the body as the body mirrors the words. Strings of operational, intellectual, and emotional words arranged according the plan of the evolution of God's being enter through our pineal gland's crystalized structures (Note 18) that convert them into the language our being can process (knows what to do with). When these pathways are filled with paranormal words and the more difficult advanced words of pain, along with the normal painful words intensified, they create the phenomena of the cocoon experience of the dark night of the soul. Some of the words are always in these specialized spiritual neurotransmitter pathways and get intensified and calm down, while other words come and go, and this creates the storms and hell holes, or the deaths followed by the resurrections.

Some of these words are pictures from life like feeling Madam Guyon's 'river going underground,' or 'rotting in the ground' are words you can be made to experience becoming, and other words can come in and you will experience being one with the lives of others that we read about as if we were in their bodies. Becoming an inanimate object or feeling as if you have somehow become one with another person is an extraordinary phenomena that shows you how everything is one ocean of words that move in and out of each other. When you experience the truth you are being taught, that truth becomes part of your being and it can never go away. Intellectually and emotionally experiencing the words ‘carrying your cross and following Jesus’ connects you to God as a person, and they are the most critical words to your transformation enabling you to walk the earth as God would if He was living our life, because in an organic way you live the very words that He lived and this grows an organic connection to His being that is part of your being's growing up. Everyone who has ever lived will have to read the words of the Bible, suffer His humiliation, His sorrow, and His agony in order for the evolutionary process to be correct and completed. You die on the cross and are buried at midnight. Then you rot and wait until dawn as the worst of your portion of negative combinations of words continue to do their work teaching you all truth as your mind moves from level to level to the top where you see what God sees and think like He does.

The words that come into the spiritual pathways keep us on the edge of going crazy transforming the neurotransmitter pathway into one that can only receive the opposite of crazy which is orderliness and saneness. Crazy upgrades channels and then those channels match the clearer thinking that is coming in. So 'going crazy' is in you all the time. All the sense and feeling words have opposites so it's the same with what's going on with all the spiritual neurotransmitters. The entire structure involved in experiencing life is evolving for the opposite of the darker night experiences. Feeling the full separation from others is replaced with the most evolved warm fuzzy words of relationships. The words that bind us to the cross make us want to scream for the opposite, to be free of the nightmare going on in our minds, and know only freedom to do whatever we want and peace in our minds. The Murphy’s Law life we are living — exhausted from the disturbances of sleep, and the hundreds of normal everyday things we took for granted being harder all get switched out with the opposite words. The struggle emotionally to get through the hell life, desperate for heaven, are part of the millions of strings of words that cause people to want to be dead and these are replaced with the words 'joy of living life.'

Another View

The stress of Murphy's law drains the brain of chemistry. The negative words in the spiritual neurotransmitter pathways make the already malfunctioning mind worse, and the more messed up brain chemistry allows for the negative words to be more intensified and the spiral down to the hell holes deteriorates the body and messes up relationships. The grasp for peace and happiness goes beyond what we've ever known as the words misery, hopelessness and desperation evolve into an experience beyond what we have known. Their definitions are being fully manifested and they are becoming all that we can handle.

We can say that all we need is to be happy. But it’s not this way for a human who makes the leap in their evolution. The need more. They need the whole package. They need heaven because all their channels to receive words have been organically changed to process the evolved manifestation of the opposite words. Their frequency is high because of all the positive words that make up their being and they are in pain in an environment made of lower frequency negative words manifesting as their lives. The frog needs to be on dry land now in order to survive. Real happiness is mirrored by the environment being heaven. Also their eyes have been opened and they have too much awareness of their environment and can't be blinded to things not being positive. Everything out of place causes pain and would be more so if you where let out of your cocoon in an environment that isn't right for what you have become. For this reason, 'misery' can't be switched out with 'happiness' until everything is in place to be switched out in your environment and there is nothing undone or in the way to cause pain. You house being in order is being ready to make the change to the life you organically require when you are let out of your cocoon. Part of this that needs to be in place and ready to happen is where you belong in terms of relationships. Your house becomes the home you have longed for where people speak positive words and their language is based on the Newer Testament and they are together helping others through their darker nights and cleaning up their environment, making it as close to heaven as they can. When all this is in place, this is the most evolved form of your house being in order and then the words all get switched out together to make all of this happen and it happens quickly.

As you head for this moment in time, there’s no end in sight, no home in view. And there’s no going back to a normal life. The words in your neurotransmitters feel like you must have our new life because you can’t survive in any other kind of life. This organic need makes living in our present environment difficult no matter how okay it might be. These words are a specific tool at this stage of the process. This finely tuned need of a higher functioning human to be in an environment made solely of positive words growing clearer and stronger is how the evolutionary pain remains to the end even as Murphy’s Law is calming down. Relationships have to be completely positive. The slightest remnants of a trigger will cause stress to the body mirrored by suicidal thoughts. More short-lived and not as strong but still agonizing. A lessening onslaught of negative words in the spiritual neurotransmitter pathways still make anything less than ideal circumstances very uncomfortable by causing us to be driven crazy by anything around us that is the opposite of heaven, any disorder or lack of beauty. Anything happening causing a hint of shame, real or unreal, is torture. We become hypersensitive to all negative things and this maintains the necessary intensity of evolutionary/transformation process all the way to the moment we are let out of the cocoon.

Another View

The spiraling effect of the negative words on our body's cells causes an increase in receptors that are asking for the peptides that dock on them to match those words. If you are taking drugs or other things to help with the misery, you already have receptors that are for nutrients and instructions to thrive replaced by receptors asking for those things. The peptides that are released as a result of negative words and the mirroring emotions, along with negative receptors that have replaced positive ones asking for alcohol, drugs, sugar or some other unhealthy negative addiction or passion that is out of balance, leads to sickness and premature death. Specific emotions release specific peptides that go to the cells in specific areas of the body. Specific cells in the body literally screaming for death to escape the misery are causing some people to get a disease like terminal cancer and others to commit suicide. The body becomes a plane that has lost its engines and is in a nosedive and there’s nothing you can do but wait for positive things to start happening enabling cells to divide and regain the receptors that enable them to function correctly.

When you are in the dawn of the darker night, the amount of negative vs. positive receptors begins to reverse very slowly. Murphy’s Law will let up, but you are still needing to be in the cocoon so you become aware of how you remain tormented even when things are better outwardly. There’s been a build up of sensitivity to negative and incorrect words. In a moment it can revive the fading suicidal thoughts and negative thoughts will come flooding in and bad memories involving relationships and health issues you weren’t thinking about will go around and around in the mind tormenting the soul once again. What you figure out is that you can be made to misperceive things, or the program can use the smallest imperfect details of your circumstances, intensify them and upset you so that it can continue to evolve you even as the sun is about to come up in your night. Negative words are coming in and out of your thoughts, and negative words like the deep 'longing' and 'hunger' and feeling of 'going crazy' that are always there because of the desperate need to escape the cocoon and be in our new life are intensified and then calm down creating the deaths and resurrections/suffering and revelations transformation cycles. As the cocoon is about to fade away, the pain caused by a non-heaven life inwardly and outwardly continue to reinforce the negative receptors on cells keeping us in the hell oven. There is no power of positive thinking to overthrow this. Our mind can know the truth, but our bodies work against us. Even as the outward life improves and Murphy’s Law that was used to take us down fades, we’re so aware and so sensitive to negative things that we are still stuck in the emotional and physical spiral keeping us down all the way to the end of the leap.

Another View

Having the powerful energy of negative words in our consciousness or close to our consciousness, is the basis of the negative energy heaviness that is the main component of the walls of the cocoon that both separate you from others and isolate you like a bubble from positive energy from the earth. This place is processing you like a spiritual microwave oven using the negative energy of thousands of negative words all passing through in order. The evolutionary process takes place in that ‘oven’ transforming you just like a caterpillar in a cocoon. These are different facets to the diamond I’ve called the ‘hospital,’ where you are operated on as you undergo an organic change. It's a ‘twilight zone’ because you are in a very strange place. These are sense words in neurotransmitters that you can feel. ‘Disconnected’ or 'detached' is a common word used to describe the experience of feeling outside of life. The mystical ’dark cloud’ is another word that is used to describe the phenomena. It's a ‘heaviness’ like a ‘blanket’ that you can sense is mingled with the picture of a ‘bubble.’ They all describe a prison that you long to be set free from. The microwave oven being an electromagnetic wave device is probably the clearest picture from life of the experience. The picture of a microwave oven represents the negative energy of all the Murphy’s Law negative words doing something to you — operating on you, evolving you — inside the cocoon. The negative energy is what is doing the transformation. This picture added to the facets of the diamond makes the hospital experience facet and all the other diamonds and facets of the evolutionary leap clearer.

The altered mystical states of a dark(er) night — lightness, pressure, heaviness, freedom, caged, stuck, wanting to climb out of your body, out of your life, can’t move, eternity in hell, stillness, abandoned, floating, drowning, reaching, needing, hungering, detached, lost and aching — are experienced by words being in a sense neurotransmitter. It’s the same thing only more complex than words that are in the GABA neurotransmitter instructing the brain to have a negative thought go around and around. The sense neurotransmitter sends the instructions that cause us to experience the odd altered states particularly feeling alone and detached and desperately wanting to crawl out of our sick or painful body or out of our miserable non life. Being a picture from life means the word(s) is in the neurotransmitter is being mirrored in the pineal gland theater room, and there are also words in emotional neurotransmitters that are mirroring it. They all are working together to put on the entire darker night production.

These words can have a physiological response. Your heart may do something strange. I remember a feeling of being stabbed in the stomach that wasn’t a normal feeling. It seems paranormal at first because these words cause you to experience what feels ‘other worldly’ and you can’t put words to it as easily as you can physical experiences, but the explanation as to how a feeling of being in a twilight zone or some other ‘place’ being created by words coming in, is just the same as all the other strings of words coming in. Whatever you are sensing that is ‘paranormal,’ just look at and put the best description to it that you can and those are the words in a sense neurotransmitter that are causing you to experience whatever it is. There are crazier ‘other worldly’ and ‘paranormal’ words that are new words that when placed in a sense neurotransmitter cause you to experience and feel their definition but you may not come up with a word for them and you don't need to.

‘Beyond thinking’ is also put in a spiritual sense neurotransmitter and you experience its meaning which is difficult to put into words. It’s a type of thinking about something that is overkill and doesn’t make sense and however you describe it, anyone who has experienced it will know what you are talking about. Seeing these words and how they do what they do is something very simple but the ability to see them requires the advanced experience. Words are put in you and you experience their definition being manifested in the physical life. Don’t make anymore out of the ‘mystical’ experiences than this. It's science. They are just words, what everything is made of, dropping their frequency and coming in, then raising their frequency and going out, or just disappearing forever.

The mystics complained of ‘aridity.’ These are the times when nothing is happening. The high frequency positive words of the transformation process are food. Just like we have spiritual neurotransmitters, we also have a spiritual form of cell receptors. When there aren't any of the words coming in that we need, it's a form of being hungry. You are curled up on the floor or on your knees begging to be fed. The gnawing pain of the needing the food of being in a heavenly environment evolves us. The hunger to be in our heavenly state had been with us from the beginning. The great cathedrals were built to try to reach God. But God isn't in heaven. Heaven doesn't exist yet. The pain of not being in heaven is gnawing at God too, and He has waited for this time to give us these notes that shows us the right way to get there.

There are 4 things that start a global darker night of the soul. The intensifying of this hunger for heaven. The intensified electromagnetic and geomagnetic fields (Note 18) allowed to come into the pineal glands to begin the development of the rest of our minds. Murphy's law (Note 7) which is less time in between problems and more of them speeding up the process of a storm/suffering in the mind, then revelation (the two bolded paragraphs in the Introductory Comments and Note 3). And last, the need for an answer for what is going on because what is happening isn't answered by their belief systems. With this the science of articulating that moves the evolutionary process begins. These 4 things start with the first fruits and then it will move on to the larger groups.

Another View

The picture 'words' are the becoming the child to enter the kingdom. It's amazing how they get your mind and brain wired right. All the different belief systems have the paranormal experience of divine guidance and more clarity, layer by layer, words creating the illusion that their practices and words are evolving to the truth, reinforcing the belief that it's their system that is the right path and they keep working at it. The picture of the labyrinth can be integrated with the picture of the facets and diamonds. The groups — science, psychology, philosophy, art, the different religions, mysticism and the Bible — that have the words that are integrated together are pictured as being in the dead ends of the labyrinth representing the fact that they are missing what the other groups have and so they are stuck. Integrating what each of them have is going to that dead end and picking up a diamond and looking at a facet. Then you leave and go to another dead end and look at that facet and so on until you go through a lot of steps going back again and again to the dead ends. Going down all the wrong ways lead to the right one. What these notes do is you don't visit any of the thousands of more dead ends out there, and you aren't having to repeat visiting the right dead ends as many times as I had to.

The transformation process began simply. Then in a dark night, there were more things you had to be made aware of and explain so that level of articulating it was in your mind and you would benefit from the process. In a darker night, you become aware that the end of this night is the end of the transformation process. And you needed to be made aware that you have to articulate what is going on using quantum physics in order to create the each next step. This means that you have to see every detail of the most complex form of the transformation process so that your mind and heart can focus on each step. You also need to see each step in the context of the big picture.

Without the framework of the diamond and labyrinth pictures acting as that context, you can't see the forest for the trees. There are hundreds of things that are happening in your mind that make seeing the process so complex that it is overwhelming. Knowing what is going on as you confront an experience had to be made simpler to find by all the components to the process being organized and easily referenced. It's the framework that makes the process efficient.

These notes containing all the words from each group are written in the diamond framework (showing the facets that go together that create the network of strings of THE truth in your mind) and labyrinth framework (which is the exercise of reading about the different belief systems and seeing the baby that is kept and the bathwater that is left behind as your mind is challenged by anti-christ [fuzzy truth] and struggles to get clearer). The organization of the words to this point (the notes) will make seeing the steps of the process go faster for you which keeps you moving along. As you experience and 'see' this happening, it will prepare you to be what God's being needs you to be as the authors of the world's guide book through the Great Tribulation. Having experienced how it worked for you, you will be on the same page as far as how words are going to come into your mind and organize themselves in your writing to get the rest of mankind, people of all different cultures and belief systems and from very poor and simple lives to those who live in a very complex and sophisticated world, out of their dead ends and through the labyrinth with as little being caught in the outward or inward drama that words are creating to evolve and teach you, confusion as to what is going on, or going the wrong way, as possible.

You have to live/experience these notes in order to see them clearly. All the different things that are being evolved are at the same level throughout the process. You go through some form of suffering and you see the result of see the direct correlation between the suffering and the revelation by seeing the notes clearer. All the tools take turns to evolve what they evolve keeping the clarity of each note at the same level as the others. The transformation process and THE truth gets clearer but you only get tastes of what the notes are showing you that you are becoming and your new life. There will come a time after midnight when the process is not as intense and you will be aware that the tools, evolving each facet individually, come and go, but the deep hunger to be out of the night and in heaven, your heart longing to become what revelation is showing you is there all the time. It's like your North that you need to see and articulate as it is happening. You can be distracted from it but as soon as the outward life is still. You feel it instantly. It's a hound on your heels.

The deep hunger and longing not just your North when the outward distraction is gone, it is what you feel between the storms of the school renewing your mind. In between the suffering and the new clearer seeing, the sun has come up but the hunger and longing is still there evolving your being to fully connect to God's being. And it's quantum physics at work in your heart and mind getting stronger at moving the mountains to create the vision you see ahead that has become what is written in the plan of God's being. Unlike the tools of the hospital that cause pain but then the revelations come in, the results of the growing pain of hunger and longing is just the stepping stones to the door out. The pain of things not going well in your circumstances intensifies the hunger and you may feel 'angry' that nothing is happening worthy of the intensity of its pain. 'Agony' is also in a neurotransmitter as you hunger/long for the words with positive energy creating your life.

The 'soul' in 'dark night of the soul' is your mind and heart. It's hunger and longing is another thorn like anxiety (Note 7) that is keeping you broken and desperate. As your mind learns what was needed to be truly happy and in heaven, and your heart yearns for it, quantum physics has been moving words to get you to each new set of circumstances, each new classroom, where you needed to be and out the other side of school/army training. The tastes of what is to come is felt with each step closer to it. The desperate longing of your soul is getting your house in order and ready. Your soul's quantum physics 'moving mountains' ability has been developing to the place where it could move everything about your life where it needs to be for words to switch out and create the higher frequency environment you need as you step out of your cocoon. Part of evolving involves being able to handle the higher frequency. The energy of having an environment made of all positive words along with the emotions and senses that match them is too strong and overwhelming. Every experience with negative words is a tool that is changing us to be able to handle the opposite. As you step out of your cocoon, the spiritual channels for the senses that are the opposite of 'longing' and 'hunger' are complete and you now experience the words 'having' and 'fullness' in them mirroring your dream environment.

The words of these notes wired into the mind of a person so that God can pull them out as needed, along with the mountain moving abilities of the person's heart, is the long sought after holy grail and fountain of youth. The ancients built holy mountains out of stones for the gods to come to earth and bless them. They could only pray and hope. We have only been able to pray and hope. And sometimes things go okay and other times not. But now we will connect to Him, and then the words will come through us and switch out with the words that are manifesting our suffering life, to create the glorious bodies and the happily every after life. It's the vision of THE true ending of the story that is made in our minds, along with the power of our hearts, that happens in a darker night, that makes our wants and needs that now match God's, a scientific quantum physics' certainty.

Note 33

This note is about particular groups of people who are experiencing the foreshadow of the Great Tribulation climax of the transformation process. They have been the ones to gather the language because God wouldn't let Christians leave the nest without Him and He wasn't ready to take them outside of it until now.

As you study the transformation process in this age where the process of the different belief systems work according to their various rules, rather than going all the way back to Buddha, you can move forward in time and begin with more modern teachers who have collected the pieces of the puzzle, integrating Buddha's 'the great departure' and 'enlightenment' and the teachings of other ancient religions, bringing their mystical practice into more modern language. Much of the basic principles of the process have been right. To keep the definitions clear 'the great departure' and 'enlightenment' have to do with the realization that we've been asleep in a small corner of the awareness and knowledge we need to get out of hell and into heaven, and we need to get outside of our particular belief system and integrate the information God has hidden in many places that you can only find in a darker night when you stay on the transformation track until you are complete.

"The means of study is self-observation... It is necessary to observe different functions, and distinguish between them, remembering at the same time about different states of consciousness, about our sleep, and about the many 'I's in us."

~ P. Ouspensky

I listened to the video on

George Gurdjieff's website and only briefly looked at both his and Oscar Ichazo's websites to get an idea of their work. This quote is from the video on Gurdjieff's website. His understanding of these words are going to be elementary and fuzzy because his take on reality (who we are and who God is) is part of an illusion belief system. I'm guessing his many 'I's may have something to do with the 9 life journeys of the Enneagram chart they mention ("Human nature is comprised of nine complex styles").

Philosopher psychologists have been coming up with ways of organizing everything that gives people a sense of having control over what looked like chaos as they watch their lives and relationships ruined by not knowing themselves and being aware of their negative behavior. Like purchasing you Myers-Briggs or StrengthsFinder scores, they are selling a guide to the different personality types with their strengths and weaknesses and meditating on these things some find a gateway where they break out of their belief system and go to a deeper mystical level and begin to see the pieces that God has hidden everywhere. The Enneagram originated in ancient times and it's an inward journey observing yourself, seeing your 'shadow side' that causes pain, so doing the exercises to face it, and seeing and focusing on the positive attributes that are the opposite of the shadow transforms you via the same quantum mechanics and supernatural phenomena of the more intense process. This system and all the others like it have a piece of the puzzle but won't be enough in a darker night. It's a partial and temporary liberation from suffering and experience of peace and happiness that they believe they are able to choose. "EnneaMotion exercises guide you in and out of 27 different emotional states: 9 Enneagram types x 3 levels of emotional health for each one. This experience teaches us that we actually have the flexibility to step in and out of any emotion. That means when we’re triggered, we don’t have to stay that way. We have a choice. We have a new range of options for how to respond." theshiftnetwork/blog

Seeing the negative behavior and the opposite positive is a basic operating principle of the transformation process. You have to see that you are becoming in order to become it. But there is all loss of these 'fake' choices in a darker night so you see that you are a puppet. There's no choosing. You 'find yourself' do the good thing. It's automatic. The problem with this version and many versions of the transformation is the Bible is the central language, and it has been left out or briefly referenced. The script shows the mystic in a darker night where they are all hidden as it brings them into their mind where it assembles the big picture of what is going on and the truth about everything.

I'm going to make notes here that are like what I would write in the margins if I ran across this quote in a book and was updating the words to the level of the understanding of the transformation process where I am.

"Self-observation" is the awakened ability of our mind to get out of the box of the drama that is going on around us, or in our head, which is being used to transform us and articulating the step of the pain and revelation process that is taking place at that moment.

"Observing different functions" and "distinguishing between them" is putting an order to, and articulating, all that is involved, all the levels of seeing and becoming, as you progress in the school of the truth about who God is, and who we are, and what is happening to everything. This has been begun accurately for the first time in history with these notes. In the night you are constantly comparing and becoming more of what you're becoming as the old way of thinking and operating is being taken over by new programs and components.

Being aware of the "different states of consciousness"... the first two states of consciousness are going back and forth between being caught in life like you've always been and stepping out of it and looking at it. The latter is slowing taking over and the further you progress in the process you will find yourself not getting caught in the drama for as long a period of time. Another back and forth is having words come in that are an illusion perception of what is going on like a thought making you feel guilty about something you did and then you experience the truth coming in, that you are just a puppet and it's actually God's being that is responsible for what happened. I think of this as an experience of Satan the accuser and Christ speaking the truth on your behalf. This is happening throughout the entire renewal process where the words are unwired and rewired over and over as they become more accurate. Another back and forth is two steps forward and one step back. You see what you are becoming and get a taste of what it's like to be that way, and then you go back to living another round of Murphy's law and the word 'frustrated' gets into a spiritual neurotransmitter as you think you should be further along and 'desperate' to be there is also present in a spiritual neurotransmitter. We go two steps forward and see something but miss the steps in-between to getting there. With the new glasses we get by going ahead we are able to do the steps in- between when we step back and then we go even further.

Another back and forth is more like a down and up. These are the death and resurrections inside the one big death and resurrection of the process. There are negative words that are always there maintaining the cocoon phenomena. To create a death, they are intensified and more negative thoughts come in and new negative words come in and you are in a strong negative energy word storm. Then it calms down back to a simmer. All the different kinds of back and forth's, the illusion beliefs coming in then the truth, the intensified down with confusion and the letting up and new revelations, is positive and negative energy creating a vortex that is raising your frequency to become the positive frequency your being needs to be to live in the very high frequency heavenly state and life which is made only out of positive words. You are literally being blasted out of each level of hell by the negative and positive energy creating the vortex which transforms your being into one that no longer matches each degree of the amount of negative energy of each environment and can't be in it anymore. There's is no going back to previous less clear levels of seeing the truth and the life that belief system creates for a spiritually biological reason. You feel these developmental shifts. Being aware of the "different states of consciousness" is seeing the shifts that you make as you see clearer and are looking at everything with your new glasses.

Another different state of consciousness is becoming aware of... first there is becoming aware of something specific about your transformation when it's first introduced or you first get a taste of it, then there is another state of consciousness as you are aware of the change being experienced more and more as you are transitioning into the new you that you have been being shown. This is being very conscious in the present of 'as you see, you become.' It's also being conscious of getting a taste but not being what you have been shown yet, because you haven't seen all the little nuances, everything about it, and articulated them yet. Some teachers use the words 'self-realization' as seeing what human beings are becoming/transitioning into/emerging next as (because of the evolutionary/transformation process unfolding), and 'actualization' as actually living what you have been shown you are becoming, having become it (the fully operational, fully functioning human being). Seeing what we are becoming is knowing and getting tastes of it — all the negative and wrong thoughts and behaviors gone — and actually being that kind of person who's mind and heart are at peace with everything, and living life like God would, and playing your role in helping others in a very powerful way. These same teachers feel it's a never ending self-realization process, and that may be, but the human being that leaves the cocoon that you are shown in a darker night is a huge leap forward in what a human being is like when they are fully functioning. It's already done a lot to a person's life before they are let out. This becoming what they have been seeing is a taste to prepare them for the dramatic change when they step out of the darker night cocoon with their wings opened.

The present mystical tastes of the perfection of everything is described now using fuzzy mystical language to articulate it. In a darker night you know exactly how all things, however horrific, really are working for good so you understand intellectually how you can be at peace about whatever is going on, even though experiencing being at peace isn't actually happening for you yet. Becoming peaceful about this life goes even deeper than this, involving an intellectual and emotional indifference to this life, not that this life in unimportant. It's extremely important step in God's being's transformation. You can be indifferent because it's not a real life. It's a program with everyone asleep with a handful of the billions of people on Earth with a glimpse of the experience of being awake. Think about how you saw life with a five-year-old mind. That's a small picture of the larger reality that as long as we are in the illusion we are children. We think we have a free will. It's a game being played on us to feel that way. The reality is God's being wrote a script to complete His becoming all that He can be, and we are puppets doing what needs to be done with the negative words to get rid of them. Everything that we say and do is from that script located in His being and none of what is happening originating from us or anything on Earth. Technically, our lives are no more real than a movie.

God's plan for our lives which is to get rid of negative words and make us all that we can be is a program running everything. It's like we're on an Enterprise holodeck, only everyone including ourselves are part of the program. No one has ever autonomously lived their life deciding what to think or do or say. In our present state, and in the cocoon state, we've been incapable of it. We need to finish developing all of our being so we can be free and actually writing our own stories and living our lives. There is much more to life than this. This is a tragedy in comparison to a real life. Hence 'indifference' can be conjured up when a thought comes in testing you by trying to make up upset about something going on. Let it go. Let go of suffering. Whatever has caused you pain in this fake drama doesn't matter. Everything is going to be fixed and restored and become amazing. "No eye has seen, nor ear heard, the things God has planned." See this. Articulate this when the illusion thoughts and feelings about your day and circumstances come in.

You are transitioning into a stage of life that is starting to become real by having the truth in you and speaking the true language, articulating it in writing and teaching others. When you have one foot in the illusion life and one in the real life that is coming, the experience of a relationship with anyone around you is limited if they don't know the truth, speaking the language, so that you are working together to equip each other to fix the world the right way. We are all separated because of all the different belief systems that are creating all the different kinds of projects to save man, none of which are based on the truth. To really have a relationship with another person, you have to be in a darker night, past the illusion and seeing what is really going on and speaking that language. To experience all there is to experience in a relationship you have to be done with the up and down, back and forth vortex created with the death and resurrections in the cocoon. You have to be done with the battle to see the whole picture with a fully renewed mind and function with your higher abilities. You have to be void of all negative words which is to be sanctified, separated from hell life. When you exit the darker night phase the rest of the becoming as you fully enter all that life can be in heaven does not involve suffering and growing pains. You freely walk a perfect, everything it can possibly be, life.

The illusion is life isn't what we think it is. The present mystics believe that non-duality, all is one, is the seeing of reality. The principle that we are one is right but the explanation of that mystical experience is not correct. They have a fragment, a very beginning and their words are all different and fuzzy. But the fragment is the principle and it's significant and it's a bridge to the truth. They need to leave this level of consciousness and be taught the rest.

Another state of consciousness is becoming more conscious of the school that is moving you from level to level where you get a bigger view and see the process more clearly. St. John of the Cross' picture of the ladder and concept of having your house put in order give you the language to differentiate the "different states" or stages as you watch your outer life matches where you are in the process. Can you see how seeing is moving you along and articulating causes shifts? The sleep is the veils that need to be removed as you are awakening from the illusion belief systems which are incorrect about God and what is going on and where it's going. Being awake is to be able to articulate where you are which is asleep to where you are going because your eyes can't see it yet. The many 'I's is the different negative manifestations of the self that are being changed. 'I' is the evolving ego that is letting go of all the old thinking and being, dying on a cross, being buried and raised up again, in order to have a mind that can see what God has been doing, that no one has known about, that explains everything and then become a part of getting it finished so we are in heaven.

The quest for the self-knowledge, becoming aware of the self or ego and seeing everything about it causing it causing you to transform into a better person, has been around for thousands of years. But the experience only went so far. How the school works with the drama of life, the timing of things… As you look at the complexity and sophistication of the Great Tribulation's upgraded process, it will put you in awe of God’s being.

Note 34

This note is taking you through the steps of the process moving very fast and breaking through to a level I had hoped was the highest.

The words 'enlightened one' has been used for the person who experienced the non-duality, 'all is one,' phenomena and has progressed until they reached the peaceful higher stage of living that was a foreshadow of the experience of a darker night. The Biblical word 'overcomer' is the better language. The non-duality phenomena of all is one achieved in meditation is a fake game. It's not stepping into reality and 'seeing' who we really are and who God is. It's using up incorrect combinations of words as far as belief systems. The correct understanding is that everything is part of God's being. There isn't anything that isn't part of Their being. In that sense we are separate selves that belong to one large organism.

Who God is and we really are is seen through your study of these notes in the script's seminary while you are in your cocoon. When we take the Matrix-like step and have one foot in the illusion life and the other in the real life, we are enlightened with every lesson that is renewing our minds. The 'seeing' of the "as you see, you become" is being enlightened. A mystic in their darker night is an enlightened one. The 'overcomer' is the 'becoming' of the "as you see, you become." The ego that has died and been transformed is the overcomer. Ego has an illusion belief system and it has its own ideas about how things work that all has to be dismantled. What they have overcome is the negative energy illusion words that they were made of, that they battled against using positive energy truth words until the illusion words weren't able to come into them anymore. What they experience is the emotions attached to the illusion thinking fading as they spend more time thinking about heaven and feeling what that is going to be like. The more the truth about life comes in to defend itself as the incorrect words attack, the clearer they get and more hardwired into you so that you operate at a higher positive frequency that matches heaven. The words of truth reach their most powerful state when they are completely clear and then their intensity overtakes the negative. (Dr. Dyer mentions this science in his interview at around 29 minutes.) Ego's grasping of the fake life is the illusion words and feelings coming in and being experienced. Transformed self that thinks according to truth has taken the one foot that is in that life out of it. Illusion words and feelings can't make it play in the drama anymore.

How do you do that? How can you think and feel like you are in heaven before you are there? It's a state of consciousness that ancient mystics have been given a taste of as a gift. The words about heaven that are in you reach their fully intensified state. You can have a consciousness where being upset about anything going on in this life is a small-sighted, unrenewed mind response that doesn't fit the reality that this life a program that is running for a short period, and once it's over everything is going to be magical or enchanted, or whatever word you choose to describe mankind's life becoming a dream life we can't begin to imagine.

None of the different responses to something going on originates in us. Cancer showing up in your body does not cause 'depression' in a spiritual neurotransmitter. The different words orchestrated by the plan mirror each other but they are separate so they don't have to do this. The emotional words coming in and matching the beast, false prophet and anti-christ words have given us the illusion that they are connected and this reinforces the illusion beliefs concerning the origination of what happens. They all come in at the same time in waves of negative and positive, up and down, starting in a volatile pattern and ending in the waves being almost gone and there is only peace.

When you have one foot in the illusion and one foot out, your belief system changes regarding the origination of what is going on.You stop saying to yourself, 'if only I had this thing or if this or that was going on, I'd be happy.' Because the different kinds of words come in separately and aren't attached to each other, you can be walking in illusion circumstances and thinking more and more about what is coming that you don't have and that isn't going on yet and be excited about graduating from your cocoon and stepping out into heaven. The truth itself wired into your mind before the words are manifested in your circumstances can set your soul free of hell. And it won't be a gift that can be taken away. It will be organic, how what you have become as a higher functioning human being experiences life at this point in the process.

As you are coming into the dawn of the darker night, the words 'joy' and 'love' are being increasingly intensified, reaching a high frequency state in you. Your foot that was getting caught in the illusion responses is pulling out because you have your clearest, strongest weapons to speak back to all the different kinds of illusion words coming in. When you finally reach the highest frequency level, nothing can bring the heart of joy down. No more waves of the storms. Just a fountain flowing. The overcomer has the world, mankind's painful drama phase, under their feet and now they walk in the peace of the higher frequency positive thinking in their minds and the matching feeling in their spiritual neurotransmitters, while their body is still here surrounded by circumstances made of lower frequency negative words.

As I write these words, I'm experiencing this transition from the ocean storms to the fountain. In these past few weeks, I have not fallen into a pit. I've had a couple tastes of the joy. While they are still being tweaked, the defenses appear to be strong enough now to block out the negative words which raises my frequency. I've been working on thoughts about a predator I've known for a long time. They are thoughts about the actual insane encounters I had with him, and the made up scenarios. The progression with him was at first the communication was healing, then it was crazy making and deeply hurt my heart, and now the feelings are 'sadness' and 'anger' and 'frustration.' I'm sad it hasn't been able to be handled in a way that ends in love. I need to be speaking the truth and his belief system needs to be dismantled. This will be fixed when the Great Tribulation hits. The 'frustrated' is mirroring not being able to use the language and I know will fix everything. The recent battle with the scenarios is clearing up the words that I need wired in me so that I handle it as God would when the time comes. In the meantime, it's part of all the different kinds of battles with illusion that are part of my lessons now. I'm experiencing incrementally feeling 'relief' and 'joy' and 'peace.'

You have been learning the truth about what you are becoming but you aren’t actually experiencing having completely becoming it or living it. In school you see what’s God’s being is doing and this is have one foot in the real life. But you aren’t done yet so the other foot remains in the illusion. In your darker night you go back and forth between the two lives as you learn about the fake life ‘hell’ transitioning into the real life ‘heaven.’ There are constant exercises to clear up your thinking. I made what felt like a major shift a few days ago. I feel very differently and once again I'm hoping I'm almost done.

This is the very high level version of the battle or exercise that I'm observing my mind in at the moment I am writing this.

Below is a list of weapons I'm using now. Many levels of exercises where words come in and I have had to correct them came before this list. It was very slow at first and I dealt with one thing at a time until my renewing mind built up in clear truth and ability to handle more coming in at one time and different kinds. To give you an example of words coming in on a lower level, there was years of dealing with 'what if's' and fear. It was horrendous at the time. There is hardly a hint of them now, few and far between, and I barely take notice. I have described the place I'm in now and you will understand these words when you are here. The point now is to recognize this exercise as how your mind actually is quiet and at peace forever compared to what mystics are experiencing now which is a gift that has been given for the development foreshadows which has been a critical step towards the real thing.

It's the battle to get the truth hardwired into your mind that eventually makes the wrong words that are challenging your mind fade away. I believe I am battling the last of them now and my portion will be all burnt up soon and I will be at rest.

I was given a picture here. We enter the inward journey and have an outer life and an inner one and you have a new language you are learning. Then when you have a lot of the truth you are aware of two distinct lives, the present in a cocoon in the illusion and the one after you step out. You have a foot that has stepped into the future and one that is still in the cocoon and the illusion. This place is where you will find yourself using a list like this one in order to get your remaining foot out of the fake life. You stop walking in it, meaning having thoughts and emotions that are according to the illusion belief system that is being replaced in your mind. I have a feeling that the negative thoughts and emotions that you will battle last may be very similar to mine. It will be your version of them that are your specific portion of the words.

"Walking in it" means knowing the truth, and wanting to be it, but still getting caught in the anti-christ illusion drama that’s been evolving you. It’s a painful place to be when you have spent years observing the thoughts the program is sending into you mind and you know how they are supposed to be but it's not time yet to be that way. You're stuck, nailed to a cross, and not even God can change His the program you have to go through. You can only watch and wait. As you watch yourself practice this exercise with the weapons, you can observe the illusion words stopping as you find yourself quickly speaking the right words when the wrong ones come in. Then you experience tastes, coming and going, of your mind growing peaceful as the negative words get replaced with positive words about people, and the life that has been being arranged for you when you step out of your cocoon.

You are watching your mind clearly seeing and articulating this step, this level of the battle in the process, so that you become a higher frequency human being not only because the truth is wired into your brain, but because you are actually experiencing the peace, joy and compassion you were shown was coming. Once anti-christ (illusion concepts that are being replaced with truth) and the false prophet (everything is ruined, the hopeful mirages that cause deaths) are defeated, only truth and positive words come into your mind. This all takes place automatically as you find yourself completing the exercise.

You don’t have to worry as your thoughts move forward two steps and then move back a step. Words like ‘oh, no’ and the word ‘upset’ coming into an aura neurotransmitter because you were made to feel like you were so close to getting out of your cocoon and you thought it was going to happen really soon but back you went to where you were, is normal. It's a mystical death. Watch for words coming in to attack these wrong words, something like ’this is how it’s supposed to be and feel in between the exercises to keep evolving me and making my renewing mind stronger for the next level of exercises.’

Nothing can mess up the already set day and moment you are going to be stepping out of your cocoon into your new dream existence. Just observe the words coming in and doing what they need to do with you. Watch yourself clearly observe the step and clearly articulate the words and when the exercise is over. Watch yourself not want to give any meaning to the negative words that come in by allowing them to act in your mind and heart (your soul) pretending they are the truth and real. You know what’s going on and you know what’s real. Just keep walking no matter what words are coming in, ignoring them sometimes, and speaking back sometimes. You might experience thinking you have completely forgotten everything and can't reach the truth. All that mattered was the moment you got the words in better order. The storms can't undo them. Watch your mind become so strong because the strings of words are perfect, that the anti-christ words coming in to tweak them don't need to anymore, and the false prophet mirages in the desert that you thought were the door out stop playing this tormenting game. As soon as you are in the place in the process where you have burned up your portion of the wrong words, the complete transition will take place and the exercises will be over and you will be only carefree, compassionate, at peace and happy.

Criticizing, judging and putting the worst interpretation or the wrong interpretation on people's actions - 'It’s not their fault. It’s nobody’s fault. It’s God’s plan doing it.'

Complaining - 'Be quiet and still and wait.'

Challenging or demanding day — 'It's evolving me.'

Prejudice, jealousy, defensiveness, competition - 'This is illogical nonsense that doesn't fit in a life according to the truth.' 'We’re all in this battle together. Everyone is getting on the same page. Everyone is going to be beautiful. Everyone is valuable and going to be doing their unique job only they can do.'

Beast words that make you feel like life is ruined, or you missed out on life, feeling sorry for yourself, or a loss that causes grief — 'It's all okay.' 'It's all going to be okay.' 'Just hang on and watch your present suffering pass. It's always moving on and changing.' 'Nothing's messed up.' 'The opposite is born out of this.' 'This is only a holodeck program to get rid of NCWs and ICWs. Our real life, a dream life begins as soon as we step out of our cocoon. Everything will not only be restored but become heaven.' 'You are leaving hell behind and are in the passageway to heaven, the land of milk and honey. Don't look back to Egypt.'

Static, scenarios that don't happen, dreams and random negative thoughts and emotions and senses coming in — Static is a bunch of nonsense words that are always there in the background that you suffer from but aren't paying attention to as part of a complex lesson, at least not at the moment and for the bulk of them not at all. Bad scenarios that only happen in my mind are being replaced with positive scenarios, like day dreams, that only happen in my mind. Neither one of them is truth but the negative ones evolve you and the opposite positive ones raises your frequency and can act as a vision board.

There are bad thoughts that just come out of nowhere. These isolated/ stray words are just that, random words that need to be burned up, many of which are burnt up in dreaming at night. There are negative words that come in you can't fit into any of the lessons to make it clearer the purpose they serve. They're just crummy words and 'misery' comes in with them. There are a lot of isolated strings of words and emotions and sense words that are not part of a complex lesson. 'They are fringe words that are a part of your portion of negative and incorrect words that need to be burnt up and that evolve you in your cocoon oven.' Or say 'they are isolated static words, adding to the negative energy words of the vortex in the incubator or cocoon.' Whatever comes to your mind, speak what they are to them and keep going. More come in the greater your ability to battle words. Becoming conscious of this random group of words and articulating how they serve the process pushes you past them coming in.

To understand 'it doesn't matter' see what makes things matter. We start off in the illusion with placing value on material things, good looks, intelligence, being articulate, being successful, having a lot of money because the fake rules have us experiencing 'happy' in a neurotransmitter when these are present. These have mattered to us, been valuable to us, because of how we appear to innately react to them emotionally. There are those who attain this but the rule stops working and there are also those who become spiritual and make a shift placing a higher value/meaning in making a difference in the world in terms of loving people by alleviating their suffering in some way or just making the world a more beautiful place. Philanthropic work came with 'happy' in a neurotransmitter. Art is healing and collecting it and decorating with it can make people feel good so it is highly valued. This is getting closer to an understanding of what really matters and what doesn't.

Look at their finding meaning and happiness 'making a difference' inside the bigger picture so you see it in perspective. The value and what really mattered to God and us during this time of mankind's life, from the Garden of Eden until now, has been in using up the negative and incorrect combinations of words in God's being and being evolved by them. That's what really matters. That's the meaning of this life. Men have searched for meaning but it was something they did not have evolved enough eyes to see. But while this search has been going on, there have been people who made the shift that brought them closer to the truth and, like Mother Teresa, were foreshadowing the step we take to finding the true meaning of this life in hell. A meaningful life now where you really make a difference in the world is going through the final stage of the process and helping others get through theirs and everyone ending up in heaven. While we have lived the lives we've had, this is what it's really all been about. Being consciously a part of this, a part of what God's doing, is what matters. No other good thing compares. Let the valuable things of this life go and be resurrected for this world project.

I had some initial experience of using the 4 point list before I put them in a list and articulated what was going on in this step of the process. They were each a pair of glasses I put on to look at the thoughts in my mind being attacked by the truth. It was about how someone looked or dressed or behaved and also about the words I was supposedly saying that were wrong. As I was articulating the different kinds of negative words coming in that needed to spoken back to, the list was becoming clearer and I wrote it down. Then back out into life, more came in. They can get stupid and annoying. Experiencing 'anger' is fine. It helps with quantum physics making what you want to be experiencing. As an example, yesterday I bought a box of lettuce and when I opened it the next day there were leaves that were already starting to rot. Words of blame came in that the people who unloaded the truck left the lettuce unrefrigerated too long and it's too hot outside now to do this. Then immediately, I said it wasn't their fault. More of this blaming myself or other people and being punished will happen in different forms and I will watch the right words coming in and eventually there will only be compassion for everyone as they live lives where things go wrong and they feel like they are responsible and are paying the price for what they did or struggle to survive what happened.

At some point there won't be any more levels that I instantly begin to move on to as I get the words written down and pass that examination point. There will be a final getting all the words right and I won't instantly experience a death right after articulating them waiting for the next thing to happen desperate to finish.

The main emotion I'm dealing with at this moment is being anxious and feeling like I'm going crazy as I wait to be released. I've felt this since the beginning only I wasn't aware of waiting and didn't know specifically what I was waiting for. I was just desperate to be out of hell. We usually associate feelings with the heart but the crazy feeling involves my mind. It's a darker night of the soul. The soul is the mind and heart and it's both that are nailed to the cross. The going crazy feeling is the struggle to be released and reattached to life. And there's a hunger, a starving for the food of the positive circumstances when we step out of the cocoon into the new life. I think mankind has felt this hunger for heaven from the beginning. These feelings are what caused Sarah to make her mistake when she was anxious for the child God said was coming. She did something that make things worse. I ask God to do something and I try something and it goes badly. I call it 'doing a Sarah.' Be patient instead of doing this.

There's a despondent place you will go to after you struggle. What you will experience in your emotional and sense neurotransmitters is words being ‘meshed’ together. There's a mystical concept that we have no words to describe some of the places we are in. It’s not that there aren’t any words to describe this. It’s that they are so finely mixed together that you can’t feel them separately. It could be a pureed soup of hungry, lost, lonely, anxious, sadness, weariness from the struggling to get off the cross.

Near the end of the path, where you are seeing what is up ahead outside of your cocoon, the resurrections are thinking you are close to stepping out of your cocoon but then nothing happens. The deaths are described best using the words 'disappointed' and 'despondent' rather than 'depressed.' Despondent describes the depression of a darker night very clearly because it's definition is more complex capturing all the nuances you are experiencing. After letting go of that life and seeing that the real dream life is up ahead, you are hopeful that something was going to happen very soon and it brings joy with it and you wake up in the morning full of energy. And then you are back to being lost not knowing if you still have years left and you are disappointed, crestfallen, disconsolate, despairing, disheartened, downcast, miserable and I would add weary and numb, and mustering up the energy to get out of bed is a struggle. See and articulate in a journal where you are at each step to move yourself past that awful place.

It seems so odd how I have to keep being reminded that all we have to do is articulate where we are and we move past it. I always want to journal when I’m in pain but I don’t consciously think to myself ‘see and articulate what you are feeling at this moment so you can make it go away.’ That is being let out of the box of misery we are in and we aren’t let out of the box to look at the misery until the miserable words have finished evolving us giving us the ability to see them and articulate them. This experience of being caught in the box of miserable words losing sight of getting outside of it happens nearly all the way to the end. And then you will make a shift and see another facet of how peace happens, this time having to do with the holes you fall into.

There is a finer teaching regarding criticizing people. The thought in your mind about them will very often be the truth. They may be overweight and dressed poorly or behave oddly, but once you have used the weapon ‘it’s not their fault’ and 'the thoughts in my mind aren't being authored by me' enough times so that the lesson is over, these things will pass by you and no words about what is not heavenly about their looks or behavior will come into your consciousness and no supposed reacting to their appearance will take place. You won’t experience your being supposedly acknowledging negative things in your surroundings. The words that have always been coming in from the program giving you the illusion that you were being unkind, won’t come in. It will be as if the negative things weren’t there.

Knowing that you are a puppet and every thought is originating from a central computer in God's being running a program to evolve everything can leave you thinking you are completely powerless. You have power in a different way. When Martha was complaining to Jesus about Mary not helping her, He said that she was doing the one thing necessary and that what she had couldn't be taken from her. The cocoon is making organic changes to you that are permanent. You have abilities that are developing and a mind that is being renewed. The organic changes have matching words and only those matching words can come in. Once you have an ability to see something, it's permanently part of your being. No other words can come into those networks and channels.

When you can see the way out of your cocoon using the highest ability to articulate where you are, you, meaning your being is powerfully going to move things along. The high level of the development of the channels for clearer words articulating the process gives you power over what is happening to you every moment. There won't be the separation anymore between the words coming in from the program and the channels they are coming into. Your being is part of God's being. You will experience His and your being as one moving you through the process.

The higher articulating ability has to do with a higher state of consciousness. I am consciously looking at where I am constantly and I'm doing it with the clear intention to articulate it and move myself to the next step. I've always known that articulating something clearly moved me on to the next lesson but I didn't see that if I could consciously do it 24/7, I would be moving myself through the process as quickly as possible. It wasn't something that I could have done even if I had known that I needed to be able to do this. I now have that ability. Articulating is the engine getting you through and to the end of the process and the ability to do it evolves along the way until you get to the point where I am now.

I'm calling what we do to get down the road taking steps. We aren't walking or hopping. We are articulating our way through the process. Logically you can see that articulating the last thing that has to be articulated will move you to a place where you stop articulating. There's no more going down the road or getting through school.

The last thing you have to articulate is the complete understanding of 'articulating.' It's the final mind twister renewing your mind to see it clearly. You take the two steps forward get your first glimpse, then you have to step back and go through some confusion because you lost sight of it and you relax for awhile and then back with a rested mind to work at getting it wired into your mind. The glimpse of the higher ability of articulating where you see that you have reached a state of consciousness where you are moving yourself as fast as possible actually gives you those new glasses, that 24/7 state of consciousness to look and articulate where you are. You haven't moved past the engine. You have made the one step back and are looking where you are.

The principle of seeing something clearly and not needing to be evolved anymore to see it clearly so you move on leaving it behind starts with seeing something as clearly as you can at the time leaving it and coming back to it when you are in a higher state of consciousness/have a new pair of glasses to look at it with and get it clearer in your mind. It starts off that way but then some things get totally clear while you need to come back to others. I now have the last pair of glasses that you put on, the ones that enable you to articulate 24/7. Shortly after I started looking at things with these glasses I saw the end of the experience of seeing and articulating which means the last storm and revelation. Seeing the last step happened in stages. First, I saw more clearly articulating equalling the engine that moves us along because I had the new higher ability to do it faster and when things move faster, you see things you couldn't. Next I started to see that the lesson I was in was about articulation or the engine. The next logical thing was so get a glimpse of it ending not knowing that was what I was seeing. But the last step was difficult to see. I was speaking the facts about articulating over and over to clear it up.

We know that the way something fades away is by clearly articulating it. So it follows that if you clearly articulate 'articulating,' or the engine, it starts to fade away. This has been the result of big shift in to a higher level. It's a powerful brain twister to get clear. I was in my car when it came in and felt that it was as clearly as it could be. I'm going to state it here and when you have the consciousness of using the higher ability to articulate which is moving you along faster because of the state of being conscious and aware you can do it 24/7. This is a very specific pair of glasses that will enable to see this sentence as clearly as it can be seen. The last thing to see and articulate is this fact about articulating — that you begin to move past it and it starts to fade away, a last phase of articulating, when it's been fully articulated. If you articulate this fact you move yourself past articulating, leaving it behind, because it has been clearly articulated from beginning to end and there is nothing else to see about it. I am now expecting it to end based on the principle of how articulating works — see something clearly and you move past it. That principle applies to 'articulating' itself and it's very hard to wrap your brain around. Seeing the end of articulating causes the hope of getting out to be very strong. You will be 'anxious.'

This is the last thing that requires us going through a storm and being evolved and experiencing a resurrection and a new revelation, then using our new glasses to see it clearly. We don't need anymore new glasses and we stop using the engine to move us. Seeing this fact about 'articulating,' or the engine, was the last step to get into the higher level. You begin to make the shift out of school. It's not instant. We move incrementally from one place to the next. This is important to see, otherwise you set yourself up for being disappointed something didn't happen right away. Be too smart for this so you don't get caught in it. I experienced all the wrong roads, all the pitfalls so that you can be too smart to have to endure a lot of that. That's what these notes are for. They make you smarter than I was so while you still have to experience everything, you move faster through the deaths and resurrections.

Now the remainder of your portion of negative words will come and go and complete your evolution and as the final tweaks are put on the process wired into your mind, you also experience knowing that the words coming in don't need to be looked at anymore and nothing needs to be said of about them. The steps of the process then become all hardwired into our mind which is now fully renewed and trained to help others articulate themselves through the process. You have moved yourself to the last leg of the process and you are approaching the time when you won't be moving yourself any further. The engine is fading. The two steps forward and thinking you will be let out of your cocoon and then one step back, and the hope you had is replaced with 'anger' and then 'despondency,' then incremental steps forward again — the experience of this basic principle of the process is in its fading phase. The set ups for another death and the "weeping and gnashing of teeth" and resurrection basic principle of the process are in the fading phase. The basic principle of articulating using journalling is in its last phase. With these words your heart focuses on/uses quantum physics to fade the engine, and fade being evolved. Everything to be over is on your vision board with your intention on it. You are still working hard to articulate yourself out of your cocoon during the fading phase, moving yourself past unhappiness into happiness. And because the basic death resurrection cycles have been moving faster and faster through the incremental steps because the words in my mind were more and more in their place, it would seem that this fading phase would end soon.

That's where I am at this moment. It's a place of hope that it all ends together and soon and I'm hoping won't have the rug pulled out from under it because some aspect what I just said is wrong and my hope of being happy very soon is dashed once again. My thoughts shouldn't be very wrong at this point requiring a lot more time. I've been here many times, thinking I was seeing everything clearly, but I still had a lot to see and articulate. This experience was very painful because I was in so much pain and was so desperate and the door I was so sure was going to open, didn't. Another mirage in the desert and I ended up with a mouthful of sand. It was another set up for a fall and words came in that made me feel that I wanted to dead. But it also showed me how unbelievably brilliant the program was designed to create the deaths so that I could see what would have kept me from that fall. Had I known, I would have been too smart to have been intellectually and emotionally caught.

This is a very detailed understanding of the deaths and resurrections that you will gain the ability to see. I am looking at the basic death and resurrection operation from the new higher level I am where I was able to see the articulating engine very clearly. If I don't get out as a result of the words I've just used to articulate where I am, I'm missing some words or words need to be moved around. Because I don't have very many left, it's faster. The picture I was just given for this was the speed at which you place a piece in a giant 5000 piece puzzle. You are putting pieces into their places incrementally faster as you get the various sections together and then attach them and then you are down to fewer and fewer pieces. Here is where you are actually feeling that the process is almost over. I'm down to the last ones which are about the basic principles of the process. I saw the articulating engine very clearly and now I'm in the final phase of doing it. With the addition of each piece at this level, I am articulating where I am in this last level more clearly. as a result of the higher ability to articulate where I am moving the process along faster which makes things easier to see. In this level all the operations of the process moves the fastest which means you are able to see everything that has been going on from the beginning to evolve you the clearest you have ever seen. I had seen that Murphy's law on steroids up revealed the transformation process. If life goes slow, with problems here and there that are not very intense, you don't see the cross at work. What I'm going through now is the same operation at work. In this level I have the ability to articulate where I am 24/7 moving the process along to the next step as quickly as is possible and doing this enabled me to see it as clearly as possible. Then immediately I saw the death and resurrections happening as quickly as possible so that I was able to see it as clearly as is possible. I am recording the specifics of this level in these notes because of the significance of it. As you move from level to level, you are moving from grade to grade in school tackling more difficult subject. The notes show you glasses and diamonds with facets. This is the experience of shifting into levels and then clearing up the teachings concerning God and us and what is going on through the new set of glasses. There are all different subjects and the words you would use to describe the deaths and resurrections in a particular level would match the subject you are working on. Initially my health and the paranormal activity came with 'terror.' I was learning about mysticism and being utterly helpless and being broken. Things going wrong took me down over and over. Something having to do with difficult relationships took me down. Feeling beyond weary of trying to survive did me in. I used up the negative words that went with a lesson and God used different ones for a different lesson. And with the changes came an entirely new language that belonged to mankind's Great Tribulation age. Wanting to be well, and get out of bed, and be able to brush my daughter's hair, over the years evolved into the longing to be in the life and the happiness that matches it that I will step into when I leave my cocoon.

This higher level is about the process itself which was looked at in the other levels but needed the rest of the experience of it to complete the lesson on it. These are teachings regarding the last steps in the last level that you will walk through using the words here that I am writing as I go through it. I journaled the entire process, much of which was thrown away as I moved around, but it would have been more confusing than helpful for you to read so it's not included.

I'm looking at the deaths and resurrections, in the form of hope and being despondent/desperate, that I'm experiencing in this level. I'm looking at the mechanics of it happening to me. I know I'm getting emotionally caught up in hope because I'm actually close and any minute I will have placed the last puzzle piece in my mind and I will have the entire picture of the process, all the steps articulated and in place and all clear because the last pieces did the final tweaking of seeing how the deaths happen and seeing how the engine eventually shifts you up to the final level as your highest ability to articulate starts to operate.

There was a point when I described the process as feeling like I was being tricked and it was part of taking me into a hell hole. I needed more understanding about the portion of negative and incorrect words in God's being that I burn up. In this level I am seeing the portion we each use up as clearly as is possible. The set ups for the falls just kept getting more sophisticated not just because I was so smart. Being smart meant I had used up a lot of my portion of negative words that are used to cause a death and open your eyes. The process had less and less to work with to catch me and take me down. It couldn't intensify a health issue that I still have because that was for a particular lesson and the organic change it made is complete. Just as there aren't many pieces left, there aren't many negative words that were put in my portion box that would be needed for particular lessons. Now it's using words that have to do with the final steps of the process which are about the process itself. 'Hope' in still in my portions of negative and incorrect words that I'm supposed to use up. I thought seeing the engine would immediately end the engine. I was in pain. I wanted that to be true. I was excited and sure. But nothing happened. I was still in pain. I was upset then in despondency again. I got caught up in articulating about articulating moving me past it, past dying over and over. And I didn't understand why it didn't work. I had it all figured out and now I felt lost again. Then came the teaching. I was reminded about the principle of things happening in increments. I was saved. There was still hope that my very clear articulating of the articulating engine was going to get me out of my cocoon soon. I was moving fast through different states of consciousness. It made sense that getting past it was near.

I saw that I was in a final phase of the engine fading and then I saw I was in the final phase of all the basic operations that have been transforming me from the beginning — both happening so fast. It makes sense for me to be caught up in and think it ends soon. So here I am hoping. It's so easy to believe the deaths and resurrections are placing the remaining pieces and they aren't going to slow down or stop and leave me hanging.

The higher ability to articulate where I am came with the highest consciousness of where I am and moving myself from one place to the next using articulating making it go faster made me see consciousness of it happening very clear. It takes being conscious of it, being able to look at each step, to write about it. And it takes it going fast to be conscious of it. This was finely tuned work for the process to do this to me so quickly. I was conscious that I was articulating where I was 24/7 then that faded into the background and I became very conscious of the hope and despondency/desperation, deaths and resurrections, as they were happening so fast, within minutes or an hour or two of each other.

The teachings are fading as school ends but like the other things that are in the fading out phase, the teachings are coming in quickly because there isn't much time building up hope, dashing it, getting the revelations and a short rest before it goes again. My mind's higher functions had so reach a level of ability, strength, endurance, capacity, and power to handle the very condensed deaths and resurrection of these last days.

This could be done now. I don't know what it will be like when the last piece is in place. I'm in hope again, anxiously waiting for something really good to happen very soon. I'm so far along and I can see what it takes for God to teach me now, and I'm in awe of how words work to continue to create the deaths. You'd think it would get easier when almost all the pieces are in place. It's faster but not easier. I'm going as crazy as ever from the longing to be okay. I'm wondering now if hope and despondency/desperation as the deaths and resurrections change or it stays like this to the end.

The process slowed down. I couldn't survive the pace of the past five days any longer. Having the incrementally steps going that fast was only for that time so I would see the puzzle picture, how the pieces are being put in place faster and faster as the process progresses. I'm lost. I don't know where I am in terms of this picture. Was it showing me that i only have a few pieces left? Yes, I think so and the speed is as fast as it gets but that doesn't mean the end is soon. Back to thinking it's never going to end which are nonsense words. I still have the 24/7 ability and can look at where I am and articulate it clearly, and in this level I'm a conscious part of moving myself along and it happening faster and faster, but the speed that the changes from down and up and back down took place these past days was a little too fast for the rest of what needs to happen. There is a lot to write down and five day's off was orchestrated at this time when the process was speeded up to teach me what I have written here. There isn't time in a working life to articulate yourself that fast. Being conscious that I have moving myself makes me feel like I'm on a roll and I keep experiencing wondering what's next. Is 'hope' still there in a spiritual sense neurotransmitter? Will it rise up again only to be crushed again? I should wait for happiness to start to rise up and remain. That would be a better than hope.

What God designed long before we were conscious so that we do not miss a single step to see the process clearly, means everything to us and Him for all eternity. And you will find the process of putting the puzzle together in your mind, the production of words coming in and out of you and your circumstances according to the perfect script of the story of your transformation, utterly amazing.

Closing Comments

We’ve been living this life according to the incorrect combinations of words (ICWs) of our belief systems. It’s been lived speaking the wrong language. It is the right language that is the basis of a real life. So mankind’s entire existence has been based on falsehoods concerning God and what is going on being fed from one generation to the next. And together we have used up a lot of incorrect combinations of words and been evolved by the division and pain that came with them. Now the opposite will happen.

Being at the time in history where mankind goes through the Great Tribulation is a big deal. It’s not way off in the future and it's not a mystery anymore. It’s now. And we have a clear picture of exactly what it is. As you think about setting out into the world with what you have seen in these notes you will start of with this old frame of mind. If you claim that you are going through the Great Tribulation ahead of everyone else, and you say that it’s another biblical age, a third one, and that there is a Newer Testament for this new age — you will be aware that the words can only be crazy sounding to the unrenewed minds just as they were to yours. Knowing how it will sound to other Christians because you can still put yourself their place, looking at it with their eyes, will make you feel like Jonah felt. You will know that it’s heretical sounding to the New Testament Christians. You know that it shakes their foundation and causes an existential crisis so they are going to put up a wall and look down on you. You don’t want to say it to anyone because you don’t want to deal with a humiliating response. It’s a much more radical change in theology than the change from the Old Testament to the New. The true interpretation of Revelation, which introduces a Newer Testament age with a Newer Testament for it, is going to be met with the greatest intellectual front ever known, and not just by the strongest minds of people who don’t know the God of the Bible but by Christians. You will think about how Saul lost his Pharisee friends, his whole life, as he walked into the desert for three years to have his mind renewed to the level of the New Testament age.

But, there is a big difference this time. It won't be a matter of faith that things will go well, knowing that they didn't for Jesus or Peter or St. Paul and the thousands of other martyrs. This time, your mind is the Lion in Revelation. It "devours" means that it will unravel a mind before you can be stoned or slain or even humiliated. The Lion will be held in awe and honored. The fully evolved person is the 'manna,' the 'what is it?' because of how they are and they can't be judged because they can't be figured out. They are wondered about which opens closed minds.

Articulating what step you are in in the evolutionary/transformation process involves comparing yourself to where you were or where others are. Reading their books and listening to their words is an exercise to perfect the strings of words that make up your belief system and in a darker night, it’s done accurately The opposite of madness and craziness is being sane, rational and ‘of sound mind.’ The craziness of the darker night forces the mind to become more sane and articulating with each new pair of glasses will involve a lot of comparing and observing your mind seeing the difference between less partially right and more partially right until what you articulate is completely accurate. A powerful mind sees clearly. It sees all the differences compared to the truth, and can identify the baby, the right words, add what is missing, and throw out the bathwater. This is becoming part of a very powerful Lion.

The mind also learns and gets all the strings of words connected correctly by its association skill which becomes highly developed, running optimally, in a darker night. The books of the Newer Testament are all going to be indexed and cross referenced as the topics all overlap and this will make it faster for the mind and brain to form the connections between what goes together. Then when you try to articulate something, everything associated with it can be pulled up quickly.

You will be confident because you will know that what your mind has become is amazing and powerful and you will know how disarming the clear words of truth are. The intellectual front will be met with words they can’t stop from causing their minds to start unwiring.

The Newer Testament will be written in today’s language. Yours, the pillars’ language, is for this highly advanced, technological and more sophisticated world. The words of the Newer Testament will be completely clear and very powerful as far as being able to be grasped by all minds. It uses familiar language to all minds. There’s nothing cryptic and nothing that can be said to be contradictory. But it’s greatest triumph is that it makes sense out of everything.

For an example of their mystical language showing the connection with those who pass through a transformation process and reach the mystical level of all religions see: theshiftnetwork.com (This website is for a 2017 summit involving many transformation teachers. Enneagram Global Summit).

The illusion teachings on the transformation process have been very highly developed as a result of God having it 'work' for people who went on the journey and came up with a system, along with their many followers once they completed their research. But 'work' I mean they became fully conscious of all the negative things going on in their minds and how they behaved and they transformed from dealing with critical thoughts to having the negative mind chatter end and they became loving people who wanted to help other and they had higher abilities like healing. But they did not know the truth. And this is what everyone needs now in order to get through the Great Tribulation.

As you read about the deformed versions of the transformation process, comparing them to the truth will enable you to articulate the truth more clearly. This article would be an example of something you can practice with. It will also equipped you to speak to people who are studying the brain. "How God Changes Your Brain"

The Notes

for The Newer Testament

Part 2

A leading brother in the Lord's Recovery, the caretakers of Watchman Nee and Brother Lee's mystical legacy, once said that 'you can't be there, until you are there' which is another way of seeing 'as you see, you become.' You have to have the eyes to see and become what you are being shown that you are becoming. This is quantum physics at work, and this scientific process happens in steps. Because of this, I have thought that nothing should be saved for later. Everything should be put in these notes. Teachings that are in a grade way ahead of someone can’t be understood until they have the eyes to see them but there was a consideration. It’s an awful feeling when you read something you can’t see yet because you are in so much pain and so desperately need to be out of it and you can’t bear knowing there is more you have to go through to be able to see everything and get out. These are the highest teachings that you aren't becoming and can’t see clearly until you are at the top level but I know what you can see can help you even if other words cause the awful pain, so I’m adding them but separately because they need to be seen as something unique that is also part of the whole process.

I could not see the whole picture of the levels from the level under this one. I couldn’t see that they are a framework for all the components of the process that makes you more conscious of where you are. It’s like a map. When you see it, you feel more security. It’s the new belief system that replaces the old one that was your homeostasis rock that when it was knocked down cause you to undergo an existential crisis. This framework is starting to be built from the beginning of the process. You experience the components of the process at each level but you can’t get it organized in your mind for awhile. There’s too much going on, too many things happening to cause you the deaths and force you to look for the explanations you don’t have and start learning the truth about reality starting in kindergarten at the lowest level of this remarkable school that’s been all organized level by level.

I'm now at a very high level of seeing the entire process and then walking through life no longer going back and forth between the two belief systems but thinking only according to what is really going on. Living life in reality and not with illusion glasses on is the first major part of what is meant to be living life like God would. This level is where your previous eyes are close to being closed and you new eyes are close to be completely open and thinking according to the truth 24/7, never getting caught in the fake life rules with the worries and all the negative words and scenarios running in your mind. You actually become a person who is inwardly living a real life with only strings of words made of that language coming into your mind. This begins before you are out of your cocoon so that you can create it and it's happening when you step out. Negative words are coming in and you are thinking the right thing about them and you are writing it down moving yourself past them.

This following is a list is the facets for the diamond of this very high level. They are different angles of looking at the entire process that are all attached and mingled together. This principle of how the process works runs throughout the process as your mind assembles the diamonds. There's angles where you look at them individually and another angle where you see them as one whole. The diamonds on each level are seen separately with their facets seen separately and then you get to the top and they are all seen as one big diamond.

Note 1

I’ve entered a higher state of consciousness where I maintain a constant consciousness that if I keep articulating where I am, I’ll move very fast and I'm doing it. As this happened I was given the words to speak back to negative thoughts about others and myself. I saw clearly that nothing we do originates from us. The strings all come in separately and it’s only in the illusion where we aren’t able to know yet that we are puppets, that the strings follow rules to reinforce the illusion that we make decisions and thoughts and that emotional responses to things originate in us. I did practicals where I would go to the store and if a critical thought came in I said it wasn’t their fault and I said it wasn’t my fault that the negative words came into my mind. This was the first step into this higher level where I would articulate all the components of the process itself, seeing the whole process in the framework of the levels, and begin bringing it into a clearer view by comparing the top level to the previous ones. I became aware that is was an overview from the top as I was comparing the differences. It feels like this state of consciousness it going to break open into the state of consciousness when you are out of the cocoon and reattached to life. This is because constantly looking at what the process was doing had made me very present and this presence was making me more present in my outer life, which is to say more engaged with each moment (new language for this level that makes being present clearer) doing the right thing, saying the right thing. I saw this ability as the reconnection to the outer life and how it is living it like God would. Not just present in every moment but doing everything well and powerfully

On one of the levels I was in a lesson involving being very aware of and feeling the pain of being a discourteous driver. I felt myself trying to be present so that I wouldn’t miss someone crossing the street and I would pay attention to other cars and be intuitive about what they were doing and wanting everything to flow well, never mind the part about not wanting to have an accident. It was the need to be present. Now I’m looking at the steps involved for being present to happen. It’s a state of consciousness that is the opposite of being in a fog and distracted and it’s more than this.

Note 2

Overlaid on the level 'framework,' the levels of the teachings are in a pyramid shape puzzle with fewer and fewer pieces as you shift up to each next level. How would you expect to feel if you were at the top with the fewest pieces left to get wired into your mind? When the framework gives you enough strength, there are fewer words left to cause another death, or feeling 'confused' and 'lost.' The words for the new circumstances that go with each of the levels, and the words to create the deaths, and the words for the clearer teachings that match the exercises, practicals, battles and tests, are all prepackaged for each level, and they are part of your portion of the negative and incorrect words in God’s being that you burn up during the Great Tribulation. The rest of your portion includes what you used up during the time that you were living the illusion life unconscious to what was really going on that was also evolving you.

Note 3

The condition of our physical body is part of the circumstances evolving us at each level. Being made to think you are going to be let out of hell soon and then it not happening over and over, feeling ‘hope’ and then having it dashed when you are feeling ‘desperate’ is traumatizing. Whatever your experience will be, it’s a battle that you feel you can’t keep up with at this speed because of it being so intense. It’s real as far as how the human mind and body is incrementally destroyed by process. My body and brain and heart are being worn out. God will make it last to the end of getting through the process and out of hell but feeling I can't make it will be real to me. The process started to destroy me in my late thirties after having 5 children and going through a divorce and the chemistry depleting. The process was too intense for it during a number of the levels when the stress was maxed out. The physical body can play a big role in the experiences of the deaths. Murphy's Law can also play the larger role of deaths.

Note 4

The prepackaged words in God's being for each level are going to enable you to organize the teachings for each level using the picture of the diamond and facets. There are diamonds with facets about reality and a main diamond and facet that is seeing of the parts of the process and an overall picture of the process from that level. The diamond and facets for each level are clearer. At the top level only the main diamond is being taught about which separates it from the rest of the pieces enabling you to see it for what it is. I’m in this level and the experience of it and the teachings are being used to make me think that the completing of this level causes a breakthrough out of the darker night and reattached to life.

Note 5

There is a bigger diamond at every level with the new glasses looking at everything and organizing is the one main diamond that is evolving. Diamond have been organizing facets and developing the ability to do this. My new bigger diamond is the 'framework' and I'm organizing the process with it which is a whole new thing.

At each level you can look back from a higher level with the clearer glasses you have on you see them in their place in the 'framework' of the levels. The framework with the components is a big picture of the entire process. I can see how this helps others. You will get a feel for the level of the language of the truth they can understand at the level they are in. Not that you have to figure it out. God pulls the prepackaged words out that you are to speak to them. You just need to complete your training, have the big view glasses on, see the framework with the components which is the biggest main diamond and facets, see the whole puzzle put together in your mind, the truth about everything — the truth concerning God, us and what is going on and how it works — and you will be the pot of clay full of the treasure that is connected to God walking like He would able to answer any question, articulating it for someone to move them along. You know that you stop having the mystical experiences like visions and ecstasies at the higher levels. When someone needs to hear that these aren’t experienced at higher levels, that they get replaced with other supernatural experiences that are more specific to renewing their mind, this will help them be okay with those kindergarten and 1st grade experiences fading away and becoming Bethel rock memories they can find security in until they don’t need them anymore because the truth is strong in them.

At the lowest level, what you are putting pieces together to see is “an inner and outer life” and so this is the language for the spiritual inward journey that is going on, while you live your life. When these words are evolved as you shift into a higher level with different glasses looking at it, you see that they are the foreshadow of a far more significant experience, living life back and forth between being caught in the illusion, or one foot in the illusion, and seeing reality, and one foot in the truth about what is going on, with the goal of being able to take your other foot out of the illusion because your belief system has been entirely switched out and you don’t get caught in the drama of the fake life thoughts and emotions (acting out of the belief system that someone or something here is responsible) anymore. The diamond principle of how our mind organized the teachings has you look through an angle and see the pieces separately and then through another angle you see them as one, applies here very well and it strengthens your ability to go back and forth to looking at them separately and then as a whole, and then there's an angle of looking at a completed diamond along with all the other completed diamonds fitting into a larger whole, the biggest view of the process from this highest level. This note on this list mingles with the next one and you will in the end see them all put together as one diamond, the final one, the biggest, clearest glasses you will have to look at everything.

Note 6

We all have to do everyday routines to live this life and most have to work many hours a day and we think that these things are in some way that distracting us from being able to just work on getting through the spiritual school. We often experience these things we have to do like interruptions to our thinking through some teaching. But everything that happens in our circumstances in each level have been set up specifically for the lessons of that level. The words creating your work day are part of the prepackaged words for the level you are in . There is no separation of an inner and outer life. They are working together to evolve you. If no one else around you speaks the correct language, that is the classroom that has been set up for you. Whatever it is that we have to do that takes us away from the teachings and articulating comes with the word ‘irritated’ and this feeling is letting you know that what you are trying to write down needs the organic change that ‘irritated’ is causing you to undergo, which is the opposite of of ‘irritated’ which is peace. When you see this and articulate it, that lesson fades, but there is more. Every time you have to leave a lesson, and come back to it, it’s clearer because of what happens in between, which could be just resting your mind. Or it could be that you need to work on another facet before going back to that one in order to see it clearer. Or you may need to get out in public and do the practical part of the lesson to articulate it clearer. As for needing rest, your mind is going through a work out to see more clearly. Rather than trying to force the teachings to come into your mind by writing in your journal hoping it will happen, which you will find yourself doing at times, you need to walk away. You may also find yourself articulating something in your mind or even making some notes on scratch paper and then when you are able to get back to journaling it on your computer or however you are doing it, the words will be clearer. This happens a lot in the lower levels because there are so many pieces in them that need to be put together.

So ‘irritated’ comes with wanting to keep working at it but your mind needs to take a rest or it needs to evolve in some way like a form of reaching our mind does for what is next doing this while you do some chore, before those next words can come in, or it’s the one where you have to look at another facet and come back to see it clearer, or you need to be confronted with something when your get around people — whatever the reason for the ‘interruption’ all of the words causing what is happening are a portion of the words designed for the renewing your mind in that level.

There is another time your mind is organically growing and it feels like it’s reaching. It happens when you see something and then it goes away and you are trying to find it again. Initially it can be gone a long time because there are other pieces to put in place first. Curiously you remember that is was something you almost saw that went away the you tried to see again and if feels very good when it comes back and you see it. Once a lot of pieces are in place it won’t ever take and long time before something comes back and then you find yourself pulling it in within hours or minutes. You don’t experience this much in the highest levels because so much of the network of the truth is hardwired into your mind and it is learning much faster.

In the top level, your level of being conscious of the process you will enable you to look at it a lot and making you very present with where you are and able to see it clearly and write it down. When an interruption is happening you are looking at the interruption situation the entire time it’s happening, explaining what it is as it’s happening. you can compare the experience with what happened at a lower level. When you are in this level having this experience, you will have the ability to see these words written here because you will be living them. Since you can not only notice but keep looking at the interruption and ‘irritation’ or other sense and feeling in your spiritual neurotransmitters, and you can keep looking at the organic need for breaks for your mind from school and your body and your emotions from the stress of the circumstances, with your clearest glasses on you will very clearly see and articulate this basic component of the process so that the experience fades away.

Note 7

The experience of being too smart so the process has to do something different to catch you, used our brain’s association faculty. I was about to be in a place that was similar to last time and I was conscious of it and immediately pulled up how I was caught in it last time so I can’t be caught in it again that way.

— The big picture from the top of the pyramid is seeing life with the old pair of eyes closed and your higher eyes that clearly see the process going on all the way open. You are conscious of the process a lot and not spending much time viewing life with illusion eyes with the matching thoughts and emotions. You’ve been going back and forth between the incorrect and correct words that come into your mind about what is going on. In the top level you are getting ready to make an organic switch to your mind only operating according to the new belief system. You experience viewing every moment of life with the new language coming into your thoughts based on the correct world view, in exactly the same was you had viewed every moment of life according to your original belief system caught in the illusion way of thinking life was working and having thoughts and feeling come is as you reacted to things. Since what you think and how you respond does not originate from you, you couldn’t stop getting caught in operating according to the illusion beliefs about life even though you know the truth about ti. Knowing it’s incorrect but still having the strings of words coming in and having your get caught in the illusion continues throughout the process throughout all the levels. The deaths of the back and forth cycle, develops a mental strength, a solid view of reality, and a fast clear articulating ability, enabling you to step completely out of the illusion. In the top level you sense that getting caught in the drama of thinking the fake life is real life is fading.

You’ve been made to go back and forth in order to be evolved and learn and it’s fading and a switch is going to take place and from then on you see every moment in the context of the process. This is a big deal to see and become. I was moving cars around to get mine out o the driveway and for only a brief moment I was upset that a workman had his car parked in the street directly across from the driveway which we aren’t supposed to do in our development. There isn’t enough room. The thoughts only lasted a moment and Instantly I sensed strings coming down controlling where everything was in the neighborhood. I had switched to seeing that the program had put the car there and I said those words out loud. Those words that put the car in that spot were in the prepackaged words for today to have that experience. Sensing the strings of word coming into the cars and the people on the street was a child’s game that was played on me to help my mind make the switch. In time I will just think that way with no switching going on because the illusion view looking at the set up and judging, criticizing and getting annoyed won’t be coming in anymore. They will have been replaced. In the meantime I am still going back and forth to develop the ability to view life correctly until that is the only way I view life and operate accordingly.

Note 8

The clear view of the process inside the framework is seen at the top when your mind is renewed and you see what is going on like God does. You can look at the entire process to having the truth looking at the clear view of the framework of levels with the diamonds, glasses, components and prepackaged words. I have said in the notes that the diamond and labyrinth pictures have played the role of a framework. This bigger framework is seen in the highest level.

The labyrinth is dropped because you are done finding all the pieces in all the different places. The larger framework is the levels and each one has a pair of clear glasses so you can put together the diamonds with facets and see things clearer. There is also all the words that will come in setting up your circumstances and the deaths and resurrections and the teachings that are coming in. There are also the words that are going to make the components of the process itself clearer. The significance of the framework with all these things organized on it, is that it becomes the belief system that enables you to maintain homeostasis like your original belief system did. You will see this clearer by experience it being taken away from you and you can see it. This happens when you take a step back after two steps forward or when you fall into a hell hole and ‘lost’ is in a spiritual neurotransmitter. In these times the words you have wried into your mind that articulate the framework are being unwired and ready to arrange moe clearly. This scary step in the process is a continuing experience of the initial existential crisis. You belief system is can be a simple or complex set of string of words networked together. But this network is in the part of our mind that has to do with maintaining a core sense of being, who and what you are and the meaning of your existence, based on life working according to how we believe it works. Your being is part of God’s being, all made out of words, and everything is transforming into everything it can be for our enjoyment for all eternity. But you aren’t able to have this network wired into that place in your mind until your mind develops to the place were it can see the words. When it’s time to go through the final stage of that development and your original belief system is knocked down by the initial dark night experiences, it’s because that network couldn’t explain what was happening and the core of your being, what you think you are and how life works, was shaken and there was nothing you could do to stop it. Our core is tied to our epistemological self-consciousness. How we know what we know or believe to be the truth about everything has been removed when our belief system fails us. And soon we learn that the darker night experience is how we get the truth wired into that place in our mind never to be disturbed again.

In this very high level you are making the framework of the network more and more solid and the ‘lost’ is short-lived because it’s fading. Having the framework and components being hardwired into that network also means you can start anticipating what is coming next and you aren’t confused by it or feeling lost as to what is happening. The process will now have difficulty causing an existential crisis because you can see right away what is going on.

Today I was writing for hours making two steps forward into what was coming. I was then aware that this would be followed by one step back. I wondered what it would be like to have one when I was watching for it. I’d never been this conscious of where I was in the process. I was very present with what is happening to me as I played the role in consciously moving myself along with all the articulating I’ve been doing.

Having this framework is seeing the whole process as God sees it, and having a state of consciousness that makes you very present with where you are in the process that He would have — facets of walking through this life as He would in addition to the facet of only seeing life according to what is really going on.

Note 9

In this very high level you are aware that the deaths and resurrections are closer together. There’s not as much involved in terms of how many words it takes to arrange the circumstances and send in the thoughts that take you up and down. You are writing a lot because with the compacted deaths and resurrections, the teachings are constantly coming in with short breaks to relax your mind for the next round.

Note 10

Feeling ‘lost’ in a sense neurotransmitter is a basic experience of being transformed. It eludes you, passes through and is gone without looking at it clearly, until you have the ability to stop and look at it and clearly articulate it. I’m feeling ‘lost’ as I write this. There is also ‘confusion’ and now my brain is pulling up data that it associates with this. It has to do with falling of a train of thoughts that were revealing things. Nothing is coming in, It ended. Now what? This is when words are being rearranged that need to be rearranged and you feel like you have lost your footing in the process. Organically you have lost hold of strings of words in your newly forming belief system (concerning the evolutionary/transformation process) that you need more than ever in a darker night in order to have spiritual homeostasis and feel secure, something most people in the illusion life are not aware of but you are being made keenly aware of. At the first level this feeling starts as the existential crisis of your belief system not working for you and having to go out an find answers to what is happening to you. People in the illusion have experienced a form of this as a foreshadow of the real thing that takes place in the Great Tribulation. At the higher levels, the ‘lost’ feeling goes away as you see the words are coming in and being put into place, some words gone and new words added. You feel okay again and then it’s time to shift to the next level. And it happens between seeing the different facets on a level. You figure one all out using the glasses you have for that level, this it’s time to move on to another facet and the circumstances are being rearranged and the strings of words are being rearranged to get ready for it. It’s like your mind is in the halls between classes moving to the next class. This is a good picture to use when you feel the ‘lost’ and want to articulate it. I’m now seeing this ‘lost’ tool that has now evolved my mind to get to the point that it can see it very clearly and the experience of being ‘lost,’ being between lessons will be fading away now. I’m in between classes now waiting to clearly articulate the next basic component of the process that we experience. Or I could be shown what else is being seen clearer in at each higher level, like knowing that we need to navigate live like God when it gets this complex to be able to do it well evolving into what it actually feels like to walk like God when we step out of our cocoon, i.e. only seeing life correctly.

Note 11

There is a kind of fear and being upset that goes with the words “What am I going to do?” It’s the need for something to be happening so that you don’t feel the horrible pain when nothing is happening and ‘ going crazy’ comes into a sense neurotransmitter. I’m feeling it now for the first time n this level where I can stop and look at it and articulate it using the clearest glasses that will then result in it fading away. This sense of thinking you are doing your mind begins at the lowest level when Murphy’s law is on steroids and you are going through the acting strangely phase of the mystical experience. And you are looking at the truth coming in and it sounds crazy because it’s so beyond anything you could have imagined. The idea that the Christian belief system and the Bible had to be written a certain way at that point in mankind’s evolution and that there is a ‘what is really going on’ and you’ve been in an illusion thinking something that wasn’t what is really going on that was based on an interpretation of the Bible that the church has killed people over, is too much. It’s crazy. “This can’t be happening.” “I can’t believe I can feel this much pain.” “This is real but it feels wrong.” Your existential crisis is your foundational belief system concerning life screaming in the pain of being torn down. The pain is so great that your desperation to be okay is intensified beyond rationality. You mind is being pushed to its limit again and again with each moment of “What am I going to do?” “How am I going to survive this?” “What’s going to fill up my thoughts so I don’t feel the going crazy that happens when I’m not distracted from it with teachings coming in or other thinking.” This is why people are buying stuff and doing stuff all the time. They are running away from the basic pain of not being fully evolved, having a fully renewed mind and walking as God would and living in peace and joy because only good words are coming into them. Not that anyone knows that is what the deep ache is that will make them crazy if they sit still. This is what makes us all nut cases when it comes to money that buys us the stuff that distracts us from the pain and the ‘crazy’ that comes into a neurotransmitter. Going out and having company for dinner and hanging out with friends and doing things, traveling, hobbies and projects, TV and other technological entertainment all take money. Having the money to do whatever you want also feeds ego but people will be well past this in their transformation and still panic over needing money to deal with Murphy’s law breaking things and health issues needing expensive holistic remedies and superfoods, and to create a positive energy environment.

Note 12

"Death will elude them" says Revelation. A sense that happens in the deaths that has been fading away is simple but does become clearer is ‘wanting to be dead’ which you know is part of the cross experience. Jesus was wishing He was dead even before He was put on the cross. It is what it is. You are in so much pain that you want to be dead, having suicidal thoughts, and you use the same words to describe it at the different levels. It’s more intense in the beginning. I was lying of the floor and the worst of it went on for hours. Now I can remain sitting or lying in bed and not crawl down to the floor begging for help. But still it’s part of the agony of being stuck on the cross and struggling to get loose, needing to finally die. It happens over and over and doesn’t end. It just calms down to a simmer to rise again at another death. Having the cross of Jesus' death and being aware that you are feeling His suffering as your language is to have extremely powerful words. God died because we needed the words of His suffering in our minds. They are the only ones that can get you through and out of hell. There's no more to it than this is how God's being works, how we make the connection to His being. The words of the cross are more dramatic in the lower levels. As you move into the higher levels the specific experiences of the drama of the cross rising up become further apart, lower back to a simmer much faster but are still agonizing. Humanly, you actually can’t take much more of it in the higher levels. ‘Wanting to be dead’ or ‘needing to be dead’ to end the agony is tied with ‘an eternity in hell’ in a sense neurotransmitter. You feel that what you have been through is literally more than you can handle and it has to be over but somehow it keeps going on. You are on the edge of dying, feeling all the agony of needing to be dead to end the being in hell. And somehow you are made to think you’ve been in this more intense place the entire time, rather than it just rising up and going back down, and you also feel that that it could still go on for a long time, both of which bring the experience to a peak of agony. By the time you get to the top level these scene you have been revisiting again and again is still very painful but less intense and doesn’t last very long. Madam Guyon called our cross the “the thousand deaths.” Right now I feel like there is no end to the articulating and I’m never going to get out of here, which makes no sense but is being used with ‘never-ending’ ’agony,’ ‘despondency’ and 'desperation' in spiritual neurotransmitters.

Note 13

The two steps forward is seeing what is coming, what you are becoming and the step back is the disappointment of it not happening as you go back to where you were to do more before you can actually be what you saw is coming.

The death resurrection pattern for me now is writing and articulating to keep moving myself through the process. I get a taste of what is coming and what I’m becoming, which is two steps forward, then the teachings stop coming in and while I’m still expecting more they stop and I’m left hanging there. Nothing happens. It’s a place like a void. The feeling of ‘lost’ comes in and negative words are coming in and nonsense to fill the void and there is a sense of ‘confusion,’ This step can easily be perceived as a step back compared to how productive the two steps forward can be. Where I am now I worry that the process will slow down or stop for awhile and I’ll be left hanging for long time. This is painful because the momentum of the top level makes you feel like it’s going to all be over soon. The thought of it slowing down or stopping for awhile is unthinkable. ‘Left hanging?’ ‘What would I do to survive?’ ‘The flow of the school words distract me from the deep pain of needing to be fully attached and being who I am helping others.’ But here in the top level I don’t get caught in this place. I have the ability to immediately see myself in that death and articulate where I am and get myself out of it and keep myself moving. The deaths are fading. There are short lived and not as intense. I feel the strength of having this ability instead of the fear. It’s because I can do something about the void if I don’t need to rest. The next step is to rest your mind getting it ready for the cycle to start again and get the next pieces of the puzzle in that level. Now that I’ve articulated the cycle at this level, it will start to fade. I don’t need to get caught in the deaths so that I can articulate the fact that I can articulate myself out of them. The pattern of death and resurrection for each level is the same but the experience is different. In the lower levels you would just call it revelation coming in or teachings coming in after the storm and a time of rest. You wouldn’t call it articulating to move yourself along because you don’t get that ability until the top level. The distractions happen as you are writing the teachings down and while you are articulating where you are to move yourself along. I’ve clearly articulated all there is to articulate about this with the glasses I have on in this level.

Welcome interruptions. Don't resent them. You've placed the higher value on being alone to see the teachings so you can get past the school and past the pain. It's worried you when you are being asked to leave them. Don't get caught in them making you think that your process is being held up. They are part of the process. You need them. You can’t keep up the pace of articulating yourself out of the deaths. Let life fill the voids and let your mind rest. The teachings will be there when you get back. Value and enjoy being able to relax, and the peace and quiet of no school. School is going to fade and you are going experience the rest and peace forever. And when the negative and critical thoughts about yourself and others come into the void, let them be burned up and watch the upsetting, worried and annoyed feelings they bring with them in your neurotransmitter fading away and find yourself thinking about the peace and happiness there will be when positive words replace them.

Note 14

In the lowest level, the darkness is seen as being completely lost having nothing in your belief system to explain what is happening. Also in the lower levels the darkness is also defined as not know what is going to happen next. The mystics called the dark night a cloud of unknowing.

At a higher level, you see the pattern of the death and resurrection process as a framework and have that as your new language to explain what is happening at each moment, you can look at it like a map and see what’s supposed to come next and this doing more of the dispelling of the darkness (new language for this level) which happens at this level which you may think if the one that is right before you leave the cocoon. If you just finished two steps forward, it’s time to fall back a step into a death. It could be a time that you are angry and despondent. Or if you weren’t set up really higher for a big fall, Murphy’s law could make life more challenging and negative or crazy thoughts or scenarios could rise up with unpleasant emotions in the neurotransmitters. There could be a distraction and you want to write but you can’t, or maybe you can make some quick notes. There could be a rest time or pleasant diversion. Then you are alone and start to articulate where you are and more teachings come in as you are writing again. There are a few choices as to what can happen next. It may seem random. But the basic cycle of being evolved then revelation, then being evolved again, then revelation, is happening over and over. In the top level, you will draw your own unique map of the death and resurrection process. Then with the ability to be present and articulating every moment, you will begin to see ahead. It won’t be as dark. The innate fear of the unknown catching you by surprise is part of the devastation as you fall into another pit and this will fade as you articulate where you are using your map. The cloud of unknowing is lifting. You almost have all the truth about all the steps hardwired into your mind with very little rearranging going on as you experience the last steps and put those pieces in place. The biggest view is then seen of the process. You’ve been through the whole thing. You know each step intimately. And now you know and are using the language of articulating that is the most clear about everything including the articulating itself.

I initially shifted into this level, that I thought might be the top level, by articulating the clearest articulating of articulating that I could see at the time. I thought that I was actually articulating the clearest articulation of articulating. But I needed the pieces of this level in place in my mind before I was able to articulate and move myself along using the right words of the framework (prepackaged was a word that came with this), map and puzzle language in the right place. I am now articulating where I am using the language hopefully close to what God would use if He was living my life and articulating where I was in the process and moving to the next step. And I have a map so I can see ahead which means I’m using quantum physics now making this language a more powerful form of articulating myself through the process. It’s having the pieces that gave me the picture of the framework that gave me the map. I needed the words in my mind rearranged and with the new terms added to it making it the language God would speak before I would be able to shift myself out of the darker night. I’ve been working on a diamond about how I live my life as God would which I now see beginning with using the same language He would use from His mind to shift me out of the darker night. And now I’m working on the different things, angles of a diamond that is about dispelling the darkness . The back and forth of looking at life using the illusion view and blaming people and then seeing the strings and saying the program did it, was a facet of dispelling the darkness. Dispelling the darkness is not just knowing what is going on but only seeing what is happening in your outer life using the language God would use. See how the two facets of different diamonds in this level are mingled. Your mind at this level will have an easier time of seeing them separately in their separate diamonds and then see how all the facets of the different diamonds belong to one big diamond with is the glasses you have on matching God’s view.

I’m looking ahead now, knowing the teachings and writing them down are going to stop and the words that are still out of place and not matching the CCWs, and that are keeping me in the darkness not knowing everything, will need to be unwired and it will feel like a death. What happens is always a surprise. I'm looking at what is left in this level. What pieces may or may not be there. I don't know if there are more and I don't know what they are. They are the rest of the prepackaged words for this level that will create the deaths and resurrections, the two steps forward and step back and the strings create Murphy's law and dysfunctional stress, and crazy and negative and thoughts and dreams, and any other evolving tool that is needed for the remaining lessons that will make everything clear, the language perfect, all the right words in places. I'm tasting being two steps forward, someone who is done and looking back at myself. Since I'm not really done, my view looking back where I am now is fuzzy. I don't know how many more pieces there are and deaths to put the rest of the right words in the right order so I am actually past this. I'm articulating being there as clearly as I can without the data that's missing. It's always been like this. I've stepped forward to what I'm becoming but I can't see it well because of the pieces I don't have yet that make my glasses clearer. I can't stop whatever it is from happening. If I knew what all the words were that were left in the prepackaging for this level, I could. I wouldn't get caught by them. The process couldn't work. This of course couldn't happen. I can only know what the words are once I experience them. Being clear is knowing all the steps from beginning to the end. It's the opposite of the darkness. The fully renewed mind that is trained and walking in the light past the darkness of hell, the darkness dispelled, knowing everything. I've never visited the place two steps ahead and was able to stop and look at it and consciously clearly articulate that moment. Previously I was aware that I was saying things that had to do with what I was becoming. They were glimpses, but I wasn't doing it present in the moment of the process articulating it in the context of the big picture, the map because I didn't have the map. I've never stepped outside the cocoon with these clear glasses on being present with the step in the process drawn on the map using this language. I was told today that this is the language I need to get out of the cocoon. I just made a significant two steps forward and was outside the cocoon in the light looking back into the darkness.

I'm comparing the two places, in the darkness and in the light. As long as there are more words that need to be added and rearranged, I'm still here in the dark and not walking according to reality and doing everything right. He has all the words that explain all the steps of the process all in place in His mind. He doesn’t need to go through this. There is no unknowing in His mind and He speaks the clearest language. I’m comparing where I am to where He is and this is making the words in my mind, about the words in my mind, clearer. There is knowing that I don’t know that keeps me in the mystical "cloud of unknowing" process. It’s clearing with each step in this level, each facet in my glasses making things clearer so that every word is in place reducing the time I need to be here getting things put in place until I'm just like God and don't need it. The Bible says that God knows all our steps. God does not know all our steps. It's God's DNA that has all the steps in it and it has a script that orchestrates exactly what words are going to be removed and added and rearranged.

The 'framework' being the most orderly and clear view that becomes a map is the last of the basic new terms of the language that correctly articulates the process at this top level. With this framework all the components could be organized and this became a map that was part of dispelling the aspect of the experience of the darkness that is you not knowing what’s next. The articulating ability began to fully function as it shifted me up to this level and it was perfected in this level by the language being used to articulate matching what God would say. This perfected ability to articulate would complete the knowing of everything dispelling the experience of the darkness that has to do with the unknowing that requires unwiring some of the strings that make up your belief system and causing the existential crises and strings of words all tangled and in confusion and trying to untangle them and writing them down while they are untangling which ends up the confusing gibberish of running down rabbit trails, wrong ways, or they look out of place and seem childish, when you go back to looking at what you wrote thinking there's something there because they felt so significant at the time. All writing down of the thoughts coming into your mind is good. Journaling/writing is a key tool the strings do to move the words around in your mind. I'm more conscious now of the difference between the place on the map where you are writing the rabbit trails words vs. the clear thinking. I don't want to do rabbit trail writing for any length of time. It will come in feeling as significant as the clear teachings but you have the higher ability to stop the flow coming in and look a them. If the are fuzzy, quit and wait for it to clear up. This being able to be conscious of them and stop is part of this important tool fading. Don't try to be here before you are here. It will cause confusion.

I have a sense of there not being very much of neither darknesses left, not many steps left that I can't see that will give me the knowledge of the rest of the steps in my mind so I have the entire process wired into it and my glasses are complete and these notes are complete.

I'm comparing this very high level to lower ones. I saw the illusion a long time ago and knew who God is and we are and what is really going on. This was the first great knowing. And since then I experienced being caught in the illusion way of thinking and feeling, and then stepping outside of it and looking back at it and learning more about the process out of hell in to heaven on earth as I kept stepping outside of the box. It could be days, weeks, months, or years of being in the one and then the other as far as each thing I needed to experience to learn what I needed to learn about life and people and relationships that were the opposite of heaven.

As I went up the levels the time between the back and forth's shortened and at this top level, it's very fast. And now I’m starting to shift into not going back and forth anymore which means being out of the darker night. It began with a child's game. I was seeing the strings down to the cars and people, representing the process doing everything. In the previous level I had been practicing speaking back to the critical words about what people did and saying it was not their fault but the program's doing. This was illusion words coming in instantly replaced by correct words about what was going on. Now I've made the significant step of stepping out of the cocoon and looking back with the clearest glasses that have a lot of the facets in place in them from being in this level for awhile where things develop quickly. And as I look back I'm writing with my very powerful articulating ability using the framework/map language that's also a result of being in this level where it's developed quickly. I won’t know that I'm actually outside until the unwiring has stopped because the words are all in place. Then when I look back with the completed glasses with the remaining facets that should happen even more quickly I will see what I can't now. I will see how many more steps there where left and I will have the teachings the remaining deaths will reveal.

Later addition:

I had thought I was possibly at the top or close to it but there was still a long way to go to seeing the entire process the clearest and again I've broken through to an exponentially clearer view. I'm writing this a year after the notes were written and I made a few changes to the notes which will become clearer here. I'm going to say things that explain the real story of creation, quantum physics creation, first by God alone, and then our hearts needing to be a part of it, and explain a much more evolved understanding of the word illusion. It's not a visual illusion. What we see with our physical eyes is really there. It's a mental illusion which means because our minds are not evolved yet, we think life works a physical-minded way and we are not able to see how it really works and we are not able to see what the physical world and us are and what God is. Our belief system is incorrect and the extent to which it is incorrectly looking at life is beyond anything we could have imagined.

It won't seem like it to you now, but as you read this these things have been explained clearly. The reason they won't seem clear is the descriptions of the experiences can only be understood by someone whose experienced them. As part of our minds and brains are being evolved during the evolutionary leap, the pineal gland has a very interesting function that begins to function. It's the reason mystics used a picture from life, a dark night, as the name of what was going on. Only picture language can be used to describe the components of our evolution because of the nature of it, meaning the pineal gland is involved. That means being in a darker night is a type of dream state. The asleep function of the pineal gland that wakes up explains how I lived Madam Guyon's "spiritual torrent" when I was reading her description of it in her book. It is the explanation for how in some dreamlike way I am living being a caterpillar that entered its cocoon and has been changed into a butterfly. And I'm living Cinderella and Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz. Identifying with words or things or characters in stories is an ability that you have had that you start to use for your leap.

So while this list of the description of what words are doing to evolve us seems very foreign and unintelligible, the words I'm using to describe how our evolutionary leap happens are clear. I know they are not written well and I'm looking forward to a good writer going though their darker night and doing the remarkable experience justice. There are probably more and better terms people will come up with because there are going to be as many variations of a darker night as there are people. A horrible health condition involving physical neurotransmitters along with all my body chemistry, which was part of intensified Murphy's Law, and paranormal mystical experiences, some created by using the pineal gland, like the sense of floating up off a couch, started at the beginning of my leap and changed as the process continued and I matured and didn't need certain things ever again. And I made a big outward scene at first and then went into hiding and my outward life got saner and more orderly, but smaller and smaller. I think living in a mental hospital would be a bigger life than I have now.

This is a list of the three parts of the design so that we could live a life and be evolved to live in heaven. There will follow notes which will explanation of some of the language:

1.) the fake life with make-believe illusions the unevolved mind had to have in order to be conscious and live a life being made ready including fully developing the illusion belief systems (listed in the first part of The Notes) so that our minds could then enter the leap and be evolved having the pieces it needs to integrate to have Yours and our evolutionary story as our belief system and create heaven,

2.) the inner parallel fantasy life, involving our pineal gland, that has the picture language. We become the hero leaving life as he knows it, and going on a journey, facing the dramatic places (the deaths/hospital) that ever changing outward circumstances are the stage for, along with the darker night's school of clearer and clearer seeing of reality and the evolutionary process leading to the hero's prize, a powerful belief system that creates his new body and life in heaven

The inner life becomes paranormal in during the leap. The pineal gland and spiritual neurotransmitters create the experience of being in the two pictures 'cocoon' and the 'twilight zone,' feeling 'detached' from the outer life, 'heaviness,' 'lost' and living having been a caterpillar and becoming a butterfly, and living the picture of the cross.

3.) other kinds of NCWs and ICWs that evolve our mind that I will list below

I'm going to add some explanations:

Notes for 1.) The partially right concept but incorrect definition of the concept of our being in an 'illusion' has been with us for thousands of years. The old mystic interpretation of a meditative experience of emptiness or unity that continues into today's modern meditative practice is the illusion that we think we are separate beings. The practices bring you so see the ultimate reality. Words are creating this experience that is an incorrect understanding of the concept of illusion. Whole religions and now the integral group are based on the more correct but still incorrect thinking. We are all part of God's being but we aren't all one thing. We aren't grass. We aren't trees. We aren't mountains but words can create an experience where you think you are using your pineal gland. I thought I was a river. The experience was necessary to get me closer to a clearer understanding of the ability of words to create illusions and why they were being created. All things and human beings are individual parts of God's being just as cells and organs are part of our bodies, separate but a whole. Experiencing the fuzzy mystical experience of being one with everything has been an illusion taking place in the pineal gland that is bridge to the truth, a piece we pick up along the way, is on the path to the truth. It has focused the mystical people and especially the integral group on cleaning up the planet, using an ICWs reason to get something done that needs to be done during the Great Tribulation. The correct understanding of the first thing we learn about the illusion is words have been having to orchestrate our life causing us to believe we are separate in order to evolve our ability to see that we are not separate beings, separate hearts and minds, but not independent creatures created by a Creator. These actions on the part of words are part of the program of God's being, which includes us, to evolve. the second thing is to see that we are puppets and not responsible for anything we say or do or think. The program is responsible for all the NCWs and ICWs that are being burned up now. And the third thing we are shown about the illusion life we are living is the most interesting games of illusions that gives us a very big view of everything.

When human beings first experience living with a physical body they are only able to see with physical-minded eyes. Until their minds evolved, they would not be able to see how their lives really work. Human beings think about things and form rules about how life works, creating a belief system concerning reality. Life had to be set up so we had a way to do this until we were able to do it correctly. The illusions that were set up go much deeper than the first illusion we were able to get a glimpse of, that we are separate beings from God's being. A very elaborate, brilliant fake life was designed that would not only work for our undeveloped minds but also evolve them. The words involved in doing this are the negative and incorrect words and combinations of words that are a part of God's being. His being had everything that it's program would need to fully evolve Him. Words becoming all that they could be meant evolving us. We are the epitome of God's being becoming all that it can be, so the brilliant fake program for our unevolved minds has been a part of God's being evolving and being everything it needed to be to sustain us as we evolved. Because our minds could only comprehend a life of cause and effect or if this, then that, many different kinds of fake illusions had to be set up. This project began not just with the design of Earth but with the design of our bodies. There are parts of our bodies that our perfect body will not have. In the meantime, these parts act as props for the illusions. For instance, we've been giving a digestive system and if you eat a lot of cake, you will get fat. Or if you smoke, you will get lung cancer. We also required the illusions which we believed in and quantum 'stuff' created in order to evolve to the place where we didn't need them as our belief system so that we had something to create a life with. The Bible had to be written for the mind that was only able to live a life made of illusions. As part of God's being's design evolving Him and us, the illusions of 'if this, then that' create negative circumstances and emotions and these evolve us.

When you pass through the darker night, you gain the ability to see the illusions that you have thought were really how the physical life worked, including aging and dying. These were your belief system and so this is what you have been creating. Going through the cross evolves your mind to see these laws governing the fake life and your renewed mind abolishes them from your life and you become a new human being. When you have the ability to clearly see the illusions that had to be set up (1) in order for us to be able to live a physical life with unevolved minds and (2) and that had to be designed to evolve our minds to see what had to be done to us in order for our minds to evolve, then we stop creating aging and dying. Words are also props to create illusions. They play the props of an aging and dying body and these illusions will begin to fade leaving you with a perfect body and with it a life with no more negative and incorrect words having to make illusions. Being woken up and given the life we needed in order to be awake and having lives and then having it evolve us to have the mind we need to have a heavenly life and the power we need to create it will leave everyone in awe and appreciation. Not just because God's child died on a cross but now all the rest They had to do. All hostility towards one another will end as a result of seeing all of us as God's children in His being that He is evolving and helping each other get through the process.

The fake life made-up for us has a number of illusions that need to be seen. A.) We are puppets being animated by words according to the plan. We are being made to think we are making decisions and doing things and are responsible for what we say and do. B.) Words have made us think that there are causes and effects or 'if this, then that' rules and these have been keeping us feeling secure because we know what to expect and how to deal with problems. The fake life is one big illusion because God started the ball rolling on cause and effect, "Eat from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil and you will die" and our illusion belief system was built from there for the entire fake life. C.) All the different illusion belief systems where God is doing paranormal things that make people think they have THE truth, D.) A list of our unique illusions for our unique evolutionary story

An entry from my journal:

"All these years of health issues and it really was in a way a nightmare. It was crazy and not of this world and now I can see that what I thought was happening wasn’t. It was make-believe. I had called my book The Power of Make-Believe before I knew this. It’s something make-believe that is evolving us. This life is all make-believe. Words have been making us believe this is real. That term makes the fake life, that was designed for our unevolved minds so we could be woken up, and that would evolve our minds, clearer. It brings in the idea of pretending. {I'm now conscious that I'm having to pretend living the fake life using its language.}

The making us believe a cause and effect life involving a lot of pain had the power/ability to evolve our minds so we could live the opposite. All spiritual beings have been going along with the pretend games, playing their roles."

This is from an earlier entry in the journal about how words are creating the physical life. They are explaining an illusion, in other words, not what we have thought was going on but that we were being made to feel how reality worked because our unevolved mind couldn't understand the truth.

"You {referring to God} told me once that we needed to be living in the time of technology before we could see the truth. We had no problem believing that if we ate of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil something bad would happen to us. I've had no problem believing that my body looks like it looks because of my dad's genes. But to have the correct beliefs replace these beliefs we needed the technology of a movie screen in our life as a teaching picture. As we look at the screen and watch things happening, there isn't anything on the screen effecting anything else on the screen. Whatever technology is involved in creating the things that are going on is responsible for what is displaying. If a cowboy hits another cowboy and they fall down, the technology is creating the appearance of the hitting and the resulting falling down. Take out the live filming that went on and just look at the images as if the real world could be made by computer programming. That is the best picture from life to show us how our life works. There are no words that can explain the higher frequency world. It is explained to us using pictures. Looking at this life as a holodeck or images on a screen makes it feel less real at first. But when our minds are fully developed and not physical-minded, the right way to see life will feel as real as how we feel about the illusion perception being real and the illusion perception will seem dumb to believe. I'm speaking this when the thought of it feeling unreal comes in. It's not a problem. I just have to get used to it and have it become a part of my belief system. The more I look at life with these new glasses, the more this truth will be replacing the physical-minded view of physical things being responsible for other physical things. And then it's easy to see how words can immediately replace other words doing amazing things to undo the illusions. Watching the words going in reverse and coming in and out making skin look younger and younger would be fascinating. The miracles that You did down here when You were walking around become such an easy thing to understand. The words in the legs of the crippled man where just changed out. So simple to see. The storm calming down, the water to wine. Thinking on these things is helpful to getting our minds to start automatically thinking correctly and stop the incorrect seeing of the physical world. Life is a beyond sophisticated, high tech experience and always has been. We are looking down the road at the technology we are developing and it is amazing. But it doesn't even begin to compare to what You are and can do. Your being is a beyond sophisticated piece of technology that's alive, living a life. And I need to start thinking of myself as being part of that piece of living technology that is extraordinary beyond words. We have no idea what we will be experiencing Your being doing to create our life in heaven. I've experienced incredible feelings that were from the highest frequency for very brief moments. I couldn't handle it for very long. I can't contain the thoughts of a life that has those feelings. The first step is to see the pictures that show us what this world is and get used to it so when the higher things happen, we'll be okay. I'm okay with the gift of tongues but the thought freaks completely physical-minded people out. It's scary when you aren't used to it. The paranormal is an experience we can't explain with normal words. It has to be scientifically explained using the technological holodeck and screen pictures of how life works. I don't have any idea how exactly the picture elements or pixels on my desktop is being displayed there. I don't need to know to be able to experience it. That is how our life is. We don't need to understand exactly how the words are acting like pixels coming and going from the display of our lives. I don't need to understand how the world is both alive and it's like pixels in a 3D display, a living holodeck, where nothing in the display is actually effecting anything else. What is happening negatively or positively is the result of pixels moving in and out making it looks like something has benefited or adversely affected something else.

Just getting this small glimpse of how complex the real physical world is, sends our mind to a place out there somewhere. As I've tried to figure it out I just get glimpses and wonder how much clearer this is going to get. How much of this technology is the human mind capable of seeing? I've thought about the words that are manifesting as a car acting solid when making it look like they hit another car and an accident happens. Then when our portion of NCWs are used up the words manifesting as a car will act solid to sit it and then appear not solid when it drives right through a car that crosses its path. And there will be times when the elements will appear to be more like rubber appearing to bounce off other elements as a part of only positive things being able to happen. Our lives are already a remarkable display of orchestration. What's involved in the shows we experience in the pineal gland alone is incredibly complex and amazing — dreams that make sense while we are having them but are nonsense when we are awake looking at them. That's amazing. The NCWs and ICWs of the dreams I've been having for the past couple of months have been more sophisticated becoming all they can be. And out of body, psychedelic and mystical experiences — these are a taste of the abilities of the living technology of Your being. The way the technology of Heaven will work will be more than we can begin to imagine. There is no question as to how is this extraordinary life is happening. It's simply the nature of words, what Your being is made of, to have the ability to do what they do. And when there are only positive words left, and positive words become all that they can possibly become, it will be beyond extraordinary. What is a life for billions of people with no problems to fix and none of our present tedious and time consuming Cinderella work that we have to do to survive? What does just playing and enjoying look like?"

Notes for 2.) An entry from my journal.

"All these words have been clouding up the moments of life like a fog I'm calling 'muck.' The mystics called it a cloud and then the sun would come out and it would feel as if a weight had been lifted as we can see life clearly just like the sun burns away the fog and we can physically see everything. The 'muck' words are like a fire lit under us and we can't live life in peace. We can't sit still and be in the moment being content with what is going on. The 'muck' words are a hound at our heels, demanding attention to keep the process moving. They're a constant torment burning our soul. If it stopped, I would be flitting around like a butterfly without a care in the world. I could go to the store and buy ingredients for a cake and come home and set everything up and there wouldn't be a loud noise in my head and odd food reactions in my head and no thoughts off somewhere else, no mind chatter, no scenarios, no overthinking and figuring out life, so school, the inner life gone, not anxious, no hunger, no aloneness, no desperation, no feeling like I'm going crazy — all burnt up and gone. I'd just be baking a cake contently along with everything else I do."

"The hero facing the thousands of mystical deaths. I'm always in the twilight zone, another world away from home created by pineal gland, and just on the edge of a 'dramatic place' which is a death involving an organic change or evolutionary growth. I wake up in the dark and plead to be let out, 'please let me out.' In the past I've gotten upset and said 'go away and leave me alone.' When I'm saying those words I feel like I'm in the fantasy world playing my role, speaking a line in the dramatic story because this little moment involves the pineal gland making it a more dreamlike state. I have just explain it well. It has to be experienced for the explanation to be seen. The experience evolves the mind so that it can see it. A dramatic place where not just a moment but a whole scene of a death is going to be played starts with a negative emotion like anger or grief that is attached to something that has happened in the physical circumstances to upset us. We are in the intensified state in a darker night and all emotions are intensified and this is the new normal. The dramatic place starts with a normal intensified emotion that feels appropriate to the circumstances. Then the emotion is intensified more and it no longer matches the circumstance so the experience becomes an illusion and not real. In this level of a dramatic place, I have said words like, 'I don't belong here,' 'I can't be here anymore, 'I can't do this anymore,' 'this can't really be happening' or 'I can't believe this place exists' or 'I can't believe I have to stay' or 'I have to leave now.' More intensifying lead so a second level of the illusion where you are in 'hell' where the emotions are the worst you can feel and you tell yourself that you quit, you aren't going to go through it anymore and suicidal thoughts come in. You are in a zone being created by words and the new function of pineal gland. It feels very real, meaning it feels like what you really want to do. And then the things creating it fade away and you forget it as you move on."

Notes for 3.)

This is a list of the different kinds or categories of NCWs with notes:

1. Murphy's Law NCWs - the fake life has problems and things going wrong that have been evolving us and this gets intensified during the leap causing us to feel very stressed.

Murphy's Law uses the negative big and little details of living the outward life to make life so tough that you can be made to feel like you don’t want to live anymore, you can't do it anymore. This category of NCWs leaves, along with all the others that are evolving us, and we enter a content place of peace. No more getting sick. No more appointments with all different kinds of doctors. No losing a child or spouse. No more bodily injuries, no more tripping and falling, banging into things and getting bruises, getting burnt by the sun or when cooking. No more knocking things over, dropping things or spilling things. No more being on diets making you feel bad or causing you to lose or gain too much weight and no more clothes not fitting well and comfortably. No more driving over nails, having trees fall on your car, hitting curbs with your hubcaps, getting dings in doors, getting in car accidents, always getting in wrong lanes and always just missing the green light. No more bad timing. No more having things stolen, losing things, things breaking, things getting old and malfunctioning. No more money shortages and worries and huge unexpected expenses. No more endless trips to the store because you run out of something, or forgot something or need something or picked a bad piece of fruit or a rotten batch of vegetables. No more dysfunction in relationships or in our environment because of our aberrated behavior. No competition and no shame and guilt and humiliation. No more mistakes, no messing up recipes or selecting a poor recipe. No unclogging plumbing, buying something that to be assembled and pieces are missing or messed up, no cleaning dirty houses and cars, washing clothes, repairing clothes, mowing the grass, bugs, weeds, dog bites, snake bites. No more things going wrong, planes missed, plans ruined. No more rain messing things up. No more feeling cold or hot. No more getting hungry and tired and worn out. No more of the stress of life being too demanding and killing us. No more just trying to keep in all together as it all gets overwhelming. No negative emotions — frightened, sad, angry, bored, restless, lonely. No more learning from mistakes, going down all the wrong roads to find the right one. In the content place we live life without the thorns that it has now.

Things going wrong that would be included in Murphy's Law is health issues and the ones that directly effect the mind would more strongly evolve people. Like EMF sensitivity and food sensitivity disturbing sleep or creating head issues.

Things that are life going badly like crime, abuse, cruelty, injustice and wars would come under this category effecting individuals and evolving them. Once the conversion of the world takes place, these will end and the hidden deaths will be the major issue for people.

Something else that is intensified Murphy's Law is making more mistakes, try the wrong thing, going the wrong way, than what is normal.

2. Reruns of negative things from the past. There may be some that keep coming back in a new combination of words and these can go on for years haunting us.

3. Negative scenarios running through our minds. These can be about people, situations, a project, a health issue, some horrible thing or accident happening to you or someone else. They are little pieces of an alternate life that doesn't happen. The 'what ifs' about the future go in this category. These ICWs can be mixed with the reruns of the past.

"I had a scenario come in about someone who is living a life of success and I felt sorry for myself. The NCWs caught me emotionally and I suffered. Then I thought 'how stupid.' Success in the fake life vs being near the end of my leap in the evolutionary process and and being in a perfect life. It's so clear how the process works creating these painful scenario lives to evolve us."

4. Random negative thoughts and images coming into our minds which can be really gross and scary with people and props in your life or people you don't know and things you've never seen in a place you've never been. They come out of nowhere. They can feel paranormal. These are daytime nightmares, 'daymares,' taking place in the pineal gland.

5. Overthinking and obsessing

Mindfulness exercised cause us to have a lot more thinking going on as we observe and articulate our evolution. But thinking goes overboard and we end up overthinking. Overthinking can be ramped up to evolve us just like emotions. Overthinking works with being oversensitive emotionally, and we'll obsess over something or think about things it doesn't make sense to think about or run scenarios about something over and over. I'm aware of this with clothes. I think about them needing to be washed and ironed and how they are arranged in my closet and what needs to be bought and gotten rid of and what I'm going to wear and I know it's not normal thinking about clothes. I'm overthinking about them and it causes a chronic stress about them, mostly needing to keep them all clean, and how they fit and how comfortable they are and what clothes are right for me. I'm sure it can take a lot of different forms like do they look good on you or make someone look fat or are they in style, things I don't overthink about. Hair falls into this. Our eyes play tricks on us and one day I think something is fine and then the next time I don't so I put it in the pile to give away and then put it back. This hasn't been a big deal but I could see words making it a very stressful thing for someone else. These are illusions or perceptions and I haven't known what the reality was as far as a garment being okay or not. There's no end to the games that words can play on us and if when we have the ability to look at what overthinking is having us do, we can see that it's a waste of time and ridiculous but we are caught in the drama and it feels like you dealing with whatever it is in a logical, normal way. I can see it leading to obsessions like washing clothes more often than necessary, buying too many clothes, and changing clothes too much. Another example would be overthinking about food. Food ties in with clothes because of weight gain and loss. Food ties in with health and aging. Overthinking disturbs the peace and clutters the mind and it is part of what is constantly evolving us during the leap phase of our evolution. It builds up slowly and then being in this state feels normal. We have to see it and recognize that it is not normal, and look at it happening in all the different ways of our daily life when we had only intended the mindfulness exercises to be for our inner life. See all the little ways you are acting in an aberrative way and it's stressful and 'worry' is there and it's cluttering your mind and life. Being in the latest style as far as clothes, shoes and makeup, and the car I drive, the condition of my car, and the amount of gas in my car are small on my list but I can see them becoming an overthinking thing along with abberated behavior for others. And the list goes on. Along with the chronic state of being oversensitive, overthinking will fade to the new normal as we walk into the content place.

I overthink and obsess about clean clothes. The aberrated, not normal, not sane behavior began before my leap. Once I entered the darker night it was intensified and I can see now how it has been calming down and is becoming nearly normal. Articulating what is going on, the kind of NCWs, will make this overthinking and obsessing even calm down more and eventually become normal as the parallel life fades away.

There’s an out of balance physical neurotransmitter involved in this. All my body chemistry was dangerously low and my out of balance neurotransmitters were really ramped up when I was traumatized by not being able to eat and then as I introduced food back into my body, not know if I was going to have a bad reaction. And I had to be so perfect about my medicines and vitamins. And I had to be so aware of EMFs and GMFs not coming into me.

I got something on my pants today and cleaned it with a wet cloth and then overthinking started and I wondered if I should put them in the wash with a load I’m about to do. This is aberrated obsessive behavior, and it’s also something going wrong making living life tougher if I'm playing my part caught in the drama. If I change my clothes I’ll be playing the drama and doing something that isn’t normal and sane. I didn't play along this time.

Overthinking is also thinking about negative things you don't even notice when you are past the leap. The point of a running negative commentary of all the people or places or stuff you pass by evolves you, and you see how heaven will be the opposite of these things. Mindfulness developed the ability to see all the details of life but then all the negative things become part of the painful muck. All of our imperfections are not who we really are. Why take note?

6. The mind chatter that is making you feel responsible for something bad or judging others is ICWs, a subgroup of NCWs. ‘Sinful thoughts’ being used to condemn you would be a part of this category. Negative thoughts that have to do with comparing yourself to others or thoughts about what others are thinking about you in in the mind chatter category.

Being glad it's someone else's fault so you don't have to feel the pain of it being your fault are unkind words that should not be coming into your mind. Seeing someone else having an accident or something seriously going wrong for them and mind chatter coming in thinking how you’re glad it’s them and not you and feeling better about yourself is competition and hateful. People gossip to feel better about themselves. Self-centered behavior fades when you are transformed in the darker night and you have no desire to rubberneck and see an injured person, or watch awful things happening to others on the news or in books or movies. All aberrated behavior fades away.

"I'm lying here looking at some of the millions of scenarios and reruns, little pieces of drama of an alternate life, a life in our minds that's structured very differently from dreams and very differently from the outward life. They are mostly short, making an associating with something else all over our outer and inner lives, jumping from one scene to another and repeating some using a different combination of words. They are rational. We actually could live them or have lived them. There are good ones mixed in with the negative ones that are evolving us. I've called some of the mind chatter 'static' in my mind. Kind of like the illusion noise in my head caused by fluid. Because I know that having a negative opinion about someone is illusion thinking and not according to my belief system, this mind-chatter is another kind of noise. They are both an annoyance that is evolving me and when they go away there will be peace. As these random thoughts are coming in one after the other, all of a sudden a lesson can start coming in. The mindless, annoying mind-chatter changes to school and I wake up from the pineal gland dream-like state of being a part of all the mini life-like dramas going on and start paying attention to the lesson coming in."

The drama coming into our minds moves aside for school, whether it's a lesson or an exercise. School is conversation that I record in my journal. I direct it to God. I ask questions. I write and rewrite and rewrite to get all the right words in my belief system that school is showing me. I describe the dramatic places and articulate the view at each level. The story of my leap with the deaths and the revelations.

7. Negative and crazy dreams — These seem like never ending new combinations of life, past, present and the people of your life and people you have never seen, and situations and places. They take place in the pineal gland and are like another life.

8. Physical neurotransmitter imbalances messing up our mind. Anxiety is a big one. I get a diet set up and if I run out of one small thing, I have anxiety over it and have to go to the store. This is aberrated behavior. Stress is another one that gets intensified as life becomes 'to much.' The intensified version of stress makes experiences very dramatic.

Hormone issues like regulation of awake and asleep, hot and cold (especially during sleep), thirst and hunger, low and high energy, and odd reactions to food or medicine all come under body chemistry/physical neurotransmitters NCWs. These are illusions but you still live according to them even after you know they are fake. It's not necessary to keep saying that they are illusions because it's an understanding once you've seen the illusions.

9. Negative word spiritual neurotransmitters are working with the pineal gland creating the cocoon experience, feeling detached from life, in a twilight zone, experiencing the word 'heaviness,' or 'lost' 'pressure,' 'stuck,' 'wanting to climb out of your body,' 'out of your life,' 'not being able to move,' 'abandoned,' 'reaching,' 'hungering,' 'aching,' 'desperation' and many other pineal gland versions of negative words that you have to experience to understand what they are like and have an evolved enough mind to see them. Most of the things revealed to us are things that have already been going on evolving us to be able to see them. The 'reaching' is when a seeing starts to come in and then goes away before we get to see it and articulate it and we try to get it to come back into our mind. We are reaching for it. At first it would be weeks or months before it would come back and there were other things I needed to see first before it was shown to me again and I could see it. I would always know that is was the thing that started to come in and left and here is was and I'd feel good. There is a pineal gland version of 'fear' attached to not having the elusive seeing because you know that you have to have everything in order to leave your cocoon.

‘Doubt’ in a spiritual neurotransmitter with words that go with it are trying to get you to think the leap isn’t really happening to you. Sending words in with it like ‘it’s too crazy’ or ‘it’s too out there to be reality’ then you speak back 'that's the unevolved mind thinking' 'it is really happening' 'there is no other explanation for what is going on.'

10. The NCWs experiences in relationships — Dating and marriage drama, family/friends drama, school/job/office drama, political drama, all the things that can go wrong between people, not being able to connect, not communicating well and confusion, misunderstandings and being wrong, being unkind, gossiping, blaming others, manipulative, saying you're going to do something and disappointing, throwing cold water on ideas, belittling and invalidating, self-important, self-centered, tyrannical, narcissistic, thoughtless, foolish, aberrated, lacking empathy, religious, self-righteous, delusional, perverted, misguided, lacking virtues and integrity, jealousy and envy - these will all dramatically change when the world is converted and everyone is on the same page, working together, helping each other, respecting and loving each other. In the meantime the memory of what we did wrong will comes back into our minds and it's painful and it humbles us. Along with all the other kinds of NCWs, ego/self with its own needs and own opinions and ways of doing something and its need to win, need to be right and need to look good, smart and successful, in the face of others is broken and out of the way.

11. The parallel life hijacks part of your mind so that you aren't present and you have aberrated behavior as you try to live the outer life. School can make you late and become a complete distraction when you are trying to do something or when you need to be concentrating on the outer life. It's normal to be somewhere doing something with someone and have your mind on something else going on in your physical like, and people would sense that you are distracted by whatever it is you are thinking about. Being distracted by the parallel life is bigger than this and does much more to mess up the present.

12. We live the pictures tornadoes and derailed trains This is when ICWs are being unwired from our belief system and then they will be replaced with clearer ICWs and eventually the CCWs.

"The pineal gland has me in a mucky mess. I might call these places, where thinking is just a stirred up bunch of strings of thoughts, a tornado. I'm conscious of the pineal gland creating this dream like state I just gave a picture name to. There was a state of confusion where what I'd just seen was gone and I identified with the picture 'storm.' The experience has evolved and the teachings are easier to retrieve and continue with. I can't see the strings of words in a 'tornado' in my mind. Something is being unwired to be rewired. I've lost my grip on my belief system, things are floating around in my mind and not in place and I'm not okay. It's a death that evolves me. Then the revelation happens and more evolved ICWs is put in place and I'm okay again."

"I see a tornado now in my pineal gland. There are strings of words in my belief system being unwired. There's confusion. Fragments of negative thoughts. I'm frightened which is our response to the rug being pulled out from under our belief system. I'm anxious because I'm insecure and not okay. I'm grieving the loss of the life I've taken two steps forward to see that I thought was coming soon. As I write this, it's clearing up. As long as this is still happening, I know I'm still attached to the pineal gland in the dreamlike state. We live the pictures of the darker night in our pineal gland like we live a dream that we have when we are sleeping in our pineal gland, like we live out of body experiences in our pineal gland, like we live psychedelic experiences to other places in our pineal gland. It's the same mechanism experienced different ways. The hero's journey is a story you are living in your pineal gland while you are walking through your outward life. We are born dream walking in order to live the fake life and people have used pictures to explain spiritual things for thousands of years and they write poetry and stories the are something they are experiencing in their pineal glands but they don't know it. It can't be seen until and it gets intensified during the leap. Then you are as aware of it as you are of dreaming at night. The tornado category of NCWs has faded. I'm articulating where I am and this will move me beyond it to another category of NCWs."

"I woke up feeling sick which is another category of NCWs that is always different, another arrangement making up a feeling that I've never felt before. I have the ability to experience and see the finer differences and be aware that I've never felt them before. I rocked for awhile. It's a type of pacing the floors in pain that I do in bed. I had dreams about the teachings. The picture of a train track came out of the dreams. The tornado place is made clearer with this second picture. When the strings of words have been unwired so they can be evolve and rewired again into our belief system, it's like taking a child's train track apart. There is chaos. And the engine can go. When we are in the tornado and the tracks have been taken apart, we can't think. The mind can't move. Then the pieces of the track start to get put together and as more track is in place, the mind can start to think again and the new string of words that is more clear comes in."

13. The dramatic places are deeper death experiences of the leap

The pineal gland has me in a mucky mess. I might call these places, where thinking is just a stirred up bunch of strings of thoughts, a tornado. I'm conscious of the pineal gland creating this dream like state I just gave a picture name to. There was a state of confusion where what I'd just seen was gone and I identified with the picture 'storm.' The experience has evolved and the teachings are easier to retrieve and continue with. I can't see the strings of words in a 'tornado' in my mind. Something is being unwired to be rewired. I've lost my grip on my belief system, things are floating around in my mind and not in place and I'm not okay. It's a death that evolves me. Then the revelation happens and more evolved ICWs is put in place and I'm okay again.

The dramatic place starts with a normal intensified emotion that feels appropriate to the circumstances. Then the emotion is intensified more and it no longer matches the circumstance so the experience becomes an illusion and not real. In this level of a dramatic place, I have said words like, 'I don't belong here,' 'I can't be here anymore, 'I can't do this anymore,' 'this can't really be happening' or 'I can't believe this place exists' or 'I can't believe I have to stay' or 'I have to leave now.' The second level of the illusion is being in hell where suicidal thoughts come in.

From my journal:

"I just had a really bad episode but wasn't seeing it for what it was because I couldn't be evolved if I wasn't emotionally caught in it. It was a dramatic place created by negative words and thoughts and spiritual neurotransmitters. It was unexpected. I didn't think I'd feel that bad again so it went against my thought that they were over and upset me. I was disoriented as I was pulling out of it. It's not something I often feel. It's not a normal disoriented. It's paranormal, created by a spiritual neurotransmitter. This is torture, the torture of the whole darker night, being put back in one of these places and being deeply evolved again. I was put back into one experiencing it with a much more clear understanding of it so I was conscious of being evolved which I'd never been conscious of before. It was made fuzzy so that I'm caught in the drama of it but that's clearing up as I write and a pattern I had started to see and write about before is becoming what may be completely clear. The dramatic places start off as a normal human emotional response to negative thoughts coming in about my circumstances. Then the emotion is intensified and it no longer is attached to the circumstances, it's paranormal. At this point I was caught and the deepest evolving was being done. Then as it passed the worst part I thought was I was feeling was real feelings but also not real and I was conscious that it was evolving me but I couldn't see yet that I was being evolved to see the pattern more clearly. There was a clear line between normal and paranormal intensification of the emotion and the addition of spiritual neurotransmitters making it hell. First the appropriate and relatively normal emotional response to the negative circumstances and normal thoughts about them, then I was moved to the place where the emotion didn't match, it was paranormal. And then I was moved to the place where the words came in that I couldn't do this anymore and was upset that the darker night was still happening as usual with hell holes after all the steps had been put in my belief system and feeling so close to the end, and then thoughts about jumping out the window. I have just now clearly seen the tools used and the pattern to create all the dramatic places throughout my processing. If I teach this pattern to everyone else, right away as they enter their darker nights they can watch for the pattern of the evolutionary process creating the deaths, putting how the process works into their own words, watching their ability to 'see' it developing and clearing up the truth about everything and what is happening to them as their mind is evolved by it, and having it hardwired into their belief system. Having the truth about You, Your story, the story of Your evolution, along with having this pattern already written down in books and spoken to them is what will be making the entire process go much faster for everyone else. When they take turns moving into the hell part of the pattern and are caught and upset, they go to someone instead of pacing the floors going crazy with pain, and they can speak the words to them they need to hear about what is going on, words like 'remember it's not real,' 'it's the pattern evolving you,' 'hold on and watch for it to pass' which will pull them out of being emotionally caught, thinking it's real, and get them to look at what just happened to them. Being able to help each other this way will be wonderful. It's just what I needed and didn't have. Someone I could go to who knew the language, knew what was going on, and could comfort and help me. This is the prize I'm bringing back to them. As the darker night extends across the world and the articulating of it grows on the internet, the support system will get bigger for everyone and the process will move faster.

The dramatic places are what I used to call the surgeries in the spiritual hospital. There was a spiritual school where we are taught Your story and everything about the evolutionary process, especially the leap, and a hospital where our minds are evolved so that we can see the truth about everything."

Feeling like we are going crazy and going to lose our minds is a dramatic place that can be intensified and involve the pineal gland.

Notes about how the NCWs work with the pineal gland:

From my journal:

"The pineal gland has very interesting functions that are seen in a darker night. Only picture language can be used to describe the components of our evolution because of the nature of it, the pineal gland is involved and that means being in a darker night is a type of dream state. I lived Madam Guyon's spiritual torrent when I was reading her description of it in her book. I am living being a caterpillar that entered its cocoon and has been changed into a butterfly. I'm living Cinderella and Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz. The way that this is explained is that we can become words using a function of the pineal gland. Becoming words or things or characters in stories is an ability that you start to use for your leap. So while the description of what words do seems very foreign and unintelligible, these words I'm using to describe how our evolutionary leap happens are clear. I know they are not written well and I'm looking forward to a good writer going though their darker night and doing the remarkable experience justice. There are probably more and better terms people will come up with because there are going to be as many variations of a darker night as there are people. A horrible health condition involving physical neurotransmitters along with all my body chemistry, which was part of intensified Murphy's Law, and paranormal mystical experiences, some created by using the pineal gland, like the sense of floating up off a couch, started at the beginning of my leap and changed as the process continued and I matured and didn't need certain things ever again. And I made a big outward scene at first and then went into hiding and my outward life got saner and more orderly, but smaller and smaller. I think living in a mental hospital would be a bigger life than I have now."

"While our belief system is being unwired and rewired it's connected to the pineal gland and is fuzzy. But like dreams that are crazy but don't feel crazy when you're dreaming, the thinking in the levels seems okay and you experience feeling that your belief system is getting clearer. The pineal gland has to stay involved until all the strings of words making up your belief system are the CCWs. Then when it's the truth there's a dream feeling that has left and you know you are in the outward life without the parallel life, a Clear phenomena of being authentic and real and present."

"I've had the word fantasy come into my mind two times. I rejected using it to explain the darker night world but maybe a spiritual fantasy. It's where we play the role of the hero like the fantasy stories. It take place in a paranormal spiritual world with a spiritual language. You're living your outward life and the movie starts in your pineal gland and you are experiencing two lives. Then it ends and you're back to the one. I'm untangling the two right now."

"Now I'm seeing that I'm in depression. Sadness and grief are not as bad as this place. The image in my pineal gland is a pothole in hell where we just sit and can't move. The train track is all disassembled in this place too. The mind is numb. The organizing ability to get everything that is going on all in place is being evolved. The pineal gland is how we have the diamond image to organize everything. They create security even when what we have in them is still very fuzzy and on sand, shifting to higher levels."

As I completed the list of the kinds/categories of NCWs I became aware of all the different combinations of them that came and went and I began to use the picture of a dance they were playing. I began to watch for the next step they would take in the dance. Then I saw that I could stop the dance, not be a partner in it if I stayed out of the drama by changing the thoughts from negative words to the process itself that was going on by speaking what step was taking place, meaning which of the NCWs was going on.

From my journal:

'Depression' and 'heaviness' not able to move just came and went. I was aware that I took a step into the dance and I was looking at it wondering what it evolved, what lesson it would be part of. I'm not sure if I was caught in it at all indicating how clearly I am seeing each moment as part of the dance. It's an advanced experience of mindfulness to be so aware of the dance going on that words don't catch you. To be caught in them is to lose sight of the process and just suffer. I needed the dance picture to be able to stay out of the make believe drama that is created with depression and thoughts that go with it. There were none of the thoughts today. I remained looking at the depression with the eyes of the evolutionary story only having those thoughts. It way be that with this dance picture I have the ability to do this with all the different categories of NCWs. They try to create a drama to catch me but they can't. I'm had pictures before that helped get me to this place. I had a map of the cycles of the process to track where I was. This has been evolved to this picture I have now. I made lists with details before of different things the process was doing but nothing like the detailed and organized and clear list I've been making for the past week or so. This could be the real thing. This picture could stop NCWs from creating the drama that evolves me and it would be because I don't need it anymore. I'm done and when we are done we have the last diamond, the whole story, along with the last picture, the NCWs dance which explains everything that they do, giving me the a clear vision of each moment as it happens from Your view that my mind can't be moved from, the rock of truth, rather than the drama view living the make believe game of the emotions and thoughts as though they were what is going on. Being able to see them immediately for what they are, one of the dance steps, having those words coming in first and not thoughts causing the emotion putting you in the little drama being created. Only seeing as You see, what the process is doing. This is not get intellectually and emotionally caught by NCWs. This is the ability to escape the NCWs.

I’m seeing what the glasses were originally intended to do that they couldn’t do yet, a crystal clear view of the process. They give a view of all the different things that have been being used to our minds since Adam and Eve. These glasses are like having an attendant explain to you, a customer, what is going on in each phase of your car being washed. I’m comparing the view I have now of all the things NCWs do to evolve us and how the pineal gland is involved, with the previous views of what I was looking at on the other levels. The last one where I had a countdown, I thought I had been shown everything I needed to know and all the steps leading up to stepping our of my cocoon. I had it all articulated and on my vision board. It was nothing compared to this. There was an organization of the levels in a framework and a map I could track the death and resurrection cycles on. It was very superficial compared to what I see now. Some of it that was useful was brought up to this level and evolved and integrated. The language of the levels is necessary and many people already have this language.

'God', a perfect being, has had all these negative and incorrect strings of words assembled in Him ready to send into each of us to evolve our minds. Looking at how God's being set this whole fake life all up for us, and then put us, billions of individual minds, through the complex evolutionary processes, reveals how amazing His being is. This is not something we could have appreciated had we not experienced all that is involved in our processing. It's having gone through it that we see the Being we are a part of. This is so much more than the concept of a Creator and creature where we have known nothing about Him, or the mystics experience of being one with Him or the Evolutionaries' experience of evolving to the place of being aware of having a conscious role in the evolutionary process. The teaching is correct. But they don't know what the role is because they see a necessary leap in the process to survive what's coming but have no idea that it's heaven that is coming as a result of the leap. Their leap is something they think they are already in. 'God' is so much more and so much different than anyone could have begun to conceive of. He will be known more than we can fathom.

It's time to be able to have our perfect bodies in a perfect world because we are able to have our minds evolved now and not need the fake illusion life anymore that has served us in ways we could never have imagined, enabling us with our unevolved minds to be here in the first place, conscious and living lives, instead of asleep, and then evolving us so Earth could be turned into heaven, and God has come back to live with us.

"It seems like there can't be too much more to the NCWs diamond to see and not much left to organize in the notes. Because intellectually I can see that I know everything, minus a few more things, I'm wondering if the pineal gland and spiritual neurotransmitter words are keeping me from experiencing how completely clear I am, and they can still make me feel like it's a kind of dream and not real. They are hiding it from me just like the layers of aging are hiding my new body right now. I'm not feeling the way a person should feel when they finish and see everything like You do and I'm thinking illusionally instead of according to the truth in my belief system, and my body isn't what it should be — because of the pineal gland and the spiritual neurotransmitters interfering. But they have to interfere until the new me is complete."

The story that needs to be told to the world, from my journal:

I think I'm supposed to go over the whole story from the beginning. It's hard to know where to start. I think I need to set the precedent for the whole world going to heaven which is to mention Peter and the sheet coming down with the unclean meat and going to Cornelius' house. Then as I explain that everything is Your being, including all people, they fit. Then Your being is made of words and they/Your being has been evolving. Words reached the point in their evolution where they needed to manifest in the physical world to continue evolving until they would become all that they could possibly be. Thinking of us should be like a sci-fi picture. We were in pods asleep. A program had been designed to create the universe and the fake life that our unevolved minds could live and be evolved by. With this in place we could be attached to bodies and be woken up into the physical world. By nature, negative words would have and end and positive words would go on forever. It took thousands of years for the NCWs and ICWs to become all that they could be and they are now reaching their end, and the fake life has evolved us. It's time for everyone to be taught the truth in the leap stage of their evolution which ends with their bodies becoming perfect and the earth becoming perfect and their lives becoming all that they can be as Your being becomes all that it can be and You become all that You can be with us.

I'm starting over again adding more. I was listening to Jean Houston and she reminded me that this is a holographic universe. Your being is holographic, the smallest is a picture of the biggest. She travels the world telling the story of the hero/heroin. Myths give people a framework to make sense of their life exactly like the cross should be giving Christians their framework but they emphasize Your death on the cross to save us, not our picking up of our own cross. Being saved by believing You erase the sins is a concept that is in the way. Once the understanding of why You died on the cross is corrected, they can start down the transformation path like the others. Those that see the dark night of the soul recognize the death/resurrection pattern in everyone's life but they also have something in the way of having the truth. They don't know that Jesus was You and so they lump You together with all the other great hero's journeys, instead of being the central hero's story that all the other's are patterned after. Jean's language concerning truth is distorted and incomplete because she doesn't have the biggest holographic story.

The words 'cross' and 'transformation' is part of the universal language of those of all belief systems who have written about the dark nights of the soul. They have an excellent bridge to the big story, Your hero's journey. Everyone who is deeper wants to become/transform into all that they can be. They are focused on it. They are focused on helping others evolve, thinking outside of the box, being ready for a new way of being and doing becoming all that is possible. With some exceptions, like TFCA, Christians have no immediate sense of being changed by the cross and wanting to help the world. Most Christian are stuck in old traditions and teachings of the Bible. They can only look at the integral group being transformed by their crosses and wanting to help the whole world as an imitation being done by Satan. TFCA is focussed on helping the world with its needs and hopefully saving their souls from hell. They know we are sanctified in this life through difficulties. They know that marriage is a place where two people are exposed and change. But transformation of everyone is not seen as part of the plan. They think transformation into all that we can be happens in a instant as we die and enter heaven in another realm. The Christian belief system doesn't have a place for transformation having to do with this life, this body and this world evolving into heaven. Jean has a better bridge for this. Because there is no worrying about people going to hell, she has focused on the becoming/transformation making life here better, and as she meets people she teaches them that they are living the hero's journey and that what they seek to become and have, the grail, is within them. But her view of what everything is becoming is limited. She needs the corrected language as far as Your hero's story, a main archetype, Your holographic being, and co-create the end of Your story that is also the culmination of our stories. Christians need to see the same thing, see the true understanding of the cross, and be co-creating the end of the big story.

We have all been living different versions of the hero story, more or less dramatically, and You have been living the hero story. The negative words have been wounding You and the wounds built up to the place where one day after much pain You came up with the plan to get rid of the negative words in You. You wrote the entire script, created us, and the physical universe. The script to get rid of negative words involved the creation of many new words in Your being as You designed their evolution into all that they could be. You designed our evolution, our development, all of our life stories, all the hero's dreams of good and bad in our minds both day and night for billions of lifetimes over the thousands of years that people have been awake living here. I've been looking at all the mind chatter and scenarios, and waking up looking at the night dreams I've been having. To think that billions of these mini dramas had to be designed in addition to our outer lives which become more complex during the leap. Then there's the design of mankind's development, groups of people sharing life with others and those interactions. It's been the great separation of people leading to the deep connection we will have with everyone all over the world. It's incredible to look at what You have done. You figured out how we all could become all that we can be and Jean says people all over the world are yearning for this. she has made a life of connecting to people all over the world and getting to know them intimately. She would be a good person to contact and tell the story to because her work is a bridge to it and she could continue traveling the world telling the story of the grail having seen me, the new body and becoming everything we can be, and with the clear holographic view of the hero's story which begins with You. The negative words did to You, before and after You walked the earth, what they do to us. We groan over the negative words in us. We've struggled against them outwardly. The experience makes us able to feel deeper, be sympathetic and empathetic, and want a connection with everyone. And it made us yearn to become all that we can be. We co-create the story with You.

From my journal:

"I have become aware that more has been already going on than I realized. Do I need to change the notes about quantum physics? Are people actually passing through dark nights that are making them powerful enough to create their future. It probably doesn't matter one way or the other. It comes out the same whether they are co-creating their future or it's just the program. The darker night is to teach them the story so they have the power to create heaven. What they have that Christians don't is they are aware that they have this ability. We are baby gods who can create. They are consciously creating their desires. They just need Your story so they can co-create heaven."

“Wounding is critical to every great myth. Christ must have his cross, Achilles his heel…”

“Most of us have somewhere between 5 to 100 times the amount of shear human experience of our ancestors of 100 years ago and this has rendered us very wounded... But we’ve become incredibly available and vulnerable to each other in our wounding, our sympathies, our empathies. Through the wounding of the outer shell of ego we are now reaching out, making connections, networking, friendships, transformational friendships between men and women, between countries, between cultures. So the depths are rising everywhere.”

“In all great stories wounding was the entrance to the sacred. It is through wounding that the depths could arise….at the same time as all the shadows.”

“Everyone is living in the state of divine discontent and extraordinary outreach to the larger story.”

Jean Houston


see notes for here on the makeheaven website under Community Blog.

June 28, 2018:

"I feel like the truth is settling in. It's more a part of me as the time passes. It's become natural to me. This has needed to happen as part of being ready.

"Any minute we will start reversing the world from their ways. Changing course as soon as it's the right time.

"I had the realization that I don't think I can have a different state of consciousness. This is the final one. It happens when we are the real 'present' which means we are living life with Your state of consciousness/view of this moment in the process and what is about to happen. Everyone else is walking around blind as far as what is going on and what is going to happen. Their thinking is much more inaccurate than mine was. As they look at the future, they have no idea what is going to happen. That wasn't inaccurate but pieces were missing. I knew that the Great Tribulation was going to happen and everyone was going to be made ready for heaven. I didn't know that they had already been through using up the worst of the ICWs and NCWs and are finishing that up now and that the part of the process that is about to happen to them is to wire the truth into their minds. That is all that is left. I didn't know the details of how You were going to get them to want to learn the truth, my body and seeing their body briefly and the conversion experiences. It's seeing this that is knowing the future, seeing it clearly because we have the details instead of it being bits and pieces of the puzzle and not assembled. My thinking is exactly what Yours is, knowing exactly what is going on. As much as I knew, I wasn't accurately seeing until the moment You told me what exactly was going on right now. I don't know the timing but I know You are about to tell the world what is going on and reverse the course they are on and get them all going the one thing...getting the truth wired into everyone's mind, cleaning up their bodies and the planet, getting things all ready to shift into heaven. I'm not going to look at life any differently anymore. No different pairs of glasses as I evolve. School is over and I'm just living my life waiting for things to start. I have arrived at this place not knowing this very simple place of not having a fuzzy ICWs view of what is going to happen. Being clear is knowing what is going to happen. It's seeing like You are seeing. I couldn't do this until You told me exactly how the plan unfolds, exactly how the truth gets into everyone, a universal conversion. Once I saw this, I became just like You. So, my state of consciousness reached where it's been evolving to get to. I had know idea about this. I can't go back and be fuzzy about anything. What is going to happen is my state of consciousness concerning life. The how it's going to start is clear. The when, the timing and where I will be and what will be going on, the outward circumstances at the moment the parallel life is gone and the aging layers start to fade. The settling in of this unfolding of the process is happening because my state of consciousness/view is not changing anymore. I'm a baby god and I know have Your view of now.

"I've been going to Shakespearean plays not knowing what the story was and I felt lost and couldn't engage in the story. If we don't know Your story, it's unfolding and we don't know what is going on. While we are looking at life and see it with a different view of what is happening, we are not participating in Your story or our own story. We aren't emotionally engaged in what is happening. Our minds are somewhere else in a fog, not here in THE/Your story. And we are not present here in the real story of our life as part of Your life. I see the grand story of Your evolution which at one point involved the plan for all the baby gods being created and the fake life so that You could get rid of NCWs and ICWs and then become all that You can be. We are all living THE story but to be in it, present in THE story as it's happening, you have to intellectually know what THE story is and what is going on a the moment. I'm here. You are here. Everyone else is physically here not not mentally and emotionally participating in THE story. They are living a fake view of their life and who You are and what You are doing. They are lost as they watch evolution unfolding. I'm not lost because I know THE story but and I'm lost too. I feel lost not knowing the timing, like a ship at sea without navigation waiting and watching for dry land to appear.

"Language is tied with our consciousness. I can’t follow Shakespeare's language well without first reading the story in Wiki so I at least have that background to translate what is being said and done. And there are references being made that are from that time period that mean nothing to me. Without preparation, the story moves on and I’m not emotionally engaged in it or intellectually participating, not conscious of what is going on because I don’t know the story and can’t keep up with most of what the actors are saying. I'm physically present but I'm out of it if I don't know the story.

"Consciousness is tied with our belief system. We can’t be consciously living THE story unless we know THE story, which means it's the story that makes up our belief system about reality, God and us and what is going and the evolutionary process that is taking place and where it’s going. The truth about what life is that is in my mind is what I see myself as a part of. It forms my state of consciousness concerning life as I go from one moment to the next. ‘Conscious’ people are only conscious of the particular version of life, one of many versions out there of what life is. Everyone thinks they are living life knowing what the real story of it is. They can’t see the fake life. Fake cause and effects are happening and they believe cause and effect is how life reality works. When a cause and effect happens to me I’m viewing it through my belief system concerning it. I am conscious that what plays as cause and what plays as effect are separate sets of words made to look like one thing directly effects the other, a cause and effect illusion to burn up NCWs and ICWs. I am truly conscious because I know what is going on. Until we are converted to the truth we aren’t aware of what is really going on. We can’t be playing a conscious role in THE story until we know what it is. When we know what it is, the role we are playing that we think life is, and how it’s lived, ends and we begin playing our role in THE story conscious that we are co-creating the unfolding of THE story with You. If we are already doing something that is in line with THE story, like helping others or cleaning the planet up, we switch seeing what we are doing from the context of our wrong story to the right one which evolves how we think about it and gets it lined up with the happily ever after ending of THE story, and we begin consciously creating the correct future. All of this was to articulate what it means to be 'present' and in the 'now' words that are being used all the time by mystics, a state of consciousness concerning being of the crest of the wave of the unfolding of the evolutionary process that for them is still fuzzy.

"What does 'present' mean? The present moment of what? It's the present moment of what is actually going on right now, this minute, in Your being's evolutionary story. And it's the place we are playing out right now in the script You wrote to get rid of NCWs and ICWs. My mind goes back and forth between being intellectually and emotionally caught in the drama and then looking at where I am in the big picture."

"We're in Your presence when we talk the same language as You. Right now everyone is burning up NCWs and ICWs and being evolved by it but they don't know it. They don't know You, don't know they are baby gods helping You. They aren't intellectually in Your story with You talking with You about it. They are out there doing their own thing, thinking they are doing Your thing and thinking they are doing it."

"Our minds couldn't see the truth about how life really works. The fake life of illusions of cause and effect which we emotionally get caught in and worrying or thinking life isn't going right when something goes wrong instead of thinking things going wrong is how this life now is supposed to be now for everyone, and feeling responsible for what we do instead of thinking the program is orchestrating everything, are the opposite of living and thinking according to real life. Our unevolved minds are able to understand a life working the way it really does. In order for our minds to be able to live a life that is real, we have to learn the truth and then continue dealing with life working the opposite way with all the NCWs and ICWs coming into our minds and constantly saying the right words back to them. This is the hero's battle. That is how our minds evolve. Dealing with the opposite and evolving is organically how our minds respond. It doesn't go any deeper than this to know how our minds are enabled to live a real life."

"I've been wanting something to be clearer. I've been wanting to explain the correct significance of Your dying on the cross for us. It wasn't for sins. It was to create a mystical path, the door for us to be able to co-create and live in heaven. You've shown me the clearer words this morning. I watched videos of Scott Hahn last night. He explained how it's connecting the Old and New Testament pictures that enable you to see deeper truth. It's a whole new way of interpreting the Bible that changes everything. He ended up in the Catholic church when he made the connections involving Peter. He didn't mention how we play the roles of people in the Bible mystically. I don't know if he had any experience of it but he would know about many Catholic saint who lived Jesus in a mystical way. You showed me this deeper mystical experience and the deeper language that connects us to You, and after reading books in the Catholic church I found Watchman Nee and Brother Lee and their mystical language. There was more than just living Biblical passages. We are shown many mystical ways that we can live things that are a unique expression of the cross transforming us in unique ways. Watchman Nee's hero was Madam Guyon who was wrongfully imprisoned by the Catholic leaders of her day. She was my role model too. I followed her, reading her Spiritual Torrents book and became the spiritual torrent river as she described it going underground. I lived the words as I read them. The words came into me and I was one with them. This is how the mysteries work. It's mostly Catholic saints who are mystics and lived the cross. Some of them actually physically bled. The mystical language is key to a darker night of the soul and will be very popular in the darker night of the earth because people will be experiencing living the words of the Bible and mystical books. They may enter Teresa and Avila's castle. I climbed St. John of the Cross' ladder. Living these words is how we all Your cross and become organically one/attached to You in the new way, the new channel for the CCWs and PCWs. It's how the teachings get into us. This is the door You created by dying on the cross that we have to pass through in order to have our minds renewed and think like You and live life as You would if You were living our life and to be fully transformed into a human who through the cross words becomes powerful and co-creates what we are becoming which is all that a human being can be which includes who only processing CCWs and PCWs, and our new heaven environment. This shows me another reason why I'm in TFCA. They are closer to the mystical language than other protestant churches."

"The dreams and suffering recently has enabled me to see this central truth concerning the transforming and renewing cross very clearly. This morning I looked at what happened to me when I lived the mystical cross when I was 39 living in the mountains. I went behind back yard to feed the deer and I got poison ivy only in the places above my wrists on the inside where the nails went through. The leadership of the church came to the house and I was questioned and condemned for my crazy thinking and they left and my parents abandoned me hoping to frighten some sense back into me. I remembered being down on the floor leaning against the bed and feeling forsaken and I was told that this was how You felt. I held the cross around my neck and my Bible and a pillow and paced the floors. The pain was unimaginable. I was so ill at the time. That was at the beginning where I was being broken and opened up and my mind was being unwired. The cross at that time of my evolution involved a lot of paranormal phenomena. People are used to synchronicities. But that was mine and most people's limit as to how much paranormal they have experienced. Synchronicities aren't that big of a deal but they are a beginning of Your involvement in their life reinforcing their belief system in addition to what they perceive as a directly answered prayer. A higher level of spiritual phenomena like speaking in tongues or just having You speak to us starts of as scary until we get used to it. Many people are able to handle these things but there is so much more and it gets very frightening which evolves us and then we get used to it and it becomes a part of normal life. The Catholic saint's mystical experiences which were deeper where still on a child's level and the transformation was limited to just humbling them and making them caring. They were transformed into having Your hands and feet and loving the poor and needy. St. Paul wrote the more advanced fake Christian religion through much suffering. Those who wrote the Old Testament also suffered in order to be able to write it. The Bible has the seeds of the real truth and so the writers had to evolve, grow up, and have their minds renewed to a certain level in order to write it. The much more advanced stage of transformation involving the connection to Your mind didn't happen, couldn't happen. It hasn't been time. Humanity as a whole needed to reach the technology age and information age to unwire their fake Christian belief system and have their minds renewed to think like You think and live their lives as You would. To learn the truth took so much that only one person could be put through it. Having a mind renewed couldn't start for anyone until that one person went through it and could teach them. When I am ready and it's time, everyone will pass through the paranormal phenomena of dying with You on the cross, entering the mystical darker night of the soul that unwires and rewires their minds. Those who are gifted will write the books with the truth. Then everyone will make the connection and become one with You in every way that we can. Your death on the cross opened the way for all of us to fully mature and make the connection and become all that we are. We all follow You through that cross and then they have my testimony and appearance, which will be a paranormal phenomena, and the teachings which they will start experiencing happening so that truth is self-authenticating as they 'become what they see' [a truth in seed form they will embrace from Eastern mystical faiths along with all the pieces of truth from other faiths] as they get through the rest of the transforming cross that unwires and rewires their minds and empowers their hearts to create what they see they are becoming and where it's all going."

"There are two realities at war in me and my will is attached to one of the concepts, the incorrect one, of what reality is and how life is supposed to work and fighting, getting angry and upset when it didn't work right. It's attached to the illusion life that was made for the unrenewed mind so that we could be woken up and have a life and truth about it that we were able to understand. The correct reality is that things are supposed to go badly. During this illusion age I'm supposed to be experiencing my body dying and living a Cinderella life in order to be evolved. This fake life has fully evolved during the last 10,000 years and our unrenewed minds are hardwired along with it. The truth concerning reality is simple. Bad is what is needed now. Bad is what is supposed to be happening. I know this is the truth but the incorrect words of the fake reality still come in and i get caught in the illusion reality thinking things are going wrong and being worried and angry and upset. Instead of expecting my Cinderella dying life that is in place to evolve me, I squirm on the cross, making it worse. I have to let it be what it needs to be. This is my will — that is attached to a good life now and perfect health now, thinking this is how it's supposed to be — being broken. You have attached it to untruth to break it as You let Murphy's Law loose. If I find myself not getting upset and angry and I'm just letting it be the cross evolving me, I will be getting past the war between the two realities and begin living the one true reality. You have attached my will, my concept of life, what I think it should be , how I think it works, to the illusion false concepts deliberately because this is how it's broken and become one with Your will. This is key to renewing a mind. See how the human mind starts off and how it is evolved. See the necessity of the illusion not just because the human mind couldn't see the truth and a fake religious belief concerning what life is and what You are is all that it could grasp in its immature state. Organically, having out wills attached to the illusion and wrong concepts and then having our concepts taken away, forces a mind to mature and incrementally it sees less and less inaccurate truth as the seeds of truth planted during the illusion are made manifest to it and are built upon."

"We're little baby gods with strong wills and a know it all god nature and we are independent. We're given a view of reality that works for our condition. The process of removing that view of life is the cross. It begins with the mystical experience of Your cross, what communion represents. The paranormal is the door into the darker night process that renews the mind. It is how our minds mature. It si how we make the connection and become one with You. It doesn't go any deeper than this. The battle of the two realities as we live the cross and suffer Murphy's Law is how baby gods mature. Ultimately the good life is how it's supposed to be but not in this evolving part of our life. This truth is simple but takes a renewed mind to see."

"God, I'm just watching the script unfold. That's reality. For me to have to deal with scenarios about 'if this had happened instead, then this would have been better' or 'that loss wouldn't have taken place'. Or in the future 'if I do this right, then that will be better.' This is all the nonsense of the wrong reality. The truth about how things happen is it's according to a script. I want to be past needing this and instead intellectually and emotionally just watching it play out. No more anxiety over how it's going to happen and my responsibility for the outcome. That's the nonsense that evolves me. I want to be past it. I want to be seeing it so clearly that I don't play that game anymore. It's all aberrated behavior because of extra words that don't belong, the wrong reality, words that are incorrect coming into my mind. This aberrated behavior has been part of the script. I want it to see it end being part of the script."

"Everything that happens was written in eternity past. If you can see this, it dramatically changes your response to what is going on. I have new glasses and words I’m speaking back to the wrong words that are coming in about how things work. Being anxious to get something done and pushing for it to happen to stop the neurotransmitter GABA that’s repeating it over and over until it’s taken care of is very painful and it makes you act irrationally and you are a crazy maker to those around you. I’m hoping these new glasses stop all this. Everything is the unfolding according to what was written. I’m conscious of being moved by the program. I’m not planning or deciding. I’m just being moved through it. This shows how agonizing over mistakes or possible mistakes irrational. The future, what will happen, already done. We can’t make it different. What goes badly was written forever ago. Already done. We are just waiting to see it."

"The illusion makes me think things go wrong or I make decisions and mess up. Going through the drill of speaking the truth back to these words is the beginning of walking in the truth, not having wrong words coming in anymore. I want to walk according the truth and not be anxious for the future to happen and get past something. I do this by having the truth right there and the untruth not coming in anymore. This is just letting the program be what it is without negative judgments and commentary. What will be, will be and it has to be that way. What it is going on and what is about to happen was designed a very long time ago. This puts life in the big context, Your story. It’s done. Everything that happen, is happening and is going to happen is a done deal. Written in stone. It’s just a matter of the script playing out to the end. If I could only walk this way. There would be so much peace."

"The word "ancient" came to me this morning. One of the names for You is Ancient of Days. It refers to eternity. The program is beyond earthly ancient. Every word in the script is from ancient writings before earth was made. Everything that happens each moment of our lives was encoded in Your being before the frequency was lower and the physical appeared. The writings are old and unchangeable. Only one perfect way and any one of the smallest seemingly insignificant things changes would have made it imperfect and it would not accomplish it's goal. In Fiddler on the Roof he made a statement to God, 'Would it spoil some vast, eternal plan, If I were a wealthy man?' The answer is 'yes.' And it goes further, 'Not one jot or tittle.' You told me once that 'Every leaf that falls from a tree has to land right where it landed.' Perfection is that perfect, that precise. The plan would not be perfect and it would not work if one thing were changed. The picture of the leaf falling on the ground teaches us the truth concerning the word perfection becoming all that it can be, how the programming of Your being is perfect, how all NCWs and ICWs are being burnt up perfectly leaving only CCWs and PCWs in Your being. At the micro levels of earth — mountains, trees, rivers — imperfect words are being burnt up. Your being operates perfectly as Your story unfolds on earth. Your being operates perfectly as Your story unfolds on earth. All is good. All bad and going wrong is perfection at work to become all that the word 'perfect' can possibly be. Every moment of our lives is the beyond ancient and very sacred program. We need to honor it in every moment of our lives, seeing it in the bigger context, Your story. We need to honor it in every moment of our lives. Everything little thing both good and bad is part of the sacred whole, Your perfect story to become all that You can be with an ending to the story that is beyond all imagination of beauty and wonder and goodness and love and happiness."

"Christ being born in us is from that picture in Revelation of the woman pregnant with Christ or truth. In the darker night of the earth, through great pain we find truth born in us. As I follow You through the cross, passing through the darker night process, I am being reborn into someone who will live their life as You would if You were living it. I make an organic connection and only PCWs and CCWs come in and my truth concerning what is going on matches Your mind. Baptism and Communion are for the illusion Christianity. They represent the deaths and the becomings until we have minds that match Yours and we walk as You would.

"To the painful things that are happening, I'm speaking back to them, 'this is what was written in the ancient scrips for this day.' Hopefully this articulation of truth will mean that I'll be walking in more peace from now on once I speak this back to bad things and it's hardwired in me. When we see a truth it begins (1) a change in our minds which when complete (2) makes us walk in that truth, the words and feelings match it and we are how You are. Truth begins the birth of 'us becoming who and what we are in Your being' from the picture of the woman in Revelation. It happens in levels. Seeing newly today, I will be more evolved into Your being, one with You as part of growing with You. I will act differently and experience words in my mind that are the next level. belonging to a more highly evolved, more grown-up child god, having seen what I've been shown and been articulating.

"Each articulation is a newly evolved birth of truth in me. There is a picture in Revelation of a woman giving birth to a child, a picture of Mary giving birth to You. You came into the world and opened up the doorway to truth and out of the darkness/unknowingness of the illusion age, not knowing what is really going on including not knowing the true meaning of Your death on the cross in Your story. The truth is wired into my mind but I'm not experiencing it yet. Even through I know it's nonsense, untruth still comes in and I continue to walk according to the illusion reality, reacting to the nonsense words coming in and experiencing the negative emotions and reacting to them the illusion life way, according to 'if this, then that. There is no peace, I get angry and upset and I'm anxious. I am not walking and experiencing this life as You would. The real life experienced according to the truth, and being the right way of being, has not been born yet. I'm in labor for it to be born. I know it and my heart is co-creating it but it hasn't happened yet. I appear no different. No one would know the extraordinary thing that has happened to me. Quite the opposite actually. It way peak through sometimes but outwardly, I'm still a nut because of the anxiety, and GABA issues and all the other out of balance neurotransmitter symptoms. The highly formed butterfly still remains hidden."

"The door that opens the way to heaven is the paranormal mystical union with Your cross. It's call mystical because the awakening and development of the higher spiritual part of our mind, and evolving into all that a human can be, is a way of learning and being which cannot be put into the lower frequency language. It's not mysterious in that it can't be seen and known and articulated but it cannot be put into words the unrenewed mind, belonging to the lower frequency illusion level of development where the higher mind remains dormant, can comprehend. These words I am writing are higher frequency words that can be seen and understood and experienced. It's a mystery to the unrenewed mind, not the renewed. The way to a renewed mind mind and becoming what you learn involves the mystical way of reading the Bible. The truth is taught with pictures. One picture is revealed clearer by the next one until they are all seen. The coat of many colors being stripped from Joseph before he is sold into slavery represents the gifts and graces removed as we enter dark nights of the soul. We walk according to the level of truth we have in our mind. The truth that matches Your mind is the final understanding and seeing of the original OT picture, the seeds planted there that pointed to the New and then the Newer Testament fulfillment. The Arc held the OT truth and the laws people walked by. Mary held You the NT truth within her and gave birth to it, and through Your teachings here, people began walking according to that level of truth. Revelation’s picture of the woman with the truth points back to Mary giving birth to You and forward to me. I am giving birth to the final understanding and seeing of truth, and I will become what it teaches, walking according to it, as I teach it so it self authenticates and can't be resisted. It's perfect. It's the Lion in Revelation that devours the earth, all the minds will lay down, the belief systems rejected as everyone reaches for the real truth in their darker nights."

"Just as using the language of evolving through the 'cross' is the only way to evolve into our heavenly state, there are other words we have to use in order to articulate the process perfectly. Getting a new pair of glasses means you have a new language to use as you everything comes back and you are speaking the new clearer truth with new words back to it. Right now I am speaking back to all the different things coming in using the word 'script.' As I do this, using the word in all the different ways that I'm being shown the story/script unfolding, truth is hardwired. There was a lesson on Mary and prayer yesterday. The mystics said that dark nights were prayer walks and what they meant was that prayer changes. In the sermon yesterday, Bill said that when we mature we speak to You as a friend. In the darker night we are speaking the articulation of the path to You. This articulating is moving us through the process. We tell You how we are feeling and what is going on. Once the script is seen, we don't pray for You to do something, at least not the same way we used to. Still if the suffering is great, we will call out for help. But it's knowing that You can't do anything to change the script. We get help if it's in the script. This is different than knowing there is a great Plan and praying for help. You told us to ask for things and it was as if we pray, You answer...if this, then that. In that illusion religious place, It's seen a paradox to us that there is a Plan but You answer prayers and we just go with it. Now it's clear what that Plan was. It's the script. A perfect script that cannot be changed. The illusion made it appear that prayers were being answered and had we not prayed it could have made a difference. Mary did not need to hear intercessory prayers. It doesn't make sense according to how things really work. Had she been able to hear them, she would have done no differently than You do. Which is nothing. You are watching the Plan/script unfold. It's untouchable, sacred, forbidden to touch or the whole thing is ruined. Had any dead saint been able to hear a prayer, they wouldn't say anything. When the truth in our mind matches Yours, prayer becomes co-evolving ourselves and co-creating the Story. Praying for help makes no sense accept that we can be in so much pain that we need to run to You. But we lay silently before You, waiting for it to pass. In reality, Mary has been beautiful art to look at and honor her and kneeling before her and the rosary have been comfort things to get through the cross life."

"I was trying to remember what You said about when the billions of us came into existence. I had thought that we had always been because my definition of a spirit was that it was eternal but spirit just means part of the higher frequency level. We only happened after the script was written. Before Your Story of evolving began, You were just You. You weren't evolving. You were made of all words, negative and positive but they weren't doing anything. And You were fine emotionally. Then one day you thought up a fun thing to do. 'Why not get rid of the negative words in Me.' Then You figured out how. At that point You needed us and began to long to have a relationship with us. So then we became part of Your being in a symbiotic relationship. We needed You obviously, but You also needed us to make Your dream of being perfect in every way possible come true and experience all that love and beauty and goodness could be. It's at that point that how things were would start to become uncomfortable for You leading to the dropping of frequency or the Big Bang."

"My renewed mind is hidden from me by all the NCWs and ICWs coming into me causing me to think they are my thoughts and making me believe it's what I really think. But left to myself, I wouldn't think them anymore. If I had control over the thoughts that come in, the NCWs and ICWs wouldn't be there. If the thoughts I had about life originated from my mine, they would be practically perfect. This is hidden by the game itself. ICWs and NCWs are still evolving my mind to function perfectly with only thoughts like Your thoughts. There is more to my mind than just having the truth in it. It's the thoughts about others and how I relate to them — no competition, no judgment, no being inconsiderate or selfish — that are now ICWs and NCWs to make me operate perfectly in that way. The battle remains but I'm seeing where I'm going. I'm stepping into that place and looking at it and articulating it so I co-create it with my mind and heart. The battle continues with me speaking back to the NCWs and ICWs, practicing speaking the truth back to them. If they didn't come in, I wouldn't practice which causes the hardwiring. If they didn't come in, I wouldn't be evolved to see the truth clearer and clearer until it was perfect. I'm seeing every inch of the journey to having perfect truth. I'm seeing the two steps forward into the place where they leave and I'm left and what that looks like and feels like. Having them all fade is the new diamond I'm being shown the facets of. I'm looking at it as far as the truth being in my mind, living my life perfectly in my family and society, and the game of searching for healing and optimizing the body's function as much as is possible, inching our way to the moment of un-disease and un-aging, the removal of the these illusions."

"The phrase 'going through the motions' came into my mind a few days ago. It's a new pair of glasses. I'm working hard on the back exercises. They aren't really going to fix the problem but they could appear to fix the problem. In reality I'm just going through the motions of exercising to strengthen my back but I'm not really doing that. If my back appears to strengthen and the prolapse appears to improve and the microbiome appears to be functioning right, it won't be because something effects something else. We have to become aware of this and then conscious of going through the motions that really don't do anything. It's part of getting the truth hardwired to have to repeat these words as we are going through the fake motions. Living ICWs evolves the human mind to have CCWs in it. Living the illusion life where we have to follow the fake rules evolves our minds to see reality perfectly. It can be annoying because you don't understand why you have to keep doing it when you see it but it has to be repeating over and over in all different ways to become all that you think. It's the battle back and forth between thinking wrong and speaking truth back to it is all different ways that makes all your thoughts about your entire life, every detail of it, real instead of illusion thinking. It's kind of odd actually. I was rowing thinking about how it really wasn't doing anything but I'm going through the motions because of the fake laws that I have to follow. 'Going through the motions' is pretending. I'm pretending that rowing is going to strengthen my back muscles and fix my colon which fixes the microbiome. I've been led to think the microbiome is the end of my search, the key to cleaning the body and getting it in order for the moment the fake layers of aging and disease fade away. And I've been led to believe the things I'm doing now are the fake pieces that pretend to work for my body. It's a make-believe game everyone is playing to be able to fulfill their unique function.. My book is called 'The Power of Make-Believe' because the pretending is evolving. What we make-believe isn't true. It's the fake illusion life that was designed for our unrenewed mind, not just because it was something an unrenewed mind could grasp but because that life is a cross that renews the mind to see what is really going on that it couldn't see. We have to continue to live it even after our minds have see it for what it is because it's not completely clear yet. So we are shown in many different ways, all the facets to the truth, making truth clearer and clearer as we see another facet, see through another pair of glasses, pictures that make our minds fully developed and truth complete. To see the reason for the illusion and how we evolve past having to live it is to see Your whole Story. So along with seeing what is really going on our hearts are empowered to co-create heaven and our real life.

"Having to live the illusion life is very painful and we are evolved by all the illusions of actions causing something to happen. But living the illusions life knowing the truth, how it really works and why there is an illusion life, is a whole new level of being evolved by the illusion life. Having the higher abilities of the mind awakened and developing to see clearer and clearer what is really going on, means one has entered the evolutionary leap which is much more painful. Going back and forth between being having our higher mind blocked and getting caught in the drama of the illusion life with Murphy's Law on steroids and the layers of aging and health issues intensified, and then pulling out of the box and looking at it with our higher mind, is how our minds renew, upgraded as the higher mind that learns with pictures that wasn't functioning is now fully developing quickly. We go back and forth between the mind we've used during the illusion and the new mind.

"As the mind renews/evolves because of its awoken higher functions, it's frequency is rising. There are two kinds of sleep, REM and nonREM, that are switching back and forth all night long. Dreams are taking place during one of the 3 stages of REM. Sleep changes when we are in a darker night to evolve our minds. There is a peace and healing sleep and a torment and traumatizing sleep, positive energy words and negative energy words, oscillating to raise the frequency of our minds to a more spiritual/higher frequency form that matches our more spiritual/higher frequency, glorified bodies. "While sleep is often thought of as a passive process, research has shown that the brain is actually quite active during different stages of steep. Sleep plays an important role in a number of processes, including memory consolidation and brain cleanup." An organic change to our mind takes place while we sleep. REM changes in the darker night and intense dreaming or dreaming a lot is part of the negative/positive oscillating to raise the frequency of our minds. I've been trying to figure out what foods or what I'm doing that is causing the dreaming. I'm giving up. I hope they fade away soon. Another series of deaths (negative energy words) and resurrections (positive energy words) to raise the frequency of my being.

"Pretend vs. real are the powerful words causing the higher function of our minds to fully develop and causing us to fully evolve. The power of make-believe is about knowing the truth while living the pretend life not a life that is operating according to how things really work, and watching the powerful pretend life evolve us. ICWs came in about two cars crashing into each other and causing them to be damaged. I forgot what is really going on. It took a couple days before it came back that the words are rearranging and the impact didn't cause the damage. If it was happening according to how things really work, cars can't crash into each other. They pass into each other's space and then pull back out. Things being damaged is NCWs and those only happen in the illusion pretend life where mass is made to look like it directly affects other mass. I'm doing all the fake pieces to heal my body. Fake meaning none of it is directly changing my body. The rowing machine is not building muscles. The words are rearranging themselves according to the fake rule that exercise builds up muscles. I am pretending the pieces are going to change my body. According to the fake rules of the illusion the exercise will strengthen my core muscles and the prolapse will straighten out and this will release toxins in the muscles and colon and cleaning all this up balances my microbiome. I'm consciously going through the motions knowing they are not really doing anything but also knowing that if I take the herbs and do the exercise words will rearrange themselves following the illusion rules that these things will make the changes. It's always possible that it's not what is written in the script and words won't rearrange according to the fake rules and instead things could get worse. But somehow I don't thing so. I think I can expect it to go well. There's plenty about having to do it all that is painful and there's detoxing that could continue the restless sleeping and crazy dreaming. And I still don't know what is in the script about the cancer. The oscillating of negative and positive is the power that evolves us and as it happens the ICWs are practice, making us speak the truth over and over in all different ways, all the facets, until it's all perfect and hardwired and we no longer find ourselves thinking wrong because it's not needed anymore. The very powerful machine made of the opposing energy of ICWs/CCWs and NCWs/PCWs shuts off. It's brilliant. The whole plan is brilliant and extraordinary."

"Words come to my mind like an exercise where I'm supposed to decide if something is going to be a certain way in heaven. Some of it's tricky. I don't have to figure out the particulars. I just say however it's going to be is perfect. It's all figured out and written in the script. And anything can be completely rewritten about our lives to make heaven perfect. It's not just negative things that get erased but rewriting is needed to make things perfect. The negative illusion time will not be forgotten...just some of the details that stand in the way of perfection. Knowing this solves a lot of the problems I've thought about.

"There's a level of ego being gone that I've reached and can see. It's when you find yourself saying 'Where everything is right now is what is creating perfect. Whatever words come into me to make me upset about what is, don't make sense because I know that whatever is going on is what is creating perfect. This is the new way of saying ego is gone. I don't have an opinion. Words come in and ask me what I want or think and I respond that I don't have an opinion. I don't want to have and opinion because whatever I can think of wouldn't be what perfect is. I complain because I'm hurting. Words cause pain so I complain and then looking at my complaining and articulate how it doesn't make sense to have a negative opinion about what is going on. It's perfect. I don't really want it any different. I'm just in so much pain so that I will keep looking at it from a new angle and articulate it until it's completely clear, accurate and hardwired. I'm so anxious because of the pain I want to be past. I'm looking at probiotics for anxiety.

"Some words came in about something that happened a long time ago that had only now revealed its significance, but I ‘forgot’ what it was, then the words came back. I had some friends who were making tea out of an herb growing in their front yard and they said I could take a bunch from a certain place in the yard. I took it home and cut it up and dried it. It was a huge project. I remember, as I was sitting in the patio with my clippers surrounded by sheets to lay the herb on to dry, You telling me to include all the parts of the plant, not just the leaves. It felt like I’d been given a secret. At the time I had hoped the tea would heal me but it did the opposite and turned out to be something Dr. Said said was “poisonous” as he reviewed my blood test. I don’t know if it had been sprayed with bug and fungus sprays but I didn’t think to ask and never said anything. The point of the memory was that it foreshadowed what I’m doing now, stem to root to feed the microbiome, that may be the key to all of our healing. It was kind of fun to have that memory come back and see the meaning of it.

"I think I’m doing another replay of the past. There came a point in the build up of chemistry in my body where I got a job that included sitting in front of computers but You told me to fight through the pain and not run away. It took two weeks for my body to break through and be okay. When it was time in my processing, this was the next step. I had also dealt with food being an issue but there wasn’t a time where You indicated that I needed to start eating something and battle through the discomfort because my body was ready to do so. I simply tried things once in awhile until finally I was able to eat everything accept lentils and ginger. I remember asparagus being the last thing I was finally able to eat. Dr. Said said my body didn’t have the chemistry to digest food and didn’t know what to do with it.

"It’s different this time. There was no mention of the microbiome back then because he didn’t know about it. We stop eating problematic foods for awhile then start introducing them back in. My sensitivities got worse because I had built up a tolerance or rather the microbiome had some kind of defense do that things I was eating like flour were causing systemic inflammation but I wasn’t experiencing any discomfort. Once I started gluten free then the sensitivity showed up because the bacteria had changed and the defense was gone because the bacteria didn’t have to deal with it anymore. So I’ve been running away from food like I was EMFs. And now as I have sleeping difficulties with the new foods and the stems to root preparations, I’m thinking I’m supposed to fight through this and the bacteria will built up and all the things that are messed up will function right. Exercise releases toxins that I couldn’t deal with at one time but I learned about them. My body is detoxing all the congestion from muscles atrophying and the kinked large intestine pockets where toxins have built up. The sleep issues were so bad before, I had to stop exercising. But then all that went away. Now it's different. There's detoxing going on from exercise and all the other detoxing because of the diet. I think I'm going to be able to break through because of all the things, the right fake pieces, I'm doing all at one time, at the moment I'm in in the process. Exercise has fake good and bad. Food has fake good and bad. A crazy battle of negative energy and positive energy somehow integrated and inseparable raising our frequency. It's so complex, a brain twister. We can't figure out when to do what. We don't have to. We find ourselves doing what we need to when we need to. I’m at the place where I could be being shown how to 'fake' break through. I’ll sleep normal and it feels like it will all of a sudden happen as the chemistry builds up and balances. It won't be because of it because health issues are layers of aging illusion and fixing health issues is an illusion. It’s all been a horrific game that felt so real, as though things really worked that way and like my body really had reached a certain place where it could fight and break through. But the place Ai really teaches was that my body didn’t need to be in place it was anymore to evolve me.

"The thought of a health issues breakthrough came to my mind a few days ago and the teachings are continuing. The point is that it doesn't completely work until we're doing all the pieces at once and this doesn't happen until it's the time in our processing. It's the time when we make are bodies as close to heaven as we can.

"At some point the microbes have built up and can handle the bad microbes and the out of balance microbes. I eat the food they need in order to increase their numbers and variety but I'm suffering because I'm sensitive to the foods. It's been time to push through. I've been given all the pieces that pretend to push through. I do the diet with a lot of food for the microbes and they are dealing with the bad which strengthens them and causes them to build up a defense they wouldn't build up if there wasn't something coming in causing problems which is why I need to stop running away from all foods that bother me. I don't know which foods to stop and which to fight through. The script has to do it. And I didn't know the timing which has to do with having all the pieces ready to do them all at the same time. It's fake pieces but it's part of the evolutionary story for how it works for everyone. During this time of ICWs, people are doing part of what they need to be doing and there are health issues that are improving and others remain a mystery. Their microbiomes are being helped in some ways by the changes they are making but in other ways it's still malfunctioning because they have kinks in their large intestines and their diet isn't completely right and it's not time for it all to work and for them to break through. The bacteria eats and fights and builds up the various defenses, meanwhile my colon is being repaired and toxic microbes released, meanwhile Baltone is moving the toxins out faster and Nutridophilus is adding to the number of good microbes, meanwhile I'm taking herbs that deal with the toxic and out of balance microbes aiding the good microbes that are regaining their ability to police the bad microbes and out of balance microbes so herbs won't be needed anymore, meanwhile the microbiome is regaining all its abilities and is beginning to function right which means all the things are happening — the immune defenses, the strengthening of the walls, communication with the brain, the delivery of body chemistry — that enable the body to function right. I hope this is what is happening and there is a breakthrough where all the health issues are fading and it's going to happen soon.

"There's a balance and then a tipping point where the microbiome has built up and all of a sudden is fully handling everything again. To make that balance happen we have to give it just enough to strengthen and not too much to overwhelm and injure. Like building up muscles, there is pain because of the work and torn tissue but not so much that there's an injury and you have to quit. We can't figure out this perfect balance, the fake pieces that are the key to getting the body as close to heaven as possible. The script has to do it. We need to be aware that negative comes with the positive just like building up muscles. When to I run away from a food and when do I keep eating it and push through like I did the EMFs. We can be crazy like using spring water to brush our teeth because of the chlorine in tap water that kills microbiota. Should we move to a home with well water? That water could have things in it that aren't great too. The microbiome has to be hit with bad things to strengthen it. Our microbiome immune system builds up by being exposed to the bad things. If you live in a bubble, you have a weak microbiome immune system. The reason people in places are okay with water that would make us sick is because of their microbiome immune system having built the defense against the microbes. So the script will be introducing things back in when the microbiome is built up enough and ready to fight and build the defense. One of the first things is eating enough fiber food so the starving microbes stop eating the walls of the colon causing inflammation and leaky gut and the tipping point that sets everything going wrong. And all different kinds of fiber foods so all the different kinds of microbes have what they eat. Get only part of it right and only part of the microbiome will do what it's fake designed to do. The microbiome being the key makes sense because all is one and the microbiome is how our body is integrally connected to earth, inseparable from it. The soil-based probiotics are spores that don't break out and live in soil. They don't wake up and live until they are inside an animal or a person. They can't go back. But in us they die without food and we lose what they do for our body. We can't function without them and they can't without us giving them a home and food. Integrated and inseparable, a picture of the reality that everything is part of Your being. Microbes are only needed for the illusion age. They don't really do anything. It only looks like they do. Things don't really go wrong with them. It only looks like it does for the purpose of the game to evolve us. It’s the script that knows which microbes are missing and what foods and how much for how many microbes needs to be eaten. This automatically happens when it’s time in our evolution to have our bodies resurrected from the darker night processing and working optimally just before they transfer to the higher frequency body. 'Our house in order' as John of the Cross put it. The army becomes the keepers of Earth's grasses and farms and they will have to use fertilizers with microbes to fix the soils and produce fiber foods for everyone. It will be a huge project. People have already been doing it and they will be the teachers. The functional medicine doctors all have the gist of how it works. It's all there ready for the time for the whole world to start repairing their microbiomes during their darker nights which is the only time that the script will make them do everything perfectly so their microbiome functions perfectly. In the meantime they are doing pieces of it and learning the fake cause and effect rules. But they can't be perfect. They can't find all the right pieces and be doing them altogether at all the right times. They don't even know the extent to which perfection is needed and that only the Script can do it. I'm the only one in the place where the Script is doing it perfectly. At least I think that is what is going on now and I'm not just seeing it but it's still in the future. Maybe it's both. I'm experiencing it starting but there are more pieces? I've been wondering if the microbiome needs more supplementing of different probiotics, and vitamins and minerals and body chemistry. If I do, then I didn't need to have them right away and the Script will have me buying the right ones when they are needed. If it's all there in the foods I'm eating now, and the microbiome is well enough for my body to get what it needs from the foods, then I have all the pieces going right now. Supplementing can actually make things worse as far as the microbiome fighting its way to fully function. It has to feel the need to function for all the needs of the body. If I'm taking the supplements, it doesn't feel the need. It's another balance needed to be maintained for the microbiome to repair itself and begin to function in all the ways it's supposed to.

"I knew my hands were being controlled as I was trimming the poisonous plant to make tea. I was finding myself including parts that didn't look very good. I'm doing the same thing now with the vegetables and experiencing deliberating over whether to cut something up or through it away. Perfection looks imperfect because the script's perfect design to evolve us has negative energy words and positive energy words mixed together in everything that's going on. Our concept is that only perfect should be doing something good so we reject the imperfect. It's so complex that it shows us again how impossible it is to figure out for ourselves. Our minds and hands have to be controlled to prepare the food for our microbiome and we have to consciously be aware of this and conscious of why. I've articulated this very clearly. If what I'm writing about as far as having all the pieces and doing them all at the same time and the microbiome fully functions, and if it's the right time, then the Script is having me pick the right vegetables and prepare them right and eat the right amount. People will eat better for their microbiome but not perfectly imperfect. That only happens at the end when it's time. the same goes for the rest of the pieces. The Script has us choose the right doctor, the supplements the microbiome needs support with until it's functioning right, and it has us exercise exactly like we need to only when all these pieces are being brought together because it's time.

"The bad words have been more silent recently. I felt like I wanted to scream briefly showed up and not wanting to have to live the day showed up and left. These are words where I'm dramatically reminded of being in the awful place of the darker night processing where the worse words come in, hell breaks loose, the Great Tribulation time. It's so much better when I'm just living my life and those words are quietly simmering and I don't think about being in the darker night. But here I am this morning thinking about it but it's okay. It's so much better because it goes away fast. More came in about the breakthrough...it's the breakthrough out of the darker night that I've always been trying to reach. If I have the breakthrough with the pieces that get done all at the same time to make the microbiome fully operational, it won't be isolated. It will also be the breakthrough out of the darker night because the darker night works with the microbiome to create the nightmare. Do I have all the pieces? Is this really happening? Is the microbiome the door out of the darker night and the Script gives us the keys when this last part of the path is articulated and truth is all hardwired and we are done being evolved?"

I think Catholics think they are transformed into Your likeness and become holy by eating the bread and wine in the Eucharist. I'm trying to figure out what their cross is for, what the dark night of the soul is for. I didn't know this when I wrote Scott.

"The pursuit of the perfect health protocol that will reverse aging is a joke being played on all the people dedicating their lives to finding the root cause of aging and disease and the solutions. There is an end but it's not what they think. It's bedtime and I'm writing in my journal. The health journey to the perfect health protocol turns out not to be CCWs that powerfully repair our body. They appear to fail and we let go of 'if this medicine or that health thing, then this health malfunction repairs.' First I just let go of the 'if this, then that' having to do with health, then I saw that I was being moved past all illusion thinking. The damaged body and finding solutions experience is the key component to what the illusion belief system is that had to be set up, along with a whole life orchestrated around it with the fake rules being reinforced by words so we would believe 'if this, then that' is how things work, because that way of thinking was all that our unevolved minds could wrap themselves around. It's this brilliant deception that was put together that made it possible for us to be woken up by providing a way to live a life. So here I am now with a mind that can wrap itself around the truth. Reaching this place where the health journey ends, abandoning the quest, isn't really about seeing the futility in trying things. It's seeing reality. Our bodies don't repair. That is an illusion view. The words that are manifesting themselves as our bodies have been leaving and others coming in systematically creating a fake facade of decay. It's part of our physical body's evolution to go through the illusion of malfunction and aging. Then as we evolve further we reach a place where the words come and go and the body is appearing to become younger and stronger. There was no finding the fountain of youth that sent in what our bodies need. We just need to arrive at a certain point in the processing, which the health journey played a huge role in, and the body morphs to a perfect state."

"The CCWs protocol not doing what I thought they were going to do, instead doing some other powerful thing, marked the end of the make-believing life. It completed what all the ICWs roads were evolving so that my mind could live a life operating with CCWs. Moving past the 'if this, then that' thinking is the biggest step ever and seems like it's everything. I've been articulating the steps to turning away from that illusion thinking but there could be other facets that need to be attached together to move out of the illusion. I've seen 'if this, then that' thinking and the outward labor intensive Cinderella life in descending sets of circumstances for the lessons and to get everything in order, all the different ways words create deaths that evolve my mind and transform me... all the things that happened in my circumstances orchestrated to renew my mind to see the whole Story, see as You see, to know who I am and my function in Your being and maturing my being to full function to be that person."

"I'm moving past using up my portion of ICWs and NCWs in Your being, no mistakes, no wrong roads and all the crazy things happening and the abnormal behavior gone and forgotten about. No forgetting or not being able to remember. No urgency, desperation and restlessness. No being haunted and jabbed in the heart by the past mistakes or past negative memories. No more getting sick, injured, and aging. No more ugly, critical beast words, and 'what if' false prophet words and anti-christ fuzzy and confused thinking words coming in. I'm moving past the experience of the inward and outward life, the observer and student in the spiritual school and articulating the path. I'm going to be just floating contently through my life with no more thoughts about where I am and what is really going on. etc. No more mystical language, like levels and glasses, describing my life. No more spiritual neurotransmitters creating the experiences of the darker night like being in a cocoon detached from others and all the other out there experiences that are integrated with physical neurotransmitter issues making all kinds of miserable states of mind. No more labyrinth with dead ends, set ups, pot holes, tricks and obstacle course making getting through a day as hard as possible. The darker night experiences are over. I'm moving past the Garden of Eden curse of life feeling like work. No more out of balance people pleaser behavior making life more work. All words having to do with eating a healthy diet and herbal medicines repairing my body have been phased out. The words coming in now are those things don't directly effect health but going through the health solutions journey to the end of it evolves us to the place where that experience is phased out and the aging layers start to fade. I have just summarized the moving past the darker night diamond that I am seeing with the glasses in the level I'm in now."

My language is changing significantly in this new level where I walked away from the health journey. I'm walking through my restricted life, for as long as living this way is needed to evolve me, but conscious of the 'if this, then that' words coming in, catching me in the painful inner drama of those words, and speaking back to them that the restrictions are still evolving me but I'm nearly complete and they are starting to be phased out by the process by what I'm seeing and creating as the next step and speaking back to them now as the next step, is a step to moving past them. I'm experiencing the thinking being switched out, one for the other. I'm seeing where I am and thinking and walking accordingly as that step in the process becomes.

"The thought of using more technical language or modern language to articulate all of this came into my mind. It's the technical/modern language that replaces the illusion language and the mystical language. It's thinking based on words moving in and out of the physical world. It's explaining what is going on accurately. A modern word came into my mind but I can't find it now. It will come back. It was the term 'phased out'. So now I'll probably be re-writing what I've been articulating the past few days using the technical terms that show what is happening from another angle making it all clearer."

"The script is operating like a computer technician, upgrading hardware and switching out programs for the new upgraded ones. We couldn't have a life until the script was written for our unevolved minds that couldn't live a life according to how it really is. We couldn't understand it. We could understand the 'if this, then that' illusion life so that's been the operating system. Living this life that is the opposite of how life really works evolves us to be able to live the real life. That is how the human mind evolves and how our abilities evolve. The other thing is the illusion life shows us the opposite of the perfect life in heaven where everything positive has become all that it can be. The Garden of Eden was good but it wasn't enchanted. I've nearly completed the process involved in evolving me and showing me heaven so I'm co-creating it. The illusion operating system now being phased out of my life leaving life to operate as it really is. I was born needing the brilliantly designed illusion operating system in order to live a life but I don't need it anymore. I am able to live life as is. I know the language and I know how to download it into others as their minds evolve so they get to the point where they don't need the illusion life anymore. That states pretty clearly the view from this level. I wish it meant it was actually happening right now."

"I had seen that the opposite of what heaven, with only positive words coming in, evolving us, but I'm being shown more about opposite words evolving us. I had never thought of the illusion beliefs as being the opposite of the truth before. I was thinking about how I wasn't getting enough sleep and how the sleep I'm getting is tormented by dreams and constantly waking up. The illusion life thinking is that good sleep is something our body needs to heal. The reality is that bad sleep is how we are evolved. This is true about our entire life. Thinking and feeling illusionally we are upset by our dreams going up in smoke. I have let go of everything about this life that has to do with the dream life. It's over. According to illusion thinking this is a bad and sad place to be but according to reality this is a very good place to be. The opposite is what organically evolves human beings, the natural mechanism that does it and the only mechanism that can do it. You didn't have to figure out what life we could wrap our minds around. Our unevolved minds could only wrap around one kind of life. There wasn't a choice made between different options. It was much more scientific than this. To get the illusion script written You programmed Your being to write the opposite of truth and that's why it evolves us. As we go through the darker night, the opposite thinking that was in my mind originally is unwired and rewired becoming less and less opposite. I have the opposite thinking coming in and I immediately speak back the correct thinking. These are new glasses I'll be looking at all the thinking coming in with. I was looking at the things going badly and thinking 'this is how it's supposed to be so I continue being evolved' but now I'll be saying, 'this is the exact opposite that evolves me.' I was told a long time ago that it was the technical language that was the highest frequency strings of words that made up the truth. Seeing with the opposite glasses is scientific or technical language that is clearer, more accurate. It's seeing how precise everything going on is like I never saw before."

I'm in the place where my mind is unwired and reaching for the clearer words. It feels like I'm lost and confused. I can't put anything together. This is the opposite of all truth being right there, easily accessed, as needed. I have scenarios about the future coming in. They aren't what is going to happen which is the opposite of what is going to happen. All the wrong roads are the opposite of going down the right one. All the wrong partners are the opposite of our right one, our other half. I already knew that all the negative emotions were evolving us to be able to experience the positive ones. Everything about the illusion life is the opposite of our real life and evolving us so we can operate in the real life. The illusion life isn't just about 'if this, then that' thinking. Illusion also means we don't know what's really going on as far as the deeper questions of life, who You are, who we are and what is going on and where is it going. We don't know the Story. It's also time when NCWs and ICWs exist in Your being and CCWs and PCWs can't be all that they can be until the NCWs and ICWs are gone. These strings of words were put together to make our 'opposite' experience that would evolve us. These negative strings of words run out and are all gone at the precise moment the words that are manifesting as the physical world and our physical bodies rise in frequency and our heaven life is operating.

When something is happening that is bad words come in that revolve around 'something is going wrong,' meaning life isn't supposed to be happening this way. But life isn't going wrong. This life is supposed to be full of things going badly the opposite of everything going perfectly. These are the circumstances that we need. It's a good thing. I'm thinking about where we'd be if things weren't going badly...where I'd be if they didn't continue to go badly and complete my evolution. It would mean never getting out and dying in my cocoon.

The opposite of reality is illusion where life is made to look like it works a certain way but it doesn't. Religious beliefs about You and us and what is going on are based on people's experiences that words are creating making it look like who You are and who we are and what is going on is a certain way...different for each of the religions. They are all ICWs which is the opposite of CCWs.

I'm putting together the facets of the opposite diamond. Opposite is the mechanism by which we are evolved. This is a diamond being articulated with scientific or technological language. I haven't done this before. Once again, the nature of the diamond, being written with the technical language which is the clearest, makes it feel like it's the last one. The opposite diamond is the summarization of the opposite life, all the different kinds of arrangement of words making up the mechanism that is evolving us, written with the highest frequency language. Is it the first of many diamonds written with this language and will be evolving this language until it's all it can be or is this one it?

"Words are coming in showing me all the things that are going on and I'm articulating them with the opposite mechanism language. Words are coming in about my body falling apart and the possibility of surgery. I'm trying to figure out what is being shown that is going to show me another facet. The whole health issue which includes words that play the pretend game of aging and the body deteriorating is the opposite of the words that make up our glorified.

"We run the false prophet scenarios, thinking of all the things that could happen in the future that aren't in the script because they are the wrong thing, the opposite of the right, the precise thing that needs to happen.

"All along I have felt desperation and fear, like a doom ghost following me, when I leave the articulating and I'm doing my life not thinking about what I just wrote as if I wasn't doing what I need to do in order to get out of hell. I'm feeling like what I wrote needs to be right there in my consciousness. 'Fear' has often come in when I couldn't remember what I wrote last. But the opposite of fear is what I should be feeling. I need to let it go of what I just wrote in order to keep moving along. I feel like I need to be thinking about what is next that needs to be articulated but that is not something that I can control. I have to go back to my outward life in order for the next thing to happen that I articulated. This is a deeper evolutionary mechanism requiring the development of our higher ability of seeing to be made aware of and conscious of and to look at and articulate.

"I keep thinking of scenarios as if I could run away from the level of suffering I'm in. I would only take it with me and maybe it would get worse if I was going through the motions of trying to escape....making a point.

"Becoming conscious of the different sets of opposite words that make up the mechanism that evolves us is happening incrementally as my ability to see develops through that process. And it gets deeper and more complex requiring more sophisticated classrooms to be set up to teach me the next thing. The view of what is going on that I'm viewing now, the glasses I'm looking through now, is a development of the seeing ability and at each level I am equipped for the next classroom, the next 'going wrong' that works for the next step in the development of seeing and articulating. When I am able to look at a set of opposite words are doing, I'm aware that it's something I've been experiencing but hadn't looked at. I couldn't look at them and articulate them before. This ability to look at the entire process from start to finish and all the details about it is an ability I've been uniquely evolved to have. No one else has to go through this. It is all being articulated and organized for them.

"I think the main facets of this diamond might be complete and I'm reaching for more but I've appeared to enter the confusion place either getting ready for another facet or a new diamond. Words have been coming in for a couple days that are causing me to experience concern about the pelvic issue. Scenarios are running in my head about it. Will I need surgery and not be able to go to the wedding? I'm waiting for a doctor referral so I can have it accessed again. Our unevolved minds think the dream happens in the illusion time. It's a basic illusion belief. I know this is hell but I still think in terms of the happily ever after happening in this life. It's another opposite experience that evolves us. The internet is a fake life within the illusion life that is using up a lot of NCWs and ICWs, more so than movies or TV because everyone is an actor. The internet experience is a fantasy life, a facade where people try to make themselves look like they have it all going for them. While others let all the bad hang out for everyone to see and show them sympathy. People wake up in anticipation, waiting to hear some words in an email or social media that will make them emotionally okay or what will change their lives, like waiting for their ship to come in. And day after day hoping to be in heaven doesn't happen and they go deeper into depression. This life is the opposite of heaven in every way. But we are born psychologically needing to be in heaven so we have to have hope that feels real that it's going to happen. As I've been shown that this life is about things going wrong, I've been evolving psychologically and I've been able to handle going to the pot holes in hell. Just when I get a clearer view of my heavenly life and think I'm at the door and getting out of hell, I go the opposite way down into a deeper place in hell. There's no psychological adjusting to being in heaven. It's our real life and we know it the day we are born but have to learn all about it in order to experience it. I know all about it. It will feel completely normal not having wrong words coming in. I will be able to explain it. I entered the darker night twilight zone and had no idea what was going on. I had to search for an explanation. that is the opposite experience of what it's like to enter our real life, heaven. Everything we don't expect switches to everything we do.

"I'm wanting the high level of the diamond I'm working on now and the fact that it's articulated using the highest frequency language to mean that the end is near. How could there be a lot more and this go on for another year or years. it's hard to imagine. It's awful to think about there being a lot more steps to go through in hell. I'm so beyond psychologically and physically weary of being tortured. It's possible I'm still no where near the end of seeing everything. I may be falling apart more from added aging layers and it's so much worse I'd be wondering how I ever felt that I knew what the most evolved form of these words felt like. It's a nightmare to think about what else is written in the script and for how long the evolving will continue.

"There aren't the usual feelings coming in making me think the opposite diamond is the ultimate one. That set up for a fall isn't happening.

"It's interesting that Scientology calls repairing a brain/mind to the condition of CLEAR a 'technology' or individual 'tech' used for each stage of the process. LRH knew it was a science. He developed it, figuring out what to do to get the natural mechanisms to work in the brain/mind and get it all in order. The auditor does 'this' and 'that' happens to the pre-clear. It's a very sophisticated 'if this, then that' set of fake rules. It's a pretend healing process or journey, another going through the motions, a powerful make-believe that is a part of getting our house in order, a deeper seeing of the spiritual world that isn't present in the fake health search to repair the physical body. It's not until being in the darker night that a malfunctioning body is part of a spiritual quest.

"Scientology's path is one of many spiritual paths. that have levels that people attain to by going through the motions of what is written by their guides that moves them from level to level. These have made people aware of the spiritual part of their being. It has also meant fully developing the piece they each have that all get put together as they go through the darker night spiritual path. I've assembled them, the first of the diamonds along with all the other diamonds. They have to enter their cocoons and study my notes and good writers and speaker will write books and speak the Newer Testament words eloquently helping everyone get through the process of having their belief system rewired.

"It's such and interesting view to look at all these things going on , all the sets of opposite words at work. Everything that is going on is in one of the sets and they are the mechanism that is evolving us. I used to use the word 'framework' as I articulated the path. Every level had a new framework that organized everything about the process that I was looking at with new glasses. Everything going on would fit into the framework. It clearly displayed all the experiences of evolving and the deeper ones of the darker night phase. The script is the blueprint of what is scientifically going on to evolve everyone. However this framework of everything going on to evolve us fits inside a bigger picture. It's only part of the Story. There are chapters before it and chapters after it, what was going on before it took place and chapters that are about what happens after it's over. I know a great deal about the Story from the beginning to the end. The moment I found out that I was Mary a whole new view opened up, ICWs beliefs removed and replaced with truth. The chapters before...for all eternity past you were fine. The negative words didn't bother You like I had thought they did. You weren't experiencing being alone. You could have remained as You were indefinitely. But an idea came to You that Your life could be better if You got rid of the negative words and if the positive words could become all that they could be and Your being and life would be in the condition of heaven. So You wrote the program and now at this moment You are in the chapters after that and before heaven, where You are getting rid of all the lower frequency words that are in the way of heaven. You will have created Your greatest masterpiece of everything that can be created, the greatest masterpiece of a life that can be lived for You and for everyone.

"I'm trying to reach for a solid vision of the entire story. I want to be able to hang on to what I'm looking at and not have to reach for all the pieces and put it together just to have it disassembled, unwired and going back into confusion until the next clearer seeing of it all comes into view. The mechanism framework and opposite diamond feels so much more solid. They are such good views of the middle chapters that are so complex. Using the word 'chapters' feels very helpful for attaining the solid state.

"Every level with it's new diamond is a whole new view of the whole Story. It will be interesting to see this one made clearer and more organized by a new one. I have the ability to watch this taking place like I've never had before. At some point the view will become solid in my mind because it is THE view and it doesn't get instantly removed to get ready for its replacement anymore. Will all that I just wrote disappear and I won't be able to reach it and I'm in confusion because it's unwired and what replaces it isn't here yet?

"I'm using a picture language to explain the process going on. This language of pictures is technology that is used as part of evolving our minds. I'm seeing now that the opposite diamond is becoming a facet of the technology diamond that is going to summarize the various mechanisms involved in the process of evolving us."


Middle Chapters

"These 10 things are the technology, or tools, engaging with the natural mechanisms of our being that evolve it, like how we use tools for children for each level of their growth, doing and also not doing for them, providing what's scientifically needed for each step of their natural development. These tools are for higher development and it's only something the You can do.

"(1) The opposite diamond organizes and gives us the view of different sets of NCWs and ICWs which make up the illusion/hell life that is the opposite of how our real life in heaven is, and the opposite of the truth about everything. Making all the mistakes and the picture of a labyrinth, going down all the wrong roads to get to the right one, is in this diamond. Pain and aging is the opposite of heaven. The unevolved mind that had been tricked into thinking this is our life, believes the dream can happen here and many of our efforts like the health journey is to achieve that goal. Even if according to our religious belief system we believe that heaven is our home, we act opposite to this with a state of mind expecting good things and referring to a good life and success as the right kind of life, the blessed life, what God does because He's pleased with us. We may know better, but still think and respond in life this way. The real blessing is the opposite. It's the bad things that happen that are actually creating the good life in heaven but to most Christians the bad things are not seen as the cross and the door out of what this life really is, hell. This opposite thinking ends when it's done it's work. Also, we know that the Newer Testament teachings are truth but words make it feel like it's other worldly like a fantasy and not real. But it's this life that is not really how life works. The other worldly/not real feeling is evolving us, while the seeing of the real life is causing it to become.

"(2) The picture language of diamonds, levels, shifts, glasses is a tool given to us that enables us to see and articulate each step as our mind to move through the process.

"(3) EMFs and GMFs interplay with the pineal gland in our brain. They awaken the higher function of our mind and we are hungry for the higher teachings that explain what is happening to us that our now more evolved mind can see.

"(4) Words pull the rug out from under our lives which is Murphy's Law on steroids. (Saul getting knocked off his horse and dragged blind out to the desert). The water is withheld so the roots go deeper in search of THE truth: words that create emotional homeostasis while we are in the illusion life where our belief system isn't true, are removed and we experience how we really are. We begin to ask the deeper questions and the Newer Testament answers feeds us. Among a number of fully evolved negative words, the darker night phase of our evolution is characterized by ultimate stress, chaos and insanity. Neurotransmitters are being depleted by the stress which then plays a role in the body malfunctioning. And chemical neurotransmitters play a role in all the up and down psychological states along side, or integrated with, what the spiritual neurotransmitters are creating, and the states of consciousness/mind we pass through. We get us to the place where our psychological state is as unbalanced as it can be. Money issues are part of this facet. Health issues and eating/food issues are part of this facet. As the health journey ends, the neurotransmitters are balanced and everything involved including food issues come into balance. Too much going on and the timing of things not being good come under this tool. Murphy's Law and a too demanding life along with the stress have been calming down along with everything coming into balance.

Extremes of the negative things that are going on, is a tool that is used to evolve and it also brings something to our attention and enables us to see them.

"(5) Words set up classrooms or stages where we live the illusion life, and we move from one lesson to the next seeing clearer and clearer.

"(6) Words set up deaths and resurrections many different ways big and small. This is a principle of number 10 but it's much more so it's being separated.

"Mystics called the times when graces were gone 'aridity.' My experience of the teachings flowing in and then stopping has lead to the 'aridity.' The neurotransmitter words that come and go, i.e.'eternity in hell,' 'going out of my mind,' 'desperate longing' and 'how much longer' go under this facet and they also play a role in the twilight zone experience facet. I have called the hope and belief that a place you are in is at the door and you're going to be let out of hell, but it turns out not to be the door out, seeing what turns out to be a mirage in the desert and I've said that I ended up with a mouthful of sand, not the flow of positive words from the new connection.

"(7) Words create the experience of being in another place, the twilight zone, where among many things that connect us to the world and You, we don't feel the earth speaking to us. We feel detached. We start using the mystical/picture language of the dark night of the soul, which becomes much more evolved, more complex, for the darker night of the soul, to describe what we are going through. A mystic once said, "We leave men in order to find them." We relate to the mystical picture of the caterpillar becoming a butterfly in a cocoon. We relate to John of the Cross' putting our house in order. Along with this comes a very restricted and regimented outward life that involves so much extra work. The insanity of the Murphy's Law outward life comes into perfect order in ways we never imagined, like we have a magic wand we wave over it. Truth feeling like fantasy is both the opposite facet and this other world facet where a spiritual neurotransmitter is involved. The cotton balls in our minds are part of how we are made to feel trapped in the cocoon and the are also like the orators practicing with stones in their mouths causing there abilities to project and enunciate to develop.

"(8) The pineal gland is malfunctioning. Words mess up our sleep and create disturbing dreaming.

"(9) Seeing the illusion life that the script/words have created around 'if this, then that' but still having to continue playing along with the game, going through the motions, pretending, making believe. Following the fake rules while knowing it's not really how life works. What we are doing isn't causing results. Words are making it appear that way.

"(10) Something I've been calling principles. They are more fundamental tools. There are 10 of these. An example is the script taking us two steps forward to see something further down our path and then we take a step back to where we are but it's only one step because moving up the two steps evolved us.

All these Middle Chapters facets are integrated."

"Is there another one I need to list? Will a bigger view come in that throws a wrench in this, invalidating this diamond as a framework that organizes it all? Is there a bigger diamond than technology is a facet of? The Story is the biggest one. I'm asking about the diamond that is the clearest about the middle chapters where we are evolved. I have to articulate the entire process with a mind that sees it clearly from start to finish. I need the right words in the right places hardwired into my mind...not evolving anymore. It needs to have been articulated the way You would explain it and then when I become who I am I am teaching it as You would. This list seems very clear and simple. These are all the things that are going on to evolve us during the middle chapters of the Story of Your life."

Something significant happened today. I added the new section to makeheaven called The Global Darker Night where I'm going to be journaling what is happening as mankind passes through the process together. People have been going to one place in the website and then leaving. Nothing else has been catching their attention so that they go to other places. So I made changes that will bring more attention to the dark night articles which is part of making the website have better bridges to them which is needed now more than ever. And every page has a link to the new section right at the very top. So no matter what search a person does that takes them to makeheaven, the link will be right there. I didn't see until I was finished that I have just made a very significant step that is me starting my role of leading everyone through the process. I hope this means that I have completed getting the website in perfect order. Now I'm going to monitor what happens. I will be able to see when people are finding the new section. As they read it I'm downloading into their mind what is going on. Speaking truth is like a trojan horse. These are the most powerful words that have ever been spoken. If their minds are ready, their belief systems will beging to be unwired and rewired. This will move them along in the process automatically without them having to have any understanding about how it works. I know everything has to happen in incremental steps but that doesn't mean my audience couldn't build up extremely fast. It would be very fun if it did. I've made two entries. As things happen, the script will send whatever the words are that I need to speak into everyone. I so hope this is happening fast along with everything else. I so hope this isn't another time of a whole bunch happening, then nothing and I'm waiting in misery.